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The Feng Shui Kua Number (Ming Gua) System (Ming = Life, Gua = Pattern) can be split into two sections. Firstly, the personal Kua number which is considered the destiny number of a person. Secondly, each home has its own Min Gua number as well. This is called the Home’s Destiny.

Both Feng Shui Kua number systems can work hand in hand to see if you match with the home you live in. The two have very individual characters so it is better to focus on one system first. Otherwise, confusion and a lot of question marks can be seen from your side.

What is the Kua number meaning?

Without a doubt, the best way to describe the Kua number meaning is to compare it with your life’s DNA. At the point you were born, the specific star energies at this present time were absorbed by your body and mind. While you were still in the “Labor-Room” all the energy had entered the body to create a blueprint to shape your character.

Indeed, this is why people do have different characters even born on the same day. Of cause, the question is what benefits one can have from this system? As a matter of fact, the Feng Shui Kua Number or Ming Gua system determines the best directions for a person. Some famous Feng Shui Masters tweaked the data to show where the Wealth, Success, and Health sections are in life.

Is the Feng Shui Kua Number for Both: Female and Male?

At this point we like to pass on our Grand-Master words: The Feng Shui Kua Number or Ming Gua system was mainly developed for the male, the breadwinner of the family. In recent centuries, it was very common that the Male of the household was out to work. The female stayed at home to do housework and care for the kids. This matter was taken into consideration when a Monk introduced the system to the public.

What about the female? Later in time, the female version was added to the system. To that end, there is a lot of different opinion if female would generate the same basic benefit as male. This part is still open for discussion. Regardless of the controversy, both version are included in this article.

What is your Feng Shui Kua Number?

The system splits into two groups, the so-called East and West Group. Who belongs to who is based on their Gua number outcome. At first, a simple formula can find the Gua or Kua number with ease. It just takes a minute or two to find out of what number you belong to:

Kua Number Calculation for Males:

Take the birth date last second digits and add them together. Now add both numbers to get a single digit number. Once done, subtract this number by 10. Sounds complicated, but sure it is not. Let’s take a look at an example:

  • Your birth year: 1973 = take 7 +3 = 10
  • Now the “10” has to become a single digit one: 1 + 0 = 1
  • Deduct 10 from 1 and you get 9
  • Perfect, your Gua number is “9′

Kua Number Calculation for Females:

Again, take the last two digits of your birth year and add them together. Once the number is known, add 5 to it. Now, get this number back to a single digit one to find out what Gua belongs to you:

  • Your birth year: 1977 = take 7 + 7 = 14
  • Now add 5 to it: 14+5 = 19
  • The double digit number has to come down to a single digit one: 1 + 9 = 10
  • Still not done yet as it has to be a single digit: 1 + 0 = 1
  • Well done, the Gua number of yours is: 1

Remark: Since the female Kua number was long ago debunked and is no longer seen as accurate by many Feng Shui masters, we no longer employ it. For this reason, we highly recommend the male version as the universal Kua number for females as well.

Feng Shui Kua (Gua) Calculator:

Our quick and easy Feng Shui Kua (Gua) calculator to determine your Kua number.



Meet the East and West Group

The Ming Gua system divides into two different groups: The East and West Group. Once it is known to which group you belong, the auspicious and inauspicious compass directions can be looked at. Ok, now that the Feng Shui Kua number is known, the connection to the groups need to be done:

  • East Group: The numbers 1, 3, 4, and 9
  • West Group: 2, 6, 7, 8

Have you noticed something? Yes, the number 5 is missing on purpose. Some schools of Feng Shui do not use 5 as it is considered the center. Other’s substitute five as the following: 2 for male and 8 for female. What happens if a spouse or partner belongs to a different group? Of cause, it could cause conflict, but there are a lot of ways this can be handled. For one, the main income earner is considered first.

Each of these nine numbers comes with its unique DNA blueprint. Later, a deep look is given of how each star number shapes a person’s character.

