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Last updated on June 4, 2024

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It is important to start thinking about the upcoming Period 9 Feng Shui era as it is just around the corner. In fact, we are now in Feng Shui period 8 (2004–2024), and period 9 starts on February 4th  2024 through to February 3rd, 2044 . The current Feng Shui period’s energies are starting to wane. As a result, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to get a sneak peak of what to expect. To understand the energy of the era 9 ahead, you will need to know the dominating force we’ll be facing.

Before we dig deeper, every 20 years, once a period ends, trends and society itself experience changes. In the Feng Shui Period 8, the earth element was dominant. Therefore, we saw a huge trend in real estate and other earth-related industries.

The system of Feng Shui encompasses 9 distinct periods, which are further categorized into three Yun-cycles. Period 9 represents the final era within the lower yun cycle, as we anticipate the transition into the upper yuan cycle with the advent of Period 1 in 2044. This progression through the periods and cycles marks the dynamic nature of Feng Shui and the continuous evolution of energy influences over time.

In this article, we will take a look at the future trends in business, personal behavior traits, and, of course, your home. What will tomorrow bring? Let’s find out!

Star 9 Ki Characteristics of the Period 9 Fire Star

The color purple and the middle daughter are both connected with the fire star. It is also tied to the heart, small intestine, eye, tongue, and chest organs. The characteristics of the fire star are as described in the following: Its energy is swirling upward and outward at its peak point, a radiant expansion fading momentarily. 

Looking at the Period 9 Feng Shui trigram, the outside energy spills left and right, but it remains steady and tranquil. Because the star is associated with exposure, buried or outdated patterns are revealed. High-intensity events are possible, but they will be brief. The top and bottom are both Yang, yet the interior is still Yin.

The element of fire is associated with passion, zeal, sophistication, sociable, bravery, and enthusiasm. People, especially middle-aged women, will be concerned more about their social status and the image of attractiveness they reflect to the rest of the world. Females will have a greater influence in all aspects of society.

The Period 9 Feng Shui Trends

period 9 feng shui trends

There is a lot of discussion going on about whether the Period 9 Feng Shui really starts in 2024 or if the Period 9 I-Ching in 2017 has already rung the bells for the new era. From my observation, 2020 is a good medium average of both to consider.

Since the start of COVID in 2020, we have seen a lot of digital advancements in doing virtual meetings via Zoom, working at home has become the new norm, and many other digital services have taken off. Even more, the development of new DNA/RNA vaccines (biotechnology) are just a few hints that we may have already started to enter the new era.

Digitization in Period 9

Period 9 Feng Shui is all about digitization. We enter an era where digital trends take over traditional ways of doing things. Let’s take, for example, cloud computing. In the future, there will be no need to store much data on a local PC as everything is done via the cloud. Another great example is the disappearance of psychical money. Many central banks (see China) are already implementing digital “crypto”-currency as the payment method of the future. Dollar bills and coins become an antiquated sight that can only be seen in a museum.

In dribs and drabs, biotech will take over traditional medicine. Take the pizer COVID vaccine approach as one example. The new technology includes DNA to tackle viruses.

No doubt, that these quickly new developing technologies to make our lives easier, faster, and more efficient. However, our human relationships might become even more distant because of social networks and the meta-verse that will thrive. At least in big cities, the world of work will change dramatically.

The idea of a remote workforce has been gaining popularity since the COVID pandemic. A lot of companies have focused on hiring the best talent regardless of location, and employees value the freedom to work from anywhere. Remote working is no longer an option for many companies; it’s mandatory. Employees will continue working remotely when the pandemic is over.

Period 9 Feng Shui industry related: All AI developers, meta-verse, all internet related businesses, cloud providers, eCommerce, digital currencies,  social media platforms

Biotech in Period 9

In dribs and drabs, biotech will take over traditional medicine. Take the Pfizer COVID vaccine approach as one example. The new technology includes DNA to tackle viruses. In fact, biotechnology has already made major advancements. Please consider that 90% of cancer research is now based on biotech. Also, the drug research industry is now called “gene therapy.” These are just two examples, but they illustrate a pattern: as biotech becomes more advanced and its tools become cheaper, it’s increasingly able to take over entire areas of medicine. This process will be gradual, but in the end, it’ll be pervasive.

Period 9 Feng Shui industry related: pharmaceutical companies that provide cutting edge products in the DNA gene fields

Health in Period 9

The fire element represents the heart, small intestine, eye, tongue, and chest organs in the Feng Shui Period 9. The heart is located in the center of the body and reigns supreme over all other organs. It controls the blood flow, consciousness, and emotions. Next, the small intestine is the bodyguard that separates the pure from the impure food intake.

Third, the tongue has the ability to taste and is also closely connected to the heart. Make sure to eat foods that stimulate saliva production. Fourth, the eyes are often called the master of 100 diseases. Please make sure that you do not overuse them in this digital age. Take time away from all digital devices and enjoy nature. Finally, the chest organs are important for breathing purposes, so try not to smoke or drink too much alcohol, and do more exercise outdoors for fresh air.

Take extra precautions to ensure that all the vulnerable organs mentioned function properly during this fire period. They must be nourished and protected very well.

Spirituality, Religion in Period 9

In the Feng Shui Period 9, people will reflect on their lives and look more deeply into themselves. Common questions might be “what exactly do you want out of life?” People search more for answers to ultimate questions about life, such as “Who am I?” or “What lessons do I have to learn in this life to advance my soul?”

Curiosity about their own personal growth and self-improvement will explode. Someone who is deeply devoted to their religion might seek the path to the ultimate state of peace, joy, and love, also called enlightenment. The word originated from the German language, meaning “remove the veil of darkness to see the light of fire”.

