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Save Water at Home with 16 Easy Ways to Conserve Big Time

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On average, an astonishing 80 gallons or 300 liters of water a person (source: usgs) uses every single day. Can you imagine if you add this up to the whole country or world of how much water we humans use daily? Of course, there are many simple ways to save water at home, which in turn reduces your utility bills. With our easy ways to conserve water at home tips, you save not only water, but also a lot (I really mean) a lot of money.

In the Western world, we have plenty of water, and usually, the groundwater levels never drop under a certain point. However, in the past two years, severe drought has settled in due to lesser snowmelt and rain. If you look at many rivers across the world, the levels are going further down instead of rising.

Water becomes a precious commodity that we should not waste recklessly. It is the fact that we humans need to live in harmony with nature, and we should look into the future so that our children and grandchildren will not suffer.

Besides the environmental effect of wasting water, I like to point out that running a shower for an hour might be relaxing but increases your energy consumption into the skies. Please understand how precious water is, therefore save the world and your household budget and start to save water at home.

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Did you know that warm water comes in second for the energy consumption of your electricity bill? Here I suggest some ways in which water can be conserved in your home:


feng shui living room

During our regular cleaning routine to keep your household pleasant and tidy, you need a lot of water for the cleaning products to work its magic. Here, a lot of potential ways to save water at home are possible. Let’s take a look:

1. Filling up the washing machine

Always load the washing machine until it is full. A full washing machine cleans more efficiently. In case you do need to do only a view laundry, use the saving mode instead. The saving mode tells the washing machine to use less water as usual.

TIP: Use ecological washing machine detergent for further saving water at home.

2. Clean with towel and bucket

A good pressure cleaner is excellent, no doubt, when it comes to very stubborn dirt on your driveway or exterior home walls. But, there is no need to use a pressure cleaner to clean the car, for example. A good and more extensive car sponge with a bucket of water gives the same sparkling shiny result and save water at home.

Of course, other cleaning tasks around the home are also quickly done by a towel and a bucket of water.


feng shui kitchen

3. Use rinse dishwater several times

Be smart and clean, less dirty surfaces at first. These include, for example, all different kinds of glasses like windows, glass tables, or glass decor. As the water does not become too dirty, you can still use it afterward for dirty skillets or to clean the floor.

4. Use dishwashing machine instead of hand-washing

An energy and water-efficient dishwashing machine out beats any hand wash by lengths. Please make sure only to run full loads of dishes, and a pre-wash of slightly dirty dishes is not needed.

5. Washing vegetables and fruits

Instead of washing each vegetable and fruit one by one, fill up a bowl with clean water and wash them inside the bowl. It is widespread to use running tab water for cleaning vegetables and fruits, but this increases the water consumption senselessly over the top.

6. Washing dishes the smart way

The same goes for washing dishes: Do not run the tab and wash each dish one by one as around 150 liters disappear this way. Instead, fill up your sink with water and clean all your dishes this way.

Water-Saving: 20 -30 liters (5 – 8 gallons) each time doing your dishes


feng shui bathroom

The bathroom is by far the most commonplace inside the house when it comes to water usage. Taking a bath, a shower, or flushing the toilet, all these add up pretty quickly. Here are some useful tips to save water at home inside the bathroom. Also, it saves over 80% of energy every day!

7. Shower instead of taking a bath

A full bath uses around 200 liters (52 gallons) water, compared to a good and efficient shower-head, which only consumes 5.5 liters (1.5 gallons) per minute. If you take a shower of only 7 minutes, it will save 50% of water. Also, if you need to shampoo your hair, turn the water off and turn it back on when it is time for rinsing. Of course, it depends on the shower head you are using.

This above-shown shower-head only uses 5 liters (1.5 gallons) per minute compared to regular shower-heads that use 9 liters (2.5 gallons) – that’s a lot of a difference.

8. Turn off the water when brushing the teeth

When brushing the teeth, it is enough to dampen the toothbrush a little bit with water. Afterward, close the water tap and only turn it back on once you finish brushing to clean your mouth and toothbrush.

9. Using a water-saving faucet tap

An excellent tap faucet can save up to 50% of water. Below is our top favorite for the best and most efficient water tap faucet for the bathroom/kitchen:

10. Flush the toilet in saving mode

Many modern toilets have two different options to flush water. One option is for the “big business,” which uses a lot of water to flush everything down. The second option is the more efficient way to save water, and you should use it when only a”small business” visit to the toilet needs to be done.

11. Turn off the water when shaving

The same as for brushing the teeth, turn off the water during shaving. Only use the water after you finish your daily shaving routine.


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We all love a beautiful garden with a lawn and a lot of flowers and plants. They all need water to thrive, and therefore regular watering is a must. Here are some useful and easy ways to save water in the garden:

12. Cutting grass interval

Do not cut the grass too short and too often as it will dry out much quicker. Therefore, you need to water more for the lawn to stay healthy and green.

13. Water by hand – not by a sprinkler system

A sprinkler system causes the water to evaporate very rapidly by the wind. As the water is shot up into the air to cover a particular area of lawn, only part of the water makes it onto the grass, the other parts evaporates and is lost for good.

14. Limit watering plants and flowers

As long as the soil is still moist, there is no need to water the plants. Even if the topsoil might already be dry, this does not mean that the underlying soil is dry as well. To check it, loosen the top area of the soil a little bit and see if, in around 5-centimeter depth, if it is wet or dry. Only then make a decision to water or not.

15. Add mulch against water evaporation

Water can evaporate very quickly throughout the day. Adding a solid mulch layer on top of the soil keeps the water from evaporation, and the earth will stay moist for a much longer time.

16. Watering the right way

Do not pour the water from your garden hose right over the plants or flowers. The best way is to add the water slowly around the root areas. It has the advantage that the soil has some time to absorb all the water better. If the plants cannot absorb it, it will run horizontal to other surrounding areas – this is how the water flows by nature. Remember, we do like to water the plants and not something else.


All in all, it is not difficult to find ways to save money at home. If you have a strong will and routine, it reflects your good habits on the next utility bill. Happiness and joy are for sure if the payment amount is much lower than before, right? Our ways to conserve water at home are also green energy friendly to save the world.

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