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Last updated on July 17, 2023

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In the new age of the 20th century, a bad Feng Shui house is loosely labeled as bad luck for people or money. In contrast, an auspicious house is said to have good luck with money and health matters. In Feng Shui, there are also two mixed-home types with a double-facing star position that are said to be good for money but bad for health. On the other hand, the double sitting home is said to be beneficial to health but not supportive for money matters.

However, because health and financial fortune are so intertwined, we cannot eradicate either. To illustrate for a better understanding, a healthy person has hundreds of wishes, as opposed to a sick person, who has just one wish: to get healthy again. The same is true with money luck. Even if you are in good health, a persistent battle to make ends meet might lead to chronic struggles such as depression, anxiety, constant family disputes, or other health issues.

We have a total of 216 different charts in Flying Star, divided into 9 periods for a total of 24 charts per period (technically 144 since some directions have the same star settings). By determining the center star combination of a certain house, a skilled Feng Shui consultant can detect if a specific home is suitable for a particular person or not. Since the universe uses yin yang principles to keep itself in balance, there isn’t a single house chart that contains exclusively good star combinations.

A normal person should avoid certain bad Feng Shui house types, yet depending on the line of work, it might be an excellent choice for someone else. I’ll list some of the main problematic Feng Shui houses to avoid below:

The Reversed House:

feng shui reversed house example

A “reversed house” happens when the current position of the ruling star is the opposite of where it should be. As an illustration, the ruling star 8 should be in the water dragon position on the facing side, but in fact, it is actually found in the water dragon (water) position on the sitting side. Similar, Star 8 should be in the mountain position on the sitting side but is in the mountain dragon position on the facing side. Both positions are inverted, which suggests that the home has difficulties attracting prosperity and person luck.

There are steps that can be taken to address this problem by changing certain aspects. For such a home, an online Feng Shui consultation is strongly advised. There’s no need to worry because these kinds of homes are very common and are simple to fix with the right adjustments outside the home. Naturally, having such a reversed combination within an apartment makes it significantly more challenging to correct, as the modifications need to be made on the outside.

You may be aware that an apartment owner has little to no influence over what happens on the exterior. Prevention beforehand is ideal. If you’re looking for an apartment, we advise having a remote home hunting audit performed to filter out the “reverse house” type and its problematic aspects ahead of time.

Please keep in mind that a house is only considered “reversed” within its own period. It is important to note that there are no reversed house types when finishing construction in Feng Shui Period 9. What occurs when Period 8 reversed home enters Feng Shui Period 9? We can’t say that the dwelling is reversed anymore since Star 9 will take over and Star 8 is no longer the ruling star.

The Burglary House:

feng shui Burglary House. crime scene tape of home robbery

Certain flying star combinations make some homes more likely to be burglarized than others. The likelihood that a resident will fall victim to a burglary or other crime may rise if 3 Star energy is present in important areas of the home. If we interpret the ancient Chinese translation, it means that either crime can originate from the occupants themselves or crime is being brought into the house by a third party. To be fair, a true burglary might not be occurring because, most of the time, the energy results in lost income from legal issues.

The Mentally Unstable House:

feng shui depression house. lonely female very sad

If occupants feel all of a sudden that they are mentally unstable, this is another example of a bad Feng Shui house. Many times, architects are recognized with honors for their extremely distinctive-looking yet oddly constructed homes. The result is that the qi flow is constrained and unable to move freely. A very frequent occurrence is the transformation of good qi into negative sha qi when encountering unusual window, ceiling, and room forms. Additionally, some flying star constellations within the permanent house energy can create inauspicious energy to foster depression and loneliness as well.

Another factor that could create mental issues is that the home is on the borderline between two flying star cardinal directions, making it difficult to determine precisely which energy is circulating inside the building. There is a possibility that two different energies are continually switching places, making the whole living environment very confusing. In professional language, we refer to such a house as “out of trigram.”

As the energies can never settle, they rapidly shift between two different sources, leaving the occupants feeling nervous and confused the entire time. Fortunately, it is not a frequent occurrence, although it can happen occasionally.

Inability to Conceive House

feng shui Inability to Conceive House. female with broken egg as belly

Another example of a bad Feng Shui House is when a couple is unable to conceive a child because either the house is under a person’s lock phase or the qi is manipulating the process of conception. If a locked phase indeed causes conception issues, some easy remedies can help to lift this lock of the home. Additionally, when certain double earth or earth-wood flying star combinations are present in the bedroom or other locations where sexual activity takes place, this can prevent the female from becoming pregnant. Likewise, these negative energies can also cause miscarriage or other ovarian conditions, including chocolate cysts.