People who benefit the most are: religious heads (monks, priest), psychologist, psychic, spiritual coach, meditation, yoga, martial arts instructor ( Tai-chi, Qigong), acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist

Beauty and Film in Period 9

We are about to enter a new era of digital entertainment where actors will be able to play any role imaginable, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or limitations of the physical world in general. There are already multiple companies developing software to create digital actors and actresses. Now, you can meet your new favorite digital star right at home inside the metaverse without trying to play paparazzi in real life.

Now, thanks to advances in technology, you can have your own avatar that looks exactly like you. Or at least, as close as possible. You can even buy virtual fashion and makeup to dress up your own digital self, and you can even visit virtual fashion shows with ease.

It’s possible that virtual reality cinema will arrive sooner than we anticipate. The latest entertainment technology allows you to enjoy the big screen experience from the comfort of your own home. Yes, you can now watch the most recent movies while still in your pyjamas.

As previously stated, women are becoming increasingly concerned about their appearance. The cosmetics sector will benefit greatly. Hair stylists, manicures, various beauty treatments, and cosmetics companies making and marketing are all jobs associated to this trend. 

Period 9 Feng Shui industry that benefit the most

The Star 9 can be found in the Luo Shu Square in the South. Any area or country located in the southern sector will see a huge uplift in prosperity. You will see that, for example, Australia will prosper. For large capital gains, invest in companies that are directly associated to the fire element and are located in the southern sectors.

The Period 9 Feng Shui industry that most will benefit are the oil and gas companies, beauty, anything related to the film industry (actors, models), public relations, interior design, photography, modeling,  fashion, painting (arts in general)

On the flip side we can also see more oil related environmental disasters such as gas leaks, oil spills, or fire blaze. As fire is also related to soldiers, riots and coups are a possibility.

What can I do to prepare?

Although it is still time, the transitional energy is also felt today. Some things you can already do today to get prepared:

  • Review your professional life, career, and finances: Review your job. It is still relevant to the upcoming Fire Element. If not, try to advance your knowledge, be creative, and think outside the box. Maybe it is time for a career change to take advantage of the many growing industries under the Fire Element.

  • Examine your health, eating, and exercise habits: If you are a strong fire Bazi element from your birth chart, surround yourself with more controlling elements to cool you down. For example, eat more fish or drink more water or you are prone to suffering from high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke.
  • Examine your life goals and objectives for achieving them: Goal setting is an important part of living a life of contentment. If you don’t have goals, it can be difficult to see how far you’ve come or how much progress you’ve made in life. In turn, this can leave you feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with your life.
  • Take a look at your interpersonal relationships: If you’ve noticed that your relationships aren’t as good as they could be, try improving your communication skills can help.
  • Reflect yourself and know your true self: It represents your innermost feelings, your deepest needs and desires, your true self that is still hidden. Take the time to focus on yourself and learn who you really are.
  • Business owners should apply the fire element to their company: If you are not already in a fire element related business, try to implement your strategy so that the element can become a part of your business. For example, if you are in retail (water element), you can start selling to your customers through the Internet.


Feng Shui Period 9 Auspicious Direction (Direct and Indirect Spirits)

Feng Shui Period 9 auspicious directions

In this period, the Feng Shui Fire Star 9 will be the most important energy to carry luck and wealth. It is located in the southern sector of the later heaven sequence Luo Shu Square map. Fire is usually associated with money, success, and power. It brings new ideas and opportunities to your life, but it could also be difficult for you to find your path in life if you let it get out of control.

  • NORTH (Indirect Spirit) is the best Water Dragon direction for prosperity and wealth in period 9 Feng Shui
  • EAST, SOUTHWEST and SOUTHEAST (Indirect Spirit) is also suitable to see water in this time period
  • SOUTH (Direct Spirit) is the best Mountain Dragon direction for health and relationship in period 9 Feng Shui
  • WEST, NORTHWEST, and NORTHEAST (Direct Spirit) are secondary locations to see mountains

In case you do not live around natural water and mountains, you can still artificially mimic these:

  • For Water: Busy streets mimic natural rivers, a swimming pool, fish tanks, or a pond are just a few examples
  • For Mountains: Have a tall building structure, build a wall, plant large trees or bushes

The Timely Stars of period 9 Feng Shui

feng shui period 9 timely untimely stars9

Remark: The above Luo Shu square map forms only the basic arrangement of energy for further calculation purposes. Do not simply superimpose the chart over your floor plan as this would delve into the realm of Black Hat Feng Shui

Timely Stars:

  • Star 9 will be the most dominant wealth and luck star in period 9. It brings opportunities, health, prosperity, and luck into your life
  • Star 1 is the future wealth and luck star and is directly related to our financial well-being in the next 20 years. Enhance it to enjoy overall good fortune and career promotion opportunities.
  • Star 2 develops more positive traits as it makes a big shift in its energy. The Star supports land/property related benefits and provides significant financial success. 

Neutral, but usable Stars:

  • Star 8, the wealth star of Period 8, is in a downward spiral. Some of its benefits are still available to us, but not to their full extent.
  • Star 6 never becomes fully untimely because of the later and early heaven sequence calculations. We can still make use of it.
  • Star 4 can be linked to diseases including throat or low back problems. It can also lead to adultery, but on the other hand it can also help artistic and creative people to be very successful.

Untimely Stars:

  • Star 3 causes miscommunication and conflict in both private and professional settings. It’s possible that a legal dispute will arise.
  • Star 5 is still the most inauspicious and destructive of all the stars. We still need to deal with it using the full power of remedies.
  • Star 7 is still unlucky, and it can bring financial difficulties, robbery, theft, disasters, and gossip.

Period 7, Period 8 Home Transition into the Feng Shui Period 9 era

Feng shui period 8 home transition time

Please keep in mind that 70% of the auspicious chi energy emanates from the outside and determines whether or not your home can bring you luck, health, and abundance. On a regular basis many panicky readers are worrying about what the new era brings for them once their period 7 or period 8 home transits into the new Feng Shui Period 9.

