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Last updated on June 4, 2024

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On February 4th each year, the new solar year in Feng Shui begins, marking the start of the annual influences of the Feng Shui Flying Stars 2024 (Xuan Kong). The stars move in a predetermined pattern, occupying different palaces each year. Consequently, the same flying star will revisit the same palace in the Luo Shu every nine years.

Some of you might be unfamiliar with the flying star concept, while others may have a basic or more advanced understanding. To cater to different levels of expertise, I will divide this extensive post into two parts:

The first part outlines the 2024 feng shui flying stars approach for the annual influences, and the second part delves into the history and explains what these magnetic push-pull energies are all about.

In contrast to Black Hat Feng Shui, Flying Star Feng Shui involves constant shifts and changes in energy daily, monthly, and yearly on a smaller scale. This means that electromagnetism changes and interacts with the existing permanent energy setup in your home.

There are a few different methods for managing the annual Flying Star Feng Shui 2024. The first is a simpler approach, while the second is more advanced but offers greater accuracy.

In the first approach, we consider the Luo Shu Square’s palace (such as a directional area like the West) as the host, while the annual flying star of 2024 is the guest. Using the Five Transformation Theory (Five Elements), we can determine the relationship between the two energies. Are they harmonious, clashing, or is one dominating the other? Once we understand this, we can take appropriate measures.

The other, more advanced approach involves creating “mini flying star pairs” by combining the annual star with the permanent star residing in key areas of the home, such as the front door, bedroom, living room, study room, and home office, to identify necessary remedies or enhancements.

Feng Shui Chart 2024

Feng Shui chart flying star 2024

The overall Feng Shui trend in 2024 is influenced by the flying star 3 wood (Zhen Trigram). This star represents thunder, shaking, or tremors, indicating that the energy of Wood is rising steadily. This energy is impulsive, but it also embodies compassion and flexibility. Star 3 is associated with the liver, gallbladder, legs, and feet in terms of human health. Therefore, pay special attention to these organs.

You may feel inclined to introduce new ideas to existing activities or pursue fresh starts in your personal or professional life. A common trait of Flying Star 3 is the potential for legal issues, misunderstandings, quarrels, or disputes. In summary, you can follow your new impulses, but take care not to overstep your boundaries.

The central star 3 inside the home cannot be remedied, contrary to what some might think. The square format of the Feng Shui Chart 2024 is primarily for teaching and illustration purposes, but in reality, the qi center does not exist and should be kept as quiet as possible.

The annual afflictions of Grand Duke, Year Breaker, and Three Killings for 2024 fall into the following directions:

  • Grand Duke (Tai Sui): SOUTHEAST 2
  • Year Breaker (Sui Po): NORTHWEST 1
  • Three Killings (San Sha): SOUTH

Please read the full Grand Duke, Year Breaker, Three Killings Cure 2024 here.

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Annual Afflictions Chinese Zodiac: Wood Dragon and Dog Clash 2024

Just as a side note, people born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018) may face some challenges this year due to the clash between the opposing energies of the Dog and Dragon.

Kua Number 3 (West Group): Individuals in the Central Palace

Now, let’s shift focus to the realms of 9 Star Ki. If your life Kua number is 3, you are in the central palace, surrounded by energies similar to those present at your birth. This situation may cause some confusion, leaving you uncertain about which direction to take.

It’s best to take a step back and calmly consider how to move forward with your choices. Avoid making hasty decisions and don’t panic if you make a wrong choice. Stay composed and remember that during the metal months from August to October, unexpected opportunities will arise, allowing you to move ahead with confidence.

Solution and Remedies for Zodiac Dog and Kua number 3:

Be mindful of your personal magnetism and strive to keep it in harmony. Your blood acts as your body’s qi antenna to the outside world, so maintaining high-quality blood is essential for keeping your body healthy and in sync.
Even if a person with the Chinese Zodiac sign Dog or Kua number 3 might face challenges in 2024, good blood qi contributes to overall well-being and can prevent significant discomfort throughout the year. You may experience some minor disruptions, but nothing too concerning.
Read more about: Feng Shui for your Body

2024 Feng Shui Flying Stars: Good and Bad Areas

All the Qi’s energies are going through different stages over time. Firstly, the prosperous stage is the most beneficial one, which brings great fortune and luck. Secondly, the lucky period is over, and the energy is slowly getting less auspicious.

Thirdly, the dead stage is where the energy is static or neutral in nature. Next, the killer stage is by far the worst period. Here, the energy is extremely negative and manifests all its bad attributes. Last, the growing stage is where the energy increases in strength. It is being said that this is the future luck star.

From Feng Shui Period 9 (started Feb 4, 2024) some star energies have shifted from one stage to another. Here is the newest update of positive and inauspicious energies:

Auspicious Areas of the home:

  • Southwest Palace:       Star 9
  • East Palace:                  Star 1
  • North Palace:               Star 8
  • Northeast Palace:       Star 6

Average Areas of the home:

  • Southeast Palace:        Star 2
  • Northwest Palace:       Star 4

Please note that the attributes of star 2 are beginning to shift positively as it enters the growing stage of the qi cycle in Period 9. However, exercise caution as it remains somewhat fragile, giving it a grade of C. Additionally, I continue to support star 4, which remains beneficial for academic pursuits, artistic endeavors, and creativity.

Inauspicious areas of the home:

  • Central Palace:            Star 3
  • South Palace:              Star 7
  • West Palace:                Star 5

Before examining each palace and its annual flying stars, remember that preparation and awareness are essential for managing disruptive energies and amplifying those that bring enrichment and support.

