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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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To no surprise, if a person thinks about Feng Shui TCM their homes come right into their mind. Very view, however, see a very close relationship with Feng Shui and Chinese Medicine. You might think I am comparing apples with bananas, but not so fast.

In fact, Feng Shui 9 Star Ki and Bazi (birth chart divination) are both full members of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Feng Shui Alternative Medicine interaction with Classical Feng Shui

A solar year consists of 12 months building the 12 Hexagrams known in I-Ching and for Bazi readings for calculation purposes. A regular reading calculation includes the span of being in the mother’s womb for nine months during her pregnancy. However, we are still short of 3 months to complete the whole 12 months solar cycle. At this point in time, a closer insight looks into the mother’s medical condition prior to being pregnant comes into play.

As red blood cells need precisely 3 months to reproduce itself, the prior three months of the mother’s eating habits and lifestyle habits will affect the genetic blueprint of the baby. Many practitioners fail to see and overlook this fact. In summary, these three months, mostly lacking in the Bazi reading, are right in front of you as the universal energy does not lack anything. The chart reading is based on external factors such as time, day, month, and year looking at the earth orbit around the sun in astrological terms. What is lacking are the internal factors of organs:

In Feng Shui alternative medicine TCM terms: Organs produce emotions, and whatever lays innate must externalize!

The mother and the father’s health needs to be evaluated on what lifestyle, diet, and health they were during these three months prior to pregnancy. Adding the three months with the nine months of pregnancy, we arrive at a full 12-month solar year cycle – nothing is left out or lacking!

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Feng Shui TCM: Cell Memory & Epigenetics

Epigenetics in Feng Shui TCM is the involving changes throughout our lifetime in human DNA genes. Although epigenetic is not part of the DNA, it stays very close to it and can attach to DNA to either turn a gene on or off. Due to environmental influences such as air quality, we breathe (smog), a person’s lifestyle and the diet you eat will determine the quality of epigenetics.

Poor eating habits can cause the epigenetic to malfunction creating severe illnesses such as cancer. Your cell memory reaches back over seven generations, which explains why hereditary diseases do happen. Traditional Acupuncture and Feng Shui TCM is well aware of the 5 Element procedure as each organ associates with different elements, or let’s call them energies.

Feng Shui alternative medicine helps you get better Feng Shui energy

Being aware of the facts, our own personality is solely formed by the health state of our organs. This explains why many psychological treatments fail to heal the patients long-term with success. Many psychologists cannot see the connection of the body organs to our emotions.

Everything focuses on the brain only, but it is just the body’s pharmacy. To illustrate better, in Feng Shui alternative medicine an organ sends hormonal signals via our bloodstream to the brain. It is just the same as we would go into the pharmacy. The brain will not argue if the message is right or wrong; it neutrally processes the request of emotions. The same goes for the pharmacist that purely without asking hands out the prescription medicine.

In conclusion, if something is going on in your life that produces negative emotions (anger, fear), a more in-depth look into the organ’s health in respective of Feng Shui TCM should be considered. Doing diet or lifestyle changes will most of the time, be sufficient to cure you miraculously.

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We, humans, are living tissue and therefore forming an ecological unit with ourselves and others. Let’s face it, we are all here on earth to survive, manifest the desires, and archive these goals.

Select your food wisely as it will influence your “cell memory.” In the field of Feng Shui alternative medicine and macrobiotics, Yin food such as water should come from the region where you live, but Yang food such as salt can come from far away. This creates the perfect healthy foundation of cells and tissue.

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