To begin, you must first comprehend the nature of the change. This blog post provides an in-depth look at everything you need to know. Now it’s up to me to convey both the good and bad news.

A good approach to take:

Instead of solely focusing on Star 8 as our current auspicious star, it is imperative to thoroughly analyze the permanent energy chart of your home to identify the presence of newly crowned wang star 9 in the positions of the water dragon and mountain dragon. The water position is associated with wealth, abundance, and career luck, while the mountain position relates to health and interpersonal relationships.

To delve deeper, if you possess a flying star energy map, each section of the map features two star energies separated by a hyphen. The number on the left side corresponds to the mountain dragon, while the right side represents the water dragon.

At this point, it becomes crucial to inquire, “Where is the wang star 9 energy situated in my home, and how can I effectively activate it?” It might necessitate the repositioning of your workplace or bedroom, but such adjustments will prove beneficial for the next two decades or even longer. Numerous Feng Shui homes from Period 8 or Period 7 may only require minor modifications to align them with the principles of Period 9.

Possible Challenges (the entrapped star, missing areas)

Missing Sector South on permanent home energy map:

The explanation regarding the inauspiciousness of a missing area in various aspects may not require much elaboration. When the residing energy is unable to fully manifest, it is akin to having a missing body part that disrupts one’s daily life. Just like impaired eyesight complicates certain tasks, the same can be said for a partially missing sector where the complete benefits of that directional sector are absent.

In the case of a partially or completely missing south sector in your home, your property will be deprived of the beneficial Period 9 Feng Shui energy. This implies that especially the middle daughter of the household, in particular, will face significant difficulties and challenges over a span of 20 years.

Additionally, all family members have an increased likelihood of experiencing health issues related to the eyes or heart. The most effective solution in such a situation is to enclose the missing area and integrate it into the home.

Confused, what to do? Read more here how a Feng Shui Audit can help

Money and People Lock for Period 8 homes in Period 9

The unfortunate news is that Flying Star 9 is confined and trapped in the center, also known as the heaven’s heart, of your permanent energy chart. This signifies a grave situation because your house will either never or hardly benefit from the abundant energy of Period 9. This situation is referred to as a “money and people lock.” To put it simply, it means that the house is metaphorically imprisoned, and this locked phase persists for a staggering 20 years.

Determining the extent of the effects, whether it will be mild, moderate, or severe, is quite challenging as other factors and layers must also be taken into account. Nevertheless, here are some potential implications. The money lock severely hampers luck in terms of finances and wealth.

Your career may come to a standstill, or you may experience recurring job losses without understanding the underlying cause. The people’s lock affects relationships with others, leading to constant conflicts or fertility issues, to name just a few.

Read more about the trapped stars here in this article: Feng Shui Tips for Money and Health Luck

The following homes from Period 6, 7, and 8 fall under these unfavorable conditions:

Homes affected for Money lock:

  • Period 8 home: Northwest 1 (292.5 – 307.5), Northwest 2 (307.5 – 322.5), and Northwest 3 (322.5 – 337.5) are the impacted residences.
  • Period 7 home: West 1 (247.5 – 262.5), West 2 (262.5 – 277.5), and West 3 (277.5 – 292.5)
  • Period 6 home: Northeast 1 (22.5 – 37.5), Northeast 2 (37.5 – 52.5), and Northeast 3 (52.5 – 67.5)
  • Period 5 home: all South facing homes

Homes affected for People lock:

  • Period 8 home: Southeast 1 (112.5 – 127.5), Southeast 2 (127.5 – 142.5), and Southeast 3 (142.5 – 157.5)
  • Period 7 home: East 1 (67.5 – 82.5), East 2 (82.5 – 97.5), and East 3 (97.5 – 112.5)
  • Period 6 home: Southwest 1 (202.5 – 217.5), Southwest 2 (217.5 – 232.5), and Southwest 3 (232.5 – 247.5)
  • Period 5 home: all North facing homes

Houses which leave the locked phase in Period 9:

The houses currently in Period 8 that are under a lock phase will eventually be released from this condition. These include homes from different periods, such as Period 3 houses facing north or south, Period 4 houses facing north or south, Period 5 houses facing northeast or southwest, Period 6 houses facing east or west, and Period 7 houses facing northwest or southeast.

As time progresses, these houses will undergo a transition and be freed from the lock phase associated with Period 8. This opens up the possibility for improved energy and potential benefits in the forthcoming periods. The unique characteristics and orientations of each house will influence the nature and timing of this transition, allowing for a fresh start and renewed opportunities.

Buying or building a new house in Period 9

If you’re thinking about buying or building a new home in the year 2024 or later, keep the following in mind:

During Period 9, there will be no homes that possess the ideal combination of equally benefiting both health and wealth, known as “the Wang Shan Wang Shui” concept. As we look ahead, it becomes crucial to prioritize and determine which aspect holds greater significance for you personally.

Making a conscious decision regarding your priorities for the future becomes essential in navigating the energy dynamics and seeking the optimal balance between health and wealth in Period 9.

Use our free online Flying Star Fei Xin calculator here

Rush and finish in Period 8 or wait for the Period 9 energy to be superior?

Given that we are currently in the year 2023 and some individuals are in the process of building a new home, a question arises as to whether it is more beneficial to complete the construction during Period 8 or postpone it to benefit from the energy of Period 9. To determine the ideal course of action, one must compare the energy charts of both periods with the floor plan and assess which one offers a more favorable energy configuration in the most important and heavily areas.

Among the four major types of homes, constructing a dwelling during Period 9 presents only two possibilities: a double facing or double sitting house. The other two types have become outdated. Consequently, individuals must contemplate and make a decision based on their own priorities: prioritizing their health or their wealth.