As mentioned earlier, there is a basic approach that focuses solely on the relationship between the palace and the annual Feng Shui Flying Stars in 2024, ignoring the permanent energies of your home.

The more advanced technique involves examining your home’s unique permanent or long-term energy chart and creating mini combinations of your permanent energy (water or mountain dragon) with the annual influence of each palace or sector.

If you prefer a DIY method, you can refer to the end of this article for a quick step-by-step guide on how to calculate your home’s energy chart.

Since this advanced technique is complex, we offer an affordable annual flying star update service tailored to your home’s unique permanent energy floor plan.


Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 9 in the SOUTHWEST Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 1 Fire Li

#9 Feng Shui Flying Star (You Bi Xing – Li) = Current Prosperity, wealth, and health energy (AUSPICIOUS)

  • Summary: Extremely positive in Period 9 as it is the newly crowned prosperity and health luck star.
  • Characteristics: Fire, highest point of energy, radiant
  • Best Location in home for: front door, home office, living room, or bedroom (good to conceive a baby)
  • Qualities when activated: Promotion in job, success, prosperity, overall great finances, famous, recognition
  • Associated Body Parts: Heart, blood, eye, chest
  • Associated Family Member: Middle Daughter (unmarried)
  • Remedies (simplified approach): Add wood element (life plants) and fire element (red/purple/pink colors, electric devices turned on for at least 6-8 hours: lighting, lamps) or candles
  • Avoid these elements: The earth, metal, and water element

The annual flying star 9 energy is always potent and active, so it’s important to take advantage of it. Star 9 in Feng Shui is considered the most prosperous energy for wealth, success, and health. Therefore, spending a significant amount of time in the SW area of your home is recommended.

If your bedroom, home office, living room, or front door is in this area, you are fortunate, as you naturally absorb the beneficial energies of star 9 just by being active in these spaces.

The home office, living room, or front door brings prosperity and wealth in terms of career or business success into the household. If your bedroom is in this SW section, you may enjoy an enhancement in your relationship.

If the area is less utilized or happens to be a bathroom, don’t lose hope. Running a fan for at least 8 hours can activate the energy of Star 9, to give you one example.

For women over 60 or mothers, the SW palace aligns with the mother figure in the Feng Shui trigram. You inherently have an advantage because the unseen energies of this palace support you.

Auspicious months with supporting monthly flying star energies:
February (monthly star 2 visits), March (monthly star 1 visits), April (monthly star 9 visits), May (monthly star 8 visits), November (monthly star 2 visits), December (monthly star 1 visits), January 2025 (monthly star 9 visits)

Neutral months with monthly flying star energies:
July (monthly star 6 visits), September (monthly star 4 visits)

Inauspicious months with conflicting monthly flying star energies:
June (monthly star 7 visits), August (monthly star 5 visits), October (monthly star 3 visits)

In summary, although the SW is associated with soft soil which reduces the power of fire, the flying star energy 9 is in a very supportive relationship with the SW palace. Overall, the best and most auspicious area of 2024.

Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 1 in the EAST Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 1 Water Kan

#1 Kan, White Star (Tan Lang Ying – Kan) = future prosperity star (AUSPICIOUS)

  • Summary: The White Star is auspicious and the future wealth star of Period 1
  • Characteristics: Water, lowest point of energy, waning
  • Best Location in home for: front door, home office, living room, or bedroom
  • Qualities when activated: Stands for job-related luck, successful study, Able to make new connections in business or private, increases good reputation in society, wisdom
  • Affected Body Parts: Kidney, bladder system, blood, skin, hair,
  • Associated Family Member: Middle Son (unmarried)
  • Remedies (simplified approach): Enhance with the metal (brass, iron objects) and water element (fountain, aquarium)
  • Avoid these elements: The fire, earth, and wood elements

The annual Feng Shui flying star 1, known as the future wealth star, is regarded as a source of emerging prosperity. In 2024, this energy moves into the East Palace, which is associated with big wood. This location can diminish the positive attributes of star 1, as the palace’s wood element suppresses and reduces the water element of star 1.

To counter this effect, it is important to strengthen annual Flying Star 1 by using its own element of water or the producing element of metal.

The East Palace is linked to the eldest son, or, in business terms, the vice president (second in command). Supporting Star 1 can boost future wealth and career luck. However, it is crucial not to enhance the palace’s wood element with more wood.

In summary, once the supporting elements are in place, the east area of your home becomes the second most favorable section in terms of the annual Feng Shui flying Star in 2024.

Auspicious months with supporting monthly flying star energies:
April (monthly star 1 visits), August (monthly star 6 visits), January 2025 (monthly star 1 visits)

Neutral months with monthly flying star energies:
March (monthly star 2 visits), May (monthly star 9 visits), June (monthly star 8 visits), October (monthly star 4 visits), December (monthly star 2 visits)

Inauspicious months with conflicting monthly flying star energies:
February (monthly star 3 visits), July (monthly star 7 visits), September (monthly star 5 visits), November (monthly star 3 visits)

You may have observed that many months of the East sector in 2024 are considered neutral or inauspicious because the monthly star energy’s elements clash or further reduce star 1’s good-natured attributes.

For instance, in May, star 9, the auspicious fire star, moves into the East sector. However, the combination of star 1 water and star 9 fire can lead to conflict. Although the remedy for this situation is wood, it can inadvertently strengthen the East Palace’s wood element further.

