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Last updated on January 30, 2024

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Every year around the 4th of February when the annual Feng Shui energy is changing; the bells of the New Chinese Year are not far away. Not only do the annual 9 Flying Star change, but also the three gods (cosmic energy constellations) move to different compass directions influencing our lives.

To ensure that the year of the Dragon is as good as it can be, it is important to protect ourselves against the inauspicious and troublesome annual energies. Evidently, the Grand Duke in Feng Shui or Tai Sui, Sui Po, Star 5 Yellow, and Feng Shui 3 Killings (San Sha).

In this article, I will highlight the upcoming changes and give you an overview of the annual positions and conflicts of 2024. Learn more about the Grand Duke and the Three Killings and the potential effects they may have on our lives.

Grand Duke Feng Shui 2024 (Tai Sui 太歲)

grand duke feng shui

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COMPASS DIRECTION: SOUTHEAST 2 (127.5– 142.5 degrees)
Direct Clash Conflict with this Chinese sign: none
Avoid any important task in: none

What is the Grand Duke in Feng Shui (Tai Sui 太歲)

The Grand Duke Feng Shui 2024, or as the Chinese say, Tai Sui, is the alignment of the stars directly opposite the planet Jupiter for the cycle of the current year. Please keep in mind that the Cycle God energy is a compass direction only associated with the current year and is not a location of the earthly branch. Tai Sui occupies a 15-degree direction of the 360-degree full compass. This information hints at the potential effects that the energy may have on a certain sector of the home.

The God of Tai Sui requires you to pay respect and honor him in every aspect. As he is a powerful god, he dislikes people facing him directly upfront. As of this reason, you should follow this rule very strictly:


There is no denying the logic and reasoning behind following this Grand Duke Feng Shui rule, but there are many instances were doing so is simply impractical. To propose moving furniture if the bed or office desk is in a good flying star sector with health-promoting energies would be naive. When you see the full picture of all the many annual energy impacts, you’ll start to shake your head in amazement very quickly. It’s true; there is ultimately no direction left for sitting or sleeping anymore.

In conclusion, a variety of circumstances should be taken into account when deciding whether to abide by this guideline or not. Do not surrender your personal good direction and flying star just for this.

Grand Duke Feng Shui DON’Ts (Tai Sui 太歲):

Please abide by the guidelines below to prevent potential negative consequences. To avoid bad luck, please do not irritate the Grand Duke energies:

  • Avoid traveling away from or into the compass direction of the Grand Duke.
  • In case the front door opens into the compass direction of the Tai Sui, try to avoid using the door and opt for a different one. If you don’t have a choice, hang something metallic near the door and open and close it quietly (no slamming).
  • Make sure that your neighbors also respect the Tai Sui. In case they are not aware of Feng Shui and unintentionally dishonor him, try to block the energy flow toward your home.
  • Be extra careful if the Star 5 Yellow and Tai Sui for the year or the month occur at the same time and in the same direction.
  • Do not do deep digging into the earth, for example, when planting a big tree.
  • Please do not do any kinds of renovations in his direction (drilling, hammering).
  • Making loud noises, such as having a party with loud music
  • Building or renovating a bigger fountain or pool here

Grand Duke Feng Shui Cures: Do’s to honor Tai Sui 太歲

  • You can plant smaller shrubs or vegetables without any problems
  • Using the door quietly
  • You still can watch TV or listen to music with average volume
  • Doing any painting or decoration which is not too noise is just fine

What is Sui Po Feng Shui (Year Breaker 歲破) 2024

Sui Po Feng Sgui year breaker

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COMPASS DIRECTION: NW 1 (292.5– 307.5 degrees)
Direct Clash Conflict with this Chinese sign: Dog (Xu)
Avoid any important task in: October, month of the Dog, any dog days, and dog hours (7-9 pm) during the year.

Likewise, the Grand Duke, the Year Breaker, or better known as Feng Shui Sui Po, occupies a 15-degree direction on the opposite side of Tai Sui. As the Sui Po is always 180 degrees away, it can be found in the NW if the Tai Sui resides in the SE. In astrological terms, it is referred to as the “contra-star Jupiter energy.” The energy, though, is not as fierce as the one from the Grand Duke but still needs attention.

In the event that you irritate the energy of the Year Breaker, it could create some health problems or sickness.. Therefore, avoid at all cost to aggregate the energy.

On a micro-scale, it is not only the year but also the month and days of the Dog to keep an eye on. Any significant renovation or construction work should not begin in October of 2024 because it is the month of the Dog and could have a negative energy impact on the project.

