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Last updated on July 17, 2023

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Where there is water, there is wealth; where there are mountains, there is an accumulation of qi. Yang Yung Sang documented the visual inspection of exterior landscape and its qi affects for specific areas in the classics of Feng Shui literature dating back to at least 600 a.d.

He had already mastered the science of how earthen substances can memorize the heavens’ chi, brought by the stars. If we look around ancient temples, we can see that the Mayas, the Greeks, the Egyptians, or the Cambodian temple Angkor Wat were precisely aligned with the solstices. Coincidence? I do not believe so, as in ancient times, astrologers were very advanced and knew the universe even better than we do today.

Once a building is anchored to the earth by its foundation, heaven chi unites with earth chi to produce a special magnetic field that disperses evenly in eight directions inside the structure. This manifestation of energy creates the flying star chart with the corresponding mountain star (dragon) and water dragon formation pairings.

In course, the type of energy combinations that flow inside a house are determined by time (period) and orientation (cardinal direction). All energies must report back to the “fictitious center,” which serves as a point of reference for all chi.

To use the Water and Mountain Dragon Formula correctly in a space, one need to find the “dragon veins” and place the remedies there in a strategic way. There is no doubt that the formulas are powerful, useful tools for improving the flow of qi in a given section promoting positive energy.

Water and Mountain Star Dragon Manifestation Rules

water mountain dragon feng shui

The mountain star dragon is always found on the left side of the hyphen on the flying star chart, whereas the water dragon is always found on the right. It is applicable to the energy chart’s eight divisions, including its center.

All of the factors listed below determine how the mountain star and water dragons act and manifest themselves inside a building.

TIME: There are some fundamental universal laws that both dragon and mountain star energies must abide by. First, we must consider the passage of time. 180 years make up a complete cycle, during which energy must pass through several stages. The dragon exhibits its best qualities during its timely stages (wang and sheng), when it is most prosperous and auspicious.

During the other stages of decline and death, the traits become more negative and unfavorable. To give an example, the wealth or wang star in Period 9 is star 9. Stars 1 and 2 are rising and becoming increasingly more positive. Other stars, like star 3, are in an untimely or dying stage and are outputting primarily negative energy.

As a general rule, the level of impact from an electromagnetic energy field depends on how long a person is exposed to it. This could result in either a bad, neutral, or good experience.

WHO LIVES HERE:  In addition to the length of time, it also matters who spends time there. Because each person is born with a certain trigram, we can tell if the sectional energies are harmonious or discordant.

A harmonic energy setting would be the star 2-8 section in the living room. In this instance, the mother (star 2, earth) is compatible with the youngest son (star 8, earth). Let’s instead examine a 4-7 combination where star 7 metal dominates over star 4 wood.

The youngest daughter (star 4) becomes disobedient towards the elder sister because she believes that the older sibling (star 7) tries to dominate the younger one excessively. The outcome could be a bitter dispute between the two. These are only two simple instances of the various effects that the energy of the mountain and water dragons can have on a resident.

FUNCTION OF THE AREA: The purpose of the room should also not be overlooked. Depending on the profession, certain energies can even help advance a career. Star 3 is known for getting people into trouble with the law, but if a lawyer’s office has this energy, it could be very beneficial.

EXTERIOR FORM: Finally, considering the immediate surroundings might help assess whether the residence is overall supported by the environment or whether negative sha is irritating the interior energies further.

A Feng Shui audit compares the water and mountain dragon star energies of each sector to one another. The five-element theory can now aid the practitioner in determining whether these energies are interacting constructively, being supportive of each other, or in a subjugating or destructive way.

A 9–8 combination, where star 9 (fire) produces star 8 (earth), indicates a productive and healthy relationship between the mountain and water dragon. On the contrary, a dominating partnership would be a 4–7 combination, where metal (7) dominates wood (4). If a person stays too long in this energy field, hip and thigh health problems could arise.