Mini Case Study of a Period 8 home entering Period 9

period 8 south facing home in period 9 feng shui

The floor plan shown above represents a Period 8 home facing S2 and sitting N2. Currently, the front door enjoys the auspicious wang star 8, but its beneficence will diminish in Period 9. Additionally, star 2 is paired with star 5. Although star 2 is transitioning into a positive phase, star 5 remains in a highly inauspicious stage, causing irritation to star 2. In this case, we still need to incorporate metal to suppress star 5, but it will simultaneously reduce the more favorable effects of star 2.

The sitting sector in the north, energy pair 9-7, presents a double-edged scenario. On one hand, the mountain star 9 is situated in the right palace, which is highly beneficial for the residents’ health in Period 9. However, this contradicts the principles of “best exterior water placement.”

The North section is considered the optimal area for external water placement to enhance wealth, but doing so in this case would effectively drown the mountain dragon 9 in the sitting palace. Thus, while health is strongly supported in this home, for wealth, the second-best outdoor water location needs to be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, the water dragon star 9 for wealth luck is also located on the sitting side of the home (NE section). Normally, it would be more superior to have it on the facing side, as its placement here feels disconnected and out of place.

Despite the challenges, there are numerous ways to enhance this home to make up for the problematic areas  and prepare it for Period 9.

What are the Feng Shui periods?

Feng Shui Period for Home Calculation

Ancient astrologists have long observed the perpetual movement of star energies within our cosmos. In the realm of classical Feng Shui, specifically in the practice of Flying Stars, a significant energy shift occurs over a span of 180 years. Remarkably, during this period, all the stars align in a straight line, a phenomenon that transpires once every 180 years.

Within this cycle, each phase or era persists for 20 years, resulting in a total of 9 periods that are duly acknowledged. This alignment is attributed to the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars, which triggers the aforementioned energy shift. As a consequence, the dynamics of energy in the universe undergo a remarkable transformation, imparting profound implications on various aspects of life and the practice of Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui periods are very important because it tells us what Flying Star energies are locked inside a structure upon completion of the roof and ceiling.

In essence, we can affirm that the concept of “permanent energy” refers to the enduring presence of specific energetic influences within a home, as long as the structure remains intact. This notion forms the foundation of flying star energy calculations and analyses. These permanent energy patterns serve as crucial reference points in understanding the dynamic interplay of energies within a space, offering valuable insights into the principles of Feng Shui and its applications.

Period 9 has it already officially begun or not?

There is currently a considerable amount of discussion surrounding whether the beginning of Period 9 in Feng Shui truly starts in 2024 or if the I-Ching’s Period 9 in 2017 already marked the onset of a new era. However, a practitioner from Singapore presents an alternative theory. By utilizing modern astrology tools and calculations, he has explored the correlation between the minor 20-year cycles and the Grand Conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

According to his research, in 2020, Jupiter and Saturn were perfectly aligned, as required for the commencement of a new period according to the Chinese Classics. Additionally, he observed that on September 8, 2040, the three significant stars of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury will align, indicating the conclusion of the Super Cycle that spans 180 years. As a result of this analysis, he comes to the conclusion that the Feng Shui period will always coincide with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction because this is how the Chinese ancestors measured time.

It is important to note that this theory offers an alternative perspective to the traditional understanding of Feng Shui periods. Further research and discussions among experts are required to evaluate the validity and implications of the Singapore Master’s findings.

On the contrary, another expert in the field, renowned for possessing the utmost precision in Feng Shui and Star 9 Ki calendar, emphasizes the pivotal role of the Neptune-Uranus conjunction within the Chinese calendar, occurring precisely once every 3600 years. It is truly remarkable to acknowledge that the ancient Chinese possessed such profound sophistication, as they were able to calculate and utilize accurate data to discern the precise cycles of planetary periods, despite the fact that both of these planets were only discovered in 1781 and 1846 respectively.

This subject remains open for further discussion. Based on my recent experience of constructing and purchasing a new home merely three months ago in 2022, I have yet to perceive any discernible influence from a Period 9 chart as everything still manifest from the Period 8 chart.

I will continue to closely observe and provide feedback if any anomalies or deviations become apparent. Also many other Masters and experienced practitioner I spoke to, have confirmed from their hundreds or thousands of case studies and feedback from clients that we can rely on the 20 year Period calculation as the 9 stars rely on the Big Dipper – Period!

Update July 2023:

Further research into whether we are utilizing the correct period or if the ninth period has already commenced earlier reveals compelling arguments in support of the practitioner’s theory. An article published by NASA and Harvard presents evidence that on March 5, 1953 B.C., just before dawn, the celestial bodies of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the sun aligned almost perfectly in the sky, with only a slight degree of difference.
This extraordinary alignment of planets served as a foundation for ancient astrologers, who utilized it as a basis for the Chinese calendar. Furthermore, this planetary alignment holds significant importance in various other ancient cultures as well. NASA’s research draws upon the mentioning of Hong Fan Zhuan, dating back to the 1st century B.C., which stated that the Zhuanxu calendar of ancient China was initiated at dawn, during the beginning of spring, when the sun, new moon, and five planets converged in the constellation Yingshi (Pegasus). Liu Xiang, in his book recorded between 77 and 9 B.C., also acknowledged this alignment.

Upon NASA’s announcement of its findings, scholars from Harvard conducted further scientific investigations to substantiate the accuracy of this claim. As a result of accounting for leap months and days, we use today the fact that the cycles consist of precisely 20 years instead of the more precise figure of 19.85 years within the grand cycle of 180 years. Consequently, we can anticipate the recurrence of the same planetary constellation on August 30, 2040.

A friend of mine who does “inner child” counseling with around 15 years of knowledge in astrology wrote the following:

“According to Western Astrology, Pluto (which is a major planetary influence) is beginning it’s transition from Capricorn into Aquarius. Pluto stays in a new sign for approximately 20 years. The energy of Pluto very much lines up with what you share with what each period represents.

So I started to see similarities between transiting Pluto and the Feng Shui periods. Pluto in Aquarius is all about fire and technology, as Aquarius represents technology. Pretty much everything I’ve read about Period 9 matches Pluto in Aquarius!

