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Last updated on February 26, 2024

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The Han Se school of Feng Shui focuses on exterior landscapes such as rivers and mountain. These rules can be applied to the city and suburban structures. We can substitute Rivers with roads and Mountains with buildings. The study talks about good and bad locations of houses. One that is the most feared is the Feng Shui T Junction.

Does the bad reputation really stand or are there exemptions to the rule? Yes, they are. We will talk about why it is bad, what can be done, the different kinds of t-junctions, and finally what you should never do.

Why is a house facing t junction so bad?

T-Junction unprotected (notice Bagua Mirror above the door)

The reason of why a house facing t junction is bad as lot of times cars are rushing in high speed toward the intersection. The Energy attached to the car travels as well very quick with it. The car can stop, but not so the energy. It will create a so-called Sha-Qi hitting the house like a rocket.

Compare it with hurricane wind or a strong water current hitting the house facing t junction and you know what we are talking about here. You can already imagine that nothing good can come out of this. So what are the solutions here? No worry, you do not need to pack an relocate. There are ways to ease the impact.

Exception to the Rule – How a Feng Shui T-Junction can create Wealth

Yes, you have heard right, a Feng Shui house at t junction can in some cases create a great fortune for the owner. It all depends on how the shape of the road is. In the Han Se Landform School, some t-junctions can be influenced by nearby structures to become very good.

Some building can absorb the bad energy for you. In the same way, we can look at the Flying Star Chart to see if the front door is supportive of the Qi-Energy. This causes the Qi to turn into Gold for the owners. It can create the most positive Qi ever.

How? To tell if your house belongs to the exception and can create wealth, a professional T-Junction Audit needs to be done.

Find out more how a Feng Shui home audit can help you

Feng Shui T junction house remedies: Avoid Bad Luck

As we have noted, there are indeed ways to take care of this situation. Without doubt, here are the most effective Feng Shui t junction house remedies of how bad Qi Energy can be dealt with. A good home protection should be in place for the sake of the family’s luck.

Feng Shui T-Junction Protected (Lesser Impact):

A solid wall or a high and thick bush should be placed to cut the Qi-Energy’s path. Take a look around to find the exact spots and place them with proper care. Although, in Feng Shui, we do not like to have the front door blocked, but it is better as to invite disaster inside the home. The photo shows a nice example of how the owner planted bushes to protect the front door. From our expertise, to block the energy is the only efficient way to take care of it.

Of cause to close windows or move the front door might be an option, but these should only be considered in extreme worst case scenarios. A six-rod metal wind chime is also advised to hang in front of the house. The sound will weaken the bad Sha-Qi Energy to some point. As we have said, it will not eliminate, but lessen the impact.

T Junction Protected with Bushes – lessens impact of Sha-Qi hitting Front Door

What you should NOT DO!

Do not believe that some crystal or a Bagua Mirror will help with the incoming Energy Train. Sorry to say, but this will not help and is just a waste of money. Next, to paint the house wall in a more favorable color just makes the Qi-Energy laugh at you. It will tell you, nice color and see you at the inside.

Lastly, forget the inside and concentrate only on the outside first. This has to be your priority. If the bad Qi-Energy can enter your home an impact is felt. For this reason, you can have the best Feng Shui (Interior) adjustments done, but it will not help at all.

Different Types of Feng Shui T Junction

T-Junction / Reverse Bowl / Too Many Roads

The above corner house is being killed by Sha-Qi literally from all sides. First, the house is located at TWO T-Junctions, plus the curved garden is considered as “Reverse Bowl” in Feng Shui. This house is very inauspicious should be avoided.

Hidden Feng Shui T-Junction (Back-Lane Sha)

The hidden T-Junction (Back Lane Sha) is not noticed by many. The photo shows very good of how the wall and the small space create a high-speed way to let the bad energy shoot right into the last house shown at the end. In like manner as the T-Junction, block it by a bush or a wall.

Chong Sha (Rushing-At Sha) of a V-Junction


The V-Junction (Chong Cha) is like a scissor cutting the house in half when cars approach this area. Of course, the cars turn left or right, but the energy shoots like a straight bow right into the front entrance of this building. Avoid such a location at all cost. In the illustration above, the property lacks protection and has a high potential to be harmed from the incoming sha energy preventing growth.