Advanced applications of the mountain and water dragon

As you might recall, with certain house types (reversed house, double facing, or sitting), we need to place water and mountains outside the structure to support it rather than on the interior.

A reversed house requires nourishment in the form of water on the sitting side and mountains on the facing side to let the reversed wang stars feel at ease, comfortable, and at home. Instead of utilizing the 5-Element Productive Cycle approach in this situation, we simply use the water dragon and mountain star principles on the exterior.

This is due to the fact that the current period’s wang, or noble qi (star 9 in Period 9), has an honored “V.V.I.P.” stardom status. As we all know from our personal experiences, people in the highest position of authority follow different rules than average citizens. The wang star, which we must approach differently than the other stars, fits this description perfectly.

These homes (double sitting, facing, reverse) lose their classification after they leave the own construction period in which they were built.

Follow the indirect and direct spirit rules

Every period has a certain direction that corresponds to the best outdoor water position to promote prosperity. There is also a second-best water location for utilizing further wealth. This method also indicates the best and worst positions for mountain placement. To support the universal energy, place water and/or mountain in these directional outer sectors.

The rules indicates that in Period 9, north is the best location to activate indirect spirit for water. South taps into the energy of the mountain.

Exemptions to the rule:

Naturally, we must exercise caution and not just adhere to either of the two guidelines listed above without first considering other factors and performing a cross-check. The first exception is when the wang star and indirect-direct spirit rules collide. In this instance, if Wang Star 9 (Period 9) is found in the south area, outdoor water placement is out of the question.

The yearly influence is another exception to take into account. When untimely star energy flies into a sector, using actual water may be exceedingly counterproductive and even problematic.

Check once more to see if the trigram-associated family members are negatively impacted by the energies of the mountains or the water. It shouldn’t be employed if the water-dragon principles clash with other qi variables that produce negative energy.

Water Dragon and Mountain Star Dragon Remedies

water mountain dragon feng shui

Real nature is far superior to any artificial remedy. The support for the building provided by a real mountain is far greater than that of a substitute virtual mountain. The same holds true for having flowing physical water as opposed to any kind of virtual water. Since suburban development is typically constructed on flat terrain, there is a very significant likelihood that the bulk of the houses do not face any actual mountains in their surrounding vicinity.

What constitutes a suitable virtual mountain to replace a genuine mountain is shown in the following examples:

Stone walls, stone pillars, any kind of boulder, stone statues, a man-made small hill, and interior walls all count as virtual mountains. To promote the energy of the mountains, the area should be kept as yin as possible. This calls for closing windows and doors as much as you can and keeping the area darker.

Along with naturally occurring or artificially created water elements (pools, fountains, rivers, and streams), the water dragon is labeled an open area with a lot of yang activity, open doors, or windows. Remember that sheng water qi needs to be pleasant, peaceful, clean, and gentle in order to be enjoyed. Isn’t it lovely to gaze upon an aquarium filled with colorful fish having a good time?

Due to the need for qi to interact with the water molecules, keep the lid open. It won’t work if the container is concealed. Avoid Sha water qi that can be categorized as dirty, stagnant, rushing, noisy, smelly, straight, or narrow.


The most widely accepted online interpretation states that water solely represents prosperity. Water cannot naturally produce wealth on its own; rather, it is more frequently viewed as a stimulator that can lead to favorable outcomes.

For the qi to translate into events, a person (men qi) must take action.

In the absence of men’s actions, water would merely be water. Also, bear in mind the potential harm that water can cause after a hurricane has slammed the coastline and destroyed properties. The same is true with mountains, which are ostensibly good for people’s health and relationships.

Yet, a mountain may also trigger avalanches or landslides that have an effect on surrounding valley villages. To reiterate, a mountain is just a mountain, and it needs the right activator to result in positive results.

To conclude, be mindful of where to place water and mountain remedies within and outside of the building. It will produce very beneficial results if done appropriately, keeping in mind all guidelines and exceptions as well as our actions.

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