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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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updated April, 2022

Discover the ultimate 38 Feng Shui mirror placement for good luck principles, and I’ll debunk the top 5 common falsehoods. Without a question, understanding the major placement principles in the home is essential. Let me explain the conventional placement philosophy in a few words if you’re not familiar with it. You can put a mirror in particular parts of your home to bring good luck, but there are a lot of restrictions that are easily disregarded that might actually bring negative luck energy into these areas. 

Of course, Qi energy flow is central to Feng Shui, but common sense must also be considered. In reality, hanging a mirror far away from where you need it makes no sense. Because it is inconvenient, you will become irritable and moody at some point. This isn’t the point of Feng Shui!

Let’s look at some of the most fundamental ideas and fallacies that everyone should be aware of, because a mirror is the best method to welcome positive Chi (energy) into your home.


Please keep this very essential rule in mind as you read this post to determine the optimal location for a Feng Shui mirror placement for good luck:. While many people are familiar with the concept of Feng Shui, the concept of energy is less widely understood. The secret lies in its capacity to allow an accumulative flow of energy to balance out negative energies while re-energizing positive ones. Feng Shui mirrors can reflect images, but they don’t have the ability to refract or collect chi-energy, according to classical rules. As a result, mirrors in the home are only for reflecting images, not for storing chi-energy.


1. Feng Shui Mirror Shape

feng shui mirror shapes

Personally, I do not see any major difference if the Feng Shui mirror shape is square, round, or comes in any unique design form. Just go with your personal preference and do not worry too much about the shape. However, keep in mind that a mirror’s primary material is earth-based (limestone, sand, and soda ash). According to the 5 Element theory, shape can also be linked to a specific element. If you use a round mirror, for example, it will reflect the metal element.

The most crucial issue, as I already stated, is what the mirror reflects. It simply reflects images, not qi. If you’re in the market for a new one, take a look around first and estimate how big the mirror should be. Also, imagine what the reflections will look like.

2. Feng Shui Mirror in Kitchen

feng shui kitchen

A Feng Shui mirror should not be placed in the kitchen. Because the stove is a strong yang fire element (5 transformations), having a reflection of it in the kitchen can make it overly yang. To begin with, if the kitchen is oriented in an undesirable direction (Kua number theory), it may cause even more havoc. Second, it causes a significant Feng Shui Yin-Yang imbalance by allowing the fire element to get out of hand. The best thing to do in the kitchen is to avoid it altogether, and don’t put a mirror behind the stove (backlash). If you already have a reflection backlash, we strongly advise you to replace it. 

3. Feng Shui Mirror in Bathroom

feng shui bathroom

The bathroom is one of the few areas in the house where a wall mirror is necessary. If you position it in the proper spot in your bathroom, you can enhance your chances of improving your positive qi-vibes! Let’s look at where it should go and where it shouldn’t go:

4. Mirror in front of Bathroom Door

One thing to keep in mind when placing a Feng Shui mirror is that it should enhance the ambience around the location rather than repel or drive people away. Placing a Feng Shui mirror in front of the bathroom door will reflect the inside of your restroom, which might be unpleasant to those who must pass by or see it and spread bad shi energy into other parts of the home.

5. Feng Shui Mirror Facing Toilet Bowl

The main purpose of the toilet is to clean ourselves and flush out all of the toxins and human waste that have accumulated during the day. The placement of a mirror towards the toilet bowl is frowned upon. To begin with, I’m not sure how enjoyable it is to witness yourself poop. The toilet’s circulation of the negative energy is the second factor to consider. This concept deserves a huge thumbs down from us. 

6. Feng Shui Mirror above Toilet

It is not a good idea to place a Feng Shui mirror above or near the toilet. It’s best to hang it over the bathroom sink. The toilet lid, as well as the entrance door, should be kept closed at all times.

7. Mirror opposite Bathroom Door

If you’re thinking about hanging a mirror opposite your bathroom door, you should reconsider. Many people wonder if it makes a difference if the bathroom mirror is on the opposite side of the door or not. It matters because this could be a problem with the bathroom’s bad energy being pushed out. Please close the door at all times if you don’t have a choice and it’s your sole alternative. 

8. Feng Shui Mirror Facing Door

feng shui mirror front door

Because the front door represents the so-called “Mouth of Shi,” the front entrance is the most significant aspect of the entire house. Over 70% of the qi energy flow in the home comes from the outside. As a result, we must exercise extraordinary caution and control to ensure that only good energy enters the living space. 

9. Feng Shui Mirror Facing Main Door

In almost all online forums or social media discussions, the question comes up if it is good Feng Shui to have a mirror facing a main door. The short answer is no. A mirror should not face directly towards the main door or any other doors inside the house.

