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What is Classical Feng Shui?

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What is Feng Shui

What is Classical Feng Shui?

Feng (=wind) Shui (=water) is an ancient Chinese scientific study (Wu Shu) based on observation and calculation which reaches back over 2000 years. Initially, it was used for burial purposes to decide of which is the best and most auspicious place to have a grave site for the family’s ancestors. It is believed in regards to the concept of heaven & earth, that the ancestor’s energy is still affecting the living members of the family. Therefore, an auspicious grave was a must to gain good family fortunate and avoid bad luck.

At some point in age, Grandmaster Guo Pu, started to develop an in-depth guide of how this energy can be used by the living. It was observed that the surrounding energy has a huge influence on people’s life. Therefore, a relaxed and balanced home surrounded by positive energies was important for Chinese people. Any negative producing energies from natural land-forms needed to be neutralized at all cost.

The 3-Different Kind of Lucks

The 3 Pillar of Luck Theory is based on the believe that our destiny relies on three different kinds of lucks: Earth-luck, Mankind-Luck, and Heaven-Luck. Feng Shui is the Earth-Luck, our personal decision making and free will is our Mankind-Luck, and Heaven-Luck is based on your soul destiny and your birth chart (Bazi). Each luck affects your life by 33%. To conclude, even if one luck of yours is not as favorable (for example Heaven-Luck), you still can neutralize the bad influence with the other lucks.

Main Principle of Feng Shui

The main principle is based on natural star energies affecting our life on earth. Just take for example the low and high tides of the ocean which are caused by the moon and sun’s gravity force. The Chinese discovered that different landscape forms and elements (Feng Shui 5 Element Theory) affect a person’s life destiny to some part.

Yin & Yang Principle

Everything on our planet is built on opposites like day follows night. Ever wonder why “opposite attracts” is so widely acknowledged in relationship situations. We have to face this reality as without Yin there is no Yang, and without Yang, there is no Yin.

In Feng Shui studies the Qi (commonly known as Shi) needs to be always in balance with the opposite. This concept is the crucial foundation of Classical Feng Shui where everything is built on. All the enhancement and cure techniques are based on it. Furhtermore, the Bagua Map, 8-Trigram and everything else follows the Yin-Yang concept. In our “Classical Concept of Yin & Yang in Feng Shui” article a more in-depth look was taken on this subject.

Dynamic Energy that always moves (Time-Based)

In classical Feng Shui, we differentiate between three different kinds of energies: the permanent home energy, the yearly- and the monthly energy. As the cosmic stars always move in certain time frames, none of the energies are stagnant and fixed forever.
Therefore, each home has its own unique energy layout which needs to be calculated in detail. All three types of energy do affect your daily life. First, permanent energy changes every 20 years in a 180-year solar cycle (Yun). In 2024 we are entering Period 9, the last of the nine cycles. Both, the other yearly and monthly star energies are quite quick moving. Therefore the effects are felt much sooner. As the position of stars changes, some will turn auspicious in a certain time period. Some stars always are inauspicious all the time as some stars change their properties.

Western (Black Hat) vs. Classical Feng Shui Practice

The Western Version of Feng Shui was made public in the beginning of the 70’s. It is a very simplified version which just scratches the surface of real classical Feng Shui. Here some example of what the simplified Western Feng Shui Practice is about:

  1. You need to purchase these expensive lucky enhancers for placements. Surely, in the Classical version, the existing home decor is being rearranged. Consequently, you can buy inexpensive decor items at the local department stores.
  2. The Black Hat school advises that the South is Fire and your Fame Area, or that the South-East corner is your wealth area! Unquestionable, beware as this is totally WRONG and can be fatal.
  3. While no Compass Degree Reading is used to determine the house facing, Black Hat Practioner point out that your front door is always at the South area of the Bagua Map. Regardless of what the actual compass direction of your house facing is displaying. In summary, the New Age Feng Shui might be very easy to apply, but does it help? What do you believe more, a study that is over 2000 years old or some form of Feng Shui that was just developed and marketed beginning of the ’70s?

Different Schools of Classical Feng Shui?

San Yuan School of Flying Star (Time Based)

The Flying Star school concentrates mainly with the home’s interior energy. In addition, it is dynamic as time changes over time. Mostly, the practice worries about the different qualities of Qi (Shi) residing in each sector (eight Mansion Bagua Map) of the house. There are 8 Mansion or sections inside the house. In each of these sections, a specific Energy is present. Once you know what exact energy is present (81 Combination), you can adjust these for more prosperity in life.

San He School of Landscape Formation

The San He school practice is based on external landforms and how it influences the house energy. It worries only about the natural impact without taking interior features into consideration. To illustrate better, a practitioner will look at how shapes of a mountain or a river impact the energy flows. However, simply focusing on natural landscapes will not work anymore, today. With our current lifestyle, a closer look at building structures and features are necessary, too.

In summary, wecannot emphasize enough to use the correct form of Feng Shui. If you still use the Black Hat version, stop now as it will do more harm as good.

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