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 Feng Shui Questions: Ask Us a Personalized Question

There are occasions when you might not be prepared to conduct a whole consultation and may only have a single Feng Shui question to ask regarding a specific situation that is currently occurring in your life. Generally, we don’t charge for typical Feng Shui questions, which we answer for free. However, if the inquiry is very personalized to your situation, we would need to look into it more. A general response in such a situation would under no circumstances help resolve the matter.

Asking your own Feng Shui-related queries is a terrific approach to receiving highly specific and expert guidance. Online articles regarding a certain Feng Shui topic are typically written using general terminology. However, because every single house and its people are different, we cannot merely rely on common internet recommendations.

You can ask us any specific Feng Shui question at a time. Please understand that we can only answer one inquiry at a time. If you have numerous inquiries, it would be beneficial to think about scheduling a thorough consultation to address all of your individual concerns.

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Ask Feng Shui questions that we answer for free:

We will answer general-term Feng Shui questions for free. Here are some instances where we don’t ask for payment. Use the contact form to get in touch with us if your query falls within this category:

  • Any questions about black-hat Feng Shui, like: “I have a toilet in my wealth area, what do i do?
  • Are crystals helpful to redirect the energy flow
  • What lucky and unlucky home numbers exist?
  • The best mirror placement inside the bedroom
  • What does the Fire Element represent?
  • What should I do if my bed is beneath an sloping ceiling?
  • Do you think it’s bad to live next to a hospital, police station, or fire department?
  • What should I do given that the door to the toilet is immediately across from where I sleep?
  • Which color front doors look the best?

The answers to the above-mentioned Feng Shui questions don’t require floor plans or any further personal data because they are quite broad in nature. Because we do not practice any new age or “black hat” Feng Shui, our advice may be brief, such as “This is symbolic and has no bearing on your personal situation.” If we feel that there is more to the story, we will let you know.

Ask your question in under 3 minutes and avoid studying for 5 years or more to learn authentic Feng Shui that works!

Feng Shui question examples we do charge:


For these Feng Shui questions, we do charge as they are based on personal circumstances:

  • What direction should my head face while sleeping to absorb the best relaxing energy?
  • Do the energies in my household support the particular career I have?
  • Locate and activate your unique peach blossom location (each person has a different spot)
  • Financial struggles: How to activate your personal “universal saving account”, determining the ideal direction (just 15 degrees) to absorb good energy for job or career to advancement.
  • Advice on building an addition to the home
  • Are there any energy inside the house that contribute to the legal troubles I constantly have?
  • How to resolve family disputes by putting remedies in specific locations around the house
  • Placements of water features (fountains) inside and outside the house based on flying star chart

The previous questions are just a brief illustration of what is considered general and specific.

An example of an “Ask Feng Shui Questions” and answer from us

Please see the sample below to get a better sense of what an ask Feng Shui questions and what our response looks like:

QUESTION: I am a graphic designer; which is the best bed placement to support my creativity and financial luck?

ANSWER: Your favorable money spot and creative energy are located in the 15-degree region of NE2, according to your personal Chinese zodiac and year of birth (light green area). Furthermore, your spouse has her own unique wealth direction throughout the entire 45-degree NE portion (darker green area).

Further supporting the recommendation to sleep with your head pointed to the north / northeast wall in your bedroom is the flying star constellation Mountain Star 8, which was identified there. We noticed that John Doe’s draining direction (marked red) is on the bedroom’s SW wall. It is very unfavorable to point the head towards your own personal draining direction as this can make advancements in career and family matters difficult.

To summarize, the mountain star 8 is very beneficial to one’s health and personal luck. Sleeping under the creativity direction supports John Doe’s creative and financial luck by absorbing this positive universal energy found in the NE2. Furthermore, his wife can benefit from the beneficial wealth energy while sleeping. A win-win situation for both!

ask feng shui question example

As you can notice, the above example is a highly customized response that is only applicable to John Doe and his wife’s particular circumstances.

What information do we need to get started?

  • Your question (including as many details as possible)
  • A thorough floor plan layout or sketch is required.
  • Person’s birth date
  • Compass reading of the home and/or address; alternatively, we can do our own compass reading using Google Maps.
  • Timeline: We will answer your Feng Shui questions within 24 to 48 hours, from Mondays to Fridays. If we are out of town or during public holidays, the responses may take longer.
  • In the event that there are any follow-up inquiries from your side, we will store the inquiry on file.

Beyond a Feng Shui Question

We completely understand that you might not be ready to book a full Feng Shui Audit just yet. That’s why we’re here to provide you with the guidance you need by answering your specific Feng Shui question. We are dedicated to offering valuable insights and solutions tailored to your unique situation. However, if you find that you require more comprehensive assistance after receiving our response, we welcome you to explore our online Feng Shui consultation process further.

Our in-depth and personalized audits delve into every aspect of your living or working space, ensuring a holistic approach to optimizing energy flow and enhancing harmony. Take your time to discover the benefits of a complete audit, and when you’re ready, we’ll be here to assist you in transforming your environment into a sanctuary of positive energy and well-being. Psst, if you indeed want to book an audit, we will deduct your question payment from it!

Empower Your Space: Ask Us a Feng Shui Question and Thrive!


Have a burning Feng Shui inquiry about your living space or workplace?

We are here to provide you with personalized and insightful guidance. Whether you’re looking to enhance the energy flow, promote prosperity, or improve overall well-being in your environment, we’ve got you covered. Simply submit your specific question, and we will analyze your unique situation, taking into account your floor plans, birth date, compass readings, and other essential details.

Our goal is to offer tailored solutions that resonate with your individual needs and circumstances. Whether it’s finding the perfect bed placement for improved creativity and financial luck or addressing specific issues like legal troubles or family disputes, we’re here to help you create a harmonious and balanced living space. Submit your Feng Shui question today and unlock the secrets to a more harmonious and prosperous life!

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Why we charge for certain questions?

You might be curious about the reason behind our charges for certain questions. The truth is, some inquiries demand a considerable amount of effort to calculate your individual energy chart and develop personalized solutions that suit your specific circumstances. At the core of our beliefs is the understanding that each house and individual is unique, rendering a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective.

When you pose a question that requires a thorough analysis, we strive to furnish you with a detailed answer that delves into the intricacies of your situation. Our ultimate goal is to offer comprehensive insights that empower you to effect positive changes in your living or working space. By articulating your questions thoughtfully, you aid us in better comprehending your needs and avoiding mere yes or no responses, thereby enabling us to provide the most valuable and effective advice imaginable.

Our unwavering commitment is to guide you towards a harmonious and balanced environment that harmonizes perfectly with your distinct energy and aspirations.

$15 + (price is tiered by the specific question)

Hourly Charges: If your current situation demands further attention and in-depth analysis beyond the initial question, we also offer our services on an hourly basis. We are committed to providing you with the necessary support and expertise for as long as you require. Whether it’s a comprehensive Feng Shui assessment, personalized consultations, or detailed energy calculations, our hourly-based services ensure that you receive dedicated assistance tailored to your specific needs.

Rest assured, we are here to guide you throughout your Feng Shui journey, ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcomes for your living or working space. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities, and we are ready to devote the time and effort needed to help you create a harmonious and prosperous environment.


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