Back T-Junction

In case a T-Junction is located on the back side of the home, it has the same effects as a regular one in front. In any case, it is not common and can get be taken care of much easier. Just plant high bushes or a build a wall in your backyard to block it out.

Curved Bow Road

feng shui curved drive way

Some houses have nice front yards with luxury looks of garden and drive-way melted into each other. No doubt, it is superb looking but in Feng Shui, this curved bow creates cutting energy like a knife for the house. A closer look can tell that the road shape is like a metal saw blade which cuts right into the house. What are the effects? As known, in Classical Feng Shui each compass sector is associated with a family member and body parts. In short, bad Energy is activated to cause health problems and money loss. To explain, take a read at the Family Member Trigram Map

Why many people do not like a house facing t junction?

  • Accidents can happen that cars crash into the home
  • The Headlights of cars let many people think of police arrests during night times
  • The location is not quite due to car noise
  • As cars do emit pollution into the air, the air is not clean

Types of Feng Shui T-Junctions that are OK

1. T-Junction in Pedestrian Zones (No Cars Allowed)

The house is located in a walking zone where no cars are allowed to drive. In the above photo, the house does not look well situated at all. This time, the home is very auspicious for its owners. As people do not create the same fast movement of energy as cars, nothing we have to worry about. With this in mind, not all t-junctions locations are bad. A case by case study has to be done for each home.

2. The Road is quite short

Shorter Roads do create a lesser impact on the house. As cars cannot drive very fast, the Sha-Qi Energy might be just a slow-moving train that gently touches the door. Given that we can say, the faster the cars do approach the home, the more strength the bad energy gets. Observe and you will know if the location is OK or not.

3. One-Way Road

If the home is located in a One-Way Road, the focus needs to be of where the cars come from. If the vehicles approach from the side and turn into the single road, there will be no harm caused.

4. Front Door Location is not affected

If the front door is not right in the path of the T-Junction there is little to worry about. As a result, the Qi-Energy will just hit the wall without any damage caused. Take a look around your house, if there are no windows or doors in the path, you are very OK.

What can happen if You are Hit by Bad Energy?

BAD LUCK: The bad energy from a T-Junction can bring severe bad luck such as job loss, illness, and relationship problems. Whoever lives in this house will find themselves not happy until proper cures are in place. As soon as the bad energy hits the inside of the home, it will start to take over. If you are in such a situation, a T-Junction Audit might be a good idea. At this point, it is time to stop the bad luck and have a happy future.

UNABLE TO MAKE DECISIONS: It is like the road, cars can decide to either turn left or right. As a matter of fact, the same can be applied to the owner. From experience, a confused mind and not able to decide in which direction of life one should go.

GHOST ENCOUNTER: Young souls who die on the road can attach themselves to cars. As they fly only in straight lines, they cannot turn as cars do. Under those circumstances, the souls can crash right into the home. In Asia, spirit houses are set up at intersections or curves to take care of these confused souls. This is quite superstitious but should be mentioned.

Find out more how a proper Feng Shui Consultation  can help to turn your life around:


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  1. Marc February 28, 2024 at 3:00 am - Reply

    I think intention and belief are important. I want my T junction Crystal.
    Even though the house I want is offset from the North aiming T junction.
    The house frontage faces West.

    This is not a true T junction house, is it?

    • FengShuiBalanz Team February 28, 2024 at 8:42 am - Reply

      I agree that belief holds significant importance, yet it is crucial to distinguish between intangible beliefs and the physical presence of geographical features, such as a T-junction. Beliefs, being intangible, vary among individuals and are subjective. On the contrary, a T-junction can be objectively observed with our senses, allowing us to witness cars approaching with visible energy.

      Notably, instances reported in the news indicate recurring accidents where cars crash into properties situated at T-junctions. I have personally worked with several clients who narrowly escaped being hit by a car crashing into their homes. In light of these concerns, it is essential for individuals to feel secure and protected within their homes, without the constant worry of potential accidents.

      Consequently, the recommended course of action is to establish a protective barrier, such as thick bushes or, ideally, a concrete wall. This proactive measure aims to ensure the safety of household members and alleviate the persistent concern of potential T-junction-related accidents.

      Regrettably, I am unable to provide a comprehensive answer without a precise understanding of the home and its surrounding T-junction. I will send you an email, hoping you can share images or Google coordinates for a thorough assessment.