The Legal Problem House:

feng shui legal problem house. lady justice with scale and globe

The occupants of this house can face many legal disputes, resulting in nervousness, inner unrest, and a loss of income due to the legal issues. A substantial percentage manifests itself as excessive gossip and slander. Fake news has the power to easily destroy a person, especially in today’s fast-paced online age where many individuals express their rage and dissatisfaction. It is always very easy to say or write something based on rumors, but for the person who is being attacked, it is very difficult or even impossible to clear his name later.

Once you are labeled, it does not matter to others if, in fact, it was a rumor or not. The damage has already been done. Is a legal problem house good for some? Yes, having such a residence would be quite helpful if you work in the legal profession. As you can see, there are always certain groups that can profit from an allegedly bad Feng Shui house. The only method to tell whether a certain residence is prone to legal conflicts is to perform a thorough flying star study (Feng Shui audit).

The Separation House:

feng shui Separation house. scissor cutting orange rose and marriage certificate

It is not immediately apparent to many people that they are living in a divorce-prone house. To establish the fact, we would need to superimpose a Flying Star chart over the floor plan in order to determine whether the exact “divorce/separation” star combination falls into the center of the home, the bedroom, or the front door. Although there is no absolute guarantee a divorce could happen, the likelihood will rise significantly.

A combination of Earth and Water stars should be avoided in general. With help from the five transformation theories, we can observe that the earth is dominated, which the earth does not like at all. As a result of my consulting work, I can say that couples who live under such energy influences in key sections of the home have a much higher separation rate than those who do not.

This trouble-making star energy also represents feminine power in the home. Things should work out if the wife is the head of the household and the husband is okay with it. However, this is not always the case, and there is a lot of conflict potential between the man and woman living here.

If you suspect that something is wrong, it is highly recommended that you have a professional look at your home’s energy chart to see if such energy exists. A lot of times, some easy remedies can reduce and fix the issues, but this has to be seen on a case-by-case basis.

The Ghost House:

feng shui ghost house. white sheet with black ghostly spirit head and arms behind

If an old house is next to a cemetery or another place where people frequently pass away, like a hospital or neighboring funeral home, it may attract ghostly spirits. Extremely yin surroundings, where the house is extremely dark and covered in a lot of trees and plants, making it difficult for the sun’s (yang) chi to enter the home, is another aspect that further draw ghosts.

It should come as no surprise, that spirits prefer dark and yin environments. Your house instinctively sends invitations to the spirit world if it is too yin. Another scenario is when the house has a history of violence and deaths caused by prior owners. I was once called to a client’s house where extremely odd and unexpected things were happening. After doing some research, I’ve learned from my investigation that the location originally belonged to a toy manufacturing factory.

A large fire that started centuries ago claimed many workers’ lives. After the fire, the area was abandoned for over 30 years before a developer purchased it at a discount and built a neighborhood there. The employees who were killed were traumatized by a violent death at the time; therefore, I have no doubt that the weird happenings are related to their still wandering spirits.

Last but not least, there is a widespread misconception on the internet that claims wind chimes actually draw ghosts. Wind chimes on the outside of the house do not summon ghosts, dispelling this urban legend. To summarize, as far as I know, no Feng Shui energy combination is likely to attract any spirits, although external spiritual factors may.

The Double Sitting House:

The era’s ruling stars appear on the mountain and dragon positions on the sitting side (back side) of the house, respectively. It is stated that while this house is beneficial for health, it can be very challenging in terms of financial and professional matters.

Is it a bad Feng Shui house in general? I don’t believe so, as steps can be taken to correct and reverse this problem.

The Double Facing House:

The double ruling star can be located at the facing direction (front) of the home. This double star combination is excellent for money luck, but challenging for health-related issues. As with the double-sitting house, some easy fixes can revert and overcome this flaw.

Are these various house types truly so good?

Combination Ten, Parent String, Pearl of Strings Houses, to name a few, are supposedly the ultimate go-to Feng Shui homes to live in. I won’t get too deeply into the history of how these houses received their names, but I will say that their good reputation is yet another red herring planted online. In general, they are just ordinary houses like others. They might be outstanding, but they can also be very inauspicious depending on a variety of other factors. The ideal approach is to watch the internet worship of these homes from a distance and impartially assess each residence separately.