It is also not a smart option to display a Feng Shui mirror at a 90-degree angle on the same side as the door swing direction. When a person or energy walks through the door and encounters their reflection, it can create friction. Positioning the mirror on the opposite side of the swinging direction of the door is the ideal option. For example if a door swinging direction is to the left, place the mirror on the right wall. The mirror is not visible at first glance when a person enters. 

Another reason we dislike seeing a mirror facing the entrance has to do with psychology.Consider the following scenario: You arrive home during the nighttime hours, the house is dark with no lights on, and you notice a reflection shadow of yourself in the mirror-not particularly amusing, and you will likely be terrified to death, right?

10. Feng Shui Mirror in Entryway / Foyer

In Feng Shui jargon, the entryway is also known as the “interior Bright Hall.” To welcome the auspicious shi-energy, we’d want to see a wonderful open place. Many homes have a mirror in the corridors where people may check their appearance before leaving. Above all, it should be in a location that is convenient for you.

11.  Mirror at end of hallway

A mirror at the end of a corridor may be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it can widen the hallways if yours is too narrow to resemble the Bright Hall. On the other hand, it has the potential to induce energy to revert. This is especially problematic if key rooms such as the living room or study area are situated at the end of the corridor. It’s ideal to situate it in the middle of the corridor, rather than at the end. 

12. Does a mirror at the front door reflect energy back out?

No, it doesn’t work that way. It can, however, have the reverse effect, attracting more good energy. Brass mirrors (metal) were utilized in ancient China to entice the Water Dragon into the dwelling. According to the 5 Transformation Theory, metal produces water, making a brass mirror by the entrance door extremely auspicious. Please keep in mind that today’s mirrors are constructed of sand, soda ash, and limestone.

13. Feng Shui bedroom Mirror Placement Rules

feng shui mirror facing bed

When it comes to mirrors in bedrooms, the most popular search term is Feng Shui bedroom mirror placement. There are some guidelines to follow in order to get a decent night’s sleep. You can place a mirror in the bedroom without any issues. I hear some expert say to avoid a mirror in the bedroom altogether. This is not practical and completely out of sync with common sense.

14. Mirror Opposite Bed

The most important Feng Shui mirror placement tip for optimal sleep is to avoid placing a mirror directly across from the bed.This position might lead to sleeplessness and restless nights. It has nothing to do with the energy in the room but has more to do with how our bodies function at night.

According to a study, our eyes have motion sensors that are active while we are sleeping. The “survival brain” is triggered by motion sensors as it identifies a threat due to our bodily movements during sleep. Of course, it isn’t a serious threat, but we aren’t aware of it at this point in time. As a result, when we wake up, our subconscious mind searches for danger. This is counterproductive, because our primary objective is to get a decent night’s sleep.

The same can be said with televisions. A reflecting surface on modern televisions is comparable to that of a regular mirror. I am well aware that many of us enjoy lying in bed watching our favorite sitcom or movie in a relaxing ambience. Here’s a helpful hint: While sleeping, cover your TV or mirror opposite the bed with a thick blanket.

15. Mirror over Bed Superstition or Fact?

We understand that mirrors above a bed can be divisive, despite the fact that so many people adore them. A mirror should not be put near or above your bed, but it is totally acceptable to use it for your daily beauty regimen in other areas. According to traditional Feng Shui principles, anything heavy on the walls (beams, paintings, mirrors) will disrupt the yin flow. Your body is prone to adverse shi to being hit on, especially if it happens right over your head.

16. Mirror in front of Bedroom Door

We don’t advocate putting a mirror in front of the bedroom door, just like we don’t recommend putting one in front of the main door. It may obstruct the passage of energy into the bedroom. Yes, we definitely require these favorable energies in our bedroom.

17. Does a Mirror facing the bed invites marital affairs?

Another myth debunked, as this assertion is not correct and has no bearing on marital affairs.

18. Feng Shui Mirror Dining Room

Feng Shui Mirror Dining Room

Your dining room should be a space where you can share, nurture, and grow. You might be wondering if using mirrors in your dining room is appropriate. When it comes to using mirrors as Feng Shui features in your dining room, it’s important to remember that mirror placement location is crucial.

19. Mirror in front of Dining Table

In Feng Shui, the dining room is thought to indicate your ability to store prosperity. If the mirror reflects magnificent decoration, the room itself, or other furniture, it can be positioned in front of the dining table. Avoid placing the mirror where it directly faces the dining table so you can see yourself while seated at the table. 

20. Mirror Facing Dining Table

When you’re sitting at the table, the reflective side of the mirror should be facing the center of the table. You should not, however, envision yourself or your family eating and sitting at a table. When standing, an ideal height placing the mirror would be at eye level.

