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Gold Package – Great for Smaller Spaces with ONE Bedroom

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Gold Package – Great for Smaller Spaces with ONE Bedroom

In case you are single or a couple living in a one bedroom place, this is the package to have. The pricing structure is adjusted to a smaller space. Why pay for a whole house audit if only one bedroom exists. You will receive the same great benefits as our Diamond and Platinum packages. Only a fixed fee is charged, no hidden fees or strings attached. Also, we do not ask you to buy any cure products from us. The whole process is straightforward and easy to understand.  Surely, ask us anything for up to three months after you get the report. Sound’s wonderful, right?

Some feature benefits of what you can expect from the report:

  • Onto your submitted floor-plan all the energy sectors are drawn with remarks (Flying Star)
  • Another floor-plan with a western based square format is submitted as well
  • Mark the center of the home for you
  • Detection of your home facing direction
  • See if by chance there are some missing areas to be taken care of.
  • Activate your love, wealth, and health corners
  • Both, reduce and neutralize negative energy
  • Helpful guide of how to handle the Star Elements
  • We look if your bed can face your Chinese Sign Soulmate compass direction
  • Determine what kind of house it is and if it brings luck/wealth/health

In order to get started, please submit as many photos as possible. We will stay in close contact in case we need more information.

See a sample of what can you expect (only one page of many):

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  1. IngeKoppa

    Good and very useful. Service was beyond expectations. The Team took time to evaluate everything and even the tiniest detail was discovered. Impressed

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