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Last updated on July 17, 2023

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I still cannot fully understand why many Feng Shui Consultants and even Masters do not point out the significance of personal Feng Shui for health. All too often, the main focus point is Energy adjustments inside the home. However, what can perfect balanced home energy do, if the personal Qi-flow is blocked and way off: Nothing will work!

Is the Bagua Map the key to all Feng Shui Health Solutions?

Feng Shui Wrong Bagua Map

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Many of you might jump very quickly to the conclusion that the center and the east of the Magic Square or Bagua Map might be the key for unlimited health inside the home. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. You can find health-related negative energy areas pretty much everything inside all of the nine palaces. The reason is quite simply: It all comes down to a good energy flow inside each palace.

For this reason, we have to look more deeply into internal structural problems, issues that arise from outside the home such as poison arrows, floor plan flaws, and lastly, your personal habits. Let me further explain the ultimate checklist we all need to work on more efficiently. In the end, it will bring the best possible health results for you. Let us explore the major Feng Shui tips for good health you should follow and implement:


Decluttering is an excellent idea for the energy to flow with ease inside your home. As you might already know, good energy loves a clean space to roam around freely. Whenever a mountain of old storage boxes are sitting in the corner and collecting dust over the months and years, it will create obstacles for the energy to stay happy. As of this reason, never let the energy become unhappy and cranky.

At first, bring things that you no longer need in your basement or garage. If an item you haven’t touched in over six months, the chances are that you will not do so in the next several months or even years. Sort them out, donate them, or throw it right into the garbage can. Further, try to make it your own habit to think twice before you are going to buy something in the future. Really, think hard if you need something long term or if it is just another impulse purchase.

Yes, your subconscious mind is playing a lot of tricks with us to buy things we actually do not need. That’s how marketing companies sell, you spend money, and eventually spoil your health when the clutter gets out of control. A side note, over 50% of purchases are done on impulse!

Create a Stress Free Home Environment

Indeed, medical research states that a clutter-free home reduces stress and anxiety by limiting stress hormones produced by the body. Why is that? Coming into a new and organized home gives a nice relaxing feeling for your body and mind. Some might say that decluttering is not a part of Feng Shui, but I disagree.

As I have stated earlier, free-flowing energy is essential for good Feng Shui energy inside the home. You might find minimal writing about this topic, but I can rest you a sure that from my long experience being a Consultant, it has and still will create many benefits for the health of all family members.


fengshuiBalanz 8Mansion Bagua Map

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Fixing issues with the floor plan can be a little bit tricky, to begin with. Preferably, it would be best to check prior buying or renting a home to correct certain flaws with the floor plan. I will give a quick overview of problems that are very common split into sections of hard to fix vs. easy to fix:

Feng Shui for health Problems that are DIFFICULT TO FIX:

1. Missing Section of the floor plan

The ideal floor plan and property form in Feng Shui are either square or rectangular in shape. Any irregular shapes are considered as inauspicious. Generally, we speak of a missing corner or section if more than 33% of the area is missing. As you can on the floor plan above, the car park area cuts into the South East Palace of this home. We have to check what and how it will affect the occupants.

SOLUTION: In the worst case, to ease the adverse effects, I would recommend adding a close room as an extension for the area to become favorable. Yes, it is expensive, but what is more critical: bad health or spending a little bit of money to live a long, happy life.

2. Kitchen or Toilet in the Center of the home

Unfortunately, this flaw is almost impossible to fix. Only major renovations should undo such a big weakness to relocate either the toilet or kitchen in a more favorable palace of the home. Both are extremely bad for the health of all family members creating countless health problems. The kitchen is a strong Fire Element (Feng Shui 5 Elements Theory) and will overpower much of the elements inside the home. Further, the toilet is a harmful bacteria heaven where we clean ourselves.

