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Annual Star #2 Cures

Annual Flying Star 2 Cures (Illness Star)
The Black Star of illness is not pretty at all. It can create all kinds of health problems, which also includes mental or psychological issues. By all means, you should avoid this Star altogether. The color of it is black and associates with the mother figure in the household. But, please do not think that the Star will only focus on mothers, no it will affect everybody. As the main organs are the stomach, womb, and spleen, proper care during the year should be taken if the Star falls into some palaces that you cannot avoid.
Further, do not aggravate or irritate this energy as the full negative forces will hit you. For this reason, you should avoid any renovations or deep garden digging (smaller plants are ok). As the main Element of Star 2 is Earth, some powerful metal cures are a must. In this category, we have chosen the best of the best for you. All remedies are very powerful to avoid illness and health problems.


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