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Annual Star #7 Cures

Annual Flying Star 7 Cures (Violent & Argument Star)
The Star 7 Dui is infamous for its violent and conflict building energy. A Metal Element as well, but not as friendly as Star 6 Metal. It portrays the youngest daughter in the Hexagram, and the organ association is lungs, mouth, saliva, and throat. If you have this nasty energy around you, take all the precautions and safety measurements as much as you can. As a reflection, the Covid-19 virus did start in the year with the annual Star 7 in the center. We all know how bad things were during this timing. Unquestionably, the Star will also bring tension with a lot of arguments between family members and disagreements inside the office. The energy is a little bit tricky to cure as typically the Water Element is in play to keep Star 7 in check. However, water may cause some health-related issues. Because of this reason, undeniably, a talisman or lucky charms are the best options to minimize Star 7. 


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