How can the Feng Shui Kua system help me?

The Feng Shui Kua System is a perfect way to tell where a person’s lucky directions are located. This is utmost important as one can enhance the luck a lot. The Ming Gua Trigram consists of a total of 8 aspects. Four directions are considered negative and four are positive. The main goal is to tap into the auspicious areas to feel its power.

  • At work, let the desk face towards your personal Wealth Direction. Let’s say you are in the East Group, try to look in this direction. Given that it will bring more success to you.
  • When it is breakfast, lunch or dinner time be seated in a way that the Health Direction is faced
  • During sleep, the head should always point into your best direction.
  • In addition, try this with all other activities at home such as study, TV, or any hobbies you might have.

The Four Best Kua Number directions in Feng Shui

If it is possible all the major rooms should be located in a way to benefit from the positive energy. Try to place furniture in a way to face your favorable direction. Sometimes not much is needed and a turn of a bed or table would do the magic to enjoy one of the auspicious Kua Number directions.

Prosperity – The breath of Life ( Sheng Qi)

Take a deep breath and feel the fresh energy of wealth, fame, and respect that flows inside your body. No doubt, this is the direction to face. This is by far the best and most auspicious from all four.

As the Sheng Qi Energy belongs to the Wood Element you can enhance it with Water.

Health- The Heavenly Doctor ( Tien Yi)

It is all about good health for the body. Once absorbed, one feels refreshed and the body is filled with a lot of energy. Overall, a worry-free life without any major diseases is to fear. In case a person is sick, try to place the bed into this direction as it will help to improve the sickness.

The Tien Yi Energy is located in the Earth Element Sector and can be enhanced by Fire.

Relationship – Longevity (Yan Nian)

Love is in the air! It creates a never-ending love for couples. The relationship becomes rock solid like a stone that nobody can break. In case a single person enjoys the energy, good things can only come out of it. In like manner, friendships and family ties do grow stronger from day to day. If by any chance a loved-one has passed away, the grief process can be healed much quicker. Keep this in mind.

Because, the Yan Nian is a Metal Element, Earth will make it stronger.

Harmony – Stability ( Fu Wei)

Life is full of joy and harmony. Is it a distant dream? No, this direction can let the magic happen. Be it your prayers, meditation or spiritual work, all is beneficial here. Also, young children should sleep with the head pointed this way. It will bring great happiness to the young’s life.

The Fu Wei Energy is all about Wood and the Water Element toughens it.

The Four Inauspicious Kua Number directions in Feng Shui

Wouldn’t it be nice to have only the good four directions in life? In short, the universe does not work this way. Yin and Yang always is attracted to each other. As of this matter, the opposite of good needs to be included as well. Welcome to the four bad Kua number directions which should not be gambled with.

Life Ending / Death (Jue Ming)

To begin with, let’s start off with the worst one from all of them. Without doubt, this Qi-Energy is the most destructive one you can imagine. As a matter of fact, everything from severe illness (cancer) to struggle at work is the result of it. Ever wondered why money is never enough from your underpaid job. This little black cloud of energy is the reason why.

Jue Ming is without a doubt a Metal Energy. Therefore, Water will help to cure its lethal treat.

Six Killings – Disaster (Liu Sha)

The Energy of “Six Killing” is responsible for various mishaps in life. All of a sudden, it can end a great relationship without notice. Also, constant conflicts and problems in legal matters are common. Of cause illness such as depression has not to be forgotten. If all this sound familiar to you, please welcome the “Six-Killing Energy” in your life.

In short, this awful Energy is based on the Water Element and be brought to its knees by Wood

Irritation and Misfortune (Huo Hai)

Do you feel overall lazy without any motivation to get things done? Your main job is to watch TV during the day? This low energy level is caused by this Qi. It is not as bad as the others, but a lack of joy can lead to depression very quickly. By the way, a hot temper might also be an effect from it.

