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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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Some Practitioner might disagree that a Feng Shui logo design for business is also part of Feng Shui. However, from our experience, we have noticed that just a small change can have a significant positive impact on the business.

Even many graphic designers start to discover how much good can come out when the 5 Element Rules are followed. What is this 5 Element Theory we hear you ask? In Chinese Metaphysics these rules are the foundation of everything. Nature operates under these rules and it can be applied to many other situations outside of Feng Shui. Read: What is Feng Shui 5 Elements Theory

The purpose to use all 5 Elements in your logo is to protect the business in case one Element gets out of control. In any event, be prepared always at any given time. Let’s have a peak in some great examples:

1. Banking Logo (Bank of China):

feng shui bank of china logo1

To illustrate better let’s ask of “Why bank logos do contain red colors”? A bank belongs to the Metal Element, right? This is correct, however, metal in its form is useless. In this case, the Fire Elements comes into play. It is needed for the pure metal to be melted down for the banks to become useful. Otherwise, pure metal without any processing is not useful.

2. Feng Shui Logos Color Selection: Industry Related or Bazi-Birth chart?


On one hand, should the Feng Shui logos represent the Element of the industry related to or follow the owner’s birth chart? To answer this question, a look into the business structure should be done first.

SINGLE OWNER: The color selection should be chosen from the best favorable Element of the Bazi Chart. Bazi tells about one’s destiny by using the so-called time code to calculate the given energy at the point of birth. The Star constellation considers time, day, month, and year the person is born.

For this reason, we can see what is a supportive element and what is not. For example, if the supportive element is Fire, the choice of colors like red or orange are favorable. If water is the best element then blue or black are in play.

MULTIPLE OWNERS: It is important to realize that with several owners clashes with different birth Elements can happen. As a result, it is complicated to pick the most favorable ones out for the business. Hence, the color of the industry’s Element should be the best choice.

In the same fashion, the color templates should be applied to all business cards, letterheads, and marketing brochures of the business.

3. Letters should connect each other

b logo

Without a doubt, a cursive Font that looks like handwriting displays trust, its heritage, and reliability to its customers.

4. Logo that illustrates Growth

fengshuibalanz logo

Every businesses main goal is to grow. Believe it or not, but a bad Feng Shui logo design can stop the company’s growth. Firstly, take a look at our logo. The shooting star with the Bagua Map is going up into the sky. This is a perfect illustration for never-ending opportunities to come. Many other companies follow these same rules. Secondly, a logo needs to have three colors. Two colors signal stagnant, a standstill of the business. Keep these two rules in mind as they are very important

5. How an Element can keep another one in Check?


The meaning of this is very easy to understand. Let’s take the oil company PTT as a prime example. PTT operates gas stations in the Southeast Asian region. As the industry’s Element is Fire, red tones should be added. Now, here is the danger that needs to be worried about. Too much red added to the logo and Fire gets out of control.

As of the 5 Element Theory, the obvious is to apply Earth (Insult Cycle – left) to solve this issue. Well, well, well the thought process might be correct, but Earth is not as powerful to keep Fire in check. There is only one solution to tackle this. The Water Element needs to come to the rescue. The PTT logo illustrates this best. It was designed as an “Oil drop” reflecting the industry PTT is in. The Center is red and round. These two are associated with the Metal (round form) and Fire Element (red color). To protect the red flame of getting out of control the Water Element illustrated as the blue colors and wave-forms are added. Notice what we have mentioned before, the logo contains three colors for growth and both tips pointing upwards into the sky.

6. The Feng Shui Logo design should be Positive

Feng-Shui-Logo-Design-Positive-Attitude1Always show and portray a positive attitude with your logo. The first impression always counts the most. In Marketing there is a rule that says, a potential customer decides in under 2 seconds if the company is trustworthy or not. As shown in the above logo, an unhappy “Smiley Face” can be seen. As simply change to flip the line 180 degrees made a whole difference. A big smile greets now the customers. From having one or two orders per day, this changed of up to 50.

7. Avoid Poison Arrow hitting the own logo

arrow logo

What are Feng Shui poison arrow? To put it simply, it is an accumulation of bad energy that hits either the office/home or in this case the logo (Letters “S” and “R”). We do not like to have any sharp objects hitting the name of the company. Given that these bad energies can cause serious damage. In general, try to smooth the edges of anything sharp in your logo pointing toward the business name. In the long run, a smoother day to day operation is guaranteed.

8. Implement ALL 5 Elements into the logo


Yes, you need to protect your business from unforeseen events. We never know when it happens and to what extent. Google has applied all 5 Feng Shui Elements into its logo design with perfection. It shields the business perfectly once one Element broke out of its Cycle to create chaos.

9. Have a clean and clear Feng Shui logos


Create cleanly designed Feng Shui logos and do not over-complicate things. If the customer feels confused, they will avoid buying from you. It is very significant that the logo can be memorized with ease. The design needs to stand out from all of the competitors. In the above image, can you tell what the message is? Sure, we cannot as it is too confusing. If nobody get the message, failure is for sure the end of it.

10. Choose Harmony in the Feng Shui Logo Design

ar logo

Pay attention to graphics features that might hurt the business. The “Arc” Logo looks nice, but never let an arc no running thru the logo. In Feng Shui, it means that you will cut the logo and therefore the business in half.

11. Start with the Logo first

The Feng Shui business logo design should be designed first before all the other layouts are created. Once the final approval for the logo and colors are made the website creation and letterheads can be done. Remember, do not confuse your customers. This creates a superb marketing style for the business.

12. Show Company’s Vision in Logo


The oil company BP future vision is to move away from oil and create clean energy. The updated design of its logo shows very nicely the symbol of the “Sun”. Surrounded by green colors, it suggest that green energy is going to be used in the future. Do brainstorm about this idea and try to implement it into your own logo.

13. Control the Industry you are in with Feng Shui


Some company’s vision is to control the whole industry they are in. How to do it with a logo? Firstly, do not use the industries Element. The Controlling one should be chosen here. The communication’s company “Orange” decided to use the orange as its main color. As orange is a color associated with the Earth, what has it to do with Water which communications belong to? The Earth Element controls Water! We can conclude that “Orange” seeks to have power over its own industry. Guess what, it actually does work.

14-21. Feng Shui Logo design Best Practice

Feng Shui is obviously just one part to pay attention. In a similar fashion business logo design best practices should be followed as well:

  • In the event that the logo needs to be in a newspaper, take a look at how it looks in black and white
  • The Logo should be kept simple and clean
  • Be sure to reflect the type of business in your logo
  • To point out the first impression is always the most important
  • With attention to detail choose the colors wisely.
  • Indeed, the Font Type needs to fit your business
  • By all means, make the logo scalable so it will not be blurry


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