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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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Feng Shui will not work if you are not healthy. Yes, that is right, you can have the perfect Feng Shui Home, but the effects will be very limited if your Body Feng Shui is off balance. Even the most money in the world will not make you happy if struggle with the body’s health is on your daily agenda. Before all the Feng Shui cures and placement can take effect, your body needs to be in harmony as well. In fact, it has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures as part of natural medicine, but it’s just starting to catch on in the Western world. Let’s take a look on how to do it:

How to increase personal magnetism

As you are well aware, the entire earth atmosphere is magnetized regardless of where you go. This is one of the reasons why the magnet does work in the same fashion, no matter if you are in the USA or in Europe. Each region has its own unique energy fields which our body adsorbs automatically. What I am trying to say it that wherever you live, you will capture the surrounding magnetism.

Without getting too technical, the so-called art and science of personal magnetism is a form of energy that is distributed by your blood into every tissue and organ. Have you ever wondered why some people just have such a big charm and charisma? These people know exactly how to adjust their Body Feng Shui and never get off-balance. It is actually easier as you might think. The secret of Feng Shui health cures is simply summarized in one sentence:


A change in your lifestyle is all that’s needed to get your body magnetism back in balance.

Are you ready to change yourself and become a strong, healthy person? Let’s start and transform your life now! It might take some efforts to start with, but to harvest, the great benefits can change your life forever.

What are the benefits of a balanced Body Feng Shui?

It is not only that for you as a person the overall health aspect improves, a change in your charm and charisma can also be noticed. All of the sudden doors will open up for you that were closed a long time. This can be in relation to find your forever love or get promoted.

Overall, the whole day a great feeling overcomes you out of nowhere. All of the sudden, the whole body feels energetic and alive. These are the first signs that your our Feng Shui health cures are being aligned and in balance. At this point, do not be selfish and share the positive aura to your loved-ones.

Body Feng Shui Tip 1: Share your positive Energy

It is well known that energy, either positive or negative, is contagious and sticks around. A simple smile to somebody makes all the difference. In case you are to enter/leave a building and somebody walks behind you. Keep the door open for this person as well. It is just a small gesture, but nowadays not common anymore. A big smile of appreciation is certain. Just do these little things. Give compliments if somebody does a good job, be it a colleague or the spouse. This will boost the energy around as well as yours.

Body Feng Shui Tip 2: Reduce Bad Luck

Many star energies known in Feng Shui are actually not harmful at all. It needs a trigger for it to become effective. If the Body Feng Shui is in balance, all these little annoying mishaps that happen over and over again will disappear overnight. Personal luck will greatly be improved to live a happier and fulfilled life.

Furthermore, if you encounter people with extreme negative energy, avoid them if possible. If this can’t be done, simply reject and respond with kindness. Sure, you will be boiling inside like a rice cooker, but do not show the emotions. Keep calm, smile as no bad energy will stick around you anymore.

Body Feng Shui Tip 3: Attract your Desires and Wishes to come true

The best benefits of all are that desires and wishes will come true. As you are well connected in perfect balance with the universal energy, the thoughts have no obstruction as to go straight up. There, all the universal energy conspires to help you to realize any dream.

How to apply your Feng Shui Health Cures

Now that you know what great benefits await you, it is time to talk about how implement the Feng Shui health cures can be done. There is no need to attend any master-classes or to buy any of the expensive books. In just a few steps, the whole secret is revealed. Without a doubt, it might be hard in the beginning to adapt and the human’s “I do not like changes” behavior surfaces, but you need to be strong. As a matter of fact, you need to develop a strong will-power to overcome the weakness in the beginning stages.


You are what you Eat!

Without a doubt, the blood is the lifeline of the body which supports all the necessary energy to the organs. Yes, blood transports all the Qi-Energy around the body. Of course, you should be aware of the consequences when the blood starts to carry inauspicious energy around.

As a result, the body becomes weaker and weaker affecting your Body Feng Shui in a negative way. Sickness can set in with ease once bad Sha-Qi takes over the cell structure. It is utmost important to keep a high quality of blood for the organs to functions without interruption. Any imbalance and the effects can be felt right away.

The Chinese ancestors already were well aware that the food intake has a huge influence o a person’s character. In Chinese Traditional Medicine all the body organs are categorized into Yin Yang and the Feng Shui 5 Elements Cycle to keep each body organ in balance. To study Traditional Medicine is not necessary, as these easy to learn Feng Shui cure for health problems tips are enough to do the magic:

Feng Shui health cures Tip 1: EAT FOOD FROM YOU REGION

All the food from your region does contain the same Body Feng Shui magnetism energy as your body. Therefore, it is highly recommended to only eat food which comes from the same region as you live in. The big advantage is, that the same magnetic energy enters the body without causing any disturbances.

If two different kind of energies is combined, both will interact with each other. The result could be an off-balance energy flow inside the body. We are well aware that this is hard to do, but try to eat regional vegetables and fruits which are in season.

Feng Shui health cures Tip 2: EAT HEALTHY FOOD:

This should be a no-brainer, but we have noticed it way too often that due to lack of time and lifestyle those quick ready-meals are eaten from the supermarket. For most, to make time to cook a healthy meal became a luxury. We can give quick advice on how you still can cook and eat healthy.