Even it is a strong Earth Element, Metal can calm it down to be just a gentle breeze

Five Ghosts (Spooky) (Wu Gui)

Does bad luck follow you in life? Things only happen to you and to nobody else, soon you ask yourself why only me? Well, this Qi-Energy creates all kind of experiences that are indeed not fun. With this in mind, watch our for robbery or violence. Without doubt, it needs to be avoided at all cost.

A fierce Fire Element without mercy, but Earth can comes to the rescue

The table below will give light into your personal good and bad directions based on your Feng Shui Kua number (Ming Gua).

Kua Number 1 (Water)

SOUTH: Relationship (😀GOOD😀 )

SOUTH-WEST: Death (😒 BAD 😒)

WEST: Misfortune (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTHWEST: 6 Killing (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTH: Harmony – (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTH-EAST: 5 Ghosts (😒 BAD 😒)

EAST: Health (😀GOOD😀 )

SOUTH-EAST: Prosperity (😀GOOD😀 )

Kua Number 3 (Wood)

SOUTH: Prosperity (😀GOOD😀 )

SOUTH-WEST: Misfortune (😒 BAD 😒)

WEST: Death (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTHWEST: 5 Ghosts (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTH: Health (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTH-EAST: 6 Killing (😒 BAD 😒)

EAST: Harmony (😀GOOD😀 )

SOUTH-EAST: Relationship (😀GOOD😀 )

Kua Number 6 (Metal)

SOUTH: Death (😒 BAD 😒)

SOUTH-WEST: Relationship (😀GOOD😀 )

WEST: Prosperity (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTHWEST: Harmony (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTH: 6 Killing (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTH-EAST: Health (😀GOOD😀 )

EAST: 5 Ghosts (😒 BAD 😒)

SOUTH-EAST: Misfortune (😒 BAD 😒)

Kua Number 8 (Earth)

SOUTH: Misfortune (😒 BAD 😒)

SOUTH-WEST: Prosperity (😀GOOD😀 )

WEST: Relationship (😀GOOD😀 )


NORTH: 5 Ghosts (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTH-EAST: Harmony (😀GOOD😀 )

EAST: 6 Killing (😒 BAD 😒)

SOUTH-EAST: Death (😒 BAD 😒)

Kua Number 5 Female and Male Exemption (Earth)

The Kua Number 5 female, refers to the feng shui kua number 8.
For Kua Number 5 male, the Kua number refers to Kua number 2.

SOUTH: 6 Killing (😒 BAD 😒)

SOUTH-WEST: Harmony (😀GOOD😀 )

WEST: Health (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTHWEST: Relationship (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTH: Death (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTH-EAST: Prosperity (😀GOOD😀 )

EAST: Misfortune (😒 BAD 😒)

SOUTH-EAST: 5 Ghosts (😒 BAD 😒)

Kua Number 4 (Wood)

SOUTH: Health (😀GOOD😀 )

SOUTH-WEST: 5 Ghosts (😒 BAD 😒)

WEST: 6 Killing (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTHWEST: Misfortune (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTH: Prosperity (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTH-EAST: Death (😒 BAD 😒)

EAST: Relationship (😀GOOD😀 )

SOUTH-EAST: Harmony (😀GOOD😀 )

Kua Number 7 (Metal)

SOUTH: 5 Ghosts (😒 BAD 😒)

SOUTH-WEST: Health (😀GOOD😀 )

WEST: Harmony (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTHWEST: Prosperity (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTH: Misfortune (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTH-EAST: Relationship (😀GOOD😀 )

EAST: Death (😒 BAD 😒)

SOUTH-EAST: 6 Killing (😒 BAD 😒)

Kua Number 9 (Fire)

SOUTH: Harmony (😀GOOD😀 )

SOUTH-WEST: 6 Killing (😒 BAD 😒)

WEST: 5 Ghosts (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTHWEST: Death (😒 BAD 😒)

NORTH: Relationship (😀GOOD😀 )

NORTH-EAST: Misfortune (😒 BAD 😒)

EAST: Prosperity (😀GOOD😀 )

SOUTH-EAST: Health (😀GOOD😀 )

Personalities of the Feng Shui Kua Number Family

Kua Number 1 – Water

Imagine the endless ocean with its gentle waves to adapt itself to all changes that come its way. Always on the look for an adventure, but on the same token a very sensible person in nature. To point out, he/she is a very good listener and easy to adapt to new situations. On the negative side, he/she can be insecure and lacks communication skill when needed.