In summary, plan your important tasks around the most auspicious months of the year to take advantage of the supportive monthly energies.

Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 8 in the NORTH Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 8 Earth Gen


#8 Annual Flying Star 8 – White Star (Zuo Fu Bi – Gen) – supports relationships (AUSPICIOUS)

  • Summary: This star represents past wealth luck until February 4th, 2024. Its fortune has now been passed on to star 9 as we have enter Feng Shui Period 9.
  • Characteristics: Strong earth, mountain, steadfast, reliable
  • Best Location in home for: front door, home office, living room, or bedroom
  • Qualities when activated: Extreme prosperity, wealth, and good health
  • Affected Body Part: Small bones such as fingers, toes, nose, pancreas, stomach, muscles
  • Associated Family Member: Younger Son (unmarried)
  • Remedies (simplified approach): Add the earth element (crystals, earth colors)
  • Avoid these elements: The fire, wood, water, metal element (metal might be needed if Kan in certain instances)

Love is in the air: The annual flying star 8, a white star, remains useful like star 6 even outside its own period. Star 8 is associated with family happiness and harmony, strengthening existing relationships, and potentially guiding you to find the right partner.

While star 8 may have passed its peak in terms of prosperity, it still delivers positive results when properly activated. Although looking through the lens of the 5 Element Theory, Star 8 (earth element) and the North Palace (water element) seem to clash, this setup often enhances existing relationships with friends and family and even helps you find a new soulmate.

It’s important to note that in the past, we activated Star 8 for wealth luck, but now we focus on improving relationships in both personal and professional environments.

Once this energy is activated, you may find that your colleagues and boss start to recognize you, your communication skills become more fluid, and your relationships overall improve. It’s an excellent location for your bedroom, indeed.

Auspicious months with supporting monthly flying star energies:
February (monthly star 1 visits), March (monthly star 9 visits), April (monthly star 8 visits), June (monthly star 6 visits), November (monthly star 1 visits), December (monthly star 9 visits), January 2025 (monthly star 8 visits)

Neutral months with monthly flying star energies:
August (monthly star 4 visits), October (monthly star 2 visits)

Inauspicious months with conflicting monthly flying star energies:
May (monthly star 7 visits), July (monthly star 5 visits), September (monthly star 3 visits)

Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 6 in the NORTHEAST Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 6 Qian Metal

#6 White Star (Wu Qu Xing – Qian) – career, leadership, authority luck

  • Summary: The Star is auspicious in nature and guardians the reputation and power status in society
  • Characteristics: Metal, archive goals ones worked on, harvest and enjoy profits, support
  • Best Location in home for: office, front door, living room
  • Qualities when activated: Great power, leadership, authority, become CEO, smooth work environment
  • Facing Star Position: Family shows great respect towards you
  • Associated Body Parts: Lungs, head, neck, skull, large intestine
  • Associated Family Member: Father, patriarch, grandfather, leader, CEO, president
  • Remedies (simplified approach): Add earth and metal elements
  • Avoid these elements: The wood, fire, water elements

The annual Feng Shui flying Star 6 has long passed its own period, but as a beneficial white star, we can still make good use of its properties until we approach the start of Period 1 in 2044. Star 6 supports business and career expansion, making it advantageous for business owners or individuals in leadership positions.

Having star 6, especially at the front door, promotes excellent career development and establishes a strong, noble leadership role, which can deter potential competitors easily.

As you’ve noted, the annual Feng Shui flying star energy of star 6 in 2024 is primarily focused on business and career luck.

In 2024, the Northeast Palace, known for its strong earth element, harbors the powerful metal energy of star 6. Since the earth element in the palace generates metal according to the 5 Element Theory, I highly recommend placing heavy earth or metal objects in this area to further strengthen star 6.

However, it’s best to remove live plants and red, pink, or purple colors for the year.

If you work in the military, law enforcement, or hold any authoritative role in public office or private business, the Northeast is the best location for your front door or office in 2024.

Auspicious months with supporting monthly flying star energies:
February (monthly star 8 visits), April (monthly star 6 visits), August (monthly star 2 visits), November (monthly star 8 visits), January 2025 (monthly star 6 visits)

September (monthly star 1 visits) * here we have a terrific trilogy of 1,6, and 8 (palace) making it the most superior month of the year

Neutral months with monthly flying star energies:
 October (monthly star 9 visits) * remark: although star 9 is superior, it controls the metal star 6

Inauspicious months with conflicting monthly flying star energies:
March (monthly star 7 visits), May (monthly star 5 visits), June (monthly star 4 visits), July (monthly star 3 visits), December (monthly star 7 visits)

Please note that the Northeast Palace in September features a rare and auspicious combination of star energies. If you have any significant tasks to complete, aim to do them between September 4th and October 4th, 2024, in the Northeast section of your home or business. This time frame offers exceptional, long-lasting, and easily attainable prosperity!

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Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 2 in the SOUTHEAST Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 2 Earth Kun

#2 Black Star (Ju Men Xing – Kun) – fertility, female leadership, real estate

  • Summary: This is quite a negative star that brings illness, accidents (it will turn positive in 2024 onward)
  • Characteristics: Weak earth, soil,meadow, nourishing, supportive, land, property
  • Best Location in home for: toilet, storage room, guest bedroom (any space not occupied more than one hour/daily)
  • Qualities when activated: The Star brings great financial wealth and favors land/property related benefits
  • Qualities when Untimely: This star still can create all kind of trouble starting from digestive problems, muscle issues, stomach, womb related problems (miscarriage)
  • Associated Body Parts: Digestive system (stomach, colon), womb, spleen, belly,
  • Associated Family Member: Mother, adobe. or older female (grandmother)
  • Remedies (simplified approach): For females: add metal element, Single men only: add fire element (red colors)
  • Avoid these elements: The wood, water elements

Although the annual Feng Shui Flying Star 2 is becoming more positive, I would rate it a C or C-minus. It remains delicate and challenging to fully harness its beneficial attributes. If star 2 is in a producing or matching relationship with other stars, it can exhibit its positive qualities.