Once you have time cook a huge meal, divide the left-overs into small boxes and freeze them. Most of the nutrients are still there. Now, once the time is limited, defrost and eat the frozen portions. This way, the processed supermarket food can be avoided.

Feng Shui health cures Tip 3: FOODS TO AVOID

  • Palm Oil: It clogs you blood vessels like chewing gum. Restaurants and food processors use oil because it is cheap and many times reusable. The best is to use olive oil, avocado oil or other good oils with a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • Avoid too much Yin-Food such as fast food of all kinds and excess amounts of sodium (salt). As the body is considered Yang or active in itself, too much Yin-food would make one inactive and lazy.
  • Other foods to avoid/limit: Sugar (only 25g per day), Sodium (salt, or MSG), bad fats from animals (pigs have the same DNA structure as humans, therefore this kind of fat is the most dangerous ones for humans)

Feng Shui health cures Tip 4: EAT SEASONAL FOOD

The Body Feng Shui changes with the season over a 12 months cycle. In accordance with the 5 Elements cycle, you should eat certain foods which Element is currently dominant.

  • February, March, April: Eat Wood-Element based foods
  • May, June, July: Eat Fire-Element based foods
  • August, September, October: Eat Metal-Element based foods
  • November, December, January: Eat Water-Element based foods

Feng Shui health cures Tip 5: CHEW YOUR FOOD

The best breathing exercise without actually doing meditation is to chew food thoroughly. Sounds crazy, but studies in Japan have shown the powers of such practice. Remember, when you were little and parents always told to chew and not swallow the food. As an adult, we have abandoned this habit and gulp down every bite like there is no tomorrow. Try to eat slowly, chew every little bite, and enjoy the benefits of staying healthy.

Feng Shui health cures Tip 6: DRINK PLENTY OF WATER

As the blood’s main substance is water, plenty of hydration is needed to keep up the flow. At least 1.5 – 2 liters per day of pure water or tea should do the magic. Sorry, but you might have to skip any kind of soda beverages and coffee as these do not count. Another great alternative to water is unsweetened tea. My favorite is a Avocado Tea made out of the seed from the fruit. It is very beneficial for your health and overall well-being.

More Feng Shui cure for health problems Tips:


Avoid any important events around the Equinoxes (March and September) and also around the Solstices (June and December) as an energy shift on the earth atmosphere occurs at these times. The body Feng Shui‘s energy needs to adapt to the new cycle and this can cause you to make cloudy decisions. Have a look at the calendar or internet of the exact dates of the Equinoxes / Solstices.

As a matter of fact, try not to schedule any important meetings, events, or festivities around this time. Again, your body Feng Shui will be slightly off and these events might not end too well.


Many kinds of processed foods are acid in nature. If too much is consumed on a daily basis, the body reaches an unhealthy state of acidity. A normal body PH level should be maintained at around 7. In every drug store, you can get a cheap Body PH testing kit for a few dollars. Exercise will help to raise the PH levels back into a more alkalized state.

Do at least 3 times a week, 20-40 minutes of cardio exercise. Also, it will help to reduce cholesterol build-up from the blood vessels. Without reservations, your good Qi Energy flow coupled with much-needed oxygen can reach every corner of the body with ease. Oh, we almost forgot to mention, depression is battled to its knees once you stay active.


Take some rest and sleep at least 8 hours in a well-balanced bedroom. At this point, Feng Shui comes into play. Take note, a good sleep environment should be in accordance with the rules of energy movements. The personal Feng Shui Kua Number and the Xuan Kong Flying Star concept should be considered for auspicious energy to circulate inside your bedroom. A well-rested body is a sure thing.


One of my favorite Feng Shui health cures tip is to treat your body as it deserved some wellness pampering. 24 hours every day in action to keep all the functions intact isn’t easy. Take a break and go to the sauna, get a Thai massage, do a Turkish bath, or do herbal treatments. All this will help to stay in balance, be it mentally or psychically.


Stop any negative thoughts right now. Any emotion produced by a person is actually energy. Get out of the trap to think always negative as it will shape your character. Have the willpower to reach any goal you desire. Set smaller ones at first, but also keep the bigger goal for long term back in your mind. A very simple, but powerful technique for your daily exercise. Say out loud at least 3 times a day:

I am a child of the universe. I have the power to archive “..your goal here..“. All the energy will conspire to help me. Thank you universe and my gratitude.


Sit down and very honestly analyze your own character. How do your family and friends see you? What are my good traits and what are my bad habits? Everyone makes mistakes, we are human, but learn from it. You will be trapped in a vicious karmic cycle if the same habit repeats itself over and over again.

Heaven-Qi will tell you: You have not leaned, repeat again until the light switch turns on and the “OK I GOT IT” takes effect. Remember, we all come from the same energy source. At this point, no boundaries exist anymore. All doors are wide open to fulfill your desires and dreams.


In our online Feng Shui consultation, we always go beyond the scope of just doing the normal Feng Shui placements. Many times, the client’s Body Feng Shui is so off, that this has to be fixed first before a good result can be seen. This is part of your Inner-Feng Shui, keep this in mind! Need more help, please feel free to book our consultation:


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