Feng Shui Xuan Kong Fei Xin Flying Star Calculator

Calculate your flying star energy chart by utilizing the home's construction completion date and the magnetic compass degree.

The exact year of the building's construction completion
Magnetic compass directions in degree of home

The free Flying Star Calculator (Feng Shui) contains all 144 energy charts. Discover the hidden message of your home’s center.

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How to Use the Flying Star Calculator

Each Feng Shui year spans from February 4 to February 3 of the next year. If your home was completed during a “Period transition year” before February 4th, it falls under the energy period preceding it. For instance, if construction completed on January 30th, 2024, the home belongs to Feng Shui Period 8 rather than Period 9.

⇓ = Symbol indicated facing direction of structure
⊥= Symbol indicated sitting direction of structure
Interpretation of Energies: Period 9 was utilized for interpreting of the central energy affects its occupants

On the Feng Shui Flying Star chart, the number to the left of the hyphen denotes the mountain dragon qi, while the number to the right represents the water dragon qi. Below them lies the base star, which exerts a shadowy, influential force on the palace and cannot be remedied.

For instance: 5  –  6

Here, Star 5 represents the mountain star, Star 6 is the water star, and Star 1 is the base star.

What other factors are significant?

The choice to showcase the Feng Shui Flying Star Charts in a “3×3 magic square” format is exclusively for the purpose of illustration and study. In practical applications, the traditional pie chart, or Luoshu, is overlaid onto the floorplan. This method helps in comprehending the electromagnetic implications of energy distribution within each of the 8 sections by depicting only the 8 trigrams and 9 stars.

The home’s concealed motive of the central stars

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that in reality, there isn’t an actual central palace when it comes to the distribution of electromagnetic energy and the 9 Stars. The geometric center of a structure serves merely as a point or small dot of reference for the dispersion of Qi energy into the different sections of the living space.

It’s crucial to note that electromagnetism relies on directional flow rather than conforming to a square format. This underscores the fact that a pie chart illustrates the actual Qi flow within a home.

The depiction of a central palace is intended to emphasize the various geomantic messages a house conveys to its occupants. Upon delving into these concealed messages, it becomes apparent quite quickly that they could resemble a script from a horror movie, showcasing the multitude of disasters one might experience while living in the home.

Remarkably, up to 95% of the central energies in all of the Feng Shui Flying Stars chart tend to be negative. Having an inauspicious center isn’t necessarily a recipe for outright disaster; it typically requires multiple layers of unfavorable influences accumulating together for residents to truly feel any impact.

Moreover, if the geometric center remains tranquil and isn’t continually activated by any inauspicious features of form and shape (such as a staircase), there’s typically not much cause for concern. It’s also worth noting that if a person associated with their personal Kua (ming gua) or associated trigram resides within the home, they could potentially activate the center.

Your home serves as a significant reflection of yourself! Whatever unfolds within the home can also manifest within you!
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