21. Mirror beside Dining Table

As long as the mirror is beside your dining table and behind you, it can be placed in your dining room.
You should not look at yourself when eating. Also, retain a mirror away from windows, since your neighbors or peeping Johns would enjoy playing paparazzi with your private affairs. The easiest way to stop unwanted glare from the mirror is to evaluate the angles.

22. Does a Mirror Double the Energy?

No, it does not in any way double energy. This is the most widely circulated urban legend on the internet. The weirdest claim I’ve seen about this is that a mirror facing the dining table will double the amount of food. Try hanging a mirror in your wealth location and seeing if it doubles your fortune. Sorry, this is just pure fairy-tale retelling material.

23. Feng Shui Mirror Living Room

feng shui mirror living room

Mirrors may be an excellent tool for creating a more open and dynamic mood in the living room area. It also aids in chi balance, according to the five transformation theory, which states that it should be uniformly distributed around the room. Overall, when properly positioned, it has the ability to unify those energies. Please keep in mind that a mirror reflection of yourself should be avoided. It is best to reflect on something beautiful, like a flower bouquet. Avoid any clutter, windows, or facing the television in the opposite direction. When the TV’s reflection in the mirror bounces back and forth with force, it can be rather bothersome.

24. Mirror behind Couch in Feng Shui

In general, there is no documented Feng Shui guideline restricting the placement of a mirror behind your couch. The mirror, however, should be set at a proper height, as illustrated in the image above. Let the mirror only showcase beauty, as stated more than once in this article. You can use a mirror to increase or block certain energies in the area because it is an earth element in Feng Shui (see more about 5 Transformations here).

25. Mirror over Fireplace

We do not like to see a mirror above the fireplace for two reasons: For starters, a mirror above the fireplace can be dangerous. The mirror is prone to cracking since the space around it becomes extremely heated. Second, the fireplace is part of the fire elements, and it is not advisable to allow the fire to burn out of control. 

26. Mirror in Home Office

feng shui mirror home office

We don’t advocate putting a mirror in the office or behind the desk, with one exception. Consider what you see in the mirror when you’re at your desk working or paying your bills. It has the potential to have a severe negative impact on your job performance. Yes, there is one exception: if your home office has a wealth corner, make it look magnificent. Decorate the corner with a money tree or other symbols of riches, for example. If a mirror reflects your wealth corner, it now symbolizes and pushes you to strive for greater money.

27. Feng Shui Mirror and Stairs

feng shui mirror facing stairs

Placing a mirror on the stairwell can be beneficial in some cases, but it can also be problematic. The stairwell is absolutely essential for a smooth chi-energy flow to the second floor. Any disruption to the flow would be unlucky for the upper floor. If you have particularly small and steep stairs, strategically placing a mirror to provide the idea of a vast and open staircase makes sense.

28. Mirror facing stairs

We don’t advocate positioning a mirror facing the stairwell because it’s viewed negatively in Feng Shui. Furthermore, because staircases have the potential to cause accidents, a mirror of yourself walking down the steps would just add to the confusion. If necessary, a mirror should be hung on the stairwell landing high enough you. It is best to hang a mirror on the landing of the staircase.

29. Mirror at Bottom of Stairs

It is totally OK to have a mirror at the bottom of the stairs, as long as the staircase is not reflected in the mirror. Many households use a mirror to check their look before leaving the house. However, if you can see a projection of the stairs, this is a big no-no. If a person descends the stairs and only sees half of their body, it is thought to bring bad luck. Furthermore, due of the mirror reflection, some individuals wrongly believe that the stairs have another step to go. To avoid any unnecessary mishaps, don’t do it. 

30. Mirror at Top of Stairs

There should be no problem as long as the mirror is mounted on a wall rather than at the top of a stairway. Coming up the steps promotes safety since you lessen the possibility of colliding with someone. Please keep in mind that if you have children or the elderly in your home, the mirror should never reflect the top of the staircase.

30. Mirror facing corners and niches

Mirrors can be particularly effective in Feng Shui to stimulate certain areas such as niches or small sections, making the space appear larger and more open than it actually is. Remember to only allow nice things reflect in the mirror, no clutter, grime, or disorder.

31. Bagua Map Meaning and background

bagua mirror feng shui

The bagua mirror meaning in Feng Shui is that it should reflect evil away from the dwelling. Emperors and generals in China have utilized it to help them win wars and battles over the years. The name “bagua” is made up of two parts: Bao (which means treasure) and Gua (which alludes to the trigram’s symbols). It comes in an octagonal shape, with the Earlier Heaven Sequence displayed on its trigram.

The earlier heaven trigram is mostly employed for research, but it has little active value in modern Feng Shui applications other than being seen on the baguas. Without getting into too much detail, the broken lines represent Yin, while the solid lines represent Yang in the earlier and later trigrams (read more here). The top of the chart depicts heavenly concerns, while the bottom of the chart represents earthly matters.