Back to the dates, it is believed that a major influence doesn’t bring the energy in with one date, but we begin to feel the transition several years prior. Some were also saying that Pluto was in orb around 2020, which was when the transition may have initially been felt energetically.”


Undoubtedly, there is a heated debate among different schools of Feng Shui regarding whether to use the construction date or the move-in date when assessing a house’s energy. This controversy has generated discussions among Feng Shui practitioners, with some basing all their energy calculations on the move-in date.

The confusion arises when the construction date precedes a period change and people start residing in the house after the change occurs. Determining which period to consider for plotting the Flying Star chart becomes unclear in such cases.

Proponents of the move-in date system argue that the presence of people is crucial for completing the cosmic trinity of heaven, man, and earth qi. They believe that as qi attaches to the human body, it can influence and alter the electromagnetic energy field inside the home. However, man qi is being imprinted by the workers during the construction process.  

Initially, I also leaned towards using the move-in date approach. However, over time, I realized that many calculations did not align with clients’ feedback. Conducting extensive research and reading led me to conclude that the correct approach is indeed the construction date, which I will elaborate on and illustrate in detail.

The rationale behind my thought process is that the energy inside a house, emanating from the earth and heaven’s qi, becomes confined within a box once the lid, or roof, is installed. Master Quah conducted a brilliant experiment that I encourage you to try for yourself.

  1. Set up a paper box with the top and bottom exposed. We can observe the effects of Feng Shui energy starting to manifest inside, similar to when a house is completed and environmental qi takes effect, regardless of whether someone lives inside.

  2. Close the top of the box and place it over living grass. The grass inside the box is shielded from external weather conditions such as sunlight and rain.

  3. Leave the box for several weeks and observe its condition. As expected, the grass turns yellow and dies, as it requires sunlight and water to thrive.

  4. Now, place a potted plant inside the box after a few days. We can assume that the fate of the plant will be similar to that of the grass. Does it matter when we introduce the plant under the box? No. Does it matter whether we place the plant inside on Day 1 or a few weeks later after setting up the experiment? No, it does not.

  5. The crucial point here is that the moment the box is set up, the “feng shui” inside the box begins to take effect (consider the grass as the construction date). If the potted plant is placed in the box a few weeks later, both the grass and plant will still perish (think of the plant as the move-in date).

To conclude, Qi can be seen as intelligent and understands and differentiate the presence of humans within it. As of this reason qi does influence people differently depending who resides there. Once a house is built, based on the date, orientation, and surrounding environment, the pure and original qi formed during construction affects the interior of the home.

This experiment aims to demonstrate that living beings are not the determining factor when considering the timing of Feng Shui. Once a house is built and completed, just like the box in our experiment, the Feng Shui of the environment begins to impact the house, regardless of whether people reside in it or not.

By creating openings in the box, analogous to doors or “qi mouths,” sunlight can penetrate, allowing the plant or grass to survive longer. Similarly, as humans, we require yang, or sunlight, to thrive. Eating and drinking our daily intake of nutrients inside the house parallels providing nourishment to plants for prolonged survival.

As you may know, to alter the original construction qi, extensive renovations are necessary to expose the earth and heaven qi, effectively resetting it and allowing for the plotting of a new energy chart if the home has entered a new period. Regardless of the timing, anyone who moves into the home will absorb its original construction energy.

When can the Feng Shui home period energy change?

There is a possibility to alter the Feng Shui period of your home through a significant renovation. It is important to note that only substantial renovations are regarded as game-changers in this context. Simply painting the walls, for instance, is not sufficient to effect such a change.

We are referring to extensive modifications that involve removing the entire ceiling and roof, thereby exposing the foundation to the cosmic energy known as “heaven qi.” This level of renovation, which exposes the core structure of the house to the surrounding energy, has the potential to shift the Feng Shui period and its corresponding influences.

Allow me to provide you with an example: Suppose you are residing in a home that was constructed in 2006 during Period 8. Since then, no significant renovations have taken place, and you are now transitioning into Period 9, which commences from 2024 onward. Perhaps you feel that the existing layout requires alterations or that the overall structure has suffered considerable damage due to incidents like fire or wind damage.

Engaging in the aforementioned major remodeling endeavors presents an opportunity to potentially imprint the new permanent energy of Period 9 to your home. It is important to note that there may be exceptions to this general rule, which warrant a separate discussion in itself.

However, by undertaking significant renovations, you open the possibility of aligning the home’s energy with the dynamics of Period 9 and optimizing its harmonious influences.

In certain scenarios, apartments or condominium buildings are approached differently when calculating the Feng Shui building energy of the entire structure. As one might anticipate, it becomes virtually impossible to expose the ground foundation to the cosmic energy of “heaven qi” by altering the roof of the building.

Due to the nature and design of multi-unit residential buildings, the concept of changing the building’s roof to directly impact the building’s energy is not feasible. Therefore, alternative methods and considerations are necessary when evaluating and working with the Feng Shui energy of such apartment or condominium structures.

What is my Feng Shui Home Period?

To determine the “Feng Shui Home Period” of a dwelling, you need to focus on the precise date when the construction of the dwelling was finalized. For example, if a home’s construction was completed in September 2003, it falls under the category of a Period 7 house.

Regardless of when the owner moves into the property, it will consistently be classified as a Period 7 home, as its designation is based on the specific completion date of construction AND NOT the move-in-date.

 The table below shows the Feng Shui periods of the 180-year cycle

  1. Period: 1864 – 1883
  2. Period :1884 – 1903
  3. Period 1904 – 1923
  4. Period 1924 – 1943
  5. Period 1944 – 1963
  6. Period 1964 – 1983
  7. Period 1984 – 2003
  8. Period 2004 – 2023
  9. Period 2024 – 2043

This is the end of the 180-year cycle. The new Period One cycle starts again from 2044 to 2063.

