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Last updated on January 6, 2024

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Nobody practicing classical Feng Shui can disagree with the notion that understanding the 81 flying star combinations is essential for successfully adjusting the energy flow inside your home to work in your favor. We need to have a deep understanding of how to evaluate and analyze the combination correctly. You may have heard that Star 7 Metal is untimely and Star 8 or Star 9 is timely because it is a fairly common statement made on the internet. But as professionals, we refer to Yun as being “inside Yun” or “outside Yun.” Yun is referring to a cycle of 20 years (180 years).

I see that certain star 81 combination (Feng Shui) are way too often interpreted without taking context into account, such as the Mountain and Water Dragon principles; how form effects the vibrancy of energy flow; and the use of the area (main door, bedroom). If you can’t accurately interpret the 81 combinations, it will certainly give you the worst anxiety attack of your life. To prevent this, you should have a solid grasp of the fundamentals.

Basics of 81 Flying Star Combinations

You might be wondering what I mean specifically by what I said earlier. I’ll explain. 95% of the 81 flying star combinations in the chart, when read from beginning to end, spell doom. You can come to the idea that your house is a battle zone, which will cause you to contract cancer, get divorced, and experience other bad life-altering events. The fundamental reason is that the table’s raw data does not take into account the context that the vibrant energy is encountering, including timing, position, and form.

Stars 1 through 9 are only codes representing the vibrancy of various energy forms, devoid of any apparent behavioral characteristics. In 9 Ki Divination, for instance, we can state that Star 9 stands for an actress. At this initial stage, the actress’s attributes do not indicate whether or not she is performing successfully. We always need to require domain, platform, and context for all 81 flying star combinations to function properly. I am aware that this is somewhat complex, but it is crucial to comprehend the underlying essence of how to handle the 81 combinations in Feng Shui correctly.

Principal factors of the Flying Star 81 Combinations

Feng Shui seeks to minimize Sha Qi energy while maximizing Sheng Qi energy by utilizing time, form, location (water and mountain dragon theory), and personal magnetism to highlight any of the 81 flying star combinations’ beneficial behavior. “Qi energy” should not be written as a single concept, because it refers to two distinct notions. As energy can be described as the worker who completes the labor task for Qi, Qi can be viewed as the canopy, a vibrancy that stands above all. Qi can take many different forms, such as air, liquid, or gas in physics, or describe our various human emotions such as love, envy, and happiness through the neurohormonal system of the brain.

Timing in 81 Combination:

Feng Shui Flying-Star Time Dynamic


Understanding and implementing time into the 81 combination in Feng Shui is the first vital factor to consider. All 9 stars remain operational at any given time. You would need to determine the different energy phases of which star is the dominant force for a given Feng Shui period (Yun) and which other stars can be employed or not. We will remain in Period 8 until February 2024, after which we will enter Period 9 for the subsequent 20 years. The various phases of energy to watch out for are as follows:

Shēng 生 Phase:

At this point, the energy is giving birth with increasing vibrancy. It is, as far as we can tell, healthy, alive, and has excellent attitudes. In Period 8, Star 9 and Star 1 fall under this phase if they are employed with the proper form and Qi. Stars 1 and 2 are identified as Sheng in Period 9.

Wàng 旺 Phase:

The Wang phase represents the most thriving and vibrant energy of the current period. It has the most positive vibrancy at all times, also being referred to as the ruling star or noble Qi from heaven. Of course, the ruling star in Period 8 is Star 8, but the Period 9’s ruling star is 9. The importance of caring the most about this energy cannot be emphasized enough because it results in the greatest prosperous events during the given period.

Shuāi 衰 Phase:

The vibrancy of energy is fading and being replaced by weak energy. Be cautious, as the wrong form and qi can easily bring out all of the star’s negative behaviors. As in Period 9, Star 8 and Star 7 suit this description. Stars 7 and 6 are regarded as being in the Shuai phase in Period 8.

Sǐ 死 Phase:

In the Si phase, the energy is considered dead and lifeless. Utmost care needs to be taken and proper remedies need to be put in place to neutralize its vibrant negative energy pattern. In Period 8, Star 3, Star 4, and Star 5 belong to this group. In Period 9, Star 3, Star 4, Star 5, and Star 6 can easily result in detrimental consequences.

Shā 殺 energy:

Sha energy can occur at any point in time when a particular area of the home is thought to be negatively impacted by interior or exterior form elements, whether they are man-made or natural. This energy is always negative, so it must be dealt with or eliminated from the start. This energy is always dangerous and harmful and can inflict pain at any time. It never collaborates in phases like sheng, wang, shuai, or si. Due to this energy’s extreme toxicity, correct form and qi modifications need to be put in place. A good illustration of it are Feng Shui poison arrow.

