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Last updated on February 20, 2024

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In the complex world of Feng Shui, every corner, nook, and cranny of our living spaces holds profound significance. The 5 Yellow Star, often referred to as the “Emperor,” is widely regarded by many as one of the most malevolent energies one can encounter in Feng Shui. However, once we delve deeper into this cosmic force that shapes not only our lives but also plays a pivotal role in our universe.

The Five Yellow Star, also referred to as the Wu Wang Star, represents a captivating facet that underpins numerous principles and calculations within Feng Shui and the 9 Ki Star system. We could even venture to say that this celestial influence embodies the all-encompassing Qi, directing and harmonizing all aspects of existence.

In the Western world, this energy is commonly referred to as “Star 5,” but its Chinese names, Lian Zhen Xing or Wu Wang, can be directly translated as “five yellow”. Before delving into the various applications where the Flying Star 5 interacts, let’s take a moment to explore its inherent attributes.

First and foremost, five yellow star holds its prime auspicious influence during its own designated period 5, which occurred from February 4th, 1944, to February 3rd, 1964, and will reoccur in the year 2124. During its own period, Star 5 is considered the ultimate creator of wealth, a coveted force that everyone wishes to harness.

However, there’s a catch. This energy manifests its magnificent and favorable attributes only within its own period. Once it ventures outside its designated time frame, it takes on a sour and less benevolent disposition, akin to a sweet apple gone bad. While other stars, like Star 6, tend to exhibit their positive qualities even beyond their own wang period, Star 5 Yellow does not follow suit. The reason behind this lies in its preference to stay in the center and reluctance to venture beyond its comfort zone.

As mentioned earlier, we can liken Star 5 to the universal Qi, exercising control over all the other stars and forces in our universe. This is why it’s often referred to as “Star Yellow” or “the emperor,” as it demands to maintain authority at all times.

Here are the general characteristics of the Flying Star 5, both when timely and untimely:

When Untimely:

  • Critical events
  • Disasters
  • Accidents
  • Mishaps
  • Fatalities
  • Crises
  • Armed conflicts
  • Delays
  • Setbacks

When Timely in Its Own Period (Period 5):

  • Extreme wealth luck
  • Good health
  • Remarkable events
  • Power
  • Nobility
  • Authority

Why has Star 5 Yellow Earned the Nickname “The Evil Force”?

As previously mentioned, Star 5 Yellow possesses extraordinary power and authority. In ancient times, the emperors of the era, along with their skilled mathematicians and astrologers, were well aware of how to harness its wealth potential.

However, the upper class was not keen on allowing commoners to tap into and align their homes with the Flying Star five’s energy. Thus, the myth was born that this star, or better said energy, brings only disaster, mishaps, accidents, and even death. Naturally, the common people, lacking a deeper understanding, feared the malevolent impact and steered clear of the 5 Yellow Star.

It was a mutually beneficial situation for the emperor:

They could harness the power of the 5 yellow star without interference or concern that others might challenge their throne. This allowed them to maintain full control and dominion over their kingdom. Remarkably, this myth has endured into modern times. While, in theory, the Feng Shui Star 5 can indeed bring about misfortune, it requires the presence of other external factors to trigger its negative effects.

Star 5 and the Luo Shu Square Magic Square

We can interchange the term “star” with “energy” or “number” in our exploration of Star 5. To truly grasp its essence, it’s essential to perceive 5 as omnipresent, devoid of a physical location. It’s more apt to describe 5 Yellow as our galactic core, the origin point from which everything emanates, and it serves as an unwavering reference amidst the swirling cosmos. Amidst the cosmic dance, 5 Yellow stands as the unchanging anchor at the very center.

The genesis of Luo Shu Square was masterminded with 5 Yellow Star in Feng Shui as its guiding force. It allowed the cosmic energies represented by the numbers 9, 7, 1, and 3 to spiral clockwise. Concurrently, it orchestrated the counterclockwise motion of other energies, namely 4, 8, 6, and 2. The convergence of these opposing energy forces, driven by the interplay of gravity and dynamic action, gave rise to the post-heaven Luo Shu energy map.

Upon closer inspection of the grid’s arrangement, an intriguing pattern emerges. Horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, the sum invariably totals 15. When we exclude the presence of the number 5 from this equation, we are left with 10, a number that should resonate with those well-versed in the principles of the 10 stems or the Combination 10 House type within the practice of flying stars.