However, this can be a complex and risky endeavor, so it’s better for now to take a simplified approach by neutralizing its effects to avoid any harm.

With the 2024 Feng Shui flying star, star 2 located in the Southeast palace, which is characterized by the wood element. Although the wood element is weak in this palace, it can still exert a dominant influence over star 2 (earth element).

This may lead to potential conflicts, such as the Southeast wood palace (associated with the eldest female in the household) attempting to control the mother or mother-in-law, resulting in tension due to the controlling relationship between these elements.

The Southeast palace, associated with native star 4, is also linked to sexuality, making it a double-edged sword. For single men looking to attract women, adding the fire element (red color) could be beneficial.

However, for married individuals, this could lead to marital affairs. If a woman spends a lot of time in the Southeast area, it’s best to add metal to neutralize the energies.

Moreover, the Grand Duke’s (Tai Sui) energy resides in the SE1 section this year, so it’s important to keep this area as quiet as possible. For more information on Tai Sui, please refer to additional resources via the hyperlink.

In summary, if you can avoid the area and it is not a crucial part of your home, try to keep it as quiet as possible. If the Southeast falls into a frequently used part of the household, avoid loud noises and use the remedies mentioned earlier accordingly.

Monthly flying star energies:
Take extra care throughout the year, as without more detailed information about your home layout and household members, it is difficult to identify any specific auspicious or neutral months using the simplified approach.

Most Inauspicious month with conflicting monthly flying star energies:
October (monthly star 5 visits): The month brings the well-known 5-2 pairing of energies. To neutralize this inauspicious combination, use extra metal elements such as a salt cure or heavy metal objects to cancel out the equation.

Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 4 in the NORTHWEST Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 4 Xun Wood

#4 Green Star (Xun Gua) – Academic Star

  • Summary: The star is still advantageous for academic success, artists, and creativity. However, exercise caution as it may also introduce sexual scandals into the household.
  • Characteristics: Weak wood, wind, air pressure, creativity (music, art, acting, writing), study, traveling, green shades
  • Best Location in home for: A creative person, may benefit from having this energy at your front door, artist studio, bedroom, or office. However, for those who aren’t in artistic fields, it’s best to keep this energy in less prominent areas of the home (guest bedroom, storage, toilet).
  • Qualities when activated: Good reputation at work being in the creative or artistic field
  • Qualities when Untimely: Romance and love scandals, heartbreak
  • Affected Body Part: Chest, breast, and gallbladder, buttock, hair, liver
  • Associated Family Member: Eldest Daughter
  • Remedies (simplified approach): If in need to remedy star 4, add fire to eliminate sexual scandals. An creative person should have the water element to active this energy.
  • Avoid these elements: The earth, fire (depends) and metal elements

I remain a supporter of the annual Flying Star 4, even though it hasn’t been timely for a long time. I still observe its benefits for creative individuals working as writers, actors, filmmakers, painters, or in advertising to enhance their creativity.

To illustrate this point, this blog post was written under the influence of the water star 4 in the SE section (advanced method).

Star 4 is located in the NW palace, which is associated with the father figure and strong metal. This combination creates tension with Star 4 wood, possibly allowing negative traits to emerge. If left unaddressed, spending significant time in the NW in 2024 may lead to sexual scandals, heartbreak, or marital affairs.

Therefore, whether you are an artist or not, it is advisable to enhance the wood energy with a water feature or neutralize the metal/wood interaction with fire. However, the fire element approach requires caution since the NW is associated with the father figure in the trigram hierarchy.

Introducing fire could place unnecessary strain on the father, counteracting any potential remedies. If you live alone or are not a father, you can consider adding fire, but if you have a family with a male father figure (or grandfather), avoid adding fire elements to the NW.

Please note that the Year Breaker (Sui Po) energy for the year is located here. Therefore, it is best to keep this area as quiet and undisturbed as possible to avoid bad luck throughout the year.

Read more here: How to cure Year Breaker (Sui Po) energy

Monthly flying star energies:
Take extra care throughout the year, as without more detailed information about your job (creative or not) and household members, it is difficult to identify any specific auspicious or neutral months using the simplified approach.

Most Inauspicious month with conflicting monthly flying star energies:
February (monthly star 61 visits), March (monthly star 5 visits), May (monthly star 3 visits), October (monthly star 7 visits), November (monthly star 6 visits), December (monthly star 5 visits)


Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 3 in the CENTRAL Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 3 Zhen Wood

Feng Shui Flying Star #3 Jade Star (Lu Chun Xing – Zhen) Conflict

  • Summary: Causes conflict and misunderstanding especially in Period 8 and Period 9.
  • Characteristics: Strong wood, green shades, thunder, loud roaring noise, start of growth
  • Best Location in home for: none, as it is the energy resides in the center
  • Qualities when Untimely: Increase misunderstanding and arguments in private and work. May cause legal conflict.
  • Affected Body Part: liver, feet, arms, throat, nervous system
  • Associated Family Member: Oldest son, vice president
  • Remedies (simplified approach): The optimal approach is to maintain the qi center of your home as calm and peaceful as possible.
  • Avoid these elements: not applicable

In the introductory section, I have discussed the Feng Shui Flying Star 3, which occupies the central palace for the year, at length. Please refer back to this section for more details. Star 3 is in a highly unfavorable phase and will remain so for many year to come.