Form in 81 Combination:

feng shui form school


Form has a significant impact on how stars behave because all stars are electromagnetic vibrancy derived from the earth and heaven qi. The electromagnetic vibrancy of the 81 flying star combinations, for instance, might be affected positively or negatively by a sharp pyramid-shaped object that belongs to the Fire Element. Please refer to the five transformation theory if you need more clarification on which forms correspond to which elements.

Second, the orientation of the house provided by a precise compass reading will provide additional information about the building’s characteristics. Please steer clear of the BLT black hat school or any other variation of Feng Shui that does not incorporate a compass reading to identify the exact energy division within a building. To learn how to do a Feng Shui compass reading correctly, continue reading here.

How humans interact with 81 Combination:

Not to be underestimated in Feng Shui is the human aspect. There is no denying that certain energies do interact differently with a resident of a home. The Feng Shui 81 combinations of the home have varying effects based on a person’s health habits, occupation, age, or marital status because our blood vessels are the key carrier and main antenna for transmitting Qi (shee). Certain energy flying star combinations can be extremely beneficial to singles but harmful to married couples. To conclude, always consider the human factor when examining any particular 81 Flying Star combination in a certain area.

Flying Star 81 Combinations in Period 8 (until February 4th, 2024)

Star 8 in Period 8 is the most prosperous and is considered Wang with the most vital energy at all times. The best positions to find it would be at the sitting side of the home in the mountain position, and at the facing side of the home in the water dragon position. Of course, a double 8 at the entrance door (facing direction) is seen as outstanding and very auspicious.

The favorable qualities of Star 9 in Period 8, which is sheng in nature, are progressively expanding. Up till 2024, it is the second timely energy. As of 2022, Star 8’s energy is gradually dwindling and is being swiftly replaced by Star 9. It is best to capitalize on the positive features right away until Period 9’s end in 2043.

Star 1 in Period 8 is likewise Sheng, although it is still quite weak and far away. However, we can already tap into its vibrancy properties to enjoy some early benefits from it.

Star 7 in Period 8 is seen as Shuai, a vibrant energy that is waning. Since it has nearly lost all of its positive traits, it shouldn’t be used. Be careful that Star 7 doesn’t encounter any bad form or qi, since this could have very negative consequences.

Star 6 and Star 3 in Period 8 are also in a Shuai phase, but being a white star in its nature, it is untimely but usable. All the other stars (2,4,5) are not usable and should be taken care of.

Flying Star 81 Combinations in Period 9 (stars February 4th, 2024)

The most prosperous Star 9 in the Feng Shui Period 9 is regarded as Wang with the most vital Qi at all times. The sitting side of the house in the mountain position and the facing side of the house in the water dragon position would be the optimal places to have them. A double 9 (only new construction completed in Period 9) at the entrance door at the front of the dwelling is also regarded as outstanding.

Star 1 and Star 2 in Period 9 are considered Sheng in nature, and their positive properties are growing steadily. It is the second most suitable qi source until 2043. As in Period 9, Star 2 becomes Sheng, but rather far away and not particularly powerful yet. However, we can still tap into its vibrancy properties to enjoy some early benefits from it. Further, there is no need anymore to subdue its energy with metal remedies.

Star 7 is seen as Shuai in Period 9, a phase of fading vitality and increasing weakness. Given that it nearly lost all of its favorable qualities, it shouldn’t be used. Make sure that Star 7 doesn’t come into contact with any undesirable form or qi, as this might have very adverse implications.

Because they are white stars by nature, Star 6 and Star 3 in Period 9 are likewise in a Shuai phase, yet they are still usable despite being untimely. All the other stars (4,5) should be cared for because they are inauspicious.

Water and Mountain dragon in Feng Shui 81 Combinations

water mountain dragon feng shui

Water Dragon

As was previously mentioned, altering the qi vibrancy in your favor will be difficult if you use the Feng Shui 81 combinations alone and without context. Qi behaves differently in a water dragon or a mountain dragon position. There is a common misunderstanding that water only denotes money. This is untrue because the water dragon represents all of a person’s current experiences and outcomes.

Aside from your job and finances, the water position also affects your ability to communicate, your skills, and your capacity to accomplish your personal goals later manifesting into wealth luck. The water dragon is active not only on the inside of the home where it resides but also on the outside. Actual water (streams, rivers) and virtual water (roads) are vehicles to carry Qi. The water dragon, with its 81 combinations of flying stars affiliated in a specific position, is susceptible to external impact depending on the direction of flow, its intensity, and volume.

Mountain Dragon

The mountain dragon stands for personal behavior rather than health by itself. Health is a biological property of the body which is highly influenced by a person’s daily activities like taking the necessary sleep, eating healthy food, and drinking sufficient water. The mountain dragon’s energy, on the other hand, has a considerably more profound effect. It is associated with a person’s temperament, attitude to taking control of their own life (self-reflection, outlook on life), and family or social life. All these positive or bad character and conduct attributes are governed by the mountain position in Flying Star.

