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Last updated on June 5, 2023

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Some people might wonder whether ghosts in Feng Shui need to be taken into account or not. Particularly in Asian and Latino cultures, where ghosts, deities, and spirits play a significant role in people’s lives. Despite the fact that Feng Shui is not concerned with the symbolism of deities or gods, there are specific electromagnetic settings and energy flow conditions that may attract ghosts and spirits.

Ghosts are spiritual energy bundles that become trapped in our electromagnetic field for various reasons. The soul’s departure frequently results in confusion and wandering following a violent death. Some are even so strongly bound to the terrestrial sphere that they refuse to depart. This mostly occurs to “baby” or “young” spirits who have only had a few earthly reincarnations. The older, more experienced, and mature souls are already aware of the path to the afterlife dimension, where they will be reunited with their soul group to review their life lessons.

Another frequent occurrence of seeing ghosts or spirits is during a period of vivid dreaming. Each of our souls has a “teacher” or “soul guide,” who frequently manifests as ghostly figures while attempting to convey a particular message. To get back on the appropriate learning route, this can require altering the current way of living. Friendly ghosts and spirits can communicate with us in a variety of ways. All we have to do is decipher their messages for ourselves.

Feng Shui Environments that Attract Ghosts

feng shui ghost environment

I want to reiterate that Feng Shui has nothing to do with ghosts or other paranormal occurrences because those are the domain of spirituality and religion. In Feng Shui, the focus is on the qi flow of energy throughout the home while keeping time and space in mind.

In classical Feng Shui, the universal forces of yin (inactive) and yang (active) have to complement each other in order to be whole. There is no doubting that certain settings with a lot of yin energy (silent, somber, congested, chilly, or soggy) are more likely to attract ghosts. Even a seemingly vibrant environment, though, can harbor ghosts in specific situations. Here are some examples:

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 1: House Surrounded by too many Trees

Movie directors from ghost movies associate the place of happening mostly in a dark, damp, and unmaintained gardens where the scrubs and nature takes over. The same can be said for any residential house where the landscape has overtaken everything. As depicted in the above image, the structure is barely visible.

Not only will there be limited light (yang energy) entering the dwelling, but it also creates an extreme yin environment where moisture and darkness rule. We also should not forget homes that are located right in the middle of a forest, surrounded by tall trees, where the natural daylight is very limited even throughout the daytime. This is the ideal setting and ambiance to attract ghosts.

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 2: Houses too Close to Mountains

Mountains are regarded as yin in Feng Shui, signifying the occupants’ general well-being and personality attributes. Yet if you live very next to, or even partially inside, a hill or mountain, the house instantly takes on the distinctly yin characteristics of the mountain. In many Middle Eastern countries, graves are even built into the mountains to access the intense yin energy.

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 3: Homes near Graveyards or Cemeteries

I don’t think an explanation is necessary to point out that living near or even facing a cemetery carries a lot of yin energy from the dead. If you’ve ever visited a graveyard to pay your respects, you’ve probably noticed how quiet and peaceful it is. Even when we are talking to a family member, we do it in a whispering way.

The size of the cemetery or graveyard itself also influences how strong the yin energy is. A burial place spread across many acres will convey more yin energy than a smaller one with only a few graves. In larger cities, we can see smaller areas right next to a church, surrounded by a lot of yang energy brought on by the vibrant city life. Of course, the feeling will be very different if you contrast this with one that is tucked away on a hill and stretched out over many acres.

An additional factor is the type of cemetery. Personally, I believe a cemetery with military graves is more likely to draw spirits than one without them, where old people peacefully pass away.

Overall, more than one factor must exist for a residence to attract supernatural activity. Very likely, some structural characteristics (such as the lengthy, dark interior halls) in conjunction with the exterior yin energy will increase the likelihood. Also, some people are much more sensitive than others and can easily pick up the higher vibrational energy transmitted by ghosts.

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 4: Land with history attached to it

Not that long ago, a local story made headlines where a family living in a normal residential home built in 2014 experienced unexplained happening.

