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The best Feng Shui books we recommend to you
Yes, there are hundreds of Feng Shui books you can buy, but at some point, confusion kicks in. Many book authors may not have complete insight and knowledge of the whole topic and spreading red hearings and myths. It is crucial to follow the correct path of teaching if you are a beginner or already have some advanced knowledge. Otherwise, I can guarantee that many question marks are all over your face, and you might even start to practice wrong Feng Shui. Personally, I have read many beginner and intermediate books just to disregard everything written in these books later on. In this category, you might not find a lot of books, but all these books are all very well written by Feng Shui Masters, who understand their work. Any of these books below are filled with the correct teaching materials helping you to practice the real Feng Shui in your life.


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