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Annual Star #6 Cures/Enhancer

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Annual Flying Star 6 Cures & Enhancers (Qian Heaven Star)
Star 6 main Element is Metal, and therefore the main focus lies on the job and career-related development. It also portrays the Father figure, an older man in authority. The affected organs are lungs, head, skull, and neck. In case you are holding an elective position as in politics or being a board member, the Star 6 energy will help to bring you to the next level. Likewise, expanding your business/career are yet some further benefits you should take advantage of. On the contrary, do not tease or imbalance this energy as the good fortune can develop into bankruptcy, job loss, and even being suddenly sued without notice. In this category, our professionally sourced cures and enhancer items are a must for every Feng Shui enthusiast harvesting the significant advantages of this Star.


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