If the 3 wood energy is activated, it can cause a variety of issues, including severe misunderstandings in both personal and business matters. Additionally, legal problems or false accusations from competitors may arise if this energy isn’t managed carefully.

As I have mentioned before, with the star 3 wood energy located in the center palace, there are no specific remedies other than keeping the geometric or qi center of your home as tranquil as possible. Although we depict the center as a square in the Feng Shui 2024 Chart, this is just for illustrative purposes:

In reality, the center is simply a small reference point (a dot .) that helps the electromagnetic energies of Qi to distribute evenly into the eight sections of the home.

If you need assistance, you can find guidance on determining your own home’s qi center via the provided hyperlink.

In summary, keep the center of your home clear of obstructions and maintain a quiet atmosphere to enjoy a peaceful and calm year.

Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 7 in the SOUTH Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 7 Dui Metal

#7 Red Star (Po Jun Xing – Dui) – Violence, robbery star

  • Summary: This energy has been highly unfavorable for a long time and may lead to potential home invasion, theft, accidents, violent assaults, fire hazards, sexually transmitted diseases, deception, and embezzlement.
  • Characteristics: Soft metal, march, gossip, betrayal, things on its last leg, something solid holding something wet
  • Best Location in home: It is best to find this energy in a storage room, bathroom, guest bedroom, staircase, or any area where you spend less than an hour a day.
  • Qualities when Untimely: Fire hazard, robbery, theft, embezzlement, deception, gossip
  • Affected Body Part: Mouth, head, saliva, upper jaw, throat
  • Associated Family Member: Youngest daughter
  • Remedies (simplified approach): Add earth element (but not much)
  • Avoid these elements: Water, wood, fire element

The Feng Shui Flying Star 7 is, in my opinion, the second-worst energy to have anywhere inside the home. While it’s essential to maintain a yin-yang balance of beneficial stars, we must also pay attention to less favorable ones like Star 7.

Since Star 7 became increasingly inauspicious after its own period ended in 2004, its negative attributes have emerged over time. Today, Star 7, a metal element, is known as the “modern robbery star.”

This can manifest in physical robberies on the street or home invasions, but it also extends to the digital age, including online fraud, embezzlement of bank funds, or deceitful actions that put you at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, when Star 7 combines with Star 9, there is potential for a unique fire-hazard energy formation. Given the undesirable attributes of Star 7, the year 2024 presents a unique and challenging situation.

Star 7 is located in the South Palace for the year, along with the San Sha energy. One might think of introducing a water element (water fountain, aquarium) to counterbalance the metal energy, according to the 5 Element Theory.

While this is technically correct, adding water features to the South sector could negatively impact the household’s health and wealth until 2044 (direct-indirect spirit principles).

On a positive note, the South Palace aligns with the energy of Star 9, known as the King or Sheng energy, which is currently dominant over all other stars. This allows for unique rules in this sector:

The fire element of the South Palace, along with Star 9, can help regulate and keep Star 7 in check. Adding a small amount of the earth element (pottery, porcelain) may further calm Star 7’s influence.

Read more here: How to cure Three Killings (San Sha) energy

Monthly flying star energies:
As you might have already guessed, this energy does not bring any auspicious months. It should be avoided and neutralized at all costs.

Most Inauspicious month with conflicting monthly flying star energies:
April (monthly star 7 visits), May (monthly star 6 visits), June (monthly star 5 visits), August (monthly star 3 visits), January 2025 (monthly star 7 visits)

Annual Feng Shui Flying Star 5 in the WEST Palace

Feng Shui Flying Star 5 Yellow Earth

#5 Yellow Star (Lian Zhen – Star 5 Yellow) – Misfortune

  • Summary: By far the worst negative star which causes bad luck and health problems.
  • Characteristics: Strong earth, has no trigram, the origin of all energies, so called emperor of all energies
  • Best Location in home: all unoccupied areas, center of home if open, quiet
  • Qualities when Untimely: Overall negative in all aspects of life and irritates all energies it pairs up.
  • Affected Body Part: not related to any body part, but skin in general
  • Associated Family Member: Entire household members
  • Remedies (simplified approach): Add metal element
  • Avoid these elements: Water, earth, wood, fire element

Many readers experience a sense of chill when hearing or reading about Star 5, as it is widely known as the most malevolent star. It is well-documented online as the worst star in Feng Shui, bringing inauspicious events into a home.

This energy should be counteracted with the metal element and no negative forms (poison arrows) should affect this section. Regardless of the star it pairs with, Star 5 can exacerbate problems in a person’s life, including bankruptcy, lawsuits with potential jail time, death, severe health issues, or divorce.

Let me provide an example using the current situation in the West Palace, which is influenced by weak metal. This palace is associated with Star 7, a shadow influence linked to robbery and embezzlement. If someone spends a lot of time in the West sector of their home, they may face a real risk of home invasion from the western part of the dwelling.

Personally, I’m not a big proponent of the salt cure, although many people use it solely to mitigate Star 5. From a professional perspective, the salt cure might be too weak to combat the powerful Star 5. Instead, adding heavy metal objects weighing at least 10kg (depending on room size) should be standard practice to neutralize and balance this energy.

