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Last updated on April 17, 2024

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While many have heard about the most common Feng Shui tips for money luck and health, there are lesser-known principles that can actually corrupt the energy flow in our homes and workplaces, leading to negative effects on our finances and health. I will take a different approach in discussing a lesser-known concept: the “locked house or trapped stars” in Feng Shui.

Every home experience a phase during which the building’s complete star energy arrangement becomes confined. This circumstance is additionally known as “locked phase” or “trapped stars.” We can infer that the building is either incarcerated or under house arrest.

Many people who are searching the internet for “Feng Shui tips for money luck and health luck” are unaware of this invisible energy cycle because it can only be discovered by performing an accurate flying star calculation of the property.

All too frequently, residents experience long stretches of good health and wealth before, abruptly and seemingly for no reason, things begin to deteriorate. This destructive cycle affects every resident of the house; thus, some preventative actions can be taken to prevent it. Does it sound familiar? If so, continue on to understand more about what is actually happening to your energy flow within the house.

What is the Money Lock Phase in Feng Shui?

feng shui money lock

The board game Monopoly makes a fantastic comparison. You eventually land on the field that declares, “Go directly to prison,” where you have to spend some time.

While you are locked up, you aren’t allowed to earn any rental income during this time. The same can be said for your own house, where income is constrained. It is a period where earning money is very problematic. When a star energy becomes trapped or locked in during a specific time period, it can have a negative impact on the corresponding aspect of life.

The setback may be minor, such as a sudden decrease in income, or it may be severe, such as losing your job. Spending large sums of money impulsively or when investments fail are two other ways this repressed energy can manifest. While savings continue to decrease, things keep breaking down. These are typical signs that the residence is undergoing a money lock.

Whether or not a locked phase is mild or severe also depends on a number of other factors, such as the layout and type of house. Is the overall structure of the home supportive of the occupants, or is it a reverse house? The intensity of the locked effect can be determined by this. The strength of the imprisoned energy is also significantly influenced by these additional variables.

What is the People Lock Phase in Feng Shui?

feng shui people lock

The people lock, as opposed to the money lock, has an impact on the occupants’ relationships and physical well-being. In Feng Shui literature, this is how it is usually described. Nonetheless, we must not lose sight of the close relationship between money and health. Low income is primarily associated with stress and a poor diet. Your career and household income will be negatively impacted if you are constantly ill or having conflicts with coworkers.

The consequences can either be minor or serious, as earlier described with the money lock phase. Occasionally, it’s just a few minor but bothersome health hurdles; other times, serious medical conditions, like chronic illnesses, might arise and even become irreversible. The relationship with family and/or friends may also be affected in addition to one’s physical condition. Conflict might emerge, leading to separation from the spouse or simply making it difficult to get along with old acquaintances.

In many cases, the other party starts the conflict, leaving you speechless as to what to do. Don’t be surprised, if there are no proper remedies in place, relationships can go sour, giving you many hard pills to swallow. Some may think that these difficulties are our personal destinies’ means of guiding us, yet it can be actually the undermining energy force that brought forth these difficulties.

How often can a locked phase happen?

There are several time frames during which a house undergoes a “locked phase.” The longest period is 20 years, which happens once every 180 years. The house goes through two lock phases over the course of 180 years: one for people and one for money.

While Period 8 residences facing SE1, SE2, and SE3 will be in the people lock during Period 9, Period 8 homes facing NW1, NW2, and NW3 will be subject to a money lock.

There are also shorter time spans to take into account. Every nine years, a one-year lock of people and money occurs. Then comes the monthly lock, during which the building’s energy is imprisoned. This event happens every nine months. A 20-year, annual, and monthly lock can all happen simultaneously. This is indeed the most dire situation for the house and its occupants.

How to find out if the house is in a locked phase?

To figure out if the building is affected, we have to go back to the basic flying star construction time chart. Once the whole structural energy chart has been plotted (based on period and orientation), the type, timing, and length of the lock are determined by the mountain and dragon star in the home’s metaphorical “center.” Let’s assume the house’s center energies contain the star combinations 3-4.

The left side of the hyphen is referenced to the people lock (star 3), whereas the right side addresses the money lock (star 4) phase. When a home encounters an annual center star (like star 4 in 2023), the home is sentenced to a one-year prison term for money. The same holds true if it encounters a monthly 4 center star. However, though, the lock is only in place for 30 days. The longest 20-year lock for money occurs when the building enters Period 4 in the future.

To return to my earlier example, in order to predict when a people lock will happen, like in the previous case, we must track the movements of star 3 on the yearly, monthly, and period charts.

How to Remedy a Locked or Imprisoned House

feng shui locked house remedy

No remedy is better than natural water! Regardless of the locked duration and whether it is a people or money lock scenario, it will function in the same manner. The effects of the natural water remedy can occur in different ways. A lake, river, or an ocean view are examples of how it might appear naturally.

It is best to strictly follow all Feng Shui placement guidelines when setting up the remedy feature. What period are we in? Is the home a double-sitting or double-facing home, and which direction is ideal and which is second-best?

