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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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What does the gold in Feng Shui mean? Explain why gold is lucky and how to use it in detail. In Feng Shui, gold or the color yellow is superior in Feng Shui, standing for the emperor’s universal wealth symbol. Therefore, it has been proven over thousands of years that gold will attract more wealth and more prosperity into one’s life.

  • Attract more wealth into your life
  • Suitable to display in your money/wealth area
  • Use while paying respect to your personal god
  • Apply on god or Buddha statue (see below for position & meanings)

Why does gold bring good luck and attract money?

Does gold bring good luck when on display at your home? The answer is yes, as it all comes down to its color. The ancient people saw the color yellow of gold as the light of the sun. The sun is our universal Qi-force energy dictating all laws of nature. Without the power of the sun, no life on earth would be possible. The emperors understood very well its power. Consequently, hoarding massive amounts of gold was seen as a protection of power and ruling. The more Feng Shui gold you have, you touch, and being surrounded of it, the more prosperity and wealthy a person becomes.
Yes, gold’s secret is its vibrational energy, even to attract more wealth.

There are several ways to attract wealth and money with Feng Shui gold:

Have you ever wondered how the richest people got that way? The answer is simple: they attract money. And one of the best ways to do that is by using gold in Feng Shui. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to make your home more attractive to wealth. There are a number of ways to attract wealth and money to enhance it energy

1. Display Gold inside your Wealth Corners

Display the gold in your money corner or decorate your talisman or statue with gold leaves. The money corner is the space in your home where your personal wealth energy resides.Find the Flying Star 1 which is the future wealth star (Victory Star).

2. Use Gold as cure remedy

As gold in Feng Shui belongs to the Metal Element, you can also cure Star 2 for illness and Star 5 for disaster with it. Further, the gold metal is also suitable to enhance Star 6 Metal pushing job and career-related development to the next level.

3. Use gold leaf on Buddha statues (or god) to pray for wealth and good luck

Whenever you pray, your life becomes more prosperous now and in your next life. Did you know that each position on the god’s statue indicates a specific purpose. Here are some great examples of how to use gold leaf on Buddha statues:

  • Applying the gold on the face of the Buddha or god statue is believed that you are more successful in life, career, and gain more prosperity.
  • Choose the belly, which will result in wealth, wealth, wealth, and wealth. You are going to fill your treasure chest with assets and more money
  • Gilding the gold at the Buddha amulet or belly button of any god is believe that you will not experience starvation. Throughout life, you will not have to fasten. Also, it will attract more wealth, money, and gold in life.
  • Gold on the head of the Buddha or god is believed to enhance wisdom necessary for a good education, peaceful dreams, and erodes all obstacles in life. In summary, a worry-free life is a guarantee. Also, it will solve any life problems for you forever.
  • Apply the gold leaf to the chest. In return, you will have the pleasing glory of the people, you are loved and gain popularity by people, and you stand out from the crowd.
  • Feng Shui Gold on the hand is believed you will become a powerful person. Nobility comes into your life, and people will respect you.
  • Putting the leaf at the feet is believed you are safe while traveling in a vehicle or at any accommodation. Also, your overall well-being will improve dramatically.
  • Place gold at the back of the Buddha or god it is believed that you will become complete. You will enjoy a magnificent life.
  • Gilding the base area of the statue will help to get a promotion in a career or enjoying a stable job.
  • The belly area stand for prosperity, money, and endlessness wealth

One of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve the greatest impact with the least effort is the use of gold leaf. The best thing about using gold is that it is such a low-maintenance option; you can easily purchase gold leaf at your local craft store or online, and then simply sprinkle or vacuum-seal it into place to bring in the maximum benefits of Feng Shui.

Many of you may be wondering how to properly apply gold leaf on buddha statues. In fact, it is not that difficult at all.

  • You can keep the Feng Shui gold inside the packaging and display as is in your money corner or
  • Use when paying respect to your god.
  • Do not touch the leaf with your hand.
  • Apply with a small brush a clear primer glue on the area first
  • Open the paper sheet and gently put on the area of choice

4. Carry gold in wallet as a symbol of wealth

You can also carry gold in your wallet as a symbol of wealth. It is suitable to use gold coins, gold medals, and even gold-colored foil or glitter. Just be sure to carry at least a little bit to get the full effect. Another benefit of carrying around gold is that it provides a subconscious support for you when you need it the most.

It gives you the confidence to ask for the raise you’re owed without the risk of appearing ungrateful or discovering unexpected income streams. You’ll feel capable and secure without any regret.

The best way to use gold in your home is to place a few enhancement pieces strategically throughout your home’s wealth areas (you can have up to FOUR inside your home). This will not only look impressive, but it will also bring you and your family good prosperity and wealth.

In other areas, use Feng Shui gold only in moderation. Having said this, using too much gold can clash with the other elements (5 Elements) and bring misfortune.

5. Use Gold to decorate your home

One of the best ways to use gold in your home is to incorporate it into your artistic endeavours. Gold is an important metal in Feng Shui and adding a touch of it to your artistic projects will help to enhance and balance your space. Choose to frame your paintings with gold leaf, use gold paints in your artwork or even incorporate gold in your designs by using gold fabrics in your cushions or designing your own gold accent pillows.

6. Use gold in food (cakes or drinks)

Your body is a collection of energy, and therefore a collection of chi. The more balanced chi flows through your body, the better your health and happiness are. Eating real gold is also a good way to attract a lot of abundance into your life.
In the West, we associate prosperity only with money, but in fact, money is one of many symbols of wealth. True wealth brings not only material things into your life, but also happiness and balance. You can use Feng Shui gold in the form of gold leaf sheets to add them to your next glass of sparkling wine, cakes, cookies, or cheese.
Eating real gold programs your body chi for more wealth and prosperity. Let the body Feng Shui and qi of wealth take over your body!
Remark: Please only use 24 Carat 999/1000 edible Food Standard E175 sheets

7. Use cosmetics with real gold

Cosmetics are another way of using gold in Feng Shui to become financially independent. Cleopatra is a good example of this, as she was the most beautiful woman in the ancient world. Even after her death, her beauty and charm were legendary, not to mention her love of gold. She was able to balance her qi, which was an indication of her beauty and wealth.
Cosmetics, such as facial creams or masks, are another great way of using gold in Feng Shui for more prosperity. The key here is to keep the auspicious energy moving. As the beauty products are being absorbed by the skin, they will naturally influence and adjust your chi flow for more wealth.

8. Don’t only take, but also give

Another great way to attract wealth is to be generous to others. The old adage that a penny saved is worth a pound earned is very true. Spend time giving to others, and watch your financial fortune grow.
Let’s chat about how we can help you balance your life and finances with the principles of Feng Shui. Are you struggling with a situation, relationship, or area of your life that is holding you back? If you need help moving forward, let’s book your online Feng Shui consultation today to go over your options.
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