One night, the family was awakened by the sound of footsteps coming from the hallway. They got up to investigate but found no one there. The next night, they heard the footsteps again, and this time they saw a figure walking down the hallway. The figure was transparent and appeared to be dressed in old-fashioned clothing.

Over the next few nights, the family saw the ghostly figure more and more often. They also began to hear strange noises and see objects moving on their own. The family was understandably frightened and didn’t know what to do.

Finally, they decided to call in a medium to help them communicate with the ghost. He concluded that the ghost was a deceased 1993 fire victim who had previously worked for a toy manufacturer. At the time, this factory took up the entire plot of ground in the residential neighborhood.

Due to the building’s bad design and locked emergency exit doors, many workers were trapped and killed when a big fire broke out. A development company then purchased the land and constructed homes there. The ghosts were reluctant to depart since they had grown connected to the place.

The medium suggested that the family hold a seance to try and convince the ghost to move on. The family agreed, and during the ritual, he spoke to the ghost and asked it to leave the house. To their surprise, the wandering spirits concurred and were led to choose the proper route back to the realm of the dead.

This suburban residential area was fairly newly built with over 200 residences, and parents spend their evenings on the playground with their kids. Overall, it’s a very happy and lively neighborhood. All of these external factors are actually considered very yang. So, what transpired to cause these mysterious ghost visits in a house in such a yang environment? A person’s spirit may be severely shocked and constrained to the scene of their death after a violent death. They continue to roam aimlessly, unsure of what to do. A suitable ceremony typically aids them in navigating to the higher realms.

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 5: Structures Converted into Apartments or Condominiums

Investors frequently convert and renovate defunct mental health hospitals (sanatoriums) or other controversial buildings into brand-new condominiums. Even with a new facade of contemporary interior design, these kinds of dwellings nevertheless have a history of tragedy, struggle, and death associated with them. We shouldn’t be surprised when these kinds of locations are plagued by paranormal reports and worried residents.

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 6: An Out-of-Trigram House

A home that is directly on a cutoff point between the major cardinal directions of West, East, South, North, SW, NW, NE, or SE is referred to in Feng Shui as being out-of-trigram. Moreover, these homes can also be found where the minor first and second directional sectors diverge, such as SW1 (202.5–217.5 degrees) and SW2 (202.5-217.6 degrees) (217.5–232.5 degrees).

The home energies shift back and forth like a swing because the electromagnetic fields inside these structures are constantly shifting. These dynamic electric fields can have a strong draw for ghosts and spirits in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 7: Can certain Kinds of Plants attract Ghosts

In Asian folklore, female spirits (Nang Tani) appearing as young women are drawn to banana trees. Mulberry, willow, poplar, and eucalyptus trees are also thought to be particularly alluring to ghosts. To honor the energy that resides in these kinds of trees, people in Southeast Asia tie ribbons around them. Cutting down a tree would be insulting since it is thought that a bad spirit would appear and inhabit the area. If it becomes necessary to take down a tree, a monk ritual must be held to “explain the spirit” of the decision to cut the tree.

To understand better, yin energy is drawn to walls and flat surfaces where it travels along. If any kind of climbing plant is affixed to a wall, it may have the tendency to magnify yin energy even further. Living plants typically have a yang energy, but the yin energy from the walls could seize command. Personally, I do not recommend any climbing plant to completely cover a house. First, the vital yang energy for success and good health may be jeopardized. Second, strong yin energy can cause spirits to be drawn to the building. Finally, it is a huge undertaking to maintain these plants.

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 8: Houses Situated outside of Bended Road

Homes located on or near a dangerous outer bend of a road curve not only attract negative energy but also are prone to cause fatal car accidents. Please understand that I am not referring to a typical, flat, curved road; rather, I am referring to a residence perched on a hill or mountain where a steep, curved, winding road just so happens to pass. The souls of the accident victims may still be present if they refuse to leave our realm.

