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Annual Star #1 Enhancer

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Annual Flying Star 1 for Victory: Career Luck & Good Reputation
In classical Feng Shui, the annual Water Star #1, also called the Victory Star is currently our advance future Star for period one starting in the year of 2043. Star 1 Kan is white in its color and getting more and more auspicious every single day. The dominant element is water, and organs associated with the Star are the kidney, bladder, and reproductive system in both males and females. Traditionally, the Star’s home in the North, but is moving around year by year into different palaces. Although the annual FlyingStar 1 is highly auspicious, depending on its yearly position, it can weaken by other inauspicious star energies. In normal years, regular cure items are sufficient, but sometimes very strong and powerful cures are in need to overpower the evil powers who try to weaken Star 1.
The lucky or victory Star stands for luck and enjoying an excellent reputation within the circle of friends and work colleagues. Therefore, it is imperative always to activate Star 1 as it will prevent unforeseen insecurity and isolation. Being on good terms with this energy means great diplomatic courage and patient that will reflect well by others.
Shop for high-quality Star 1 Water enhancer items that will maximize your luck, career, and reputation. You can place them anywhere in the right section where the annual Star is visiting as a decor item on your office desk, cupboard, or shelf.


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