All Dog Days throughout the year can be characterized in the same way. I suggest getting a Chinese calendar to find out the precise days of the year.

DO NOT do to aggravate Feng Shui Sui Po (Year Breaker 歲破):

  • Avoid traveling away or into the compass direction of the Feng Shui Sui Po
  • Try to avoid opening a door that is located in the compass direction of the Sui Po. If you can’t avoid it, place any metal object next to the door (as long as it doesn’t contradict the flying star chart’s 5 element theory).
  • Do not let your feet point into the Year Breaker direction
  • Make sure also your neighbors do respect the Sui Po. In case they are not aware of Feng Shui and unintentionally dishonor him, try to block the energy flow toward your home with a metal rode.
  • When planting a large tree or plants avoid digging deeply into the ground
  • Be extra careful if the Star 5 Yellow and Sui Po for the year or the month occur the same time in the same direction.

Feng Shui Sui Po Cures: Do’s to honor the Year Breaker 歲破

  • Digging smaller holes for small plants is okay.
  • It is acceptable to perform minor remodeling, such as painting or wallpapering.
  • It’s alright to rearrange the furnishings.

Three Killings Feng Shui 2024 (San Sha 三煞)

Three-Killings -San-Sha

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COMPASS DIRECTION: SOUTH  (157.5 – 202.5 degrees)
Direct Conflict: Horse, Snake, and Goat (these sign need to be extra careful)

Due to the annual star 7 and the Feng Shui 3 Killings, the SOUTH is quite conflicted in 2024. Teenage girls and unmarried females over 16 years old should therefore take extra precautions because it can have an impact on the eye and heart. Further, cheating, betrayal, and deception could happen if not being careful or to naive in your private or professional life. Therefore, it is advisable not to cause any significant disturbances and keep the area quiet throughout the year as much as possible. To reduce or avoid bad luck from this inauspicious Feng Shui Three Killings 2024 energy, we recommend not to have any remodeling or construction done.

What is 3 Killings in Feng Shui (San Sha 三煞)

The Feng Shui 3 Killings or San Sha, can cause significant affliction and disturbances in life and should be well taken care of before the Feng Shui New Year on February 4th starts. To understand the Three Killings principle, you need to know that it is a conflicting energy affecting and interfering with the earthly branch.

The twelve Chinese animal signs are divided into four groups, each of which has three members. There is a strong allied relationship between each group’s three animal signs (see table below), which all belong to the same element. Each year, the Three Killings Feng Shui or San Sha energy clashes with one branch of the animal signs. San Sha is always in opposition to the animal sign group or branch it is opposing, or 180 degrees away from it.


The Three Killings energy may bring you bad luck. It involves loss of income, reputation, or accident-related events.

DO NOT do to aggravate the Three Killings (San Sha 三煞)

Please strictly adhere by the Feng Shui Cure for 3 Killings safeguards on the following actions throughout the year in the direction of Three Killings when construction is unavoidable:

  • Do not aggravate or disturb the energy inside and outside of your home.
  • If possible, no bigger renovations in the Three Killings direction.
  • Avoid digging any large holes in the ground, for example, when planting a big tree.
  • Don’t replace or repair any windows or doors, or do extensive remodeling of any kind.
  • No drilling or hammering of all kinds.
  • Do not build or extend anything around your home and garden.

Feng Shui Cure for 3 Killings: Do’s to honor San Sha 三煞

  • It is acceptable to hang any photos on the wall
  • In case the front door opens into the compass directions of the San Sha open/close the door without much noise (no door slamming)
  • Doing smaller garden jobs (weed pulling) and minor digging is allowed.
  • Do any remodeling around the home that is noise-free such as painting.

The best and most effective way to counteract the negative energy influence is to perform a San Sha remedy: Using your date of birth, identify your personal money luck direction (born in 1977, choose the Wu-Horse S2 Sector). Next, make a prayer requesting that everything goes according to plan and without any hiccups. To conclude the prayer, gong any metal object, then place some coins in a bowl. Not just the direction, but also the day, is key.

In 2024, the year of Dragon, you can perform this brief ceremony on the days of Dragon, Rat, or Monkey (see on the Chinese calendar) before the construction or remodeling project starts.

5 Yellow Feng Shui Star for 2024 (Annual Flying Star)


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5 Yellow Feng Shui Star REMEDY for 2024: To reduce the bad influence of Star 5, place heavy metal elements into the West section of your home (at least 30 kg or more of real heavy metal such as iron, steel, copper, or aluminum).