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  2. PJ June 14, 2022 at 12:35 am - Reply

    just a question. You talked about the “The Bad News (the entrapped star, missing section)”…
    in both, you talk about the SITTING POSITION. Are they both siting positions or is on sitting and the other one facing position. Thanks

    • utopiaflorida_t7b221dn June 14, 2022 at 3:12 am - Reply

      Hi PJ,
      it would be both the Sitting and Facing position. If you have Star 9 in either the Sitting or Facing Position trapped in the Center, it is very difficult to active the new wealth and luck star for Period 9. If in case your house has this situation, it would be highly recommended to contact a local Feng Shui Master to see what specific measurements can be undertaken to somehow active them. For long distance Consultation it is impossible to do, as the Master has to be survey any possibilities in person.

      For the missing sector it is also both (sitting, facing). Further, if the South Sector (compass direction) is missing there would be also issues with the “Middle Daughter” in case you have kids.
      All the best Oh :-)

  3. Yelli January 26, 2023 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    The combination of stars 2- 5 in period 8 brings bad energy. The energy of those stars together is bankcrupsy, serious illnes and possiible death. How about that combination of star in period 9?

    • utopiaflorida_t7b221dn January 27, 2023 at 2:54 am - Reply

      Hi, you have mentioned some extreme attributes of stars 2 and 5. Star 2 is associated with the mother figure, abdominal, reproductive, and digestive organs. However, we can also see some minor issues, such as increased arguments between family members. We Star 2 is turning around, entering the sheng phase at the start of Period 9. This means that the characteristics are beginning to be more positive in nature. However, this does not preclude star 5 from irritating star 2. We would still need to add some metal to the equation, but not as much as before. Often, it can even be left alone, but this depends on some advanced flying star formulas, the usage of the room, and who occupies the space. Context is king and can change from house to house.

      On a side note, if the annual energy of star 5 or other stars with a 5 element dominance lands on a 2–5 section of the house, you should definitely remedy this area with a lot of metal and cancel out the element dominance accordingly. The annual stars are always timely and will undoubtedly cause problems.

      Many of our clients live with the 2-5 combination without any issues. As long as qi meets correct form and is not dominated by other star energies, nothing much to worry about.

  4. Mike June 22, 2023 at 10:37 pm - Reply

    Hello, I’m a bit confused with the Timely Star Chart for period 9. The chart shows star 9 is in the south sector. But later, you mentioned Period 8 (NW3) facing house (my case) has the 9 trapped in the center. I thought the #9 good star is coming from south in period 9 Timely Star Chart? South is my kitchen, can’t I cook more to activate star 9?

    Just confused which chart should I look, Period 9 Timely chart or Period 8 (house chart).

    Thank you.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team June 23, 2023 at 3:31 am - Reply

      The depicted chart is a timely representation of the basic arrangement of stars, also known as the later heaven luoshu square. This chart serves as the foundation for all calculations related to the flying star school. Based on your wording, it seems that you may have heard in the Feng Shui black hat community that cooking more will activate star 9. However, this is far from true, and I apologize for debunking this myth. Allow me to briefly explain.

      In classical Feng Shui, the orientation of your home (sitting and facing compass degree) and the year of its construction determine the unique energy chart of your house. Let’s assume your home is facing NW3 and was built in Period 8. By employing advanced calculation methods, the central stars of your home indeed possess the 7-9 pair. Star 7 represents the mountain star, while star 9 symbolizes the water dragon star or wealth star for Period 9. Your south section actually exhibits the star combination of 3-5 based on the flying star energy chart for your home’s orientation.

      To summarize, you need to solely examine your own home’s energy chart to identify the location of star 9. In your case, your wealth star, or water dragon 9, is trapped in the middle of the house, which is unfortunate news as wealth is essentially confined for a duration of 20 years. To gain a better understanding of this concept and ways to remedy it, I recommend reading the article titled “Trapped House.”

  5. Stamatina Stergiou July 30, 2023 at 2:43 pm - Reply

    Dear FengShuiBalanz I was thrilled with your article. I have a question. My house consists of two floors. The first one (living room, kitchen, study, bathroom) was completed in 1995 which makes it a house of period 7. At that time the second floor (bedrooms, bathroom) had already a roof but no walls. Just before July 2003 i added the walls but it was fully completed (doors, floors etc) in 2004 (after February). Should i consider the second floor a period 7 (roof and walls) or a period 8 (doors and everything else-completely habitable)?

    Thank you

    • FengShuiBalanz Team July 31, 2023 at 12:28 am - Reply

      Hello, at first I appreciate taking the time to read our articles and I hope our unfiltered information can improve your life. In your specific situation, I would assume that the second floor is accessible only by a normal staircase and not a wide open space. If this assumption is correct, the original Period 7 energy from the first floor would naturally flow up and also fill up the second floor. The reason for this is that for the energy period to change, there must be a mingling and interaction of heaven and earth qi. However, in your case, the new Period 8 energy has no direct connection with the foundation (earth qi).

      To conclude, with the addition of a second floor using a regular staircase and with the roof already in place, it is certain that the original Period 7 energy will extend and fill up the space on the second floor as well. I hope this explanation is helpful.

  6. Mei August 7, 2023 at 3:55 am - Reply

    Hi FengShuiBalanz Team,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the information.
    I’m just wondering how do you judge or decide on the timing of the completed construction.

    Let’s say that the outer walls and the roof are completed in Jan 2024, but the interior works are completed in March 2024, what will be the period of this house?
    Will the presence of doors and/or windows affect this as well?

    Thank you! :)

    • FengShuiBalanz Team August 7, 2023 at 6:25 am - Reply

      You are sincerely welcomed. The determination of construction finalization’s energy occurs once the upper floor’s ceiling and the roof are firmly in place. It is at this juncture that the earth and heaven’s qi become interwoven within the structure’s framework. In your specific situation, if the ceiling and roof are successfully completed by January 2024, your residence will remain categorized as a Period 8 dwelling. As a supplementary note, I recommend comparing the flying energy charts for your home’s orientation to discern whether it is more propitious to allow Period 9 energy to unfold or if the auspiciousness of Period 8 prevails.

