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One of the four main types of houses seen in Feng Shui is the reversed house. There is the double facing, double sitting, and the Wang Shan Wang Shui (beneficial for both wealth and health). The inverted or reversed kind, which has the least favorable initial properties of the three, should be mentioned last.

How is a reversed house identified?

feng shui reversed house example

A “reversed house” happens when the current position of the ruling star is the opposite of where it should be. As an illustration, the ruling star 8 should be in the water dragon position on the facing side, but in fact, it is actually found in the water dragon (water) position on the sitting side. Similar, Star 8 should be in the mountain position on the sitting side but is in the mountain dragon position on the facing side. Both positions are inverted, which suggests that the home has difficulties attracting prosperity and person luck.

In actuality, there is no need to be concerned because these residences are common and simple to fix with the proper modifications outside the house. It is important to understand that the reversed star energy placement is only one of many factors that affect a home’s overall quality. If a house has very favorable energies in the key areas of the living space and no other exterior form flaws, it is a wonderful place to live.

Please keep in mind that a house is only considered “reversed” within its own period.

What happens when a reversed home in Feng Shui Period 8 moves into Feng Shui Period 9? We can’t consider that the dwelling is reversed anymore since star 9 will take over and star 8 is no longer the ruling star. It is important to note that there are no reversed house types when construction completion is in Feng Shui Period 9.

There are instances where a reversed house can turn extremely favorable. This happens when buildings shift into a future era and the wang star of the current period is located in the proper water or mountain position on the facing and/or sitting sector. For instance, a SW3, Period 5 residence becomes extremely health-supportive in Period 8 due to the water dragon star 8’s right placement in the facing sector.

What about apartments?

Naturally, having such a reversed combination within an apartment makes it significantly more challenging to correct, as the modifications need to be made on the outside. You may be aware that an apartment owner has little to no influence over what happens on the exterior. Prevention beforehand is ideal.

How to remedy a reversed home?

The reversed house type needs the remedies on the outside only. It may appear complicated, but in order to fix this type of structure to boost wealth luck, a water feature must be installed behind the structure. A real source of pure, flowing water is required; regrettably, virtual water is seen as ineffective. Lower land levels are referred to as “virtual water,” thus while they can be somewhat helpful, they cannot truly replace physical water.

Moreover, the size of the water feature should be appropriate for the structure’s dimensions; a small one won’t be sufficient. The ideal solution would be to have a large fountain, pond, open jacuzzi, or pool with at least 20 liters of water. There is no set amount in general, but the more, the better.

It is true that seeing and hearing water is a very pleasant and soothing aspect, especially in Western countries where the majority of outdoor activities take place behind the house. Seeing and hearing water from inside the house will effectively avoid any daily, monthly, yearly, and period-locked phases in addition to fixing a reversed home. Isn’t it wonderful to accomplish two goals at once?

Contrarily, in Asian and Latin cultures, life happens in front of the house. Most living rooms overlook the street rather than the backyard. Having a water feature on the back side of the property wouldn’t necessarily enhance the overall living experience. Hence, it might be viewed solely as a Feng Shui remedy solution.

Aside from the water behind it, the house requires a mountain on its facing side to support the health of its occupants. It could be a real or virtual mountain in the form of a taller structure, a deliberately raised flowerbed, a big boulder, or a stone pillar that is not attached to the home. Some practitioners also choose to use a particularly tall tree to serve as a substitute for a virtual mountain. This should only be done as a last option, though.

What happens if incorrect form meets a reversed home

Generally speaking, it will make matters even worse and undermine further the home. Should there be water located at the facing side instead of the sitting side, a thrust of negativity is added to the overall home. Of course, there are some exemptions where water placements in some cardinal directions can boost wealth further.

In conclusion, we can say that a reversed house is a good place to live in if positive flying star combinations are discovered in the main active rooms, good forms meet qi, it is easy to place outside remedies, and the people who live there are compatible with the house type.

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