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What is a Traditional Feng Shui Bagua Map and Why Do I need it?

The traditional Feng Shui Bagua Map is a blueprint of the energy in your home. It tells you where the energies are residing and how they can be balanced for good luck The home is divided into sections where the energy is residing. You can say it is an Energy blueprint map of your home. Each Section has a different set-up which does influence the residence of the home. Once you know which energy is present in certain areas, you can either neutralize or enhance these energies for better prosperity of your life.

I am pretty sure that you came across at the simplified New-Age/ Western Style Version of the Bagua Map on your google search. Surprisingly, on the first 5 google pages, only the Western Bagua Maps are displayed over and over again. Undeniable, it is quite popular in Europe and the USA, as it is very easy to apply.

Regardless if you follow the Classical Feng Shui or the Western Feng Shui (BTB) , I will explain in this post both version and please feel free to follow whatever version you feel more comfortable with



This is the typical Western Bagua Map layout for the simplified Western Style Feng Shui:

    • SOUTH – FAME AREA: Here the Fire Element is present and will enhance the reputation of the family members
    • SOUTH-EAST – WEALTH AREA: This is the wealth area occupied by the Wood Element for prosperity in life
    • SOUTH-WEST – RELATIONSHIP AREA: An Earth Element area to enhance your marriage and relationship with your loved ones.
    • CENTER – WELL BEING: The Center of the house should be in a free area and not trapped inside a close area like closet. Be aware that a kitchen or toilet in the center brings bad luck. Please avoid such layouts at all cost
    • WEST – Children AREA: This area will take care of your children’s study success and is a Metal Element.
    • EAST – FAMILY AREA: Another Wood Element focuses on the Family relationship
    • NORTH – WORK & SUCCESS AREA: A strong Water Element is present here to bring success in work
    • NORTH-EAST – SPIRITUALITY: Another Earth Element focuses on the spiritual journey and helps to progress for example in meditation.
    • NORTH-WEST – HELPFUL PEOPLE & TRAVEL AREA: A Metal Element that protects you from traveling mishaps and attracts people into your life that can help out.

Please note that the bagua map southern hemisphere is no difference as the northern counterpart


In case you are using the classical version of Feng Shui, please read further for detailed instructions of how to map the classical Feng Shui Bagua Map onto your home layout:

The outside Qi Energy comes with the magnetic directions (like a Pie-Chart) inside your home. Qi does not travel in Square Format!

This traditional bagua map is always static and non-moving. It does not count-in the star/energy movements over time. Both in Astrology studies and Feng Shui practice, all the stars are constantly moving. Static energy does not exist. For example, do you think your zodiac horoscope will stay the same for many years to come?

You guess this makes no sense, right? No doubt, a Feng Shui beginner can very easily apply this Western bagua map to their home. Some modern schools even suggest that the South/Fame area is always at your front door. If you apply the wrong map, you end up doing more harm as good to yourself and your family.

To illustrate better: I had one case where the Sick-Star war located in the South section of the home. The client enhanced and decorated everything with red. However, the problem is that the Sick-Star (5/2) is an Earth Element. Earth gets even more fueled by Fire Elements (Red). I advised to get rid of all reds and add a lot of metal and grey colors into the section.

The reason for this is that metal neutralized the bad Earth Element Energy. The trouble disappeared and everything improved for the client. This case shows you how dangerous it is to apply the wrong Bagua map.

The reason for this is that metal neutralized the bad Earth Element Energy. The trouble disappeared and everything improved for the client. This case shows you how dangerous it is to apply the wrong Bagua map.

Traditional Feng Shui Bagua Map Compass Directions: 9-Palace Flying Stars

In the Classical Feng Shui school of Xuan Kong Flying Star, the static Western Bagua map (as shown above) is not being taken into consideration. We mainly refer to the traditional Bagua map as the “Luoshu”. The Chart tells us much more about the well-being and struggle of the residents. Some of the major advantages using the Luoshu:

  • Understand which Feng Shui Element (Wood, Water, Earth, Metal, Fire) effects certain sectors
  • As the energy movement is dynamic, you can adjust accordingly
  • Shows what kind of stars are Yin and Yang-based in each sector
  • Each Feng Shui bagua map compass directions belongs to a specific family member (see Later Heaven Bagua Map below)
  • Display a map of possible illnesses, affected body part, and who gets affected

Permanent Energy Chart Explained Step by Step

8 Trigram FengShuiBalanz

Before learning moredetails about the tradtional Bagua Map for home and apartment, you need to gather certain information first in order to apply the Bagua correctly. As there are 216 different energy maps, it is important to find the correct one for your house. Please note that Feng Shui bagua southern hemisphere map also depends on the correct compass direction taking.