      Occasionally, the decision to either defer or expedite construction may hinge upon the unique sectional energies of the flying stars within your pivotal spaces, such as the front door, bedroom, living room, and home office, alongside other frequently utilized areas.

      To address your query, the presence or absence of doors and/or windows does not influence the fusion of energetic forces.

      • Mei August 9, 2023 at 1:44 am - Reply

        I see.. Thanks a lot for your reply!!
        It’s really helpful. :)

        • FengShuiBalanz Team August 9, 2023 at 2:29 am - Reply

          you are very very welcome :-)

  7. Bibolina September 29, 2023 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    Thank you for sharing this so useful information!
    I have a question, too if you don’t mind answering me. For South 3 facing apartment ( with door on E),
    the kitchen is situated on the West. The period 9 flying stars in this sector are 2 (period star), 6 (water star )and 3 (mountain star). What should be the colours of the kitchen, with which element you surpress the fire and how, what is the general luck of this place by the presence of all these stars and does any of them needs to be activated? Thank you so much!!!

    • FengShuiBalanz Team September 30, 2023 at 2:58 am - Reply

      Hello! We are delighted to hear that you are enjoying all the information on our website. Before I address your question, I can see that you are already quite familiar with the flying star system. To ensure we’re on the same page and provide accurate information, I assume the energy chart was calculated based on the year of the apartment’s construction and not the move-in date, just to clarify.

      To answer your question, the kitchen already contains a variety of elements, such as metal, earth, water, and fire, as well as the potential presence of wood if live plants are around. Let’s break this down step by step:

      1/ The West sector is associated with the youngest daughter and the small metal element.
      2/ The energy pair 3/6 signifies metal dominating wood. Since it’s in the West sector (considered weak metal), it intensifies the effects and pressure on star 3.
      3/ At this point, it’s important to consider how much time you spend in the kitchen. Is it less than an hour per day or more? If it’s more, then you need to make adjustments; if not, it might not be necessary.

      Assuming you need to make adjustments, the approach depends on your Feng Shui Kua number. If, for example, you are a Zhen person, you should strengthen star 3, especially if you have health issues related to your feet, throat, or nervous system. Otherwise, you should suppress it with the fire element.

      4/ If you have a granite or marble countertop, it acts to suppress the fire element. Considering that modern stoves are often induction cooktops, which are considered weak in terms of fire element, they tend to balance themselves out with the presence of earth elements in the kitchen, such as plates, cups, and countertops made of granite.

      5/ Regarding the color scheme, it depends on the factors mentioned in point 3. The kitchen’s color can be any light neutral shade, but it’s advisable to avoid bright red or other fiery hues.

      As you can see, there are several layers to consider, making it challenging to provide a one-size-fits-all answer. The responses above also do not touch upon the various schools of Feng Shui (form, ming gua,8 mansion), which can add additional complexity to the analysis, but this goes beyond the scope of a comment section.

      I hope this provides you with some initial insights on how to proceed.

      • Bibolina October 1, 2023 at 8:23 pm - Reply

        Thank you very much for taking your time and for giving me a such comprehensive answer! It was very much anticipated and you’ve given me the clarity that I needed!
        Best regards

  8. Bibolina September 30, 2023 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    I left a comment earlier but I don’t see it on the page. So my question was for p.9 South 3 facing house (door on East), what would be the luck in the kitchen located in the West sector. 2 is the period star, 6 water star, 3 mountains star.
    How to surprise the fire there and which colours and materials should be use in that kitchen.

    Thank you very much for sharing such useful information!

    • FengShuiBalanz Team October 1, 2023 at 2:41 am - Reply

      Hi, I have already commented on your question yesterday. Please reload your browser and maybe delete any cookies (cache) to see the responds to your question ;-)

  9. Jay October 5, 2023 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    If fire element is one’s lucky element according to Ba Zi, does that mean Period 9’s fire element will be lucky for this person?

    • FengShuiBalanz Team October 6, 2023 at 3:12 am - Reply

      To address your question regarding whether the fire element is considered a lucky element in one’s Ba Zi, and if this implies that the fire element in Period 9 will also bring luck. The answer depends on whether we are referring to the “Day Master” or the wealth-generating element in the individual’s Bazi birth chart. Let’s first explore the Day Master perspective.

      If your Day Master is a strong fire element, the introduction of additional fire in Period 9 may potentially disrupt the balance of your body’s qi, leading to the risk of eye or heart-related issues. In such a scenario, it is advisable to incorporate more earth-related elements into your life, such as focusing on your career, eating more earth-related foods (everything yellow in color), or wearing natural stone jewelry. However, if you are a weak fire, Day Master, the added fire element could have a beneficial impact on you.

      Regarding the individual Bazi wealth element, the outcome is also contingent on various factors. For instance, if your wealth element is metal, it’s important to note that fire controls metal, and per the Chinese saying, “Wealth is what you control.”

      Furthermore, when examining a person’s Bazi chart, it’s essential to consider the 10-year luck pillars or periods of good and bad luck. Bazi operates on 10-year time frames rather than the 20-year cycles associated with the movement of stars in classical Feng Shui.

      To gain a clearer understanding of your situation, I recommend using an online Bazi calculator that displays the 10-year luck pillars to assess how things are unfolding for you.

  10. Moreira October 15, 2023 at 11:40 am - Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing the article, it is very illuminating, however, according to auspicious directions for water in period 9, I would like clarification on the correct positioning of a small 200 liter pond, for some ducks, outside the house.

    My house is period 8 facing Southeast 3 and I think the best place to implement the pond would be in the Southeast 1-8 or also in the East 2-9 or in the North 4-2, but I have doubts about the effect of the energy “2”. In the Southwest 3-1 would also be a possibility, but I think that here the energy “3” could bring relational conflicts.