Star 5 in Flying Star Feng Shui (Permanent, Annual Influences)

The Flying Star 5 is intrinsically tied to the earth element, and according to the principles of the Five Elements or Changes Theory, it is bolstered by fire and subdued by metal.Considering the array of advanced techniques available for effectively managing and respecting the energy of Star 5, it is prudent to incorporate metal remedies to maintain control and mitigate its effects. Therefore the flying star 5 cure in elemental terms is metal.

When dealing with the permanent presence of the Flying Star 5 on the home’s natal chart, causing specific irritating attributes to manifest, it is advisable to employ long-term remedies. These remedies should remain in place consistently. Conversely, for annual energy 5 that temporarily visits a particular sector, a remedy for the year is sufficient.

Examples of remedies include the placement of substantial metal statues or the use of real silver plates. It’s worth noting that, given that colors are also associated with the metal element, the effects of color-based remedies are rather weak and serve more as symbolic gestures. Authentic, substantial metal is the more effective solution.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to be aware that incorrect forms or structural design flaws can create what is known as “Feng Shui sha qi,” or unbalanced energy flow, intensifying the negative energy attributes. In cases where 5 yellow star in Feng Shui resides within a larger space influenced by Feng Shui sha qi, such as a triangular-shaped room associated with the fire element, additional measures are required beyond simply employing metal remedies.

Technical Applications in Flying Star Feng Shui

As a Feng Shui practitioner, one must possess the capability to construct a natal or permanent energy chart for a home from scratch. Now, consider the scenario where the 5 yellow star falls into either the sitting or facing sector of the chart. We understand that the period star from both sectors must be placed at the center.

However, star 5 plays a unique role as it can be regarded as a “transformer” that assumes the characteristics of the current period star once the home’s construction is completed. Let’s assume this is in 2024, corresponding to period 9. In this case, Star 5 will adopt either the yin or yang nature of Star 9, depending on whether it falls in the sitting or facing sector.

Consequently, we now know if we either need to float the other stars in a descending or ascending pattern accordingly.

5 Yellow Star to determine Best Exterior Water Location

Now, let’s look at the calculation of the most favorable water position for the current period. Star 5 once again takes center stage in this context. Upon examining the period chart for period 9, it becomes apparent that it resides in the north palace of the Luo Shu Square.

Traditional wisdom suggests that the manifestation of 5 yellow energy should be countered with water. Therefore, the north direction becomes the most favorable water direction for Period 9. Give thought to Star 5’s transformative nature, the opposite sector is considered to undermine luck.

Employing the number 5 further in our calculation, we find that nine minus five equals four, designating the Xun palace as the second-best water placement direction for Period 9.

When analyzing a home’s energy chart, it’s important to recognize that Star 5 can disguise itself and adopt the attributes of the central stars. This stems from the fact that it feels most at ease in the center. To illustrate this concept further, if for instant the central stars are 2-5 and a section comprises 5-8, star 5’s hidden influence stems from the mountain central energy of star 2.

This sets the stage for a mini-pair of 2-8, warranting further investigation into the potential attributes this combination may trigger. It’s essential to note that when referring to the center, it is not a literal location but rather an imaginary point, as the energies do not physically occupy it on a floor plan.

Other Significant Roles of the Number 5

In the exploration of the Hetu map, a common thread emerges once again: the prevalence of the number “5” in every direction. Across all Hetu pairs (2-7, 1-6, 3-8, 4-9, and 5-10), the number 5 interweaves them all. This reinforces the concept that the 5 Yellow Star serve as the central Qi, orchestrating and guiding the diverse energies in their perpetual, swirling motion. This orchestration prevents the stagnation or void where life might otherwise come to a standstill.

Another central role is that the “emperor 5” possesses the power of transformation, capable of transmuting one energy form into another. While some of these transformations are readily apparent in Feng Shui, such as wood converting into fire, others are less evident.

For instance, in 2024, when the annual Star 3 (wood) falls into the center, one might assume that the overall yearly influence would be wood-based. However, a closer examination of the Luo Shu reveals that star 5 actually resides in the West palace, dominated by the metal element. Consequently, we can assert that the year’s influence is, in fact, metal-element-oriented.