If the ideal placement locations are not possible for any reason, the remedy solution can also be placed in supposedly “neutral” directions. However, it shouldn’t be placed in the most unfavorable direction possible for the current period, either, as this would undermine the home’s good fortune as a whole.

Indeed, it is a valid concern to wonder if the remedies are successful. Being fully aware that I would be entering an annual money lock phase, I was intrigued to see the impact of how a house that had not been remedied would be affected.

After the energy-money lock manifested, we witnessed an instantaneous reduction in income, which had never happened before. It just took a couple of days for everything to return to normal after we applied our “lock-remedy”. This firsthand experience demonstrated the effectiveness of the remedies.

Guidelines of Feng Shui tips for money luck and health

Here are now some general classical Feng Shui tips for money luck and health:

  • Keep an eye out for the present wealth star and give nurture it according to the  5 Element Theory
  • Sleep only in rooms with a good mountain star setup, which is supportive for health.
  • Prevent any sha qi energy from coming from the interior and exterior sources, such as Feng Shui poison arrow.
  • Every individual has their own specific wealth direction based on their Chinese zodiac. Locate it and put it to use.
  • Moreover, there is a “universal savings account spot” at a 15-degree angle. The exact degree is also dependent on the individual’s birth date and is not determinable. Locate it and enjoy its benefits.
  • Employ the “bright hall” concept to establish a lovely, open area in front of the main entrance.
  • Eliminate structural faults like the infamous “money-in, money-out” arrangement of the front door and backdoor.
  • Only live in the most favorable buildings and plots of land, which should be square or rectangular and ideally have no missing parts.
  • Study the 8 Mansions Theory, which is a condensed version of traditional Feng Shui, and only take up residence in the most beneficial areas.
  • Last but not least, change your mindset and surround yourself with only good thoughts. I’ve published a lengthy piece about how to boost the career and be successful. Keep in mind the universal law of attraction: love yourself and tell yourself you can accomplish it. Notwithstanding the few obstacles that may occur, always keep going and never look back. The path to wealth is like conquering a mountain. Even though we occasionally have to take a different path, we eventually reach the summit. Enjoy every moment of satisfaction once you arrive.

The aforementioned Feng Shui tips for money luck and health have been shown to be effective over time. To further improve their luck, even well-known people from all walks of life discreetly book a Feng Shui audit.

A word of caution: As a reader of this blog, I’m sure you already know very well how much I detest all the erroneous ideas from the Feng Shui black hat school that are floating about online. This includes depictions of the fabled money frog, laughing Buddha statues, or assertions that a properly maintained stove will activate the fire element, resulting in increased prosperity. Please do not be duped by these illusions.

If an apartment building is in a locked phase, does this mean all of the units are equally affected?

The question often arises, about whether all apartments within the same complex or building are subject to entering a locked phase pertaining to either wealth or health/personal circumstances. Typically, apartments within a complex vary in their facing orientation and sitting position.

Most apartments tend to have their facing orientation toward the more energetically active side, often with balconies and living rooms oriented in that direction. Assuming your unit is experiencing a locked phase, all other apartments facing the same direction as yours will also be affected.

However, units situated on the opposite side of the hallway from yours have different orientations, suggesting they may not be subject to the same lock.

In summary, not all apartment units are simultaneously affected by a locked phase, and only those facing the same direction share the same fate. Other units may evade the current lock but will potentially encounter one at a later time, distinct from your unit’s timing.

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These Feng Shui tips for money luck and health are the generally discussed textbook approaches. Once proper classical Feng Shui placement concepts are implemented, the house will be able to escape the lock. Use the the placement location carefully since getting it right is critical. Without understanding all the concepts, placing it just anywhere could have the opposite effect and do more harm than good. There are some more advanced techniques, but these should only be employed by a trained Feng Shui consultant.

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  1. AG December 29, 2023 at 12:06 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the article. I wonder if the water cure can be placed inside the house (cannot be placed outside) assuming the place is favorable for the cure, how much water as an aquarium could unlock a 1 year period and how much for a 20 y period? House volume is about 130 m3. Appreciate if I can receive an answer. Thank you!

    • FengShuiBalanz Team December 30, 2023 at 3:41 am - Reply

      You asked if you could use the water cure inside your house to unlock it, and the answer is YES. In fact, the indoor water cure is a popular, yet unknown, method recommended by Feng Shui experts like Kartar Diamond and myself and has been successfully implemented for many of our clients.

      Regarding the size of the water feature, I would suggest a volume of 20–30 liters for your home. If you are using an aquarium, it should be open (no cover) so that the qi can touch the water molecules. To keep the house unlocked, it is important to let the clean water circulate for at least 8 to 10 hours daily. The unlock period does not depend on the water volume.

      As you have already correctly mentioned, it is important to place the water feature in a section of the house where water is favorable in regards to the flying star energies.

      Additionally, the water feature should be visible and audible throughout the main living spaces.
      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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