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Feng Shui Mirrors and Bagua Mirror – Protect yourselves!
The Bagua mirror is a powerful tool to expel inauspicious energy, trying to enter the home. The mirror itself is round, embedded by the in octagonal shape Early Heaven Trigram. The Trigram is geocentrical electromagnetic energy coming right from the cosmos. As of this reason, it provides ultimate protection if you are facing exterior challenges. Please be reminded that the mirror is only suitable for exterior use and never should be inside your home as a decor item. The Feng Shui mirror will reflect the negative energy, but it will not absorb it. The flat mirror is commonly in use for residential purposes, as it will not harm your surrounding neighbors. Only in an extreme situation, a Convex Bagua Mirror (curve) should be installed when your home is nearby a hospital or cemetery or other building features creating Sha-Qi energy. Only at last resort, take the Convex mirror as an option to hang at your front door or window.


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