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Annual Star #8 Enhancers

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Annual Flying Star 8 Enhancer (current Wealth Star)
In Flying Star Feng Shui, the current period is eight from 2004 – 2024. Until then, Star 8, an Earth Element, is the most prosperous energy for wealth and luck. The Star associates with the youngest son and concerning organs is the stomach, spleen, nose, and small bones. Even beyond 2024, the energy still has some effects but is not as strong as it is currently is. If you do not treat it well, it can also close doors for money opportunities and happiness. For that reason, keep him as a perfect friend by your side. Star 8 is not spoiled, and taking care of it, is a piece of cake. Simply, place wealth symbols enhancers to promote this very auspicious energy. Once done, success, wealth, and happiness will come your way. 


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