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Office / Business Package


Premium Office / Business Package (Also Included: Private Home of Owner)


Premium Office / Business Package (Also Included: Private Home of Owner)

This Audit package includes both, your business place together with your house. Why do we worry about your private home as well? The existing energy at home affects you a lot. Once you enter the office, the energy follows you, too. To explain, energy does attach itself to solid matters like a human being. You will carry this energy with you all the times. Regardless if you are at home, outside in the city, or at the office. It would not make any sense just to adjust the office or retail place alone and negative energy is infiltrated by your home energy.  For that reason, we hope you understand why it is important to take care of both places.

Office / Business / Retail Place

When we ask the question: What is the most important department in your company. To 90% we got told that it is the accounting. Well, let break this myth right away. How can it function without any sales? For us, the most important role plays the CEO office and the marketing department. Therefore, our main focus will be on those two. The best office location is a must. Even if it means to move office departments.

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Private Home of Owner

As we have noted earlier, the owner’s home plays a crucial role in the whole Audit procedure. Without proper energy remedies of the house, the Audit of the office will not work.  All of the package features from the Platinum package are included here as well:
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