Feng Shui Ghost Scenario 9: Certain Flying Star combination can attract ghosts

Certain flying star configurations, particularly the 2/5/6 combination, may have the potential to bring ghosts or other unexplained occurrences to this area. Yet, it appears that a very special electromagnetic energy field is being formed by heaven (6), man (5), and earth (2) energies to open a channel to attract spirits. Some Feng Shui practitioners suggest that it can occur anywhere these number combinations are present, while others observe this occurrence only with a permanent 2-5 and annual 6 energy setting. In some cases, installing a six-rod metal wind chime can substitute the heaven (6) energy in or near a 5-2 area. This could mean that specific Feng Shui energies attract ghosts.

Personally, I think that this unique energy field can alter and stimulate parts of our brain, increasing its receptivity to higher frequency vibrations. Without a doubt, our brains are capable of unexpectedly connecting with spirits as they travel on these high-frequency channels.

Reasons to Believe the House is Haunted:

Reasons to believe house is haunted - Feng Shui

  1. Strange noises or movements: Sounds like footsteps, voices, or doors opening and closing on their own could be signs of paranormal activity.
  2. Cold spots or temperature changes: Sudden drops in temperature or cold spots in certain areas of the house could be an indication of a ghostly presence.
  3. Strange odors: Unpleasant smells that cannot be traced to any source or disappear quickly could be a sign of paranormal activity.
  4. Strange behavior of pets: If your pets are behaving strangely, such as barking at nothing or appearing afraid, it could be a sign that they are sensing something you can’t.
  5. Feeling of being watched: If you constantly feel like you are being watched or followed or experience a feeling of unease or dread, it could be a sign of a ghostly presence.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that some of these signs could have a logical explanation, such as drafty windows or creaky floorboards. Before jumping to the conclusion that your house is haunted, it’s best to find out what’s causing any strange things to happen.

You can still recognize potential paranormal activity even though you are unable to see ghosts. When you walk into a home with a simple and open floor plan, you might feel uncomfortable, choked up, and confused. Usually, these sensations only manifest in buildings with disjointed floor plans. This could suggest that there is spirit activity present.

Let me share a short story about how friendly spirits can visit loved ones. Even though our dog passed away a while ago, we occasionally catch glimpses of fur swirling and dancing in front of us while watching television. She definitely stopped by to say hello in this manner.

Feng Shui Ghosts Remedies

ghost remedies feng shui

Are there any Feng Shui ghosts cures we could apply to ease a situation? Feng Shui cannot address all problems, so if you want to execute a ritual of prayer for the lost spirits, I suggest that you get advice from a qualified medium. In such circumstances, applying Feng Shui for protection against evil, a thorough professional house cleansing of the entire space might be very beneficial as well.

On the other hand, there are certain principles in Feng Shui for protection against evil spirits or ghosts. Adding as many yang elements as you can to the house is often a good option. Avoid excessive dampness, maintain the area well-lit, even at night outside, prevent any clutter, and have an open yard with a few trees nearby.

Finding the current period (wang) star in the water dragon position on the floor plan is another efficient Feng Shui method for leading ghosts out of the house. If there is a door in this area, try to keep it as much open as possible to let the ghost exit the building. This location may not always have a door; as an alternative, opening the window as much as you can for a few weeks can also be beneficial.

You might also wonder if it is good or bad Feng Shui to bring ashes into the home. If you have a praying altar set up for your deity or God, that would be a beautiful place to keep an urn too. Additionally, placing a picture of the deceased near the urn will show respect for and worship of the spirit.


Our soul only temporarily inhabits a body in order to advance on this planet. But like everything else in the cosmos, our genuine inner self is only pure energy. Some believe in ghosts; others do not. We should not be afraid and keep an open mind. Ghosts do not cause harm; rather, it is our own imagination of fear that does.

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  1. Dorothy March 7, 2024 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    We have the [2,5] with 8 base and now annual 6 in our home located in the NE sector which is our kitchen.
    We have had instances of spiritual occurrences in our home. We hear footsteps in the attic, things have moved, seen black shadows, hear people talking that aren’t there, lots of other things – too much to mention. So I truly believe this combination as we have experienced it first hand. In the past we had a house blessing and prayers and things settled down. With #6 annual in place for 2024 we are being cautious.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team March 29, 2024 at 5:58 am - Reply

      I’m pleased to hear that you underwent an energy cleansing to mitigate the ghostly activity.

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