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Last updated on July 21, 2023

While Feng Shui is widely recognized for its positive influence on health and wealth luck, it is less commonly known that it can also create or attract legal issues on a family or business level. These problems can range from minor copyright disputes to more severe issues such as legal battles with third parties or even government agencies.

The root cause of such problems can often be traced back to imbalances in certain energy settings in the living or work space. With this Feng Shui cure for legal issues, we look into the specific energy settings that can contribute to legal issues and offer practical solutions to rectify them.

We delve into the different ways in which classical principles can be utilized to your advantage, specifically in enhancing your legal standing. In addition, valuable insights on when and how to effectively apply them to reap its benefits.

Undoubtedly, apart from Feng Shui, the personal journey of destiny also plays a significant role in teaching valuable life lessons which might include the constant struggle and dispute of various part of life. While acknowledging this separate aspect, we will focus solely on the influential energies within the flying star system to find out the reasons behind and suggest Feng Shui cure for legal issues or disputes.

As the primary culprits, some advanced and unseen star energy combinations can trigger various issues such as:

  • concerns with copyright and trademarks
  • competitors making false accusations of plagiarism or submitting false negative feedback to discredit you
  • challenges with government approval, such as denied or delayed building permits, licenses, and visas
  • Disputes between neighbors, tenants, or a community association that are litigated in court
  • Family disputes and conflicts have become more frequent
  • Employment contract disputes (from the perspectives of both employers and employees)
  • Lawsuits for medical malpractice, injury, or misdemeanor

There are hundreds of additional problems to list here, but I think you are getting my point. These energy imbalances might sometimes manifest just as minor hiccups. There could be unforeseen challenges or delays while dealing with any kind of document or contract. It covers almost all facets of life.

Unanticipated events can happen, such as being disinherited by a parent, or getting into an extended dispute with the government about renewing one’s identity card.

Allow me to share a recent example that took place in England. A British individual and their spouse, holding a permanent resident card, embarked on a short vacation to a Spanish island where pick-pocketing is prevalent. Tragically, the spouse’s purse, containing the British permanent resident card, was stolen.

The consequences that ensued were nothing short of a nightmare. The spouse was denied entry into England and had to travel to the mainland of Spain to visit the British embassy and request a temporary card. However, the process took an arduous eight days to complete. Both were forced to take extra time off from work and pay for additional nights at the hotel.

The total cost of the ordeal exceeded $10,000. The imbalanced energies not only caused significant headaches and anxieties but also resulted in substantial financial losses.

Upon analyzing the energy chart of their apartment, it was unsurprising to find certain unseen energies manifesting in their most notorious and infamous ways inside important key areas of the home.

It is important to note that while the overarching theme is “legal issues in Feng Shui,” the influence of these star energies can extend far beyond the confines of a courtroom, impacting individuals personally and professionally. Instances like credit card fraud or falling victim to online scams can also be attributed to these disruptive energies.

How do these energies get unbalanced?

Currently, these unseen trouble maker energy stars are in a phase known as Shuāi and Si, indicating their weakness, dormancy, or simply their inability to bring about positive effects. Under their influence, unfavorable attributes tend to manifest, especially when these stars are dominated by other energies or encounter unfavorable forms such as sharp corners or triangles, as observed during a flying star analysis.

These circumstances create an imbalance in energy, resulting in various problems, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, another potential factor could be the incorrect placement of a Feng Shui yin house, which is a carefully chosen spot for a deceased family member. If the grave-site has inauspicious aspects, it can also affect the descendants for up to three generations.

One energy combination famously referred to as the robbery combination. It is often observed that if a robbery occurs through a specific door or window, this energy emerges as a permanent and/or annual influence.

The central stars of a home serve as the nerve center, karma, or guiding force that shapes the overall character of the dwelling. There is a higher likelihood of experiencing frequent incidents like robbery, theft, betrayal, or burglary in a house when certain energy pairs occur.

(Note: The phrase “robbery combination” is a term used in the context of Feng Shui and does not imply an endorsement or support for illegal activities.)

How to solve a crisis and turn the tide in your favor

It is not uncommon for individuals to discover, through online research, that Feng Shui may have a say in the unexpected issues they are facing. As a professional consultant, our first step for a success Feng Shui cure for legal issues is to examine the overall energy chart and seek ways to remedy and balance the problematic sectors. One very useful and successful technique is to delve deeper into the person’s trigram to enhance their “personal energy.”

Yes, we know, these struggles can be physically and mentally draining, weakening the immune system and impacting mental health. According to Dr. Fredrickson, people frequently develop a negative thought process that follows a downward trend.

