We know Feng Shui inside and out

Welcome to FengShuiBalanz! Sunantha and Oliver, are very happy that you are taking the time to read more about their story. In fact, being industry veterans with a combined experience of over 10 years doing Feng Shui – This is what they LOVE to do!

Both have mastered many intense training courses by the most respected Feng Shui Masters and teachers around the globe. At some point in time, there was a strong inner realization and desire to implement their hobby “Feng Shui” into their daily work life. The idea was born to archive their client’s dreams: Harmony at home and success at work!

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Feng Shui Learning Journey:

To understand the different teachings and viewpoints of each classical school, Sunantha and Oliver intentionally chose different Masters to teach classical Feng Shui. Without reservations, the personal one-on-one training by Master Heluo has shaped and opened the perspective into new “out of the box” approaches to handle Feng Shui Consultations. Over the course of three years, they completed private one-to-one training in the fields of 9 Star Ki Divination and Feng Shui Xuan Kong Flying Stars from Master Diamond to deepen their knowledge. Even today, both passionately attend seminars and study lectures of Grand Masters to advance the skills in applied Feng Shui.

Feng Shui schools they practice:

  • Applied Classical Feng Shui
  • The Compass School of Feng Shui
  • The 5-Element Theory of Feng Shui
  • The San Yuan System
  • Xuan Kong Flying Star school
  • San He School of Landscape Formation (Landform)
  • 9 Star Ki Divination for Personal & Real Events
  • 24-Mountain Calculations
  • Classical & Original 8 Mansion Formula Theory

Feng Shui Certificates:

– Applied Classical Feng Shui (incl. Flying Stars) from Master Lee, Singapore

– Star 9 Ki Divination from Master Heluo Hill

Xuan Kong Fei Xing Certificate:

– Xuan Kong Fei Xing Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Private Instruction Class from Master Kartar Diamond with successful and “HIGH MARKS” completion and testing

Our Discipline Principles:

Facts Only

We always look at facts only to present the best results

Answering phone calls

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Whatever we promise you, we keep our word

Out of Box

We provide beyond and out of the box solutions tailored for you

Our Feng Shui Certificates on Display:

I’m really thankful for your feedback. Your recommendation were very instructive.

Vincent, CN

Thanks for your help. I placed the mirrors back up and suddenly everything is returning back to normal….not making that mistake again. My wallet was pouring empty for 2 weeks!

Nerak, USA

Merci, for all your on-page optimisations. Very professionalU

Laurant, LU, Tiger Balm Shop EU

Thank you so much for the audit, I am extremely grateful! The house really relaxes and energizes me now. Many friends said that the house feels warm and cozy.

Leo, HK

This is incredibly generous of you! Thanks for the guidance. This is amazing, the 3 stages is particularly awesome. I use it and preach it when ever I can. I’m in a similar state, feel like I’m in a rut. But I put myself back together thanks to your help

Sylvia, DE

Working with Oliver for over 2 years now. Superb support and knowledge

Sunisa, StyleHairCare