SOLUTION: Both places, the toilet, and the kitchen need to be relocated away from the center

3. Beam over bed / bed under roof

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Sleeping under a beam over the bed or a room with sloping walls are both terrible for the health of the person residing there. You might have read it somewhere else that this set-up is very inauspicious, but I am sure you have never heard an actual explanation of the reason. Well, I am going to tell you an insider secret that many Feng Shui professionals do not like to share:

Yang energy by nature travels along your Yin walls and Yin ceilings, creating energy hot spots in corners. Now, what happens if a beam is in its way of the energy. Firstly, the energy is stopped right where the beam is and cannot continue to travel towards the corners. As the energy cannot simply move around the beam, it will shoot downwards. The consequence, a lot of intense energy is hitting the person sleeping underneath the beam consistently. As a matter of fact, this creates restlessness and other health problems down the road very quickly.

SOLUTION: Never place your bed under a beam or sloping wall

Feng Shui for health Problems that are EASY TO FIX:

1. Bed facing toilet bowl

Especially in smaller apartments, a bed facing the toilet bowl setup is quite a huge problem due to confined space issues. Regardless of how you place your mattress, please make sure that the toilet bowl and your bed are never ever in a straight line.

SOLUTION: If you cannot move the bed, add a divider screen in between the bed and toilet to block the energy.

2. Bedroom Door facing Toilet Door

This floor plan setup is also quite popular, but in fact, very easy to fix. As I have mentioned earlier, a toilet is a breeding spot for all the bacteria, and it is not wise to let these bacteria escape anywhere else. We do not like to have a bad environment, or let’s say energy flow in our bedroom. The bedroom should be clean and relaxing for a good Feng Shui health sleep during the night.

SOLUTION: If both doors are facing each other, close the toilet door all the times.

3. Sleeping with head on toilet wall

Sleeping with your head on a toilet wall is under no circumstances advisable. Placing your bed headboard on the same wall as the toilet or bathroom causes a lot of health issues. The reason is quite simply:

Inside the wall, all primary wastewater pipes from the toilet and sink are located there. Many studies have proven that bad EMF energy emits from these waste pipes. The radius of the emission is not so big. Still, it is enough to reach a sleeping person. Especially if your head is very close to the wastewater pipes over a longer duration of time, it will create unpleasant health issues. I am sure you see my point here sleeping six or eight hours right next to some toxic area. It can’t be good, right?

SOLUTION: Play safe and never have your bed headboard sitting on a toilet/bathroom wall. No exemptions allow

Of course, there are numerous other flaws I could mention here, but it would exceed the writing space of this article. In case you have a personalized question, please send us a message to ask our Consultant Team.

Feng Shui Health Tips 3: HAVE A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP

feng shui health good sleep

Earlier on, I have talked about some furniture positioning problems that can cost you a well deserved good night’s sleep. Besides, a couple of other essential Feng Shui tips for good health I would like to add:

  • A bedroom is a Yin space, so please keep it dark at all times. Use a shutter or thick curtains to blackout all the sun- or streetlights.
  • Do not place a mirror facing the bed. Our eyes have motion sensors as an alarm system. Once your body moves and it reflects back, you will wake up. Don’t do it!
  • Do not drink or eat two hours prior to sleeping for your body metabolism to finish all its work. Eating late will keep the system up and running. Result: Difficult to fall asleep.
  • Have a minimum of 8 hours good and deep sleep
  • Have calming colors and decor inside the bedroom. Avoid fierce colors such as bright reds or bright yellows.


The most common issue creating health problems is the so-called Feng Shui Poison Arrow. Sharp corners of building accumulate bad Sha-Qi energy, which shoots like a fast-moving jet right into open windows or doors. As these poison arrows can harm your health, it is very crucial to block them by all means. 

For further readings please visit: External Threats – Poison Arrows

If your house is located right at a T-Junction, the moving cars also create very inauspicious energy shooting at your home. As the energy attached to the vehicle cannot turn at the corner, it will move in a straight line right into the house. As there are many kinds of T-junctions to worry about, I have written a separate post blog about it:

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Feng Shui Health Tips 5: Create a balanced home with the 5 Elements

feng shui living room

The 5 Element Theory plays a significant role, not only in Feng Shui but also in Acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicine. The key is to balance all elements in such a way that the natural Qi Energy flow is never interrupted. You might have read that the Chinese came up with the 5 Elements Theory looking around in nearby nature to have created this cycle. It might be for teaching purposes easier to understand, but the actual observation comes from the cosmos.

