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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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Introduction for Feng Shui Compass Directions 

In ancient times it was a little bit easier to apply the Feng Shui study to the homes as the city & home design was always the same. However, in today’s time, the practical application needed to be adjusted to the ever ending changes in our life- & building styles.

For instance, the practitioner in old times used always a Feng Shui compass reading at the front door as the door was always facing the road. This practice is in our modern world not always be correct, as a lot of times due to architectural home designs, the front door might be very well facing differently.

You can imagine that it even gets more difficult when it comes to condominiums or apartments as these kinds of buildings did not exist hundreds of years ago. It needs a knowledge Feng Shui consultant to find the exact compass reading location. Be aware that even a one-degree error margin can cause the whole energy mapping of the home to be incorrect.

Chinese Luo Pan Compass


We will quickly introduce you to the Chinese Feng Shui compass called Luo Pan. It is been used by a professional during a home audit as we can conclude much more details from it. Compared to a regular compass, the Luo Pan tells us the 24 Mountains, 72 Dragons, 64 Hexagram, the Sun Formula, and the 28 Constellations.

Therefore, it is an incredible tool to have. In addition, we can also determine which of the 24 compass direction the home belongs: S1,2,3 – N1,2,3 – E1,2,3 – W1,2,3 – SE1,2,3 – NE 1,2,3 – SW1,2,3 – NW1,2,3 (24 Mountains). The Luo Pan is quite old, dating back many hundreds years. In Maritime, the boat captains used it to navigate the oceans. At some point in time, this helpful got introduced into the Feng Shui practice with great success.

Before You Start: Determine your Home Facing

Before a Feng Shui compass directions reading can be done, the Feng Shui facing direction of the home is must be determined. A word of caution needs to be brought to your attention. If at the wrong side of the house the compass reading is done, everything else will be wrong.

The Energy Map or Bagua Map of your house will be incorrect which result in wrong placements of cures and remedies. Sure, you will get the point here. It is important to realize that the determination of the house facing must be 110% correct. A quick peek at “How to check home facing direction” article will reveal many useful tips.

In classical Feng Shui we refer the front of a house as the “FACING DIRECTION” and the backside of the house is referred to as the “SITTING DIRECTION

fengshuibalanz floorplan compass degree

How to do a Feng Shui Compass directions reading?

Step by Step DIY:

1. Remove ALL Metal Objects

Beware of any magnetic interference surrounding your front door area. Mainly, metal fences or electric poles are the cause for wrong readings. Be it jewelry, a watch, the belt, your wallet all these contain metal. It needs to be removed before a correct reading can be done.

2. Choose your Feng Shui Compass or Compass App

A good compass is essential for success. The best option would be a traditional compass, but any phone app should also do it. Take a look further down for our best recommendations.

3. Go to the Facing Direction of the Home

Think about where the Facing of the House is. Once you find the correct place, start here. At the facing direction of the home, here the compass reading should take place. Stand around 1-2 Meters in front of the house. In case metal fences or other metal objects are around, it might help to step 5-10 meters away from the building. Need more help, please read our: How to check home facing direction  blog post

4. Stand at the correct Reading Position


Stand in the Center of the Facing Direction, looking away from the building. Your back needs to face the front of your home. Now, hold the compass vertical at the high of your belly button level. Next, wait until the needle settles. In case it does not settle look out for magnetic interference. The compass should be held flat on the hand. Also, keep it 100% parallel to the ground. No angle of pointing up or down is allowed.

5. Note your Compass Reading

Once the needle settles, at the index line the actual degree can be read. Watch this short video on youtube here:

6. Take the Compass Reading at least 2-3 times

Do it 2-3 times in order to get an accurate reading. In case different degrees are shown, use the average like in this example: 150 + 160 + 158 = 468 – Divide 468 by 3 equals: 156.

7. Facing vs. Sitting Position

The calculated degree is the Facing Position. Add 180 towards 156 for the sitting position to be 336. Notice, that it is exactly on the opposite side of the compass.

8. Take Compass Reading at different locations

To verify the compass reading at the home facing, do two or three more in different locations around the building.

How to use a Traditional Compass

  1. Hold the compass flat on the hand’s palm
  2. Each Compass has a magnetic needle. Most of the times the needle is indicated in red. The red needle always points to the magnetic “NORTH” direction.
  3. Now, adjust the outer dial to the red needle. Both, the red needle and the dial’s “North” or “N” need to be aligned
  4. Stand facing away from the house in a straight and parallel line.
  5. Once the needles settle and stop moving, adjust the dial once again. The red needle and Red Dial “N” needs line up again.
  6. Finally, the compass line which is right in front of you shows the actual degree.
  7. Yes, it is complicated, so a look at this video is highly suggested: Watch Now

TOP 5 Telephone Compass App we have tested

With a phone compass app, it is by far easier to do a reading. There is no need to align the magnetic north. With this in mind, the phone app does it for you. Equally, all the tested apps are quite good and give accurate readings.

Compass 360 Pro


Firstly and by far the best is the Compass 360 Pro. Our top favorite of all the apps tested.

  • Price: Free with advertising
  • Available on Google Play only

Compass Galaxy


On the positive side, this app is very good for beginners. The readings can be done with ease.

  • Price: Free with advertising
  • Available on Google Play

Digital Compass 360 Free


Different from others, this app has over 10 different compass options to display

  • Price: Free with advertising
  • Available on IOS and Android

Smart Compass

  • Price: Free with advertising
  • Available on IOS

Compass Steel 3D

  • Price: Free with advertising
  • Available on IOS and Android

Feng Shui compass reading best practice: Do & Don’ts

  • In a word, do not us the architects drawing to determine the Feng Shui compass directions where north and south is. This needs to be done by you and by compass reading only. Why is this important? Feng Shui’s energy is based on the magnetic north. The initial compass reading tells of how the Feng Shui Flying Star energy flow inside the house will be.
  • Always, always take the compass reading outside of the home. However, one exemption to the rule is with apartment buildings, where no outdoor reading can be done.
  • Lastly, the Body’s Back Posture should be straight and parallel to the wall.


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