Kua Number 2 – Earth

The number 2 symbolizes the big mountain or earth in the Chinese Trigram. As a result, how powerful and big it looks over us. Yes indeed, we need a lot of strength to climb up to the top. As a matter of fact, the mountain will not be besieged with easy. For this reason, he/she is centered and a great leader with balance focused on family life.

However, do not take everything for granted. On the negative side, he/she is like the mountain’s weather, the mood can change in an impulsive, fearful way. Always watch out and do not anger this person

Kua Number 3- Wood

Obviously, big Wood is the Element of the Kua number 3. You are indeed like a massive tree who stands thousands of years with great patience to grow step by step. Even extreme weather conditions cannot harm you. Also, a great leader who can work under pressure with ease. A very open-minded, but at the same time a straight talker. Be careful, as “Thunder” the person tells what he/she thinks without considering of a person’s feeling.

Kua Number 4 – Wood

By and large, the small wood can be seen as the beautiful small plants in nature. At length, a very sensitive person who enjoys great harmony in life. Also, the best friend to have as the person can be trusted completely. Different from others, if you do like to tell a secret or just let anger out, no worries this news won’t be in the newspaper tomorrow. To sum up, a very gentle like a soft sea breeze that touches your skin.

Kua Number 5 – Earth

As a matter of fact a very confident person that knows what to look for in life. However, sometimes the need for great adjustment is needed to destroy or create something. Also, a very strong personality that can handle any situation. He/she is the center point of the family who can manage any task with ease.

Kua Number 6 – Metal

This person is born to be the leader of something big. So that Big Metal as its Element only helps to shoot him/her to heaven. Also, a very organized person who likes authority over others. In particular, a good field to work in is the police force or in politics. On the negative side, one of the bad traits is that under pressure reckless actions are taken. In that case, the normal very cool-headed #6 gets confused and causes impulsive errors to be made. In summary, stress is poison for this person.

Kua Number 7 – Metal

On one side, he/she is very easy going but is attracted to a rich lifestyle. The person enjoys the beauty of material things and can be out to party nonstop. Luxury products are a must, but this can lead easily to financial problems. It is very hard to do a movie night at home. On the other hand, the person has a very strong six-sense to keep his/her life in check.

Kua Number 8 – Earth

Another Earth Element is Kua number 8. Once again a mountain can be seen which is stable, solid, and strong in its structure. The person is very old-fashioned minded who will not except anything out of his/her comfort zone. By and large, this trait creates a stubborn character which is difficult to deal with. Also, the person is quiet and an excellent inward thinker. At last, a good career fit would be in philosophy or in science research.

Kua Number 9 – Fire

Without a doubt, a person with a Kua Number 9 is like Fire who needs to be the center of attention. He/she has a lot of energy and enjoys life. In fact, the strong character is very beneficial as he/she will never give up. On the negative side, he/she is very selfish as only “it’s my way or no way” counts. Also, a good appearance to the outside world is a must. In like manner, the number 9 feels well secure in the movie or acting industry. Sometimes the hot temper needs to be cooled down when it over-boils.

Your Kua Number meaning and interaction with the Body’s Organ

At this point, you know all about the important details of the Ming Gua system, but one part was left for last. Take a closer look at the Trigram below. Together with your Kua number and your personal directions, it can give a clue of which body organ are strong and which are weak:

8 Trigram FengShuiBalanz


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