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The #1 ecommerce platform on the planet, WooCommerce, is by far the most popular eCommerce platform with over 5 million active installations. It has 160 million all-time downloads and a market share of over 40% of all online stores globally. We are WooCommerce SEO experts by heart and know what works and what doesn’t in the ever-changing online space.

woocommerce seo experts

Selling online oftentimes feels like a game of chance, some merchants make millions, while others struggle to make a single sale. However, a well-optimized website created by an experienced WooCommerce SEO consultant will boost your store’s exposure in search results.

While selling on this WordPress platform, you should always ensure that your store is optimized for search engines, user experience (UX), mobile devices, and ROI conversions. And that’s where we come in. We’ve been solely working with WooCommerce since 2012, and know exactly how to optimize your store for maximum sales.

We know what makes an online store successful—and how to turn your business into one of them! You don’t need to know anything about SEO; let us handle it for you. After all, you have a store to operate and should concentrate on sales!

Why Choose our WooCommerce SEO Consultant Services

Affordable Ecommerce SEO Services Pricing

While many agencies provide set monthly plan pricing, they frequently miss the fact that each online store’s circumstances are unique. This is illogical! A well-balanced ecommerce SEO pricing approach should take each individual’s situations and objectives into consideration.

However, e-commerce sites benefit from the same SEO methods as any other website, but they must be implemented on a wider scale due to the numerous unique elements of e-commerce sites that must be evaluated and examined, thoroughly. Online stores are far more difficult to optimize than ordinary webpages.

Prioritization is vital for proper and successful ecommerce SEO tactics for small and medium-sized online shops. It requires knowledge, judgment, and deep understanding to identify what is most essential and what can be delayed, thus not everyone has a thorough knowledge of it.

We understand that you have a lot on your plate right now. You’re hoping to increase traffic to your website and sell more of your products. It is impossible to focus on these two topics at the same time. If you try to complete everything at once in a hurry, you will overstretch yourself. Our affordable ecommerce SEO services with budgets as little as a few hundred dollars, an hourly rate, or a set monthly quota can assist in alleviating the burden while increasing traffic and product sales.

Reasons your Ecommerce Site needs SEO Services

There are countless reasons your ecommerce site needs SEO services to succeed in the online word. As shopping behaviors shift ever more online, it is critical to distinguish yourself from your competition in order to offer your products for sale. Over 80% of all purchase intents begin with a simple search engine search. The top e-commerce players control the majority of e-commerce product searches. Without a doubt, they have an inexhaustible budget to be found on the top pages.

What if I told you you could have a large slice of this pie all to yourself? Yes, this is not a mirage; it is a possibility that is well worth pursuing. You’d simply need to invest some of your time in our tried-and-true WooCommerce SEO services to get there.

Giving your consumers what they want—making their lives easier—and selling products to them online is the way to do it. However, getting people to find them is more difficult than simply posting them online and waiting for them to be discovered. You have the ability to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Hiring a WooCommerce SEO consultant can help you get started.

The good news is that Woocommerce is incredibly SEO-friendly by default. With the proper technical SEO, site structure, and user experience (UX) settings, the doors to ranking high are wide open. Without SEO, your website may become lost in a sea of identical sites, with no viable direction to the shorelines.

If you are still highly reliant on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, wouldn’t it be good to reduce your dependency and receive free organic traffic? When your PPC advertising ceases running, your traffic immediately stops.

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which charges a fee for each click or impression the ad receives on search engines, SEO is intended to help you establish your brand over time so that customers return again and again. In reality, online users are cautious about clicking on advertisements, and organic traffic from search results produces 50% more sales than PPC ads.

WooCommerce SEO Experts Strategies

seo strategy9

Many ecommerce store owners are simply too overwhelmed or perplexed by SEO to know where to begin. You can get a lot of information online, but you can’t tell if it’s up-to-date or already out-of-date.

There will be no value to you if someone simply searches for “how to do” rather than plans to buy the offered product. This is why it is vital to direct the right users to the proper pages on your website. This can be done by matching the relevant content with the appropriate user-intention keywords, which can only be determined by skilled WooCommerce SEO specialist who understands how to do it effectively. Here’s an easy-to-understand breakdown of our work flow:

Pour a Solid Foundation with Technical Audits

As the ancient adage goes, “A house is only as strong as its foundation.” This is especially true for all ecommerce websites. A solid foundation should be in place before beginning to map out a successful keyword strategy.

Begin constructing stone by stone without allowing it to collapse like a house of cards. An ecommerce SEO specialist helps discover any flaws in the structure or coding of your website using cutting-edge crawling software and provides you with a list of recommended improvements.

Proper Structure

When mapping an well-organized and SEO-friendly structure, you want to make sure that not only is it easy for visitors to navigate around the online store, but that you also offer Google a clear indication of what each section or page is about. It is critical to organize the pages into a hierarchical map with distinct topic-related subcategories.

