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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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Actually, my plan was not to write anything about the current Covid Virus crisis, but the media is in a full-blown panic spreading mode. Yes, the crisis is bad, no doubt, and we all need to stay safe and seek precaution measurements.

What amazes me the most is that mainly the developed countries in Europe, the USA, and Asia are facing the worst problems. Compare it to Thailand with only 2900 cases nationwide (Stand: May 2, 2020) to the USA, with over one million and other European countries combined hitting nearly the million mark. What went wrong in these countries, and why are so-called third-world countries better off?

Closing off borders, grounding airlines, and curfew restrictions might temporarily stop the spread, but the second and third waves will even hit harder as the first one, that’s for sure. Take a look at the Spanish flu in 1910, where over 50 million people have died. The first wave was still manageable, but the other waves caused the majority of the damage.

Do not panic and fear

The media outlets are thriving to create panic and fear just for the sake of propaganda and ratings. Many so-called health experts do interviews and suggest a sure way to treat a patient is right, but others disagree and suggest other treatment options. This whole scenario is causing a lot of confusion, arguments upon the “experts” themselves.

You, as a member of the public, watch, read, or listen in awe all the different precautions you should take. What happens next, your mind is getting more and more confused until panic and fear sets in. To explain further, it is proven that:


Yes, the more fear and anxious a person gets, the more vulnerable the body gets catching the virus. In my opinion, the media or “experts” who support spreading all these frightening misinformation are much worse than the virus itself. A regular citizen becomes the perfect breeding ground for fear to grow and profoundly anchors inside a person’s psychology.

Many people here on earth still lack the knowledge of why they live and not finding their purpose or meaning in life. This confusion, or sometimes ignorance, blocks the universal Qi energy flow of your body, and the outcome is sickness.

Do not let your country leaders, “health experts,” drag you into dull dungeons and stop creating fear and panic emotions. Our lives have so much to offer. Therefore, block anybody who tries to control the mind of your own life.

Fengshuibalanz TIP: The only possible way to stay clear and having a more relaxed mind is to STOP watching the news. Get a quick 5 minutes news update every day to stay up to date, but don’t spend hours after hours in front of the news channels

Feng Shui Tips to stay safe

In my opinion, it is now the perfect time to reflect on your own lifestyle and change it. Here a few tips:

  • Stop eating processed supermarket food and start cooking for yourself. Make your sauces and ingredients from the stretch. It is effortless to open a sachet, add water, and have a ready-made sauce. Is it healthy? No, it is not. Learn to cook and take your time for a freshly prepared meal
  • Eat homegrown fruits and vegetables from farmers in your area. The body’s magnetism loves regional food for the benefit of smooth energy flow in your body’s organs.
  • Chew everything very well, and do not swallow like a tiger. Well, chew food increases your body’s immune system.
  • After waking up, drink a glass of water on an empty stomach and drink one glass of water thirty minutes before eating your meal. You can sip a little bit during food intake, but not much.
  • Eat a healthy diet, which includes a maximum of 20g sugar per day, low salt intake, and eating only good oils (olive oil, avocado oil).
  • Lose weight if you need, and at least speed walk every day for 30 minutes.

You might ask what all this has to do with Feng Shui. Well, a lot of Feng Shui Masters still do not see the connections between being healthy, having an excellent personal magnetism, and making the Feng Shui arrangements inside your home. My Master, thought us over and over again, that YOUR HEALTH is the key to good Feng Shui. If your body is in sync, everything falls easily in place. Even the so-called bad Stars 5 and 2, might have little effect on you. Sound great, right?

Could have Feng Shui predicted the Covid Virus (a 9 Star Ki Analysis)

I have noticed that some practitioners try to superimpose the Fei Xing or Flying Stars onto the current Covid-19 events in 2020. In some way, you might bend the annual Flying Stars to fit why COVID is happening. However, the Flying Star energies are just for the pure purpose of house divination and nothing more. As the energies only report back to form (square, round, etc.) and material (metal, wood), and nothing more, we cannot use this energy to read and predict real news events. As a matter of fact, the 9 Star Ki News Divination is a much more accurate system to use for this purpose.

What is the 9 Star Ki?