There is a lot of discussion in the world of Feng Shui when it comes to the 5 yellow Feng Shui Star. Mainly, you might hear that all kinds of mishaps, delays, and accidents do happen when Star 5 takes control. To some point, I will not disagree, but little is heard of the spectacular events that Star 5 can also produce. In the original Luoshu, the energy of Star 5 is located in the center and holds no direct trigram.

Emphatically, 5 yellow Feng Shui Star can be portrayed as the emperor or the central energy that controls everything. In fact, it does control all the other Star energies by directing them in their wuxing and waning cycles. I call Star 5 yellow the universal Qi having energy under it as its labor force doing all the jobs on planet earth. By the way, there is a reason why the Chinese sign for the King/Emperor is the same as the Trigram of Star 5 (see image above). Interesting, right?

Yes, Star 5 Yellow needs to be respected greatly. In order to be on the right side of it, you actually need to plan and carefully examine its direction each year. You may find the energy to be quite noble (in Period 5), yet it may also be hostile in many ways.

5 yellow Feng Shui Star is an Earth Element, and it is best to have some Metal Elements such as heavy metal objects, in the Luoshu palace, where the energy resides for the year. Please remember that Star 5 is very moody, and you never know in which mood it is at the moment. A brief list of the good and bad deeds that the energy can bring into your lives:

  • THE BAD:
  • Causing delays, mishap, and a lot of misunderstanding
  • Possible accidents
  • War, conflict, critical events, death
  • brings immense authority
  • Support your intuition
  • Provides you with the best and most decisive events in life

DO NOT do to aggravate the Feng Shui Star 5 Yelllow

  • Never ever build a new house or change the roof when annual Star 5 is in the center. It will bring severe sickness to the home.
  • Avoid traveling away from or into the compass direction of the Star 5 Yellow. If you need to travel in or from its direction, make a diversion first in another direction.
  • It is preferable to avoid heated debates and arguments in the palace and direction of Star 5. Try to pick a different location instead.
  • Do not produce any kinds of noisy events in its direction (constructions, loud music, fighting). The energy loves quite an ambient and surrounding.

Do’s to honor the Three Killings (Feng Shui Star 5 Yelllow)

  • Keep calm and relax when in the direction of Star 5
  • Eat a healthy diet so that your qi-flow inside your body has no blockages. Star 5 loves a free energy flow to produce extraordinary events for you.
  • Hang or place heavy metal elements in the area/direction where Star 5 Yellow is for the year.
  • Keep the room quiet, and if a door is located here, open and close it without much noise.

Use extra caution if, in a year, the annual or monthly star 5 is in the same direction as Tai Sui or Sui Po. The aforementioned cosmic energies aggravate star 5, which is already rather irritable most of the time. Due to the interaction of these two negative energy forces, there may be delays, hiccups, accidents, and miscommunication with the contractor.

  • Monthly Star 5 in West Palace: April 4 – May 4  AND January 5 – February 4, 2025:  (be extra careful as annual and monthly star join forces)
  • Monthly Star 5 in SE Palace (Tai Sui): October 8 – November 6: monthly star 5 joins forces with Tai Sui for the month
  • Monthly Star 5 in NW Palace (Sui Po): March 4 – April 3 AND December 7 – January 4, 2025

Auspicious & Inauspicious Annual Flying Stars in 2024

Auspicious Stars (Star 1, Star 4, Star 6, Star 8, Star 9)

  • STAR 1 (Luck, Future Wealth) = EAST Palace = Enhance with Water and/or Metal Elements
  • STAR 4 (Study & Academics) = NW Palace = Add water element and/or wood element (green plants) to enhance
  • STAR 6 (Carrier & Authority) = NE Palace = Place a Water Element (fish tank or water fountain) here
  • STAR 8 (previous Wealth Star) = NORTH Palace = Enhance and strengthen with Earth Element
  • STAR 9 (current Wealth Star) = SW Palace = Enhance with Wood and/or Fire Elements

* Remark: All of these are general guidelines that don’t take into account the home’s permanent flying star chart. Different remedy strategies might apply. Depending on the individual qi circumstances, different remedy strategies may be appropriate. 

Inauspicious Stars ( Star 3, Star 7) and Neutral Star 2

  • STAR 2 (becomes neutral) = SE Palace – Yes, 2024 onward, star 2 is not being harmful anymore and we can give it a grade of C+. If the earth star is not in a dominating relationship with other energies (wood, water), you could even start to enhance star 2 with the fire element.
  • STAR 3 (Arguments / Conflicts) = CENTRAL Palace = You cannot remedy the center
  • STAR 7 (Betrayal / Robbery) = SOUTH Palace: You can add the salt cure to calm down and weaken the metal energy of star 7.It is not advisable to introduce the water element in the southern direction for the next 20 years, as per the direct/indirect spirit theory. This is because having water in the south during this period can negatively impact both wealth and health luck.

