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Last updated on March 1, 2023

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Even the best interior Feng Shui negative energy protection cannot help when outside man-made structures shoot bad chi energy towards your house. Over 70% of the house energy comes from environmental Qi. To understand better, external Qi floats in open areas and cannot attach itself to anything. The energy needs some psychical structure to couple itself to it. Once it finds a place to interact and is allowed inside the house, it will take effect. This can be on a negative or positive note.



Quality of Your Home

You can have the best house in the world, but the quality will be void to 0% if too much exterior negative sha qi (Bad Qi) hits your house

How Intense is the Impact of the negative sha qi energy?

Of course, it depends on what exactly is causing the negative sha qi energies. As a guideline, the bigger the structure, the more powerful it is. In addition, distance and shape-form play a role as well. For example, a high rise building with a wall-knife (see photo below) has a much bigger impact as a small house. Smaller distances like five meters have a much stronger impact has far distance structures 50 meters away.

Feng Shui negative energy protection and cures:

It came to our attention that some websites suggest adding a water fountain in the north area when bad chi energy is present. A word of caution we have to say about this. If the North sector already has bad sha chi energy (Feng Shui Flying Star), to add a Yang feature such as water can be disastrous. This would most definitely enhance the bad energy further. For that reason, use a Yang water feature (fountain) with a lot of caution.

Feng Shui bad energy protection using a Bagua Mirror

Bagua Mirrors are recommended by the Western Feng Shui Practitioner as an all-around cure for negative sha qi entering your home. It is advised to hang the mirror above the front door to reflect the bad energy away. Please keep in mind, that it can send away the good energy as well. We are not a big fan of using the mirror. I rather opt for other and better solutions as recommending further below in this article. Only at the last resort, the Bagua mirror might be an option. Again, it should be only considered in real emergencies or in extreme situations.

Wall Knife (Bi Dao)



The “Bi-Dao feature on some high-rise buildings does serve as a protective purpose. It will cut the good chi out, letting it enter into the building. However, the bad Sha Qi is been reflected away to surrounding buildings. Basically, this is not a good Feng Shui practice as it causes harm to others. If a Bi-Dao from another building hits your home, be prepared to act. You cannot leave this issue unattended.

  • AVOID: If you are looking to buy a home, walk away if you notice the Bi-Dao feature on a neighbor building.
  • HIDE: Try to block the “cutting knife” by natural barriers such as trees or high bushes. Another option would be to build a wall. Obviously, this solution is only for a regular house, not a high-rise building.
  • ESCAPE: If affected, sell the place and move to a more auspicious location
  • ATTACK: Talk to your apartment management to see if they can do some building measures (install shooting canon on the roof top) to neutralize the bad Qi. Remember, the whole building is affected, not just you.

Poison Arrows from Surrounding Building Structures



Poison Arrows are by far the most common issue to generate bad chi. What is a poison arrow? feng shui poison arrow is a sharp form pointing toward your place. These sharp corners accumulate and create bad feng shui energy which shoot in high speed towards the pointing direction. If by any change your front door or window is in its way, it will enter and infect your home.

The worst case scenario is when the poison arrows hits your front door. In this case, the whole household is going to be affected by the Sha-Qi. A not so worry some scenario is when it hits one of your windows (see photo above). Here, block the bad energies by dark curtains is an advisable solution.

However, you can never open this window. The window needs to stay closed and blocked out at all time. Why? If you let fresh air in, you allow the bad energy to enter your home as well. To sum up, block the path of the bad Sha-Qi Energy with walls or thick plants.

Electromagnetic field (EMF) from Cell-Phone Tower (Wu Gong Sha)



The cell phone tower at the backyard of this house causes two major problems. Firstly, every single cell-phone in this area is locked into this tower creating major electronic wave exchanges. Can you imagine if 10,000 people’s cell phone frequency hitting this house all the times? These poisonous radiations will affect the whole household causing negative energy disturbances. Bad health and temper issues inside the house can be foreseen. No armor or protection can cure these intense and bad chi energy.

Above Ground Wires (Power-Lines / Cable-network)


Above ground wires will emit electromagnetic radiation which can cause health issues. The Power-Lines problematic can be divided into two different types. The first type, are the main power line towers (40-50 meters tall) carrying high voltage electricity to whole neighborhoods. As the radiation is extremely strong it is not is advisable to live closer than 30 meters around such towers.

On the other hand, the smaller residential power-lines are ok if no big power-transformer is located right next to the house. Take the case of the above picture which shows a great example of how NOT to handle above-ground wiring. These problems are more common in bigger Asian cities. Living right next to such a big junk of cables creates very bad Sha Qi for the surrounding buildings.

Building surrounded by too many roads


To illustrate, the above photo shows a prime example of an inauspicious building location. Firstly, the building is surrounded by too many roads. Secondly, it is facing a T-Junctions without any protections at the front door. All the bad sha qi Feng Shui energy is able to shoot right into the building.

There are some other issues as well. Next, across the road is a major construction site which lasts for many years. Positive Qi energy does not like this kind of surroundings. Lastly, a Buddhist temple is located at the rear of the building. In Buddhism, a deceased person is cremated at a temple. In other words, the whole environment energy is taken over by death. To conclude, there is nothing auspicious about this building. No Feng Shui negative energy protection remedies can cure all these bad influences.