Here, the 5 Yellow star wields the power to “quietly” convert Star 3’s wood energy into 7 metal energy (found in the opposite palace). This application becomes particularly relevant when discussing the influence of number 5 in determining the correct water placement for the current period or other more advanced “shadow” influences in the school of flying stars.

Could Star 5 be Our Karma?

Consider this: every home has its own star 5 located in the mountain and dragon positions of a home’s permanent energy chart. You might wonder why some individuals living under the influence of this energy encounter significant challenges while others seem to sail through life without any adverse effects.

Well, it’s possible that Star 5 Yellow is acting as a manifestation of your own karma, prompting specific life events for you to learn from.

Take, for instance, the attribute of delay or setback. You might find yourself rather vexed that the promotion you’ve been anticipating hasn’t materialized yet. In such a scenario, you’ve hit the nail on the head—Star 5 could indeed be a contributing factor to this delay.

What message might it be endeavoring to convey on a karmic level? The lesson could revolve around patience, fostering unwavering willpower to achieve your goals, and avoiding the pitfalls of succumbing to frustration.

The next time you encounter Star 5, rather than viewing it solely through the lens of negativity, consider it from a more spiritual perspective. Reflect on the profound spiritual message it might be trying to impart to you.

You might find yourself deeply appreciative of its power and the potential it holds to elevate your personal enlightenment to new heights. Imagine being the one who greets this cosmic influence with a radiant smile, a sense of pride, and a deep respect for your spiritual guides.

Who Will Experience the Greatest Impact from Star 5?

The influence of Star 5 predominantly affects individuals when its energy resides in important areas within a house where all family members or specific individuals spend substantial time. For instance, if flying star 5 occupies the water dragon (wealth) position at the front door, it will have an impact on everyone who uses that entrance.

Similarly, the living room, being a central hub of activity, will affect all occupants if its energy is present. However, if it falls into a bedroom, only the person who is sleeping in that room is likely to experience its effects.

Expanding into the realm of astrology divination with Star 9 Ki, examining your personal Kua (Ming Gua) number provides insights into potential setbacks and challenges for the year when star 5 visits your personal palace. Let’s illustrate this with an example:

If you were born in 1982, your personal Kua number is 9 (which applies to all genders), associated with the Li trigram in the south palace of the Luo Shu grid. In 2026, when Star 5 Yellow visits the South palace for the year, a person with a Kua number of 9 becomes under its influence.

Here, the influence of the “Qi Emperor Five” depends on the alignment of your body’s qi flow. If your body’s qi is in harmony and well balanced, it can potentially bring about significant and positive events, even bestowing authority upon you.

Conversely, if your personal magnetism is out of sync, it might trigger karmic events, potentially making you overly dominant and irksome to family members.

Ultimately, the outcome of Star 5’s influence depends on the quality of your own qi, encompassing your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Another aspect involves considering your Chinese zodiac sign. For instance, individuals born under the signs of the Snake and Dragon both reside in the sub-directions of Southeast. In 2030, when Star 5 Yellow visits this palace, both signs will be susceptible to its influence. However, the extent of its impact still hinges on the quality of your body’s qi, to point it out again.

In terms of Flying Stars, the presence of sha qi in the southeast direction, such as cracks in concrete walls or poison arrow influences, can manifest negatively. Additionally, the palace is linked to the eldest daughter in the trigram, potentially giving rise to Xun-related issues for her. It’s advisable to avoid any construction activities in this direction for the month or year as well, as it could generate construction sha qi energy.

Directionality with Star 5

There’s a concept suggesting that you should avoid traveling towards or away from Star 5, depending on the palace it resides in for the year. Let take the Southeast palace as an example, this theory would advise against traveling towards both the Southeast and the Northwest.

However, when you factor in other directional limitations like Tai Sui, Sui Po, or San Sha, it can reach a point where it seems impractical; you’d be almost paralyzed and unable to move in any direction.

From a personal perspective, while it’s worth considering avoiding travel towards or away from the direction of Star 5 to preempt potential issues, it shouldn’t hold you back to the extent that it contradicts common sense.