9 Star Ki Star are just the raw Star energies that are suggesting certain events and outcomes. Besides, the energy’s main purpose is to endure, to show, and archive and always in swirling motion to expand or contract. The energies of 9 Star Ki are purely electromagnetic in nature and govern gravitation pulling and pushing from the earth orbiting around the sun.

Therefore, these universal energies in 9 Star Ki reflect only objects, character, and Trigram attributes. The stars are always timely, but neither auspicious nor inauspicious at times: Their characteristics and outcome are NEUTRAL.

2 Main reasons to use the 9 Star Ki over Flying Stars to investigate the COVID-19 events

  • 9 Star Ki are neither auspicious nor inauspicious all the time: There is no positive or negative attribute when reading the energies. Therefore, we cannot say Star 2 stands for sickness, such being said in Flying Stars. In 9 Star Ki, Star 2 stands for health, food, or education. It does not tell if the events are positive or negative.
  • 9 Star Ki are always timely: There is no timely or untimely here. In Flying Stars, the Star behavior does change following the current period we are in right now. For example, Star 8 (our current period from 2004-2024) is highly auspicious during the current Period 8 but will start to fall out of favor when entering period 9 or 1 in the future. On the contrary, Star 9 Ki is always timely, being it in the year 1900 or 2100. Nothing does change with the energy attributes over time.
  • 9 Star Ki does not report to Element wuxing (5 Element theory)

As earlier mentioned, Flying Stars are not meant to forecast any news events around the world. Yes, we need to navigate the energy flow inside the home for our advantage to enjoy the benefits from it. On youtube, I came across a video explaining how wuxing of 5 Elements might predict that starting in June, the situation will get better because annual Star 7 Metal greats Star 6 Metal.

It is certain that in 9 Star Ki, there is no place for such wuxing approaches. A Star energy stands for emotions, objects, or events. To illustrate better, Star 1 is associated, for example, with a virus or swimming pool. The swimming pool’s shape can be round, square, the watercolor green or blue, the material made out of stone or metal. All these fine details of how the pool looks like does not matter, as in the end, the swimming pool remains Star 1 regardless of size, color, and shape.

To summarize, we look at events, find out the subject, and use the neutral Star energies attitudes to approach the situation in Star 9 Ki.

Step by Step 9 Ki Star approach


The annual Star 7 govern lungs, throat, and mouth. As this is our annual trend, we can suggest that lung diseases are on the rise for the full year. Further, Star 7 reflects monetary and financial issues. We cannot tell if the financial issues are going to be positive or negative.

There are numerous other attributes associated with the Star 7, but let’s not focus on these others here right now.


Annual Star 1 stands for viruses, bacteria, and infection resides in the Star 8 palace for the year. The Palace 8 stands for major changes, and matters that were taken for granted all along will not last.

Looking diagonal, we can see Star 4 residing in Palace 2. Star 4 associates everything that travels by air. Star 2 associates for breathing, food, and health. Combining Star 2 and Star 4, we see food/health deliveries by aviation and breathing health (Star 4-2) issues.

Going a little bit deeper into technicalities, we can combine Star 1 diagonal with Star 4 and having breathing problems caused by virus//bacteria (4-1). As Star 1 is the lowest form of energy of all nine Stars, there is a high chance that health (2) is at its lowest energy point (1). Also, the virus/bacteria or air pollution (1) is transmitted by air (4), just as a side note.


To cross-check, Star 2 (health) is found in the Star 9 palace for public exposure. Something health-related is being exposed to the public. As you can remember, COVID was already happening since November 2019 in China, but finally got the public awareness beginning of February when the new annual Stars were setting in for the year 2020.

Star 3 reflects Thunder or something sudden, unstoppable, and loud. Let’s combine Star 1 for virus and Star 3, which makes it an unstoppable virus (3-1) situation.

As this is an annual event, I am not expecting any major changes until the new annual energies in February 2021 will set in. This is just looking at the annual stars, and yes, we could go even deeper into the topic involving other palaces for financial events and monthly stars to fine-tune the happenings.

Stay safe and do not fall prey on the panic making news media coverage. Always stay healthy and keep an eye on a balance body magnetism for the qi energies to flow freely inside your body.

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