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  • Book a Feng Shui Consultation in under 2 minutes – We did the 5 years of study for you!

  • No renovations needed

  • Enhance Wealth and Health areas; Adjust qi-flow

  • We DO NOT sell any Lucky Charm items to you

  • Fixed price (No Hidden Fees) Save 30-50% as “In-Home Consultations”

  • Experience life-changing results with classical Feng Shui methods

  • Your Classical Feng Shui Consultant that is Trustworthy and Reliability


Do you want to STUDY for five years or easily book an online Feng Shui consultation in UNDER 2 MINUTES? Based on our long-term knowledge and experience, we can provide astonishing life-changing results to our clients. We audit your home or office space regardless of where you live in the world. Because there is no traveling cost involved, our virtual Feng Shui packages are around 30 – 50 % cheaper than “In-Home Consultations.”

Instead of using only one Feng Shui school, we use different kinds of Classical Feng Shui techniques, as there is no “one size fits all solution” for every individual case. All our audit reports are reviewed by two consultants, as four eyes are always better than two. Even we provide so much free information on this site, it hardly scratches the surface of a complete Feng Shui Audit.

Feng Shui Consultation: An Sample Page of our 20+ Pages Report

Below you can see an example page of our detailed virtual Feng Shui report. We thoroughly analyze all aspects of your home starting from the outside via google maps to examine the environment. Then we move inside the home to check for inaccuracies of energy flows and how to adjust them.

fengshuibalanz online consultation sample Page

Feng Shui Consultation: Reasons why you should request one today

Have you ever wondered why strange and unexplained events happen in your life? The source might be your home’s permanent energy. If you experience bad luck, a Feng Shui consultation can definitely help improving your life. Check if any of the below-mentioned problems affect you:



  • More Success in Business or Career
  • A balanced and happy life
  • Your health and overall well-being will improve
  • Great relationship success & finding the love of your life in case you are single
  • You earn an excellent reputation in society.
  • Smooth sailing through life. No more unforeseen obstacles that interrupt your harmonic life
  • Your Family Pet’s Health and well-being improves (Yes, pets can also be affected)
  • No more gossip behind your back.
  • Sail through life with ease
  • Children learn easier and achievements are done with ease

How does the Online Feng Shui Consultation Work?

Our remote Feng Shui consultation service is for your residential abode, whether it’s a house, apartment, condo, flat, or compact space. Upon booking, you’ll receive an exclusive and comprehensive PDF guide (for your eyes only) that will walk you through the process of creating an ideal floor plan.

Harnessing the power of a specialized Google service, we can remotely capture precise magnetic compass readings and calculate magnetic declarations using advanced formulas. Following an engaging meet-and-greet conversation, we will employ time-tested and effective traditional Feng Shui techniques tailored to elevate and optimize your unique circumstances.

Our mastery in Feng Shui draws exclusively from several classical schools, expertly customized to suit your specific needs. With meticulous attention, we begin by scrutinizing external features that might impact your home, working from the outside in. Subsequently, we conduct a comprehensive energy map calculation, presenting our findings and recommendations in a detailed written report. This report will not only identify and neutralize any inauspicious energy impacts but also unveil opportunities to enhance the auspicious areas of your living space.

As a professionally trained Feng Shui Consultant, we strictly following Classical Feng Shui Ethics to determine the correct energy set-up and suggestion of your home:

  • We will remotely capture precise magnetic compass readings and calculate magnetic declarations using advanced formulas for you
  • Determine the facing direction of your home (it is NOT always your front door)
  • Determine the permanent energy (Luo Shu Grid) in each section of your home (Flying Stars)
  • Enhancement suggestions for all auspicious areas
  • PDF Guideline of cure and placements to adjust the energy flow
  • Exterior examination via google map (poison arrow or other inauspicious features)
  • A sector by sector analysis with detailed explanation
  • Advice about your decoration/ furniture arrangements and repositioning (5 Elements Theory, colors, plants, etc.)
  • Analyze the exterior landscape which might negatively influence your home
  • Check the favorable destiny directions of all residents to determine precise placements of bed, desk, study..
  • Remedy and enhancement tips of inauspicious energy areas in your house.
  • Determine your personal auspicious compass directions to improve overall luck, health, and wealth
  • San He land form and 8 Mansion principles from classical books
  • Free Follow Up Questions (up to 4 weeks)
  • Skype or Facebook Video Chat with us

Worldwide remote Consultation

Feng Shui Consultation for Apartments (Flats)

Strict Classical Feng Shui Principles applied

feng shui apartment small space

Discover the profound wisdom of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese science with a 5,000-year history, positioned to empower you towards a happier and more prosperous existence. At its core lies the profound belief that the universe is brimming with natural energy, or chi, flowing harmoniously through all things. However, when the arrangement of your home disrupts this energy flow, it can pave the way for misfortune and negative emotions in your life. Embrace the transformative power of Feng Shui and unlock a new chapter of positivity and abundance.