It’s important not to dismiss Star 5 entirely. As mentioned earlier, its reputation is often associated with the worst scenarios. However, it’s also known as the “Star 5 Yellow Emperor Star.”

Historically, it has been used by ancient kings and emperors to maintain power and authority. Therefore, we must respect this energy and avoid provoking it. When appreciated and respected, it can bring about excellent outcomes.

If you’re interested, I’ve written a detailed article on the subject:

Star 5 Yellow: The Emperor Star.”

Monthly flying star energies:
As you might have already guessed, this energy does not bring any auspicious months. It should be avoided and neutralized at all costs.

Most Inauspicious month with conflicting monthly flying star energies:
February (monthly star 7 visits), April (monthly star 5 visits), June (monthly star 3 visits), November (monthly star 7 visits), January 2025 (monthly star 5 visits)

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What is Flying Star in Feng Shui

feng shui flying star

Classical Feng Shui has two main schools, but the main focus that consultants concentrate on is the San Yuan Feng Shui flying star Xuan Kong school. In sum, the teachings of Xuan Kong can be divided into four subcategories: The Xuan Kong Flying Star, the 64 Hexagram (Da Gua), the Six Methods (Liu Fa), and the Date Selection (Ze Ri). Here is a quick summary of the three subcategories that are not covered here:

  1. 64 Hexagram (Da Gua): Specifically, it is used to predict the future and the destiny of a person.
  2. Six Methods (Liu Fa): It uses 6 different, very complicated methods to determine a good energy flow. This study is highly advanced. The main idea is to have all windows and doors positions in perfect relationship with the furniture. As a consequence, major construction work needs to be done to reposition the doors and windows.
  3. Date Selection (Ze Ri): Ze Ri is used by practitioners to select auspicious dates for special events. Choosing a good day with positive energy for a wedding or giving birth can change one’s life destiny. For example, a wedding on special dates can bring never-ending love and harmony into the couple’s future.

Feng Shui Flying Star Meaning and Basics

In the Feng Shui Flying Star System, there are nine distinct types of star energies. With the application of the Yin-Yang concept, half of these stars bring auspiciousness, while the other half bring inauspicious affairs into our lives. These unseen energy stars manifest within specific sections of the home, exerting either positive or negative effects on your daily life.

For instance, these energies impact the harmony, emotions, financial matters, relationships, and overall well-being of the residents. In our solar system, we have nine astrological stars that generate different forms of Qi energy on our planet. These Feng Shui Flying Stars, as we understand them, interact and influence life on Earth, encompassing both animals and humans.

The primary objective of the Xuan Kong Flying Star system is to harmonize the flow of Qi. Consequently, a consultant  analyzes and assesses the influences of these energy fields inside the home, aiming to mitigate unfavorable energies and enhance favorable ones for the occupants own benefit.

For those with limited knowledge of Feng Shui, it’s worth understanding that there are unseen energies within a home that manifest in diverse ways. These energies, which influence a structure according to the year of construction and compass orientation, establish a distinctive and unchanging blueprint known as the permanent energy.

Think of it as energy enclosed within a box, unable to escape once the lid is closed. In addition to these permanent influences, each year brings its own set of energies that mingle and interact with the permanent ones. You can envision these annual influences as guests arriving at the house and engaging with the permanent resident’s energy. An analyst’s role is to unravel the intricate layers and examine how this energy interacts with the occupants.

It’s important to note that practitioners may employ different approaches to analyzing the same energy chart. Just as there are various paths to climb a mountain, the ultimate goal (reaching the peak) remains the same.

Feng Shui Flying Star History

The historical roots of Flying Stars are firmly grounded in the ancient traditions of Chinese culture, particularly within the intricate framework known as the Xuan Kong  system. This system represents an advanced and multifaceted branch of Feng Shui, with its primary focus directed towards the intricate dynamics and interplay of celestial bodies within the various sectors of a structure or space. Here is a concise account of the history:

In the present era, some skeptics have raised questions regarding the purported age of classical Feng Shui. Yet, a meticulous examination of authenticated translations of ancient scholars’ texts unquestionably substantiates that these principles were indeed employed centuries ago.

While the terminology employed by emperors and scholars might have differed from the contemporary labeling of Feng Shui, the essence of the practice remains the same. This parallel is evident when considering the concept of Feng Shui Qi and its underlying energies. In ancient times, diverse descriptions and symbols were employed, though they fundamentally converged upon the same universal principles.

Moreover, it is imperative to recognize the mystifying manner in which ancient emperors and their scholars conveyed their wisdom, often shrouding it in secrecy to safeguard it from commoners and potential rivals. Their primary concern lay in maintaining dominion and exerting strict control over the people.

Consequently, they diluted it into simplified principles, such as the Hetu river map, which was, in reality, an astrological and mathematical representation of celestial energy alignments.

The term “Feng Shui” as we understand it today did not exist before the era of Guo Pu (276-234 CE), the author of the fundamental text “Book of Burial.” Instead, phrases like “di li” were used, reflecting the use of compass-based divination, which was employed in maritime practices long before the emergence of Feng Shui. I shall refrain from delving into the history of the traditional Luo Shu Compass, as it merits a separate discussion.

However, it is worth noting that approximately 900 to 1000 years ago, Wang Chi applied the techniques of the San He School. This school, referred to as the Form School in modern times, concerns itself with the environmental impact of specific areas, be they locations for structures or burial sites (Yin Feng Shui).

