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Diamond Package (Home)


Diamond Package for Residential Homes (3 Rooms maximum)


Diamond Package for Residential Homes

Regardless if you like to take the next step up, or need to adjust some struggle in your life. Get your life back on track to fulfill all your dreams with our Diamond Package. To emphasize, the Power of Three is the key in this package deal. What does the power of 3 mean? The analysis is focused on three rooms of your choice. As Qi-Energy influences our emotions, a well-prepared home is a must. As different areas inside the house do affect one or the other family member, well-balanced energy needs to be established. Proven classical Feng Shui practices will be applied during the Audit process. Once the Audit report is completed, a second Consultant will review it again. In case an important fact has been overlooked, it can be corrected right away.

What’s more, included in this Audit package?:

  • The Xuan Kong Flying Star Mapping Chart coupled with a regular Classical Bagua map (square form) of your House
  • Small Tai-Shi is applied to three rooms of choice
  • Annual Flying Star and how to adjust to them
  • A detailed explanation of what areas need to be taken care of (negative/positive)
  • Check Exterior if anythings negatively impacts the house
  • Boost the career & study corners
  • Neutralize negative energy by Element placements to be in balance
  • Bazi Report for up to two family members
  • Activate the wealth & relationship areas for more prosperity in life
  • The best head position of the bed
  • Stove and sink placement in order to detect if kitchen location affect any family member
  • In detail tips for decor arrangements with the 5 Element Theory in mind
  • Check if front door energy is auspicious or not
  • Your lucky and unlucky compass directions
  • Talk to us via video chat and ask questions of up to 4 months


How does a Sample Page of the Audit Report look Like:


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