Cost of Feng Shui Consultation for apartment, condo (flat)

The cost of the Feng Shui consultation depends on the size and number of rooms. For apartment or condo spaces, you will not face the same high cost as doing a remote online Feng Shui consultation for an entire house. Without an onsite visit, it is very simple and cost-effective to do so with today’s technology.

Apartment / Flat Consultation start at $389 +

Benefits of an Consultation for Apartments

Entrust us with the task of meticulously setting up your living or working spaces, and experience a plethora of remarkable benefits that only a qualified audit can provide:

  • Enhanced Energy Flow: During the consultation, we will give optimization suggestions for the natural energy flow within your environment, infusing every corner with positive chi and revitalizing the ambiance.

  • Health and Well-Being: A very personalized inspection to improve well-being and help create a nurturing space that supports physical and mental health.

  • Enhance Wealth and Health areas; Adjust qi-flow

  • Abundance and Prosperity: By aligning your surroundings according to ancient principles, you’ll open the doors to abundance and prosperity, attracting opportunities and success. Strategically determining auspicious locations, designed to elevate prosperity and amplify your path to success. With the supportive embrace of universal energy, even the most challenging endeavours effortlessly transform into success. Gone are the days of self-doubt and uncertainty; you will stride confidently, assured of continuous progress and growth on your journey.

  • Harmonious Relationships: Foster harmonious relationships with your loved ones and colleagues, as a balanced environment nurtures open communication and understanding. In an instant, the ambiance transforms into a genuine haven, where your heart finds solace, and it becomes more than just a place for rest and meals.

  • Positive Vibes: Feel a tangible shift in the atmosphere, with a heightened sense of positivity and tranquility enveloping your surroundings.

  • Protection from Negative Influences: Our audit shields your space from negative energies, safeguarding you against potential obstacles and setbacks.

At times, life’s challenges can be puzzling, leaving you wondering about the root cause behind repeated setbacks. You’ve gone the extra mile, yet the patterns persist. The answer lies in the unfiltered, constant energy vibrations that surround you.

Financial woes, relationship strains, health worries, and work-related obstacles can all trace their origins to the same source: An imbalanced Feng Shui qi flow. Turn the tide in your favour and conquer these life issues once and for all.

Take the leap towards a life of abundance and well-being as we skillfully assist you in adjusting the energy flow to its optimal state. Say goodbye to the limitations of the past and welcome a future brimming with possibilities. Let us be your partners in harnessing the boundless potential of Feng Shui and embark on a life-changing transformation together!

Suitable for all small spaces (studio apartment, small houses, mobile homes)

Offsite Feng Shui Consultation for small spaces

small space feng shui audit package online remote
  • Long-distance Feng Shui consultations worldwide are suitable for studio or one-bedroom apartments (and all smaller homes).
  • All classical Feng Shui techniques from multiple schools (no symbolism)
  • This package is great if you happen to live in a studio apartment or smaller space and want to determine and analyze which energies are affecting you in particular.

Unlock boundless happiness, joy, and success in your life by cultivating the perfect qi flow within your space and embracing its profound positive impact. While the potential for growth is abundant, it is vital not to leave it to chance. Achieving and maintaining a high and favorable energy flow requires conscious effort and dedicated attention. Embrace the transformative power of creating an optimal environment that fosters harmony and abundance, and witness how it propels you towards a life filled with limitless possibilities. Remember, taking charge of your space and its energies is the key to unlocking the true potential of your aspirations.

We offer a range of classical Feng Shui solutions designed especially for small spaces

The assessment of smaller spaces during our offsite Feng Shui audit is a little bit more challenging, as, for example, the down-time areas (yin) and active spaces (yang), such as the living area, study area, or work area, are very close to each other. The directional sections of the energy are very narrow, with little to no room to move around bigger furniture pieces. The main problem residents face is that neither yin nor yang should dominate.

Why does this matter? It implies that the presence of a bed should not encourage laziness and that the sight of a desk should not encourage compulsive workaholic behavior.