Fan Yin and Fu Yin – Inverse Siren and Hidden Siren House Types

The fundamental principle behind this micro-concept theory is that a house should not have its own mountain or dragon star energies in the same original palace, mirroring the Post-Heaven trigram. To illustrate, if a house has a 6-9 pair in the South palace, it houses its own star 9, leading to the belief that the energy becomes stagnant.

Though, note that this is just one layer of many for occupants to experience any issue. Moreover, it’s essential to consider the fundamental principles of yin and yang in every Feng Shui concept. In this context, Fan Yin pertains to water dragon or wealth-related energies, while Fu Yin pertains to the mountain dragon star arrangement.

A critical issue arises when both Fan Yin and Fu Yin are considered both inauspicious, neglecting the fundamental principles of yin and yang. It’s akin to asserting that the zodiac signs Ox and Goat, residing in opposite directions, should be best friends and ignoring the inherent opposition of each sign’s orientation.

Furthermore, delving into ancient texts, we discover instances where Feng Shui Master Shen Zhu Reng made a mistake during a grave-side audit. This may have led to a cover-up on his part to preserve his reputation as a Feng Shui Master and avoid losing face.

Lastly, as we’ve emphasized throughout this discussion, Star 5 actually finds its natural place in the center position. This prompts consideration that the principles of Fan Yin and Fu Yin might be yet another diversionary and overrated concept.

Exact Alignment of Hour, Daily, Monthly, Yearly Star 5

Question: I have come across information suggesting that when the #5 of the year, month, day, and hour align, a sector becomes exceptionally unlucky, possibly leading to catastrophic events. Can this really happen?

Answer: Firstly, the concept of star 5, also known as the Yellow Emperor, is often misunderstood and unfairly portrayed in many Feng Shui blogs and books. A deeper exploration of classical Chinese texts reveals that emperors recognized the power of star 5 in maintaining control over their kingdoms. The name “Yellow Emperor” was chosen to emphasize that this energy represents more than just catastrophe, illness, and death.

Let’s break down the answer into two parts:

In the first part, we’ll discuss the energetic influences under the flying star system within a home. Yes, when the daily, monthly, and yearly star 5 align perfectly, as will occur on April 11, 20, and 29 in 2024 in the West section, there is a “possibility” of potential issues. Please, note that I said “possibility and “potentially” AND NOT “certainty”

Though, it’s crucial to note that other negative factors must also accumulate. Simply having star 5 alone won’t cause significant harm; it requires a sha qi activator, such as a Feng Shui poison arrow or external sha qi, to manifest its negative effects.

Accumulating factors include for example an “out-of-trigram” home, unfavorable floor layouts, an imbalance of yin and yang, and the overall health and lifestyle of the residents. Without these accumulations, you might experience only a minor hiccup for the day or month.

The best course of action is to respect star 5’s energy, avoid irritating it, and exercise caution in the specific sector by implementing elemental remedies to balance the energy when the hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly star 5 align.

In the second part, considering personal and event divination in the Star 9 Ki system, star 5 is neutral, neither inherently negative nor positive. For individuals with good health and a smooth flow of body qi, star 5 can bring excellent positive events.

Attributes associated with star 5 include power, wealth, nobility, benevolence, riches, and justice being served. However, if this energy is irritated or not respected, it may manifest as mishaps, delays, or setbacks. While avoiding harsh predictions of death or destruction, one’s personal destiny, as determined by Bazi (Chinese birth chart analysis), plays also a  significant role.

Additionally, individuals born in specific years, such as 1977, fall under the Ming Gua or personal destiny number 5 (read more here). These individuals exhibit unique characteristics showcasing the central role of star 5 in both the universe and an individual’s personality.

In conclusion, ensure no negative sha qi activates star 5 within your home’s sector, have elemental remedies in place, maintain good health with an excellent body qi flow, and show respect for this energy on a personal level during its alignment in the given yearly line-up sector on the mentioned days.


It’s evident that there’s no need for unwarranted fear regarding the often-exaggerated notion that Star 5 is inherently evil-minded. While it has the capacity to usher in both highly favorable occurrences and significant challenges, we should recognize that Star 5 represents a personal message from the universe.

This message prompts individuals to embark on a journey of spiritual growth and self-improvement. Star 5 can be likened to a unique fate that accompanies you along life’s journey, manifesting in diverse ways across various facets of your life.

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