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Last updated on February 13, 2023

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What Are Poison Arrow in Feng Shui?

One aspect of Feng Shui that can negatively affect the flow of energy is the presence of Feng Shui poison arrow. They are concentrated energy accumulations caused by sharp objects that can point at the front door or a window of your home. These negative energy sources can cause harm to the inhabitants of a space and can be found in many different forms such as sharp corners of furniture to trees, streetlights, or other objects that are pointed directly at a building.

The Feng Shui 5 Elements Theory points out that these air current clusters, or sha qi, are classified as part of the “Metal Element.” Yes, you have read correctly; contrary to popular belief, it does not belong to the fire element. The spiky edge symbolizes something sharp, such as a metal arrowhead used for hazardous purposes.

There are two groups that need to be distinguished: external and interior Feng Shui poison arrow. Then, we can subdivide them further into minimal or minor and large or substantial types.

How do poison arrows in Feng Shui take shape?

Because of the way the swirling qi circulates, these air currents, or Feng Shui arrow, naturally form around sharp edges and corners. To illustrate, chi does not travel in a straight line but rather in a wavy pattern, transported by the electromagnetic field present in this area. Yin energy mainly attaches itself to and travels along walls, roofs, or other flat, larger surfaces. In general, walls, roofs, and other flat, bigger surfaces act as anchors for and are the carriers for yin energy.

When these yin energies originating from opposite sides of the edge come into contact and interact with each other, they form a unique low-vibrational air current. As a result, an arrow-like sha qi projection shoots out from the surface into the open area. This is where the term “poison arrow Feng Shui” originated from.

Compare it with a lightning bolt, where two opposing energies collide and produce intense friction that sends the energy shooting forth. The poison arrows follow the same theory, but use a different kind of qi. This tense, negative energy can affect a person mildly, causing tenseness, or severely, causing health problems.

There is no need for concern if the Feng Shui arrow hits a solid exterior wall or an empty space. It is an entirely different story if it travels toward your door, window, or a human body. It’s important to understand that larger poison arrow in Feng Shui originating from larger nearby structures or an interior ceiling-to-wall pillar have a significantly harsher effect than smaller, sharp edges from tables or sideboards on ALL occupants. Additionally, it adversely affects the flying star energy in this specific area where the sha qi strikes. The worst qualities of the flying stars will probably manifest as a result of this.

How can you tell if you are affected?

feng shui bad energy
  • The elderly and young are most affected by Feng Shui arrows. It is due to a weakened immune system, which allows negative energy to enter the body more easily. If suddenly there are some unexplained developments in your life, look around and observe if any sharp objects do point towards the home.
  • Also, you shouldn’t ignore the risk that sharp pillar or closet edges could pose.
  • Sickness or a sudden loss of money are additional indicators that something is wrong.
  • It might ruin a restful night’s sleep when exposed to a poison arrow.
  • At the office or retail business, it can cause constant problems with colleagues or customers.
  • A section of the body that is exposed to Feng Shui arrows on a continuous basis may develop health problems as a result.

Feng Shui poison arrows examples: Easy Ways to Spot them

Keep an eye out for anything with a pointy form. It might be a lamppost, a pointed roof, a pillar, or the edge of a neighboring building wall that juts directly into the doorway or any opening of the house. To establish if you are in harm’s way, the object in question should align in a straight line with any doors or windows.

If the obstruction is angled, it could potentially impact only the outside wall. This situation poses no issues and cannot be characterized as a “poison arrow” that would have any impact on your household. There are several different types, each with its own unique negative effects. Some of the most common ones include:

Outside Feng Shui Poison Arrow From Roof


The corner of this roof points right into the window. Remember, it has to be in a straight line. The other apartments which are below and above are not affected at all.