To illustrate better, if you have a page dedicated to selling cosmetics and another dedicated to selling beauty accessories, and neither is linked to the other, Google will treat them as two distinct pages with different subjects. However, linking from the beauty accessories page to the cosmetics page (or vice versa) indicates that the two pages are related.

Adaptability of Strategies

Because top-ranking sites’ SEO strategies are continuously changing and evolving, it is important for an ecommerce SEO specialist to notice changes and outsmart them in order to rank on the first page.

Good and honest communication is essential so that we can carefully consider new routes moving forward.

Optimizing Images and Product Descriptions

Thin or duplicate content are typical issues in ecommerce. When you have hundreds of products in your store, it might be challenging to develop original content for each product page.

However, this might have a negative impact on your SEO and page ranking. When you have the same or comparable information on two distinct pages that are extremely similar in nature, such as merely altering the color or size measurements in the description, you have double content.

Thin content, on the other hand, comes when you just have a product description of fewer than 300 words. To prevent getting punished by Google for duplicate or thin content, make sure that each product page has its own original content that is at least 300 words long.

In WooCommerce stores, images are the most crucial part. They are the sole method of visually representing your product and have a significant impact on customer purchasing decisions. An optimized image not only enhances the likelihood of being discovered quickly, but it also contributes to increased sales.

Best UX User Experience

Many knowledgeable ecommerce SEO experts agree that UX is by far the most overlooked aspect of ecommerce. For WooCommerce stores, UX is all about the user experience. It shows how product pages appear, how quick it is to checkout, how easy it is to navigate, cross promotions, and much more. All of these factors contribute to your user experience and have the potential to make or disrupt your WooCommerce business.

UX is firmly interwoven with ecommerce psychology. Customer behavior throughout the purchasing process and while exploring the online store is studied by it. UX looks into a variety of element positions which are important and can impact a purchase decision. UX analyzes a range of element locations that are significant and can influence a purchasing decision.

In a nutshell, it’s about understanding how consumers think and act when they purchase online. This is critical for internet retailers since it ensures that the consumer finds what they are looking for in the shortest amount of time feasible.

Determine the Most Important Site Areas

There are hundreds of products and categories on an ecommerce site, but some are more important than others. The core content must be at the top of the list of SEO priorities, and it should be highly visible to users as they browse the store.

It offers the advantage of allowing customers to easily access key sections with only a click or two. Remember that the easier it is for the user, the better their experience will be and, therefore, you will generate more sales.

Furthermore, it is necessary to double-check your online store and ensure that each and every product category and subcategory serves a distinct purpose. This implies that if you have two categories that effectively sell the same product, you should consider merging them into one. This will not only reduce duplicate content concerns, but it will also enhance both pages’ overall ranking power.

Keywords with Proper User Intent

Keyword research and assessment are critical components of a good SEO strategy. Using the proper keywords is critical because it will direct high-quality visitors to areas of the site to archive a high conversion rate (CTR).

It may be difficult for the website to rank if the keywords are too broad, while employing too precise keywords may lead the page to miss out on possible visitors. A good mix of both is imperative. Another aspect to watch is whether duplicate keywords on certain pages have a negative impact on ranking.

Convincing Meta and H1 Title Optimization

It’s one thing to be found on Google, but if you can’t persuade the user to click on the link, your SEO efforts will be fruitless. To get a high click-through rate, convincing meta-titles and product H1 titles should be used.

The use of profitable keywords that suggest purchasing intent in order to convert and increase sales is suggested. Having an overly broad phrase hampers this split-second purchase decision.

Product Permalinks

When creating product urls for WooCommerce, keep in mind that they may appear in search results or on social media if shared. It is best practice for SEO to have short and descriptive URLs. If you have a lot of products with similar names, or even if you have several colors or sizes of the same product, include those in the URL as well.

People will also be able to recall them more easily this way. As an WooCommerce SEO consultant we recommend that it’s a good idea to keep them brief and descriptive! The more specific they are, the better.

Mobile Friendly and Speed

Two of the most recent criteria for a website’s success are performance speed and mobile-friendly design. A quick, dependable, and user-friendly experience can be a significant differentiation for your WooCommerce store. Google’s algorithms are now optimized to prioritize mobile-friendly websites.

You might lose a lot of traffic and customers if your website is not mobile-friendly. Furthermore, Google penalizes websites for sluggish loading times, and this is not limited to mobile devices only!

Users will be less trusting of your website if the content takes a lengthy time to load. One of the WooCommerce SEO services we provide is to check for potential problems and offer detailed recommendations on how to address them.

Measuring of Goals

Because ecommerce SEO is a continuous process, it is key for a skilled WooCommerce SEO specialist to measure what works and what does not work. The Google Analytics dashboard is an excellent tool for reviewing the process and goals on a frequent basis. Because the world of SEO is always evolving, it is vital to adapt and, if required, modify strategies.

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