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Every year around February 3 to 5, the annual Fei Xing or Flying Star energies move to different positions inside the Magic Luo Shu square. It is essential to be aware of the movement as these stars do influence our lives for the current year. Besides the annual stars, the monthly stars also come into play. As we all know well in advance where the auspicious and inauspicious stars reside, you should prepare well ahead of time, placing all the annual feng shui cures and remedies into the correct places inside the home. It doesn’t matter where you live, what compass direction your house is in, everyone gets affects from the annual energy. The reason is straightforward: As your whole earth magnetism reports back to the sun, the electromagnetic energy shifts regardless of location. It is the universal energy of Qi that takes matters into its own hands. 

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to prepare yourself and get all the cures and remedies ready to protect yourself and take advantage of enhancing the auspicious energies for more wealth, health, and love. 

All the enhancer and remedy Feng Shui items are well-sourced by our professional trained Feng Shui Consultation team members to offer you only the best of the best. You will only find handful items, but these are more than enough. Forget about cheap souvenir items as you will get the real deal. Please take a look at the current annual chart and choose either a complete Star 1 to 9 kit or get single items by Stars. 


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