A quick Step by Step How to Do Guide:


In order to do a correct Feng Shui compass reading, you need to determine the facing direction of your house. Most of the times it is the house front facing the road or where the most Yang activity is happening. I emphasize that it is not always the front door location.

Read More: How to find facing direction Feng Shui


Once you have the facing direction, it is time to do a compass reading. In order to get a correct reading, face your compass away from your house. Do it two or three times to make sure the reading is correct.

Don’t know how, here is the guide: How to take a feng shui compass reading


With the compass reading and the move-in date, you can now determine the correct permanent energy chart of your house. It is immensely important to get the correct Chart. How to get it? First, determine the House Period which is defined by your move-in date.

It is most likely that your house is based in Period 7 (1984-2004) or Period 8 (2004-2024). Second, use your compass reading to search for the Flying Star Natal Chart. If you have trouble finding it online, please consider booking our cheap Feng Shui Starter Package. In Feng Shui we have exactly 216 different Energy Charts, so it is crucial to have the correct chart, to begin with.

How to place Bagua Map on floor plan of your home or apartment correctly?

Your eyes must be wide open filled with confusion seeing the Chart above. I am sure you will ask what all these wild numbers are about. I know, it is very hard to understand in the beginning. In this article, I will not go too deep into the technical details and just cover the basics.

The classical Feng Shui bagua energy chart shows three different number types: The Base Number, Sitting Star, and Facing Star. All the Star Energies on your permanent map are static and will never change (some exemption do apply). However, attention has to be given to the yearly and monthly energies which are constantly changing. Consequently, adjustments are needed for these kind of energies.

1. Draw a Home Floor Plan

Take exact measurements of the entire floor which needs to be drawn. If you have a multiple story home, take the measurements for each floor. Do this for all the walls, doors, and windows. After you have finished, it is time to add the main furniture positions onto your floor plan. It is even better and more accurate to have a professionally drawn plan from your architect

2. Find the Center of the Floor Plan

I would recommend starting with the first floor, as there the most Yang activity takes place. All the main areas such as the kitchen and living room are located here. In order to find the center, draw one line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. Next, draw a second line from the bottom right to the top left corner. The center is located where the two lines are crossing each other. In case you have an odd shape layout, you can draw extension lines to complete the missing area.

3. Overlap Compass onto Floor Plan

Determine the 8 Mansion by compass degree range

Next, place a compass over your floor plan matching exactly the degree of your house facing. You can find the tool in any office supply store or simply print one out from the internet. After you made sure that the facing degree is 100% correct, we can go to the next step.

To double check if you have the compass correctly placed, draw with a ruler a straight line from the degree number to your house facing. If it is straight, you are ok. In case the line is not straight, adjust slightly your compass.

4. Draw the 8-Palace Map onto your Floor Plan

Feng Shui bagua map compass directions by degree:

Now, please draw the 8 Sections by compass degree onto the floor plan. To help you out a little bit, here is a Compass Range Degree Summary:

  • South (S): 157.5° – 202.5°
  • Southwest (SW): 202.5° – 247.5°
  • West (W): 247.5°- 292.5°
  • Northwest (NW): 292.5° to 337.5°
  • North (N): 337.5°- 22.5°
  • Northeast (NE): 22.5° – 67.5°
  • East (E): 67.5°- 112.5°
  • Southeast (SE): 112.5° – 157.5°

Once you have finished drawing your 8 sections, you can remove the compass from your layout.

5. Plot your Star Energy into the 8 Palaces of your Bagua Map

Please note that in Classical Feng Shui, no square boxes are being used. Energy flies in degrees and not in squares. The center 4/3 Star Combination can be ignored, as it does not occupy a physical space. Qi Energy always looks for a center to attach it too. This can be the center of your house or the human body.

Do you remember, what we have talked about right in the beginning? Now, it is time to apply the Star Energies from your permanent house chart onto the layout. The lines can also be extended outside of your house. However, please do not use the Flying Star Energies for any garden design. The energy is only for interior purposes and not for exterior applications.

The Million Dollar Question: What’s the meaning of the Star Energies?

Indeed, applying the correct enhancements and cures is key now. Therefore, you must identify which stars are lucky and which are unlucky. As the topic is very complex, a separate article was written about the 81 Flying Star Combination meanings.

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