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Annual Star #3 Cures

Annual Flying Star 3 Cures against Hostile & Arguments
The annual Flying Star 3 Zhen associates with thunder as its main character and is associated with the eldest son or husband. Currently, Star 3 is very inauspicious as it reflects a lot of arguing and misunderstanding. To make matters worse, this affects the job or content fighting with family members. Yes, it is like a loud thunder that appears out of nowhere with its intense energy. So it is better to stay clear and take precautions. As the Star’s Element is Wood, you need to have powerful Feng Shui cures from the Fire Element in the palace section of your home where the Star is residing for the year. Because of its Wood Element, the color of the Star is green. To enjoy a harmonious life without too many problems throughout the year, you need to reduce its strength. Yes, there still might be some small hiccups down the road, but rest a sure our carefully selected annual Flying Star 3 cures will help you to get through the year.


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