Many masters and practitioners, both in the past and in the present, have adopted the San Yuan techniques, particularly the sub-form known as Xuan Kong Flying Star, as a cornerstone of this school.

Though this school may be considered relatively recent, it remains rooted in the same classical principles as all other iterations of Feng Shui, extending back thousands of years into history. Flying Stars can be perceived as a more potent and contemporary version, akin to advancements in technology.

At their core, all Feng Shui principles are grounded in the roots of astronomy, exploring how qi and its energy forces exert their influence upon the entire universe, individual stars, and our planet.

History of the Early Heaven Bagua Map (He-Tu)

The book of changes (I-Chang) tells us how the evolution process of the first River Diagram, or Early Heaven (Hetu), and the second one, the Later Heaven Diagram (Luo), took place.

In the time when Emperor Fu-xi or was it referred perhaps to an era instead, around 2800 BC, it was said that a mystical creature that looked like a horse or dragon came out of the Yellow River. On the creature’s back, a map with hollow and solid dots was presented to the emperor. He was very excited about the discovery and had let his top scholars study the map. The translation of He-Tu literally means “the river diagram.” Astonishing results were discovered, and the Yellow River Map, or He-Tu, was born.

The conventional textbook depiction of the Hetu River map merely scratches the surface of its true nature. In reality, it served as an astrological map, revealing celestial alignments that were originally discovered by astrologers and subsequently deciphered by mathematicians.

As can be seen, there are two kinds of dots in the diagram. One is hollow, while the other is solid. In addition, both can be found in combination with each other. Also, it can be noticed that all the solid dots are even numbers on the bottom, while the hollow ones are uneven numbers on top. The scholars even went further and compared the entire landscape of China with the dot map.

Surprisingly, stunning discoveries had been made and the 5-Element Theory was born:

  • South: In China, it was always warmer in this region than in others. Therefore, it was concluded this sector must contain the FIRE-ELEMENT
  • North: As North is located on the opposite side of the compass as South and energy always flows from top to bottom like a river, this section became the WATER-ELEMENT
  • West: The western region of China is occupied by a lot of mountain ranges. The scholars noticed that all the precious metals (gold, iron, stones) were coming from here. It was concluded that the west sector is the METAL-ELEMENT
  • East: The East side of China was occupied by lush forest and all the farming activities came from here. Therefore, it was determined that this region is the WOOD-ELEMENT
  • Center: The center region of China was settled as the EARTH-ELEMENT

Finally, the Ta-Ji Model of the Yin-Yang Principle was also adopted into this model. All uneven numbers are Yang-based and considered to be heaven (top), and the even numbers are Yin-based, which is earth. With some complicated mathematical formulas, Fu-Xi transformed the dots into solid and broken line formations. These line formations reflect the six different kinds of yin and yang:

  • 100% Yin in its form
  • All Yang in its form
  • More Yin is the extreme non-active form of Yin
  • Minor Yang is the less active form of Yin
  • Minor Yin is the less not active form of Yang
  • More Yang is the extreme active form of Yang

A further look into the principles of Yin and Yang is needed to have a full understanding of the different line formations. The south (top) is all Yang-based, as all three lines are solid. Fire, the sun, and strength are common characteristics to be considered 100% Yang.

On the other hand, the three broken lines represent all Yin and are located on the bottom (north) of the trigram. All other compass directions are a mix of both.

Is the Early Heaven Trigram still be used today?

The application of the trigram is very sporadically used today. Only Yin Feng Shui Masters in China use the Early Heaven Trigram to determine the best grave placement for deceased family members. It does give a good indication of the best graveyard’s location.

Over time, the modern Feng Shui Consultation uses only the Later Heaven Trigram or Luo Shu Square (Bagua Map). In one occasion, the Early Heaven Trigram is used in the Bagua Mirror as it reflects the Heaven Sequence.

The Later Heaven Bagua Map (Luo Shu)

Once the horse-like creature made its appearance, another mystical creature resembling a turtle emerged on the river bank. The scholars of King Wen, fascinated by this occurrence, utilized the dot arrangement from the turtle’s shell to construct a novel Bagua map known as the Later Heaven Diagram or Luo Shu Magic Square.

Once more, our discussion pertains to the simplified narrative-based portrayal of an astrological energy map featuring stars.

Remarkably, this energy map remains in use today and serves as a representation of the earth’s model. It enables us to easily determine which sections of our homes possess favorable energies and which ones harbor inauspicious ones. In essence, exploring the significance of the nine flying stars unveils intriguing insights.

  • #1 Star: (Kan, White, N): Water
  • #2 Star: (Kun, Black, SW): Earth
  • #3 Star: (Zhen, Green, E): Wood
  • #4 Star: (Zun, Green, SE): Wood
  • #5Star: (Yellow) / Center: Earth
  • #6 Star: Qian, White, NW): Metal
  • #7Star: Dui, Red, W): Metal
  • #8 Star: Gen, White,NE): Earth
  • #9 Star: Li, Purple, S): Fire

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the traditional learn-by-textbook method, I’m about to divulge an intriguing revelation.

Contrary to the animalistic narrative, the entire depiction of these creatures was nothing more than a fable that ancient emperors made up to deceive the general population.

In reality, it was a group of exceptionally skilled astronomers and mathematicians who diligently observed the skies and tracked the movements of stars. The origins of the nine flying star energies can be traced back to various constellations in our universe.

It’s important to note that the illiterate farmers of that time were presented with this fairy tale to maintain secrecy regarding the true source. The emperors intended to safeguard this knowledge exclusively for themselves.