This can lead to severe depression and a sense of powerlessness. It is crucial to intervene in the early stages of this downward spiral to preserve mental well-being and build the strength needed to navigate through the process towards a positive outcome. In practical terms, this means focusing on the individual’s trigram section of the home to boost one’s moral.

It is important to emphasize that the to Feng Shui cure for legal issues remedies should be placed inside the home and/or office where you reside and work. If a family member lives in a different location, the remedies should be placed there accordingly. This ensures that the remedies are situated in the relevant spaces where their influence can be maximized.

In summary, there are three key areas of consideration that we look at:

  1. Determine if the house is currently in a locked phase that affects people or finances.
  2. Assess whether the unseen energy areas where were certain star energy pairs are located are balanced or not.
  3. Another aspect to consider is whether the personal trigram aligns with certain energies in a  section, which can potentially make the individual more vulnerable or not.

These factors play a significant role in understanding the overall Feng Shui dynamics and potential implications for individuals and their surroundings.

For serious legal battles to bend it to your favor

There is an additional remedy technique that can be employed to tilt the energies in favor of the individual, particularly in the context of significant legal battles where the stakes are high. This technique draws from the 10 stems in Chinese astrology and should be approached with seriousness and caution.

To apply this method, we consider the year stem (pin yin) of when a person is born. This year stem will guide us to the specific directional sector where the remedy should be placed to enhance the person’s personal luck.

The first step is to examine the overall energy chart of the flying stars to identify the specific star energy residing in that sector. By observing the relationship between the existing flying star pair, we can provide insights into the potential outcome of the legal case.

Regardless of the anticipated outcome, it is recommended to implement our temporary Feng Shui cure for legal issues remedy to increase the chances of success in the legal battle.

Can construction sha also cause legal conflicts?

The short answer is yes. Mainly the construction sha energy or San Sha, commonly known as the 3-Killings, is indeed a concern. It occupies a 75-degree section on the compass, which changes annually. This direction also includes what is commonly referred to as the robbery sha or “Jia sha.” Unfortunately, there is no definitive remedy for this negative energy.

As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to avoid initiating any construction or remodeling work in this direction for the year and to keep the area as quiet as possible. We will take a look and point out if this is a point of concern or note.


Are you constantly entangled in legal battles, facing disputes, or dealing with false accusations from competitors or rental tenants? It could be a sign that the unseen energies within your office or home are contributing to these persistent problems.

We understand the profound impact that these unseen energy can have on your lives, particularly in legal or other dispute matters. That’s why we offer our specialized service, the Feng Shui Cure for Legal Issues.

We will assess the energetic qi flow within your space, pinpointing any imbalances that may be causing or perpetuating legal or other challenges. Through the art and science of Feng Shui, we will provide targeted recommendations and adjustments to restore harmony and promote positive energy, which in turn can enhance your overall legal and dispute circumstances.

Don’t let unseen forces dictate the outcome of your dispute battles; take back control and unlock the potential for a smoother, more favorable home or business environment.

Our Feng Shui cure for legal issues approach:

According to the Five Element Theory, we can address the issue by introducing certain elements and Feng Shui cure for legal issues remedy suggestions. However, it’s important to note that certain flying star combinations require specific attention, considering both their permanent and annual influences. In some cases, advanced techniques are also  necessary after our thorough analysis.

We also consider in examining whether any problematic stars coincide with a person’s own trigram palace. According to the home’s energy map some individual may be more prone to attracting legal issues compared to other family members belonging to different trigrams.

What do we need from you?

We kindly request the following information:

  1. Accurate floor-plan of your home: To better understand the layout and energy flow of your space, please provide us with an accurate floor-plan of your home.
  2. Short description of the current or ongoing problem: Please provide a brief description of the specific issue or problem you are currently experiencing or have been facing.
  3. Address for remote compass reading: In order to conduct a remote compass reading and analyze the energetic influences, we require your home address.
  4. Birthday of the affected family member: To further personalize our assessment, kindly provide the birthday of the family member primarily affected by the issue.

Please note that while we will make our best recommendations, it is important to acknowledge that some external factors may influence you and extend beyond the scope of any available remedy. We will inform you of such situations and explain the reasons why there are no remedies available.

Our primary focus with this Feng Shui cure for legal issues service is to provide comprehensive guidance and suggestions within the limits of Feng Shui applications.

Important Disclaimer: We are not a legal counsel service. While we specialize in providing Feng Shui Audit and recommendations, we strongly advise seeking the expertise of a qualified lawyer for any legal matters you may be facing. A professional lawyer can provide the necessary guidance and expertise specific to your legal situation. Our service is only focused on the principles of Feng Shui and can be seen as a complimentary service only.

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