32. Bagua Mirror on Front Door

It is now extensively employed to deflect negative energy away from a property, particularly when the residence is facing a poison arrow or is situated at a t-junction. The optimum position to put the bagua mirror is above the front door, but some people place it above the windows on the outside of the house.  Always hang the mirror with the South (three solid lines) on top as a rule of thumb.

33. Mirror facing my House 

Should you be worried if a bagua mirror facing my house? Well, that is debatable. There’s no need to be concerned if your neighbor uses a flat one because it simply reflects the impression the mirror is facing. However, if a concave or convex bagua mirror is facing your house for no apparent reason, it is appropriate to address the matter with your neighbor. Many individuals unknowingly hang a bagua mirror without understanding the differences between the three types.

34. Bagua Mirror suitable only on outside of the house

A non-professional Feng Shui enthusiast should never place a bagua mirror inside the primary residence. I can’t emphasize this enough, because it would be detrimental to you and your family in so many ways. Please keep in mind that the mirror can only be used outside.

35.  Flat Bagua Mirror

A flat mirror reflects simply the picture or scene in front of it. It’s a fairly neutral tool in Feng Shui that can be used without causing too much harm. The following is a frequently asked question: Does a flat bagua mirror reflect bad energy away from the home? Any bad energy cannot be reflected or redirected by a flat mirror. As a result, relying on the security of it at your front entrance is a mirage. With this in mind, various additional steps to deflect or stop any potential harmful Sha-Qi must be explored.

36. Concave Bagua Mirror

A concave bagua mirror is a circular mirror with an octagonal frame that is bent inwards. This mirror is thought to absorb and neutralize negative energy. If you lived near a cemetery or a hospital, for example, this would be a good illustration. Both places emit negative energy, which we don’t want to see in a harmonious and well-balanced home. The bad energy can be overwhelming at times. To entirely negate the energy, other steps such as blocking are required.

37. Convex Bagua Mirror

In Feng Shui, a convex bagua mirror is curved outward and reflects negative energy away. I would not recommend having this type of mirror in a neighborhood because it would have a significant negative influence on your neighbors. Remember, Feng Shui is all about living in harmony with your surroundings, and we don’t want anything unpleasant to happen to our neighbors. Karma isn’t far off!

If you have a stand-alone home that is situated adjacent to a transmission tower, for illustration purposes, the use of this would make a lot of sense to reduce the impact when hugely negative energy strikes. However, keep in mind that a little mirror is often rendered useless, and you must take further precautions to safeguard yourself. Don’t rely just on a 20×20 cm mirror.

38. TV and other reflationary objects in home

A TV or any other device with a surface reflection is considered a mirror in modern Feng Shui. Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions to modify in accordance with all of the principles outlined in this guideline article.

Final Word

As you can see, there isn’t much to be concerned about when it comes to mirror placement within the home. Our step-by-step instructions and straightforward rules are simple to follow. This is about everything there is to know about mirrors in Feng Shui. Please don’t get caught up in the trap of using a mirror to reflect or double shi-energy. It’s a common misconception that has nothing to do with the traditional Feng Shui school.

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  1. Kam February 8, 2024 at 6:45 am - Reply

    Hi. Is it ok to place a mirror sticker on a glass window opposite my bed? It’s not a real mirror, but just a sticker.

    • FengShuiBalanz Team February 8, 2024 at 6:47 am - Reply

      It is not advisable because it is also reflective, and the same applies to any television or reflective objects. The rationale for avoiding any reflective surface facing the bed is that it can disrupt your sleep. Our bodies possess an internal survival instinct, causing the subconscious mind to alert the conscious mind to potential danger, even if it is unrelated. Consequently, peaceful sleep may be compromised, making it best to avoid such attachments.

  2. JTM April 23, 2024 at 12:29 pm - Reply

    Your advice #6 says..
    It is not a good idea to place a Feng Shui mirror above or near the toilet. It’s best to hang it over the bathroom sink…. what about placing a mirror on the ceiling directly above the toilet (it is supposed to lift the Qi? What does that mean, anyway?)

    • FengShuiBalanz Team April 24, 2024 at 2:50 am - Reply

      When a mirror reflects a person using the toilet, it creates a very unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. Most people would dislike seeing themselves in such a situation, and it can feel like an invasion of privacy. Moreover, seeing a reflection of the toilet itself can also be unsettling. Since toilet bowls harbor harmful bacteria, it’s important to close the lid before flushing.

      In contrast, a mirror above the bathroom sink is ideally placed to help with daily hygiene routines, which promotes cleanliness and comfort. However, having a mirror on the ceiling above the toilet bowl is not as practical and can lead to discomfort for many people.

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