Take additional care if you see any flying star combination of the stars 2, 7, or 9, as these energy effects can result in electrical malfunctions or fires.

If you are following all our advice, an excellent, peaceful, and trouble-free year awaits you. Enjoy the good energy vibes!

* Remark: All of these are general guidelines that don’t take into account the home’s permanent flying star chart. Different remedy strategies might apply. Depending on the individual qi circumstances, different remedy strategies may be appropriate. 

What is the Feng Shui Protection Guardian (Li Shi)


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Since Li Shi is not well-known, it is difficult to find anything noteworthy about him in English-language Feng Shui literature. He is a powerful Earth Sha who once protected and influenced the troops and samurai in ancient China. As he stands firm, his protection properties are, without a doubt, what the emperors were seeking. We’ll keep you informed, since Li Shi doesn’t come every year.

The corner palaces of the Luoshu do activate and welcome him upon his arrival. He can only be found in these four palaces: Xun, Gen, Kun, and Qian, and nowhere else. To make matters more complicated, he only likes to arrive in specific years, such as:

  • 2 Earth Pig Years
  • 4 Wood Rooster Years
  • 6 Metal Dragon Years
  • 8 Earth Snake Years

There will be a 30-degree directional sector to find him in the given years, as mentioned above. If the annual Star 5 yellow resides in the same palace as Li Shi’s energy, it generates tremendous power and protection. By respecting him and paying respect to him, he will become fearless and protect you like his own emperor. As Li Shi needs the strength and power of Star 5 Yellow, it is quite hard to know when he will arrive and join hands with Star 5 Yellow.

DO NOT do to aggravate the Protection Guardian Deity Li Shi

Being a strong earth element, he dislikes when you disturb the ground by doing demolition work or undertaking major remodeling projects.

Do’s to honor the Protection Guardian Deity Li Shi

  • Place a Chinese Protection Guardian Deity Statue into the palace/direction to activate him. In return, he will guard and protect you for the year.

If you have further questions, please feel to leave a comment. We will respond and answer all your questions.

Feng Shui Renovation Advise for 2024

  • If you must carry out any urgent construction or repairs that cannot be delayed, that just happen to be in the direction of the earth sha energies, try to place a wind chime or metal rod in the area to counteract the negative energy.
  • Avoid or postpone any work, if possible, in an area where the monthly or yearly energies of stars 2, 5, 7, and 9 are present.
  • Since most projects cover many sectors, it is preferable to begin and finish the project in another sector first before moving on to a conflicting one.
  • If any auspicious monthly or yearly stars reside where the repair work is being done, this will provide you with extra protection and lead to a fantastic end result.
  • In 2023, annual star 8 will be located in the South Palace, which is a very favorable and good direction for any remodeling or construction activity.

If possible please avoid any big construction or remodeling work in these areas for the year:

  • 3 Killings or San Sha in the South
  • Grand Duke or Tai Sui in the SE 1 section
  • Year Breaker or Suo Po in the NW 1 section
  • Star 5 Yellow in the West

If you have further questions, please feel to leave a comment. We will respond and answer all your questions.

Enjoy a peaceful, lucky, and harmonic life for the year!

Spread the Love with 5 Stars!
[Total: 38 Average: 4.7]


  1. Minnie March 12, 2023 at 2:50 am - Reply

    Thank you for this very helpful information!❤

  2. Eunice March 27, 2023 at 5:19 am - Reply

    May i know if I should avoid sleeping in the room if it’s in the west with San sha in it this year? My next available room to sleep is southeast. Neither nor it is good too.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team March 27, 2023 at 5:22 am - Reply

      Thank you for contacting us, and I am delighted to assist you with your query. Generally speaking, the San Sha energy would need to encounter multiple layers of negative energy in your bedroom to have an impact on you. By itself, the energy is unlikely to cause significant harm. Assuming you are familiar with flying star energy, there are two scenarios to consider:

      Firstly, if the mountain dragon flying star energy is positive, there are no annual conflicts or exterior sha qi, the qi meets good forms, your Chinese zodiac is not in conflict (dog, rooster, and monkey), and there is no construction nearby, then the San Sha energy alone would not cause any impact. However, it is advisable to keep the area quiet and avoid making too much noise.