  2. Tommy February 29, 2024 at 9:58 pm - Reply

    I am considering purchasing this home, but am worried about the T Junction. Your advise is greatly appreciated.
    {url deleted}

    Thanks in advance.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team March 1, 2024 at 5:37 am - Reply

      Upon observing the street view and Google Maps images, it is evident that your home is significantly impacted by the T-junction at your front door and the large window on the frontage of the house. The most practical solution appears to be the installation of a protective barrier in the form of taller bushes to mitigate the effects of incoming energy. However, it remains uncertain whether such alterations would be permissible according to the subdivision rules. Additionally, there is a concern that this may darken the front entrance, creating an excessively yin atmosphere, which is considered inauspicious.

      On a separate note, the rear of the property features a sizable lake facing South. It’s important to note that the south direction is deemed the most inauspicious water location for the next two decades. This could potentially have adverse effects on your health and wealth luck.

      Based on the significant impact of these influential Feng Shui land-form flaws, my recommendation is to RECONSIDER purchasing this house. I offer a service dedicated to assisting with remote house selection, focusing on favorable Feng Shui aspects. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

      It’s crucial to find a home that is compatibly with your family members and attracts auspicious qi. Many of these unseen influences are assessed by considering the birth dates of the family members to determine the suitability of a partial home.

  3. Mary March 17, 2024 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    I am in the same dilemma . We are looking to purchase this house (link removed). Can you please take a look and help me pls. We really like the house but the only thing held us is the t junction. It also looks like they put some plants to block it.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team March 29, 2024 at 6:19 am - Reply

      Upon a quick inspection of the home, it’s evident that the T-junction poses a significant flaw, particularly concerning the garage door. Without delving into the consideration of unseen energies (flying stars), this flaw could have a detrimental impact on your main entrance. While there are instances where a T-junction can be advantageous, this can only be accurately determined through a comprehensive home hunting audit once the unseen energies are meticulously calculated.

      Another important aspect to consider is the placement of the swimming pool. Given that we are in Period 9, certain directions for exterior water features can be highly inauspicious, while others are very auspicious.

      Furthermore, it’s worth noting that there are specific house types that can bring good fortune, as well as unfavorable ones that may cause problems. One method to gain insight is by researching the previous owner to ascertain whether they experienced success or encountered any issues.

      As you can see, there are numerous factors to consider in determining whether the home is suitable for you. Without taking into account all these aspects, the presence of the T-junction could indeed have a significantly negative impact on your home.

  4. James Payne April 5, 2024 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    We have been living at a t-intersection for many many years and have experienced no issues. I don’t believe in feng shui and my wife shares the same feelings. Our Asian friends told us that they don’t believe in feng shui, but their parents believe in it. We’ve been told by the same parents that because our front door is a located on the side of the house versus the front of the house, this is why we are safe lol. Either way, we love our house and feel lucky to live here.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team April 6, 2024 at 2:10 am - Reply

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing more about your unique living situation at a T-junction. Your Asian friend’s parents made a valid point about why you may not be experiencing any negative effects from the excessive energy flow at the T-junction. Indeed, positioning the front door to the side of the home provides a protective buffer. It’s possible that unintentional features in your garden may also contribute to safeguarding your home.

      Nevertheless, people hold a variety of beliefs, and it’s crucial to keep an open mind to the possibility that there may be phenomena beyond our current understanding. For instance, consider consulting a quantum physicist about concepts like the “measurement problem” or “consciousness in quantum phenomena,” which, although not empirically provable, are widely acknowledged to exist.

  5. Eliza April 15, 2024 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    Hi there! I put an offer to build a house on this land but my friend told me that it is bad feng shui because of where it is situated. It will be a west facing house. Here is the diagram:

    O- roundabout
    | | community building
    | |______
    | ______ X- house
    | | | |

    There is a plan to plant a tree just in front of the house and the road leads up to the garage. Will that be ok?

    • FengShuiBalanz Team April 17, 2024 at 3:18 am - Reply

      Thank you for your comment. I’ve contacted you through regular email because I’m unable to provide a response based solely on this sketch. I require more detailed information about the specific surroundings and location to ascertain whether the home is indeed affected by inauspicious qi flow or if there’s no cause for concern.

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