Other obvious and significant flaws:

bad feng shui house other flaws

Here is a brief list of noteworthy and plainly visible defects that may be seen with the untrained eye:

Exposed Beams:

It may be beautiful to have exposed beams at the ceiling, which would reflect a traditional country cottage. However, these beams produce odd energy patterns that have an impact on the residents. Yin energy moves along the ceilings and walls, but when it encounters a beam, the flow abruptly halts at the edge and descends like an arrow.

It is advisable to avoid sleeping or staying under a beam for this reason. The negative energy is so intense and severe that it causes evident irritability, frustration, migraines, and other abnormal behaviors.

To sum up, beams are very bad in terms of Feng Shui qi flow and should be avoided.

  • Kitchen or bathroom in the center of the house
  • Exposed to poison arrows from neighboring buildings
  • The house is exposed to EMF radiation (radio or electric tower nearby)
  • Sloped ceiling in major rooms such as the bedroom or living room
  • Long, narrow hallway leading to the front door; too narrow for Qi, who prefers open spaces.
  • Living too close to a hospital, airport, busy highway, or cemetery
  • Strangely formed architectural building structures (a home should be square or rectangular)
  • Excessive interior design with only one color theme (everything in red)
  • Zic Zac home: energy is traveling like an arrow on the interior. Very unstable energy environment
  • House is too yin or below street levels (see image above)

Of course, there are many more negative features to consider, but this is beyond the scope of this article. In the event that unanticipated incidents occur in your life where Feng Shui may be able to help, it is best to seek out professional advice.

Our personal take about a bad Feng Shui house

Please keep in mind that there are numerous other factors that contribute to a bad Feng Shui house. The two most important variables to consider are the immediate environment to determine which form meets qi (form school) and if the floor plan supports a favorable energy setting. You might be living in a “bad” home, as depicted above, but the important areas of the house could indeed be very auspicious. As Feng Shui is not a one-size-fits-all solution, a detailed assessment should be conducted to really label a house as unsuitable.

This article is just scratching the surface of classical Feng Shui and is worded in very general terms. So, don’t be too alarmed, as I just want to make you aware of possible issues that might arise when facing the wrong layout, flying star combinations, or when qi meets the wrong form. A lot of times, these issues can be remedied very easily. Other times, it is not possible without making any structural changes.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in a loop just because you reside in one of the types of homes mentioned above, try not to freak out and worry. Numerous publications you might have come across may have exaggerated and driven you to complete fear.

However, you shouldn’t concentrate exclusively on this one weakness when the rest of the house is positive and has very supportive energy.

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  1. Stamatina February 14, 2024 at 10:45 am - Reply

    Hello and thank you for your great information. I would like advice for my home (period 7 facing S2) in 2024. The main bedroom is located at the South and i am worried not only for the 3 killings but also for the annoual 7. Furthermore i wonder if my son is safe to sleep in hiw bedroom (NW under the energy of 2).
    Thank you

    • FengShuiBalanz Team February 15, 2024 at 5:06 am - Reply

      First and foremost, I cannot provide definitive advice since the annual energy is just one aspect among many to consider. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to your floor plan or the permanent energy chart for your home, which is essentially the fixed energy imprinted upon its completion. Once we have a clear understanding of this energy setup, we can delve into the annual influences affecting each sector and room.

      Furthermore, we need to address the principles of form school, examining all the features within the bedrooms to identify any potential sha qi that could activate negative energy influences. Given that the 3 Killing is present in your bedroom, my best recommendation is to maintain a quiet environment as much as possible. This entails avoiding loud activities such as watching TV, engaging in noisy conversations, or undertaking any renovations throughout the year.

      Regarding your child’s bedroom, the key consideration lies in form school principles ensuring a smooth energy flow within the room. Subsequently, we must analyze the permanent energy chart and its interaction with the annual one. Additionally, applying the principles of the 8 mansion school helps determine if the sleeping position aligns with the gua number.

      Crucially, the external surroundings of your home also play a significant role. Given that environmental qi influences over 70% of interior energy, it will have an impact on various rooms. Without comprehensive knowledge of your specific circumstances, it is impossible to provide personalized advice.

      However, there’s no need to panic. Based on your question, it appears you possess some understanding of classical Feng Shui. I recommend examining any form school flaws that may disrupt or activate negative stars (sha qi). Begin by addressing permanent adjustments before addressing annual ones.

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