  • Determine the areas where yin and yang are in conflict with one another and provide strategies to fix it
  • Identify the optimal qi flow so that the energies of yin and yang are kept separate and do not mix to cause tension.
  • Inspect the exterior for any potential sha qi elements that could harm the living space.
  • Propose the best furniture placement and layout to maximize living space and promote the best qi flow.
  • Establish the home’s proper orientation (not obvious because yin and yang spaces are sometimes used simultaneously).
  • A full flying star energy chart of your space.
  • We will check if your home is auspicious or inauspicious in nature.
  • Annual Flying Stars advice for the year
  • Easy-to-understand guide on how to place remedies and enhancers according to 5-Element cycles (including pdf guide)
  • Personal best directions to work, sleep, mediate, and pray.
  • Personal unfavorable direction, also called draining direction, which can negatively affect you.
  • Universal savings account direction enables you to save money or pay off debt quicker.
  • We can actively look for your Peach Blossom energy area spot and provide advice on how to activate it if you are single and enjoy going on dates.
  • Audit report of about 10+ pages
  • Detailed PDF files on how to do a compass reading and remedy placement FAQs

In an offsite Feng Shui consultation for small spaces (house) or a studio apartment, it is very important to micromanage every little aspect. As we understand that it will be challenging to implement all remedy recommendations, we will highlight the main remedies to concentrate on. Further suggestions for the ideal placement of the bed, office desk, and TV area according to auspicious flying star energy settings

This small Tai Ji technique produces a thorough list of all your positive energy locations, along with suggestions for improvement. Additionally, every problematic area that needs remedying is explained in detail. You will receive a thorough Flying Star Chart of your space in light of this upon completion of the offsite Feng Shui audit. Keep the permanent energy chart in a secure location. Every year, attention must be paid to the changing annual energy influence. We will also provide a summary of the most recent annual Flying Star influence for each sector.

Depending on the specific situation, examining the entire building complex can provide information on whether the building as a whole, rather than the unit, can affect particular behaviors. You, as an apartment resident, have little to no control over the external circumstances. To overcome this difficulty, it is much more critical to focus on appropriate interior water features to offset this obstacle.

Consultation Feng Shui (online): What do I need to do?

  • Explain about your objective why you like to have a Feng Shui Consultation (online only)
  • Prepare a detailed floor plan with accurate measurements
  • Birth dates of all family members (if possible time to birth and city)
  • Gender, names, occupation of all family members
  • Year the home was built (include any possible renovations)
  • A precise compass reading with the exact degree such a 182 degrees South (we help and guide you)
  • Make photos from the surrounding of the home as well from the inside of the rooms (the more the better)
  • Your home address
  • Your contact Information (Email, Skype, Facebook)

How to get Started with my Online Feng Shui Consultation?

  • Choice your Feng Shui Consultation package below
  • After receiving your payment via PayPal or Bank Wire (Iban Europe only), we will review your prepared information
  • Prepare all the needed information for us to start your online Feng Shui consultation
  • If there is something unclear, please do let us know so that we can discuss it in detail.
Feng Shui chinese coin talisman lucky charms


feng shui finding center of home

We understand that each individual has unique life goals and specific concerns that require personalized attention. Hence, we offer the flexibility of hourly consultations to address your specific needs in greater detail. Whether you are in the midst of construction or remodel design, we are here to collaborate seamlessly with designers, builders, and architects, ensuring a harmonious integration of Feng Shui principles into your space.

Rest assured, our utmost priority is delivering the best possible outcome, tailored precisely to your requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further inquiries and consultations; we eagerly await your contact through the form provided at the end of this page. Your journey towards a harmonious and prosperous living environment starts with us, and we’re dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

Which classical Feng Shui Method is Best

A frequently asked question is: Which Feng Shui method is best? Although there are many different Feng Shui techniques, the Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, 8-Mansion, and Form School are the most popular and precise ones. Although the three systems have quite distinct characteristics, they must work together to create a successful, harmonious energy environment inside the home.

The flying-star system uses time and space to determine the permanent energy map of your house. When the construction of the building is finished, this permanent energy is trapped and cannot be released (some exemptions do apply). The building’s strengths and weaknesses can now be evaluated once we are aware of this energy pattern. A pie chart is superimposed over the floor plan after the center has been determined, dividing it into eight equal sections. The star numbers from one to nine represent these different forms of energy. The relationship between these energies is then examined, and recommendations for remedies or enhancements are made.

The primary concern of the Form school is the external environmental impact on the home. Different formulas are used to evaluate if the site of the home is auspicious or not, as well as what natural or artificial characteristics may have an impact on the energy flow. To some extent, the form school is concerned with internal aspects, but to a much lesser extent.