Cure /Remedy: In Case your home is surrounded by many roads, build a solid wall or use a very thick bush to block the Feng Shui bad energy from entering your home.

Geopathic Stress Areas (Sick Building)


What is Geopathic Stress? In short, it is a collection of very bad negative energy concentrated in one area caused by environmental pollution. In this case, the negative radiation is caused by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Our client called us for a consultation. The reason was given that the family was suffering from severe health issues. The problems started right after they moved into the new apartment. We were literally shocked when we surveyed the outside of the home.

This living space is being hit by bad energy literally from all sides. The main electronic unit and the swimming pool equipment room are located right under our client’s apartment. Notice the wall cracks above the rooms? These cracks are moving upwards straight into our client’s home. If this was not bad enough, a huge power transformer box is situated just 2 meters away. This transformer hammers bad EMF energies into the whole place as well.


We told our client, that this place is beyond cure. Not the best Feng Shui negative energy protection remedies can fix this situation. We suggested to sell the apartment and move to a more auspicious home. Luckily, they followed our advice. The family’s health improved rapidly and harmony was returned to the family. In conclusion, not only worry about the interior’s beauty of a place but also survey the surroundings very carefully.

The famous T-Junctions discussion (Lu Chong)


A home located at a T-Junction is hit by extreme energy forces (bad chi). These Sha Qi forces are created by fast moving vehicles hitting the house with high impact speed. To illustrate, image a car crash test scenario. The car is driving in full speed again a wall.

This time, however, the energy will enter your home. This aggressive and negative Sha Qi creates miss-fortunate such as money loss, health issues, and relationship problems. Of cause, not a single family member is left out. In general, the busier the traffic, the more bad shi is being absorbed by the house.

Different types of T-Junctions

  • Regular T-Junction
  • Hidden T-Junction (Black-Lane Sha-Qi)
  • Y-Junctions (Scissor cutting house in half)
  • Back T-Junction (T-Junctions is located on the back side of the house)

A complete guide: Feng Shui t junction Tips

Construction Sha

feng shui construction

Construction sha is commonly defined as a disruption in the earth’s chi caused by nearby construction sites or home renovations. Constant noise, dust, and the occasionally poisonous odor of paint could have a negative impact on health. Of course, it is not set in stone, but the possibility is there. Extreme dust can easily cause allergies in someone with a more delicate immune system. Furthermore, because the constant noise can wear on the nerves, negative effects on relationships (conflict, quarrel) may occur.

It is ideal to prevent excessive construction sha from happening in the first place. If demolition occurs anywhere near or at your property, this is seen as sha, or negative energy.

In classical Feng Shui, the eight compass directions are known to have an impact on various family members and body parts. If a construction project is taking place in the south of your home, the heart and eye organs are prone to problems.

What factors could accelerate the impact of construction sha

There are other variables at play that can amplify the effects of building sha. Here are a few examples to point out:

  • It affects the family member related with this direction more than others.
  • If the energies of the construction sha match with the direction of your own trigram or Chinese zodiac, it has a greater impact.

Cemetery / Burial Sites / Hospital

If you happen to live near a cemetery or hospital, the surrounding places can be filled with negative energy. These places create a lot of Yin Energy. We always should seek the more active Yang Energy from our surroundings. Even if the graveyard, hospital or prison is very close to your place, you shouldn’t be concerned too much. As a matter of fact, if you cannot see these inauspicious places you are just fine.

Nothing to worry about. However, if these places are in plain sight, try to block the view with plants or cover up the windows with thick curtains. It is not the best solution, but suitable.

Worship Places (temple, churches, mosques etc)

These places have quite a mixed energy set up. On the positive side, happiness is created by wedding ceremonies. On the negative side, sadness is felt because of funeral functions. In Feng Shui terms, if you can avoid to live nearby these places, do it.

Other inauspicious places:

  • Prison: It is obvious that prisons have a very bad energy environment
  • Reverse Bow (Fan Gong Sha): The house is located above a road or river that is shaped like a bow
  • Sky Cutting Sha-Qi (Tian Zhan Sha): Two high-rise buildings create a small alley cutting into one’s house if it is located on the opposite side of the small road.
  • Sandwich Sha-Qi (Jia Sha Sha): A small building is sandwiched in between two high-rise buildings
  • Pillbox (Yao Guan Sha): It is a small structure or water tank on top of a building. If it is visible to you, be aware of people backstabbing and gossiping behind your back.
  • Car Junk-Yard
  • Landfill (radius of 3 km) – the bad trash smell can be carried by the wind for up to 3 km
  • Last House in a Dead End Road
  • Situated at the end of a Cul-de-sac street (houses around the circled road)


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  1. Pauline March 26, 2023 at 3:14 am
    Nursing Home Do you think it’s bad to live next to a nursing home?
    • utopiaflorida_t7b221dn March 26, 2023 at 3:24 am

      According to Feng Shui principles, the energy of a location can impact the health of those who reside there. Whether living near a nursing home is good or bad depends on the type of care provided within the facility. For example, an assisted living home, where the elderly can perform daily activities independently, is considered safe to live close by.

      However, it is not recommended to live near a care center that provides maximum assistance for conditions like dementia, aggressive behavior, or end-of-life care. It is best to maintain a distance of at least 300 meters (500 feet) from such facilities as they may have a morgue, which can create negative and yin energy. Being too close to such locations can affect your interior qi and have various negative effects on your well-being.

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