    Of these options, which two are the most favorable and why, taking into account the permanent energy of the house and period 9?

    • FengShuiBalanz Team October 16, 2023 at 2:48 am - Reply

      Certainly, I can provide some insight on this topic. To enhance one’s wealth luck through strategic placement of exterior water features, we should begin by examining the Post-Heaven trigram basic period Luo Shu chart.

      In Period 8, you’ll notice that Period Star 5 is located in the Southwest, while in Era 9, Star 5 can be found in the North. As you correctly observed, the water placement is precisely opposite the auspicious Wang period star.

      The fundamental concept behind this approach is to obstruct the influence of Period Star 5 in this particular area, and the most effective way to do so is by using a water feature. The era or period star associated with the permanent energy of the 20-year era exerts a shadow influence, which should not be underestimated.

      In your case, you have two choices. The first option involves situating the pond in East 2-9, where “Wang” Water Dragon 9 will be located for a duration of 20 years. The second option is the north, which is the most favorable and auspicious location for water placement during Period 9 to enhance wealth luck.

      There is no need to be concerned about its impact on the interior 4-2 pair. However, it’s important to ensure that neither of these areas (East or North) serves as a bedroom, as bedrooms typically require the support of a mountain feature.

  11. Pamela October 19, 2023 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    Would you consider adding many solar panels to the roof as a construction activity to make the house a period 9?

    • FengShuiBalanz Team October 20, 2023 at 3:07 am - Reply

      I’m afraid that simply adding solar panels to the roof will not change the house to Period 9. To transform it into a Period 9 home, it would be necessary to remove a substantial portion of BOTH the roof and the ceiling, roughly between 30% to 50%.

      This action is required to ensure the harmonious alignment of “heaven qi” and “earth qi.” Moreover, if the house has multiple stories, the above-mentioned procedure would suffice for the second story only. Assuming a regular staircase connecting the first and second floors might not be sufficient to ensure that the “heaven qi” fully permeates the ground level, thus creating a situation with two different energy periods within the same home.

  12. Cj December 3, 2023 at 12:08 am - Reply

    I love the article.Can you provide a remedy to protect my career and wealth in my apt. #5. The building is P4. I am a Li9 person. My apt sits in the middle of two units on the second floor, with same like below. My Apt sits N2/kitchen, and faces S2/living room. BR/NW, Bath N. Front door E., front entrance to building S.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team December 3, 2023 at 1:44 am - Reply

      I will reach out to you via private email as I would need some more details, which should not be published and only handled in private.

  13. Walter December 13, 2023 at 3:36 am - Reply

    Pls adv solution for house built in period 8 facing E

    • FengShuiBalanz Team December 13, 2023 at 4:20 am - Reply

      I assume that you are referring to the “people lock” phase concerning period 7 homes facing East 1 (67.5–82.5), East 2 (82.5–97.5), or East 3 (97.5–112.5), wherein star 9 is confined within the central mountain star position. I recommend first reading the following article for a more detailed explanation of the implications. “Feng Shui Tips for Money and Health Luck“. The most effective remedy involves using water to unlock the energy of star 9 at the home’s center. The water source must be situated outdoors and be visible/audible from within the home. Additionally, I suggest incorporating an extra-smaller water feature, such as a water fountain or an open aquarium (without a lid), within an interior area that does not interfere with the energies of the residing flying stars.

      For any other East facing homes of other periods, it’s important to focus now on the locations of the mountain and water star 9. Consult your energy map to identify where the star 9 areas are and consider utilizing them accordingly. A mountain star 9 is ideally suited for a bedroom, while a water dragon 9 is beneficial for active spaces like an office, living room, or main entrance.

  14. PY January 4, 2024 at 10:44 am - Reply


    Thanks for your great article.

    1) My apartment has a missing NE sector. What can I do to make up for the missing sector?

    2) As my North happen to be my kitchen, will it affect my wealth luck or career luck? What can i do to enhance this area.

    Really appreciate your kind advise. Thank you

    • FengShuiBalanz Team January 5, 2024 at 2:52 am - Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to explore this classical Feng Shui blog to enrich your life. To begin, we must ascertain whether the absent sector truly constitutes a missing portion or possibly an extension. According to the rule, if the absent corner comprises less than 30% of the specific section, it is not deemed as such. Additionally, it’s essential to verify if it might be a protrusion instead. Within a missing section, the circulating qi within this area might be incomplete, potentially leading to unfavorable events.

      The northeast (NE) is associated with the earth star 8 and represents a young male in the family’s trigram hierarchy. Moreover, it pertains to body parts like bones, muscles, joints, and the spine, which could result in deficiencies in planning skills. Consequently, a boy under the age of 16 within the apartment might experience the most pronounced effects.

      Generally, the optimal solution involves enclosing the missing area to restore the completeness of qi. However, in an apartment setting, this might pose complications. If residing on the ground floor with access to gardening, one can enclose the area using bushes, a fence, or create an appearance akin to an enclosed room. If this isn’t feasible, placing mirrors on both sides of the wall can help “expand the space.”

      Regarding your second query, it appears to stem from the Black Hat Feng Shui school, loosely associating the north as the sector for career luck. For more insights into this modern school, please refer to the link provided above.

      In our approach, we delve more deeply into the classical energy map of the house. It’s probable that your wealth stars manifest in various other areas of the apartment. In modern kitchens, the fire element tends to be less intense, owing to cooking practices using glass-ceramic cooktops, which generate less heat, or “fire element.” Additionally, elements like granite countertops and plates are linked with the earth element, further diminishing the fire element’s influence.

  15. Narith April 3, 2024 at 3:56 am - Reply

    Thanks so much for your important article !

    • FengShuiBalanz Team April 4, 2024 at 1:38 am - Reply

      you are very very welcome. I am glad that all the information is very useful for you :-)

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