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Annual Star #9 Enhancer

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Annual Flying Star 9 Enhancer (The Future Prosperity Star)
Starting in 2024, Star 9 brings future fortunes into your life. It is an energy that brings joy, future wealth, and fame. Celebrities love this Star maintaining their stardom. It is associated with the middle daughter and a powerful Fire Element situated in the South in the original Luo Shu Palace. In Chinese, there is a saying, ” Wealth is what you control,” which provides your future yield with Star 9. As the energy relates to Fire, you need to be extra careful to handle it. A side note, do not overdecorate with red colors. As too much and it will get out of control, too little, it will just trickle the flame without any significant outcome. The ancient scholars were already well aware of this and emphasized to the emperor to place powerful metal wealth items such as a bronze money frog or Chinese coins as a symbolism of wealth


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