Feng Shui Flying Star Energy Periods

Feng Shui Flying-Star Time Dynamic

Permanent Energy (20 year cycle)

Chinese astronomers made a remarkable discovery: every 180 years, all the planets in our universe align in a straight line. This led to the realization that each period must span 20 years, given the existence of distinct Xuan Kong flying stars. Consequently, a significant energy shift occurs on our planet every two decades.

The energy qualities associated with these stars undergo changes as well. The energy chart, representing a Period 8 home, displays the base numbers (Stars 1–9) as single-digit figures. In the center of the chart, you will find Base Number 8. The remaining stars follow a precise order as they fly into the other sectors, collectively creating the complete energy chart configuration.

  • 1. Period 1864 – 1883 (Upper Yuan Cycle)
  • 2. Period 1884 – 1903 (Upper Yuan Cycle)
  • 3. Period 1904 – 1923 (Upper Yuan Cycle)
  • 4. Period 1924 – 1943 (Middle Yuan Cycle)
  • 5. Period 1944 – 1963 (Middle Yuan Cycle)
  • 6. Period 1964 – 1983 (Middle Yuan Cycle)
  • 7. Period 1984 – 2003 (Lower Yuan Cycle)
  • 8. Period 2004 – 2023 (Lower Yuan Cycle)
  • 9. Period 2024 – 2043 (Lower Yuan Cycle)
  • End of the 180-year cycle: New 1. The period starts at 2044 – 2063

Feng Shui Flying Star: Yearly Energy (1 year cycle)

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that the Feng Shui flying star energies undergoes constant fluctuations on an annual basis. Therefore, it becomes necessary to make suitable adjustments and incorporate relevant remedies. These energies are highly dynamic, and their effects can be felt relatively quickly.

Feng Shui Flying Star: Monthly Energy (1 month cycle)

Furthermore, apart from the yearly energy shifts, some enthusiasts also pay close attention to the monthly energy shifts. However, it’s worth noting that only in very specific cases should a monthly adjustment be taken into account, as it is just too time-consuming and impractical.

Read More: Why time matters in Feng Shui

Explanation of the Classical Luo Shu Map (Energy Star Chart)

Basically, the upper two numbers are reflecting the actual energy in this section. The left number is called the Sitting (Mountain) Star, compared to the right number which is called the Facing (Water) Star. The Sitting Star particularly deals with the health and well-being of the house residence. On the other hand, the Facing Star reflects the wealth and money matters of the residence.

To illustrate further the Water Star is Yang based as the Mountain Star is Ying based. The nine stars collaborate with each other to form a total of 81 Star combinations. Above the 5/2 Star combination can be detected. Unquestionably, you do not want it in one of your main home sectors. As you already know, all the stars do have a different kind of Qi (Shi) energies.

We can say the following:

  • The main star for Feng Shui Wealth to be concerned is the Facing or Water Star. Whereas, the Mountain Star is the visitor. This also counts for all the yearly and monthly stars. They come and go. Surely, determine the Energy of the Facing Star by the 5 Element Theory. Does your sector enhance, neutralize, or control the star element?
  • Star energy can also be influenced by outdoor structures. Keep an eye on this, too. The same can be said for interior structures.
  • The main star for Health and Relationship is the Mountain or Water Star. The Sitting Star is the visitor.
  • Sometimes the stars only interfere with the main or visitor star, but a lot of times the star combination can have an effect on both: Wealth & Health.
  • The Base Number (Single Digit) determines the flying star structure of the energy map.

In order to analyze the whole energy map, you need to have advanced study skills to fully understand the whole picture. If you are curious about how to apply the Bagua Map the correct way, read more here.

Here is a short To Do List in order to get a proper permanent energy chart for your home:

      1. Step: Create a to-scale floor plan of your home, with each floor drawn separately.
      2. Step: Determine the center of the home and mark it. (Click the hyperlink to find further instructions)
      3. Step: Draw the pie chart (luo shu or bagua map) onto your floor plan. (Click the hyperlink to find further instructions)
    1. Step: Determine the facing direction of your home (Click the hyperlink to find further instructions)
    2. Step: Once the facing is determined, make a accurate magnetic compass reading (Click the hyperlink to find further instructions)
    3. Step: Look up the exact date of when the building’s construction was completed to determine the house Period number: Period 1 from 1864 – 1883 /Period 2 from 1884 – 1903 / Period 3 from 1904 – 1923 / Period 4 from 1924 – 1943  / Period 5 from 1944 – 1963 / Period 6 from 1964 – 1983 / Period 7 from 1984 – 2003 / Period 8 from 2004 – 2023 /Period 9 from 2024 – 2043
    4. Step: Calculate your home’s unique permanent flying star chart by determining the period and precise compass degree. This calculator can quickly generate your energy chart for you:

Calculate your flying star energy chart by utilizing the home's construction completion date and the magnetic compass degree.

The exact year of the building's construction completion
Magnetic compass directions in degree of home

Calculate your flying star energy chart by utilizing the home's construction completion date and the magnetic compass degree.

The exact year of the building's construction completion
Magnetic compass directions in degree of home

Note: Using the calculator will open a new page

Please be aware that the star qualities do change if combinations are formed such as Main Star with Visitor Star, Sitting Star with Yearly Star, Facing Star with Yearly Star, and Yearly Star with Monthly Star.

Please refer to the Flying Star 81 Combination Study for further Explanation

Of course, this just scratches the basic surface of the whole Flying Star Study. We hope you got a hint of what the concept is about.

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