We have in-depth knowledge of these three schools thanks to our work with recognized Feng Shui masters over the years.

As clutter isn’t actually an element of Feng Shui, it is more important to have a clutter-free space in smaller spaces

Feng Shui Consultant Prices Packages – Explore here:

We offer different online Feng Shui Consultation packages that are affordable and tailored exactly to your needs depending on the size and type of home:


For all kind of structures

  • Determine the Facing Direction

  • Classical Flying Star energy map for your home

  • Determine the home period

  • Check the Home Layout/ Property Plot if Auspicious (form, shape)

  • Tips to cure problem areas and how to enhance positive energy zones (includes placement, decor tips like shape, form, element)

  • Basic 9 Star Ki Birth Chart Report for ALL Family Members

  • Detailed analyze exterior landscape for inauspicious features via google map (street view if available)

  • Annual Flying Star Energy Influence (Remedy/Cure)

  • Detailed Written Audit Report (includes basics of Feng Shui)

  • Premium follow-up questions by email

  • We do remote compass reading and calculate magnetic declaration for you

  • External landform school to check immediate surrounding of home

  • Apply 8-Mansion principle for auspicious door/doorway locations

  • Personal and house Gua principles applied

  • Best placement recommendation for bed, desk, universal saving account spot

  • Determine house type and its impact on the residents

  • Personalized recommendation based on date of birth

Virtual Feng Shui Office Consultation

feng shui office consultation

Entrance Area

As the entrance is the Qi mouth of your business or home office, a proper interior design and reception desk placement are essential. Furthermore, we will survey the neighboring buildings to see if any adverse energy affects your office.

The Office Layout

The office layout is, by far, the most important part of the Feng Shui Audit. Here we take a closer look at the following: Plot the energy chart of your office to see where your wealth corners are. Are there any missing energy sectors in your office? If yes, is wealth energy present in this sector? Proper desk placement of owner/CEO desk. Check if the marketing department and CEO office locations are inside auspicious energy areas

Canteen/Kitchen Area

The kitchen area is the health heart of all employees. If the eating area is not appealing or dirty, the employees tend to get sick quicker. As a result, the company suffers from less productive workers, and the sickness can spread like wildfire. Therefore, the owner should offer a clean and relaxing break time environment. We will look if the kitchen location is a good energy area or in a sick area.

feng shui office consultation external1

External Environmental Impact and Location

Is your office easy to reach for your customers and employees? Remember, a difficult commute to work makes your employees exhausted before even work starts. A good infrastructure should be present. We survey your office surrounding for any obstruction that can cause inauspicious energy entering the office. For example, a Wall Knife (Bi Dao) in Feng Shui can cut your business literally in pieces. We also check if your location suits your type of business. It might be a great location, but is it really suitable for your business?

Feng Shui Audit for E-Commerce

Unquestionably, E-commerce will be the future of shopping. Many multi-cooperation have to spend a considerable amount of money to design their websites with Feng Shui in mind. With our many years of experience in the e-commerce business, we can clearly separate the wheat from the chaff. Many e-commerce stores fail as they do not obey the simple rules of Feng Shui. We can help to do a Feng Shui audit of your shop to get more quality traffic that converts into revenue:

  • Check your online presents if it matches the 5 Element principles
  • Is your web presence in balance and easy to navigate for your customers
  • Recommend logo and design adjustment to enhance auspicious energy
  • Flying Star Bagua Map for your (home) office.
  • Enhancement tips and cures of office
  • Rearrangement of furniture
  • Tips to cure problem areas inside the office and how to enhance positive energy zones (includes placement, decor tips like shape, form, element)
feng shui logo design

Logos and Type of Business

In case you like to start a new business, we must look into your Bazi Birth Chart if it is suitable for you to begin with. We can see if your birth element is in conflict or support of your new business venture. As every business industry belongs to a certain Feng Shui element (Retail Selling = Water), it is necessary to check your lucky birth element. A supportive lucky element will help you to grow your business and be successful. We do have extensive experience in e-commerce to point you in the right direction. If you already own your own business, we definitely can help to fine-tune it, too.

The Logo design is, by far, the most crucial branding feature you give out to the world. An innovative and smart design will bring curiosity from customers. The first impression is always the most important. In every business, the customer decides in no more than 3 seconds if they will interact with your company or not. A well-designed Feng Shui logo and business name will stick in the consumer’s mind forever. For further reading, go to “How to design a great business logo with Feng Shui“. Of course, if you need help, we can assist you in the design process.

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