      The second scenario is when the permanent or annual energy in the bedroom area causes problems. This can be indicated by a dominance cycle (5-Element Theory) or if stars 2 and 5 reside there. Also, nearby construction, a zodiac conflict, or any remodeling projects could exacerbate the San Sha energy. The effects could range from mild to severe, depending on the surrounding circumstances and your body’s health.

      In the second scenario, the best course of action is to install a decorative metal pole at least 1.5 meters into the ground outside of the lawn to absorb the earth’s qi. If this is not feasible, you can use the quick San Sha remedy described in the blog post.

      To summarize, there are numerous opposing energies occurring in each direction every year. When you examine the directional pie chart, you will observe that there may come a point where you feel trapped with no viable direction to take. As I previously stated, for significant problems to arise, several other factors must align to create a genuine issue. To avoid sleeping in the room based solely on your worries about the San Sha energy would be of no concern.

  3. Dorothy Anne June 7, 2023 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    Just a question, if I might please. Is the Annual #6 star still usable? If so, can the #6 be enhanced for 2023? I noticed in your article you suggested to add water to the West. I don’t quite understand. Is that due to 6/7 in the West or would that remedy the 3 Killings? Can I add crystals to the West to enhance the #6 this year, or would that not be advised? Thank you so much. I really enjoyed reading all the great information that you so kindly shared.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team June 8, 2023 at 3:15 am - Reply

      While star 6 can be used, it’s important to note that it is currently in a stagnant or inactive phase known as Sǐ 死. This means that although the star is considered auspicious, it may not manifest its positive attributes. To counteract any potential negative effects, I mentioned water as a remedy for the West, as star 6 is present there along with the inauspicious influences of the 3-Killing and Sui Po. It’s important to remember that this recommendation is quite general and doesn’t take into account the unique energy map of an individual’s home.

      If you’re unfamiliar with the flying star school and calculating your own energy map, let’s assume we have a supportive energy pair of metal and water with the annual 6 in the West. In this case, adding the earth element would further strengthen the pair. However, if, for example, we have a dominating pair with the annual star 6 in the West, we would need to introduce a water feature as a remedy.

      Regardless of the remedies used, it’s advisable to avoid remodeling work or creating excessive noise in these areas, as these energies prefer a quiet environment and can become agitated if disturbed.

      As you can see, Feng Shui involves multiple layers that need to be considered together to get a comprehensive understanding of an individual situation. If you’re unsure about the energy sector in your west area, try placing crystals there, maintaining a quiet environment, and observing the situation. If anything feels off, remove the crystals. Thank you for sharing your positive feedback on our articles. It is our goal to promote a better understanding of authentic classical Feng Shui methods and debunk all the myths surrounding the “black hat” or “fast food” version of Feng Shui.

  4. Dorothy March 7, 2024 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    I have in my West permanent stars of 1,4 with 7 base and annual #5. I do have in place a salt water remedy, a bowl of copper pennies, a 5 element pagoda. I did add some blue artwork here of still water and a lighthouse thinking to remedy (5,7) and to enhance (1,4) for better communication for my job. I do have a small plant here as well.This is my home office where I have two computers and two monitors for my call center job. I follow Xuan Kong Flying stars for information on remedies. Can you please advise me if this is all correct or have I overdone in this sector? I have read I think lots of misinformation on not to enhance #4 in Period 9.

    Also, please on #7 for the South can blue colors be used? You mentioned in the article about placing a salt water remedy. Would that be still using 6 coins or would I use 7 coins to remedy star #7? Any advise or suggestions you might offer would be much appreciated.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team March 29, 2024 at 5:55 am - Reply

      I hope this message finds you well. I apologize for the delayed response, as I was out of the office on a Feng Shui excursion overseas. Regarding your inquiries:

      Regarding West Sector 1,4 base 7 with annual #5: The most effective course of action would be to fully neutralize star 5 all together. Depending on the size of your home office, I recommend placing approximately 25 to 30 kg of real metal in this area.

      Unfortunately, smaller remedy objects may not provide sufficient assistance. Therefore, it’s crucial to add more metal to this space. Since this area is characterized by active yang energy, our primary concern is the water star 4, which dominates the annual star 5.

      The base star 7 in the West palace represents weak metal, which already aids in calming down star 5 to some extent. Given that the base star’s influence is minor, I wouldn’t be overly concerned in your particular situation. Additionally, please remove the small plant (wood element), as it will further dominate star 5 (metal) and potentially exacerbate the situation.

      Regarding the South palace with annual #5: Yes, incorporating blue color can help alleviate the effects of the annual star 7. However, it’s essential to consider the permanent mountain and water stars in your south section, as they may alter the appropriate remedies.

      I hope this information proves helpful.

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