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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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Ever wondered why some people have or create such great happiness and others don’t. A lot is based on how they interact with others and of course, a positive mindset to keep your soul happy always. As a matter of fact, happy people do two things, and always make sure to take time to make your soul happy: Firstly, choose very wisely what words you use daily, and secondly, certain habits that bring joy and balance into your lives. These two factors also greatly reduce on how to turn a bad day around.

I have divided this post into two sections. In the first part, I will explain some powerful word phrases keep your soul happy and what impact it has on you and others. In the second section, I will talk about easy to apply daily habits of happy people that make a positive impact on your life. Please remember, always do what makes your soul happy and avoid negative energy as much as possible.

How to Keep your Soul Happy with THESE POWERFUL PHRASES:

positive words

Words that we speak are energy and therefore very powerful. With positive talking you can inspire others, let them feel loved, keep your soul happy, and simply show how happy you are for them. Yes, take the time to make your soul happy by trying to remember these powerful phrases:


It gives appreciation to the other person that in fact you are very happy to see each other again. It is such a simple phrase to use but affirms that the other person’s company is greatly appreciated. In turn, it will create great happiness and in turn keep your soul happy, too.


To bring up good old memories put a smile on everyone’s face. The other person feels very appreciated as you can still remember all the old situations you both had together. As a matter of fact, even if you bring up just a small thing that might have been long forgotten, it will result in amazement with a long-lasting impression from the other person.


This phrase shows the other person what kind of positive and memorable effect a certain situation had on you. When you are sincere to another person, it shows how honest you are. It broadcasts great support and adds more motivation to the other person’s mind. For sure, with this phrase, no self-doubt will develop and my soul is happy!


This keep your soul happy phrase is the best confident booster you can ever give to a person. A lot of times, a person is nervous and not sure if he/she can archive a given task. “I believe in you” will help skyrocket the confidence and let forget all the doubts.


When you tell somebody that you have followed their advice it gives great confidence and shows the appreciation that you have listened and took their suggestion. I will allow the other person to reach out more as they see their advice has not fallen on deaf ears.


The regular phrase “I am sorry” is quickly said even when it is not meant. However, using more in-depth wording shows that you mean it. Not many people use this phrase, but rest a sure if you hear somebody saying it comes from their heart and meant truly.


The normal thank you is very common, but adding two “so” into the phrasing, makes it so much more powerful. This double whammy positivity affirmation is the way to tell a person how you truly feel.


No doubt, you will take some quality time and give detailed advice of how to do certain things. It can be just as little as showing how to fix a small computer issue at work. The other person feels it right away that you care about them and they love it. Also, my soul is happy energy engulfs them with a warm gentle feeling. They will return the favor for sure, once you need help.

How to Keep your Soul Happy with by using these HABITS

soul habits

In our lives we tend to jump from one goal to the other with no time left to think about anything else. As a matter of fact, our society dictates what success is. This belief is placed so deep into our minds that even parents start to teach their kids in early age about this.

But exactly what is success? Does it mean if a person buys a big house or an expensive car that he/she is successful? Does this constant struggle to climb up higher and higher results in happiness or might it be even sadness? Let me ask you this question: If you buy something, how long last this joy? A day or two until the mind focuses itself to something else. Does this behavior keep your soul happy?

Take a step back and review yourself if you have already implemented some of the following habits. Try all habits or at least some of them to get addicted by happiness. Yes, take time to make your soul happy and I can guarantee that life becomes more happier and fulfilling as before:


Indeed, it is very easy for us to follow this never-ending daily routine. Undeniably, the majority of people follow it once opening the yes in the morning: Waking at the exact time, brushing your teeth with the same toothpaste, and the list goes on and on until bedtime.

As you can see the entire day is pre-programmed like a machine well in advance. Please do not fall into this trap and try to change the daily routine as much as possible. As a matter of fact, it is more fun and creates a kind of refreshing mindset.

10. My soul is happy when I DO REGULAR EXERCISE

Happy people, do exercise a lot. In fact, it is very important for the overall health as well as for a balanced mind. In case you work indoors the whole day, try to make the effort to exercise outdoors in nature and say out loud “my soul is happy“. To sum up, a well balanced diet should also be followed very strictly.

11. My soul is happy when HELPING OTHER PEOPLE OUT IN NEED

By all means, I am not talking about money, when it comes to helping other people. There are many ways to reach out and do good deeds. For example, you can volunteer at a non-profit organization or just simply help a friend to tackle a difficult situation. They will highly appreciate your kindness and in the long run, it will create a satisfying/happy feeling.

With this in mind, please make sure that you are not getting exploited in any way. Please set yourself some limits so that nobody can take advantage of you. As lot of people think: Kindness equals dumbness. To easily tackle this issue, learn to say “NO” when your personal limit is reached.


It will surprise you, but nowadays many conversations are quite shallow. I do count gossip or small talk in this category. As a result, these conversations are mainly focused on negative aspects which are not a very meaningful way to grow. Be different from the crowd, sit down with friends or family and talk about a topic for an hour or two. Start to learn their opinions and be open to adapt newly gathered information. This will keep your soul happy.

13. My soul is happy when I SET YOUR MIND TO GROW

For fear that a person is left behind, a fixed mindset is developed to go with the flow (herd behavior). A great example is the typical 8 am – 5 pm worry-not job that satisfies a person. It is important to realize that everyone needs to set goals (growth) and not being stuck in the same position for centuries.

Try to set SMALL GOALS that are very easy to accomplish and stick to it. Once done, set a new goal and so on. In the long run, you will notice and create more happiness which in turn keep your soul happy, too

14. My soul is happy when I WORK ON MY HAPPINESS

Take time to make your soul happy and please don’t be fooled if you think once waking up in the morning happiness will automatically follow. Happy people work on themselves very hard to create happiness. It is like a plant that needs time to bloom and blossom its beauty in the form of a flower. Try to stay positive and once a negative thought comes into mind, stop it right here and there. Do not let this negative thinking overpower your personality. Always remember “my soul is happy” when all negativity is being blocked off!

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15. My soul is happy when I SLEEP WELL AND LONG

To recharge the body and mind, a good night’s sleep is very important. Keep your soul happy and at least 8 hours should be the minimum of sleep everyone should have. A person needs to have a good energy level and be well-rested to avoid stress. I am sure, we all know this very well: Once you do not have a good night’s sleep, a person gets pretty cranky and moody.

Ever wondered why some people have or create such great happiness and others don’t. A lot is based on how they interact with others and of course, a positive mindset to keep “my soul is happy” energy. As a matter of fact, happy people do two things: Firstly, they choose very wisely what words are being used daily, and secondly, certain habits that bring joy and balance into their lives. These two factors also greatly reduce having a bad day.

I hope my simple ways to take time to make your soul happy will work magic for you. Please always stay positive and keep your soul happy at all times.

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