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Feng Shui chi is a vital source of life, and chi is present everywhere—in your home, in your office, in your garden ,and even in your body. If you are someone who believes in Feng Shui, then you must know about chi energy as it plays a very important role in this ancient Chinese art of geomancy. Chi is the circulation of life force on our planet and the entire universe and is referred to as the “energy of life”.

The concept was first explained by an ancient Chinese philosopher named Lao Tzu, and it was believed that he had some divine powers through which he could control this energy. With time, this concept became popular among ancient people, as they started to believe that proper control of chi could heal all their ailments with ease.

Busting a myth: Why Qi Feng Shui and Energy are not the same:

Feng Shui Chi (also Qi or pronounced ‘chee”) and Energy are NOT the same. Have you noticed that I have not written Qi Energy: instead I wrote Qi “and” Energy. A common belief taught today is that these are in fact the same. I am here to tell and burst this myth:

Qi in Feng Shui or commonly called chi Flow is the universal force, the almighty that stands above all. Even the sun needs to report back to Qi. Now, what is energy I hear you ask?



We can taste, smell, hear, perceive, or touch Qi if it has manifested with our human vibrancy frequency. As we grow older, our senses diminish compared to those of our childhood. Therefore, regularly practicing meditation is a helpful technique to harmonize and re-connect with universal energy.

What is Feng Shui Chi Flow?

Feng Shui chi flow is the universal force of everything. It cannot be felt, seen or touched, however, everyone can feel its impact and influence. We can say that it governs all existent on earth including all the natural cycles and even everything in our whole universe. To illustrate better, even the Sun, Moon, Venus, our Milky-Way all need to rely on and report back to Qi.

Qi Feng Shui is in control for the ever ending cycle of expanding and contracting energy forces in our universe. Without the constant motion of energy, we would be in the “Ultimate Void” and no space, time, or any action in our universe would exist. This to say, qi in Feng Shui needs to move all the time in order to create changes that will never end.

We humans have a lot of problems to understand the Chi Flow as we are limited by our brains. We are trapped in a box but would need to escape out of it to understand the full picture of what really is happening.

It is unbiased and does not take any side whatsoever, but it will impact someone in a positive or negative way if any kind of personal interactions is taken. For this reason, any personal choices an individual makes does impact the quality of Qi.

Feng Shui chi Energy cannot be created or destroyed in any way, it is impossible to do so.

The importance of Feng Shui chi Energy:

The goal of Feng Shui chi energy is to coordinate and continue the potent of Heaven, Men, and Earth Qi. The human body also can receive and transmit energy. Therefore, Qi’s Energy or the life force should flow freely without any interruption inside the body for a healthy and balanced life.

Energy of Qi in Feng Shui

As earlier mentioned, Energy is a working force of Qi in Feng Shui that influences our entire environment where we humans live in. In Feng Shui, it is very crucial to understand this principle. The goal is to tap into and manipulate the energy sources with proven techniques for everyone’s advantage. The use of different formulas depends on the individual situation and assessment as each case is different from another.

The Chi Flow Energy is transported by wind and interacts with mountains and water

The Three Levels of Feng Shui Chi Energy

There are three levels of energy that we need to understand as all three of them influence our destiny here on earth.


Heaven Qi governs the universal forces from outer space like the sun and moon’s influence on earth. Also, it will influence a person’s destiny by birth. Another name commonly used is Heaven Luck as it is set and cannot be changed. Heaven Qi is time-based, descends in an anti-clockwise manner, and spirals outside-in.

In addition, mountains do play an important role in Classical Feng Shui as they can block and protect the good Feng Shui Chi flow energy from escaping out of the area.

2. MEN Qi

This Energy form influences a person’s character and decision making as well the body’s organs. Whatever choices a person makes, it will interact with the Men Qi either with a positive or negative outcome. An individual is able to influence and change the energy depending on personal actions and health.


Earth Qi falls under the earth magnetic influence which shapes the regions of the earth. For example, a forest with a lot of wildlife is a sign of a healthy Earth Qi environment. In addition, oceans or lakes are also considered a part of Qi as water evaporates into the air and therefore affect the weather patterns on earth.

Earth Qi moves clockwise, spirals inside-out, and only relies on the gravitation/magnetism laws.

The Three Different Forms of Qi Feng Shui Energy

  1. Sheng Qi: This is the life force of the most auspicious energy to have around
  2. Si Qi: It is dead energy lingering around in dirty places such as garbage areas or inside the home if it is extremely messy
  3. Sha Qi: This is the evilest energy of all. It stands for destruction, misery, and bad luck in all forms of life. The most common way to meet Sha Qi is when an external Feng Shui Poison Arrow faces the home and attacks it.

Sheng Chi energy in Feng Shui is the most important energy that exists inside our bodies and homes. As you already know, it is an invisible force that circulates around us constantly. The Energy should flow freely throughout your house and body at all times. A positive chi flow can provide health and prosperity to those who obey the laws of it. You can achieve this by making sure there are no obstacles blocking the chi energy flow at all times. But when chi gets blocked by bad energy (sha qi), it can cause stagnation, such as poor health or financial issues.

In western practice, there are eight types of Feng Shui chi energy and each one supports a specific life aspiration. They are:

  • Wealth Chi: supports your financial aspirations.
  • Fame Chi: helps you achieve your professional goals.
  • Marriage Chi: helps you achieve your relationship goals.
  • Health Chi: helps you achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • Knowledge Chi: supports your intellectual aspirations.
  • Family Chi: supports your family’s well-being.
  • Creativity Chi: supports your creative aspirations.
  • Helpful people Chi: assists you in meeting people who can assist you in achieving your goals in life.

Examples of SHENG-CHI

Here are several qualities that can indicate if a space has good shen chi or not:

  • Being able to enjoy a nice scenery when looking out a window or door
  • A tidy, uncluttered space that doesn’t have a lot of dust or dirt
  • A place with good ventilation and lighting
  • There are no unusual geometry forms inside the room
  • Shen chi can also be carried by a person. If you meet someone with a warm personality, their blood vessels carry a lot of shen chi in all parts of the body.

Examples of SHA-CHI

Here are several qualities that can indicate if a space has bad sha chi or not:

  • A person with a negative outlook and a grumpy personality may be affected by too much sha chi within them.

  • A place that smells very bad and rotten.

  • A dim, filthy environment with little light.

  • There are visible cracks in the building’s exterior or on the floors inside.

  • Unpleasant views, which are visible when looking out the window. As an illustration, consider a dead tree.

  • Areas where, after being planted, no trees or flowers can wilt or bloom.

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