Individual Flying Star 81 combinations characteristics:

Star 1 White:

  • Cardinal Direction: North
  • Element: Water
  • Form: wavy form like the ocean waves
  • Trigram: Kan
  • Family Member: Middle son or mature males
  • Body association: all fluids inside the body (blood, urine), kidney, circulatory system

Some of the Star 1 characteristics are closely linked to sex, libido, and blood vessels but also to loneliness, abandonment, or theft. It is considered the future ruling star in Period 8 and 9 (complete characteristics are found in our ebook).

Star 2 Black:

  • Cardinal Direction: Southwest
  • Element: Weak earth
  • Form: Rectangular
  • Trigram: Kun
  • Family Member: Mother
  • Body association: abdominal, reproductive organs, digestive organs (stomach, spleen and pancreas)

Mothers, older women, and the gastrointestinal tract are some of the areas that Star 2 is in charge of. It is viewed as a bad star during Period 8 and, under certain circumstances, could bring disease to the womb or make it difficult to conceive or being lonely. But in Period 9, the good qualities will break through the grey skies.

Star 3 Jade:

  • Cardinal Direction: East
  • Element: Strong Wood
  • Form: square
  • Trigram: Zhen
  • Family Member: eldest son, middle age men, husband
  • Body association: nervous system, throat, liver, feet

Star 3 Wood governs the gall bladder, liver, legs, and arms. Its energies are linked to arguments, conflict, legal issues, impulsivity, tenacity, and interpersonal relationships.

Star 4 Green:

  • Cardinal Direction: Southeast
  • Element: Weak wood
  • Form: square
  • Trigram: Xun
  • Family Member: eldest daughter or middle aged women
  • Body association: pulmonary problems, thigh, knees, legs

The lower body, which includes the thigh, legs, knees, and lower back, is connected to Star 4 Wood. Additionally, breathing issues and chest discomfort might be signs of pulmonary issues. Star 4 has a great affinity for romance and can help someone fall in love.

Star 5 Yellow:

  • Cardinal Direction: Center
  • Element: Strong Earth
  • Form: none
  • Trigram: Yellow Star 5
  • Family Member: none
  • Body association: whole

Star 5 Yellow is the center, where everything originates from. It swirls in and out simultaneously, becoming both yin and yang at the same time. There is no question that this star’s energy has the potential to cause abrupt and unanticipated significant events. However, many exaggerate their fear of this energy. Star 5 Yellow can result in some really favorable circumstances for you if you are in good health, have a strong body Qi flow, and treat it with respect.

Star 6 White:

  • Cardinal Direction: Northwest
  • Element: Strong metal
  • Form: round
  • Trigram: Qian
  • Family Member: father, elderly men
  • Body association: head (skull), lower jaw, neck, and lung

The large intestine, the lungs, and the lower jaw are all governed by Star 6 metal. It typically has an unfriendly attitude, but usable properties and can have abrupt impacts or abrupt ends to activities. Leadership and promotions are connected to this energy as well.

Star 7 Red:

  • Cardinal Direction: West
  • Element: Weak metal
  • Form: round
  • Trigram: Dui
  • Family Member: youngest daughter, young girls (females) and wife.
  • Body association: mouth related (jaw, teeth), breasts, chest

The upper jaw and the big intestine are governed by star 7. It is apparent that the Trigram of Star 1’s water is closely related, indicating that this star’s energy is likewise directly related to libido and romance. If its energy is challenged, knives and cuts are another attribute connecting it to gossip and badmouthing.

Star 8 White:

  • Cardinal Direction: Northeast
  • Element: Strong earth
  • Form: square
  • Trigram: Ken
  • Family Member: youngest son, young men
  • Body association: muscle related, abdominal area, smaller body bones (fingers, toes, nose)

Star 8 Earth is related to the abdominal area and smaller body bones (fingers, toes, nose). Being a white star by nature, it is highly amiable if it doesn’t come into contact with bad Qi or form. Otherwise, it can result in disloyalty and change. If not, it might lead to disloyalty and change. The youngest son might be rebelling against his parents.

Star 9 Fire:

  • Cardinal Direction: South
  • Element: Fire
  • Form: sharp, triangle shapes (like pyramid)
  • Trigram: Li
  • Family Member: middle daughter
  • Body association: heart and eyes, tongue, speech, small intestine

Star 9 Fire energy is at its maximum stage of waxing. It controls the heart, the eyes, and also applies to speech and eyesight. To stay prosperous, keep Star 9 in good company at all times. If not, it could easily transform into Sha energy. Look out for star combinations with Stars 2 and 5 if you’re hoping for a big career promotion or speedy success in business.

In order to digest the 81 star combination behaviors in full detail, we are currently creating an in-depth ebook on this topic.

Spread the Love with 5 Stars!
[Total: 40 Average: 4.8]

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