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How much to Tip Waiter – 10 Hidden Secret why you always pay too much

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Being a waiter means that most of the income comes from tips. There is no surprise here that every waiter or waitress will try to wrap you around their little finger. In many countries around the world it is custom to give around 10 – 15% as a tip to the waiter/waitress. However, a lot of times confusion sets in of how much to tip waiter and what is too much. Here are the common tricks of how you pay more as you actually would have:

The most common tricks to lure more tip out of your pocket:

1: SMILE: A waitress will smile and flesh her tears at you. The more she smiles, the higher is the guest satisfaction rate and men tend to give some extra.

2: GENDER ROLE: The opposite sex tends to tip higher as the same sex. In case you and your husband are going to the restaurant the next time, let the same gender pay the bill. For example, if it is a waitress, the wife should pay and if it is a waiter, the husband should pay.

3: INTRODUCE BY NAME: If the waitress introduces herself by name, it becomes more personal and the tipping amount jumps up to 40%.

4: EYE LEVEL: A lot of times, the waitress kneels down or sits on an empty chair at the table. It makes the guest feel more comfortable being on the same eye level as her.

5: REPEAT THE ORDER: Once a waitress repeats the order in the exact same manner as the customer, it makes the guest feel well understood and affirms that everything is taken care of. There is no need to worry anymore, that something could go wrong.

6: OWN STYLE: Some waitresses do have their own unique hairstyle to stand out from other waitresses. This brings on average 15-20% more tip for her.

7: SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR KIDS: If the waitress takes some extra care to occupy the kids at the table, it will result in a higher tip. Many restaurants have drawing sets for this reason available.

8: CANDY WITH BILL: When the waitress brings candy or gum with the bill, it surrogates that even after leaving the restaurant, she cares about me and my possible “bad breath”. Again, it results in much higher tipping behavior as the average tip.

9: SLIGHT TOUCHING: If a waitress touches the shoulder or forearm of a guest it creates a so-called Midas-Effect: Normally a person does not like to be touched by a stranger. Only a close friend is allowed to touch. If by pure intention a waitress touches you, it suggests: “You are my friend”. The result is again a much higher tip as you normally would give.

10. WEARING MAKE-UP: A waitress who wears make-up gets a much higher tip as the waiters average is. A significant increase in tips by men appears when the waitress wears red lipstick.


In a word, a guest must be well aware of all the hidden tricks a waitress does to gain more tips. It means more money in her pocket, but less left in yours. In order to evaluate of how much to tip waiter you should be fair, and take a look at the service quality and give the correct amount that you feel is appropriate.

How much to tip waiter varying by location


In restaurants, it is common to give a 10 – 15% tip if the service was very good. However, if some areas of the service were less perfect, you should deduct serious money. Basically, you can even leave without any tipping if the food or service was so terrible that the whole evening was ruined.


Generally, just round up to the full dollar in a bar or cafe. For example, if a beer or coffee costs 1.9$, simply round it up to $2.


A taxi driver gets on average 5-10% in tip. Undeniably, an evaluation of the driving style, kindness of the driver, and other factors play a role as well.


In a hotel, the bell boy receives around $1-2$ per piece of luggage that they bring up to your room. On the other hand, there is no need to tip a receptionist. In case, there is one staff member that provides exceptional service to enhance your stay, an extra tip is very welcomed here.


On an airplane or train, there is no need to give tip to the attendance staff. However, there is one exception to the rule. A tip of around 2-4$ per luggage piece is necessary if you need help to carry the suitcases.


Every country has its unique customs concerning tipping. Surely, it can be very different from where you live. The best is to gather information before traveling abroad. This will avoid any misunderstanding during your vacation. Wikipedia has a huge country list with mandatory tipping guidelines. It is worth a look: Wiki Gratuity/Tips per Country

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