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Frugal Grocery Shopping: Hidden tricks of supermarkets revealed – Always Pay Less

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How supermarkets fool you for a bigger fatter profit margin. While you are doing your frugal grocery shopping your are bombarded with psychological techniques to influence you buying certain expensive products you do not even want. This is called impulse buying and will influence your frugal shopping behavior. In this article, I will explain certain tips on how to do cheap grocery shopping and avoid overspending.


The supermarket is a prime example of how your mind is being influenced on stepping right thru the door. First, all the cheap grocery list for a month are never been found near the cash register. You always have to walk past everything else to the other end to get your fresh meat or milk products. This is all because the longer you stay inside the supermarket, the more likely you will buy more.


Before you head out to the grocery store, some frugal shopping preparation needs to be done to avoid spending more as necessary.

Eat before going out for Shopping

During your frugal grocery shopping, you will be surrounded by all these delicious food items. All of the sudden your hunger starts to kick in creating impulse purchases that you will later regret.

Discount Coupons

Take a look at your collected coupons and compare them to what is needed. In addition, sort them by discounter to figure out where you should do your shopping today.

Combine Shopping Places

In order not to waste gasoline, combine your shopping into one day and go to all the places at the same time.

Use Reusable Plastic Bags

In many countries plastic bags cost money. Get your own from home. You save and the environment thanks you

Make a cheap grocery list for a month

Write down exactly what you need and stick to it no matter what. Never buy anything not on the list and stay inside the budget limit that you have agreed to yourself prior to entering the store.

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Isle Products Placement

  • All expensive products are placed on eye-level. It is convenient just to grab a product and move on. The cheaper frugal shopping items are mainly be found at the lower levels near the bottom. Make the effort to knee down and compare the offered products. You will be surprised that other brands are being offered at a much cheaper price.
  • The more expensive products are placed on your right side as many people are right-handed. In comparison, the cheaper ones, however, are found on the left side.

Stick to White Label Products

White Label Products are brands which are being owned by the supermarkets. Walmart, for example, has the “Great Value” brand for many popular products. There are two reasons to include them into your frugal grocery shopping list. First, they are much cheaper as the branded ones. Secondly, quite unknown this fact that these white label products are actually being produced by the same famous manufacturers as the branded ones. As no advertising and fancy packaging are required, these costs are forwarded to you. The quality is always at the same high standard and a must for frugal shopping list.

Buy Meat or other Freezable items on Sale

If you see a sale on freezable products buy more as needed. Huh, buy more? Yes, buy a lot and pack them at home into smaller portions. You can keep them inside your freezer for months.

Buy Fresh Produce at Asia Shop or Farmer’s Market

  • A lot of times the Asia Shops do offer fresh vegetables, fruit for much lower prices at the supermarket. Secondly, the quality is much higher as the big hypermarkets.
  • You can buy fresh food cheaper in the evening, as the supermarket wants to get rid of it today.
  • Always buy seasonal products as they are much cheaper. Off-season products are mainly imported with a huge price tag attached to it.

Look at Packaging Content and Size

This looks like a no-brainer, however, many companies have oversized outside packaging with less content. Sometimes the packaging of 1000g and 850g look identical in size. Only on the backside, it will tell you that one product contains less than the other. Pay attention to it.

Hidden Price Increase that can affect your frugal eating quantity

  • A very common tactic is to keep the price of a product the same, but slightly decrease the weight. A shampoo, for example, was 180ml before and now it is only 170ml. As a lot of times, you will not even notice this slight decrease as everything else (packaging, size) remains the same.
  • Another popular tactic is to advertise a bonus of 10% for the content. However, if you base the calculation price per one gram the bonus cost you sometimes 20% or more money as before. Here a quick frugal shopping formula of how to calculate:
    Price divided by the amount (liter/grams) aka 1.57/500g =0.00314 Cent per g.

Discount and One Sale Product Placements

Mainly the products on sale are conveniently displayed in boxes in the middle of the aisle. For this reason, you cannot miss it. STOP! Don’t get excited and grab them right away.  As a lot of times, these “on sale” items are still more expensive as similar ones from other brands. The only way to find out is a 1:1 frugal grocery shopping comparison of both “on sale” and from other brands on the shelf.

Buy in Bulk

Certain items such as toilet or tissue paper are actually cheaper if buying in bulk as getting smaller packed ones. As these kinds of items never get spoiled, you can store them at home for a long period of time. Keep in mind, that you should not only count the pieces inside the package, but also keep an eye on the roll length. Many brands differ quite a bit of the actual tissue paper roll length and one might seem cheap but isn’t. I hope this quick overview of the psychologies trick from manufacturers and grocery stores will help the next time to do your frugal grocery shopping.

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