Ancient scholars were mathematicians and astronomers surveying the stars and what influence it has on earth. All the raw pieces of information were given to the emperor for further processing. As the emperor needed to repack it, red herring stories were created for the regular farmers or so-called “subjects” in this period to understand it. I am sorry to sidetrack you a little bit about the history and creation of the 5 Element Theory, but it is just too important to ignore.

Ok, I am coming back to your home and personal life once again. Each room of your home should have a delicate balance of all elements. You can reflect Elements in shape and material, as color is less critical. It is essential to look at what Flying Stars are residing in each palace. For the main remedies and enhancements to work appropriately, also add other elements in smaller portions as well. It will create such a warm and harmonic energy benefiting your overall health.

A short story from a fellow Consultant: He went to a client with a lot of health problems. Once he entered the client’s home, he was literally in shock as the whole house was covered in red. Red sofas, red wall painting, pretty much everything was in red. The Fire Element obviously took over the entire home and therefore creating numerous huge health issues. Even the fellow Consultant had to leave this space as breathing was difficult inside. The story very well illustrates how important it is to have a well-balanced harmony in furniture and decor according to the 5 Element Theory.

Feng Shui Health Tips 6: Personal Health

In general terms speaking, health issue matters come mainly from poor diet behavior, which needs to be adjusted first for Feng Shui to work well. In my studies, I always engage in exchanges concerning health/diet on one breath and Feng Shui Home Divination on the other. As there is no such thing as ‘one fits all’, each person needs to find their own unique diet and lifestyle routine to stay healthy. Saying, do not go wild into very extremes to obey a 100% healthy foods strict diet too much as it would be counterproductive. Giving yourself a spoil-days from time to time; eating whatever you want is something to keep in mind. The most important part is to CHEW EVERY BIT OF FOOD VERY WELL. This does the trick for the body to digest unhealthy food much better. Do not devour food and eat slowly.

If you are not familiar with Macrobiotics (healthy eating), I highly recommend doing some more reading about this topic. Without going too much into detail, our body ‘immediately recognizes’ healthy food and slowly discharge and change older acquired habit patterns. You might get some weird ‘ body symptoms’ showing, but it is normal as the system is changing for the better. At some point, a body cleanse of all the chemicals are washed out to become closer to nature once again. At this point, replace the supermarket-type foods with fresh ones from local farmers. In the supermarket, all the foods are filled with harmful chemicals to last everything forever. Stay clear of it, as it is by far, not healthy and good for your body.

Lastly, a healthy lifestyle is yet another important key for good Body Feng Shui Health. Indeed, it is not very difficult to follow these simple tips to enjoy a warm feeling balance inside your own body:

  • Enjoy Nature: Go out and don’t get stuck inside the house day in and day out. Take a walk in a park, forest, or next to the river. It will soothe the nerves and reduces stress.
  • Walk barefoot over grass/ beach: Being close to Earth means connecting right with your bare skin to mother earth. Try it out; it is such a fantastic feeling
  • Add plants inside the house: In case you live in the city, bring nature inside the home. Add plants on balcony or living room spaces.
  • Obey a strict healthy diet with eating a lot of vegetables, good oils (Olive Oil, Avocado Oil), and drink at least 2 liters of water or tea (our favorite: Avocado Tea). Even a 30 minute speed walk three times a week will help you.
  • Use natural remedies over pharmaceutical: We are part of nature, and why would you put poison in the form of chemically produced medicine inside your body? There are so many superb natural products out there. Being involved in Chinese Metaphysics, the most popular natural product that keeps my neck and shoulder pain in check is the Tiger Balm ointment. No matter what product for which symptom you choose, keep it natural always.
  • CHEW EVERY BITE OF FOOD: Do it like your kids and chew, chew your food at lengths.
  • Avoid supermarket-type foods: Buy fresh produce and meat from local sources and stay clear of too many prepacked food from the supermarket.


Enjoying a good Feng Shui for Health lifestyle is not as difficult as one might think. Also, you do not have to be an expert in Feng Shui, knowing all the thousands of rules and exemptions. Just keep it simple and follow all (I hope) or at least some of my suggestions to improve your health. Either way, your body and mind will thank you for taking good care of yourself.

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