This the roof of the adjoining house is clearly visible pointing directly into the window.. As this angle hits right into the room, the curtains should be closed at all times to lessen the impact.

building corner cuts into front door. sha qi impact with feng shui poison arrow

The front door is directly impacted by a sharp corner edge.

feng shui triangle shaped building

Negative energy can be emitted by sharp roof-lines and structure edges. This can be particularly harmful if the roof line or building edge is pointed directly at a building or towards a specific room or area. I think, I do not have to point out that it is not very good if you’re on the receiving end of these large Feng Shui poison arrow edges.

Feng Shui tips for poison arrows in office


Interior Poison Arrow in Feng Shui are a fairly frequent occurrence in offices and residential homes. Since most of the furnishings and room layouts lack rounded corners, sha chi, or bad energy, is inevitably generated. For instance, a wall edge may point in the direction of your workstation at work. In Feng Shui, a square is the most stable and favorable form; these forms do not pose any concerns.

Poison Arrow cure tips (Interior):

The following are some helpful, quick, and simple poison arrow cure tips and methods:

  • To hide any pointy edges, hang some decor from the ceiling if you can.
  • Another great approach to lessening the effects of the poison arrow within the home is using plants (fake or real).
  • As earlier indicated, a poison arrow belongs to the metal element group. As the water element keeps a check on metal, it is a perfect way to control and reduce metal.
  • The edges of all corners (walls, furniture) should initially be as smooth as possible. This is a highly effective and proactive measure to prevent it beforehand.

How to Cure Feng Shui Poison Arrow (Exterior)?


Curing and remedying the exterior poison arrow in Feng Shui should be corrected in a way that doesn’t lead to new problems. It is comparable to taking medication to try to treat one issue, but it results in a number of other negative side effects that call for more treatment.

Regarding the Bagua mirror, please refrain from using it because a 20 x 20 cm object will not be able to halt a fast-moving bullet train of negative energy.

Block, block, block is by far the best external remedy for a poison arrow cure. I can’t stress enough how effective this method is for dealing with this highly negative energy. It doesn’t matter how it’s done, just that it be done without delay. Anything that blocks the path of this sha chi, whether it be a concrete wall, a wood fence, tall shrubs, boulders, or a screen, will be helpful. In general, the impact decreases with distance from the pointed edge.

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Alternative poison arrow cure method if blocking is not an option

Placing a water element (such as an aquarium or fountain) in the path of the poison arrow is an alternative strategy for dealing with it in Feng Shui. Please keep in mind that the water feature must be substantial, with a minimum dimension of 1 x 1 meter. Small water features or water bottles are insufficient to dissipate this strong metal energy.

Times when poison arrows do not cause harm:

poison arrow no harm situation feng shui

The fireplace’s exhaust pipe (green circle) is pointed at a solid wall in this location, therefore there is no impact.

The sharp edge must be directly pointing at a person, door, or window. To ascertain if there is a problem or not, it is best to thoroughly study the appropriate viewpoint angle. When viewed from an angle, it can appear worrisome, but the best method to determine where the sha energy will go is to draw an imaginary straight line starting from the sharp edge.


As previously stated, the size of the sharp corner has an effect. A large structure’s edge unquestionably has a greater impact than the common garden shed across the street.

The substance (build material) will also influence the strength of the Feng Shui poison arrow. For example, a building made of concrete or an exposed metal beam give off a lot more negative energy than, say, an edge made of wood.

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  1. kathleen caulfield January 5, 2024 at 2:45 pm - Reply

    I have a straight path to my door. Would wavy lines on the sidewalk help with the flow? Always have problems with neighbors in this place.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team January 6, 2024 at 2:34 am - Reply

      Implementing wavy pathways can aid in directing the positive flow of Qi towards your front entrance. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that there’s unobstructed space for Qi accumulation (Ming Tang) both inside and outside your front door before it can enter and circulate inside your home.

      Conflicts with neighbors might also stem from various other factors, including the influence of the unseen Energy Star 3. This particular energy is associated with conflict and argumentation. However, this is merely one potential cause among numerous others. To delve deeper into this concept, you can explore the Flying Star 81 Combinations. This suggestion aims to encourage a deeper exploration of the topic since issues often arise from a combination of multiple factors rather than a singular cause.

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