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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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How to Remove Negativity from mind: THE BASICS

It is all about Feng Shui energy and how to get aligned with the good vibrations. Our whole universe, the earth, a human being, your feelings, thoughts, a car are all made out of energy. Without it, life on earth cannot exist.

Metaphysics law (Feng Shui is part of it) describes low frequencies as waves with a lot of space in between, as high frequencies have smaller spaces. In terms of the natural energy law, it means that vibrations with less space equal more trees or more animals. In Body Feng Shui or humans relations, it gives us more happiness, love or abundance.

On the other hand, big spaces in between vibrations mean desert, violent storms, or any kind of natural disasters. In human terms, all the negative behavior such as hate, jealousy, fear, or envy are included here. This to say, you need to program yourself to absorb only the short vibration energy patterns to gain success in life and know how to remove negativity thoughts from your mind.


As you already know, emotions and thoughts are energy in different vibratory frequencies that affect the daily life of everybody. The key to success is to vibrate only on high frequencies which enables more personal growth and learning. Here are a few simple, but so powerful tools to re-program yourself:

How to remove negativity from mind and reprogram thoughts to success

All I have are negative thoughts, these five, but very simple how to remove negativity techniques will help to overcome and stop being negative quickly:


First, become an observer who does not judge other actions. For the vibrations to raise, live in the present and not in the future or past with your thoughts. If you always think about all the bad things that happened in the past, you are not in the present and input negative vibrations which drag you further down. The same applied to future events.

If for example you like to start a new job, but already think of what all can go wrong. Here we are again, you produce unnecessary negative energy. Clear the mind and be in the PRESENT moment of time.


We all experience this kind of situations when we go out and encounter people who have a bad hair day. Their mood is bad and a snippy or unfriendly respond is most of the time a sure thing. At this point in time, do not follow and get dragged down as well. Take a deep breath by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Repeat this two to three times. This short breathing technique keeps you calm and a smile in respons is automatic.


Do not focus on the dreams and desires that you like to have, look around and realize how many good things you already have to this point in time. In addition, do not take your lifestyle for granted as many people on earth still do not have any electricity or suffer from severe illnesses.


emotional-scale remove negativity-3


by abraham hicks

Negative thoughts about yourself can be contagious to become exactly what you think. If you repeat over and over again the same thinking pattern, these thoughts, which are energy, will manifest and become reality for you.

If once caught in this vicious cycle it is very hard to escape as you spiral downwards until the bottom. You need to throw the anchor right now before it gets too late. The upward and downward spiral theory was developed by Dr. Fredrickson which illustrates perfectly the different stages a person has to goes thru in order to reach the top or bottom.

You might not think that you are actually in a downward spiral. Let’s ask yourself if a small issue with somebody shoots your emotions up into the sky. Another example, could it be that you only see the negative behavior side of your partner and complain on a regular basis. All these are negative energies to bring you deeper downwards in the spiral pattern.

We all have our hick-ups in life where things do not go the way we like it. However, do not extend one problem into other areas of life. For example, if you have an issue at work, only focus on how to get this particular problem solved.

Do not tell yourself “Oh my god why this has to happen to me, what else can go wrong in my life”. Right here and now, you already have started to make this one negative thought much bigger as it normally should be. These kinds of “generalizing” thoughts just make you jump overboard, don’t do it.


This is by far the most important point of all. Our Smart Brain is our everyday brain that generates good feelings like happiness, joy, love, and empathy. On the other hand, the Survival Brains kicks in and takes over control when a threat is noticed. This can come in any kind of form as it does not have to be psychical in nature. Reason of why the Survival Brain can be activated:

Fear of failure, changes, rejections, uncertainty, or stability

Now, the survival mode is in full power and gives the following commands:

  • FIGHT: You are in combat mode to fight back any kind of threat you are facing now. You behavior: ANGRY, UPSET, CONTROLLING, OR CRITICAL
  • ESCAPE: In the event that you are not a fighter person you will submit and retreat from the danger. Your behavior: DO NOTHING AND POSTPONE EVERYTHING, AVOID, FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE
  • SUBMISSION: At this point, everything is lost for you with very little perspective. Your behavior: FROZEN IN TIME AND UNABLE TO REACT, NO HOPE, FEEL OF HELPLESS


The goal is to divert the negatives thought pattern back into the “everyday brain” with these three very easy to do steps. No need for any long-term meditation or reading long books about how to change yourself. This technique is so easy to apply, but fairly unknown by many.


Catch your negative emotions right at the moment when it is happening. After that, examine in what 3 stages you are currently in (fight, escape, or submission). Most important, be aware of it right here and now and do not wait 10 minutes, an hour. The negative thought has to be caught in action.


This time, you need to identify exactly the root cause of it. Why am I having these thoughts? For example, if your boss complained you so bad, your survival brains tell” I feel unworthy and nobody values me”. Now that you know the cause of what triggered it, the last stage can be activated.


You are up against the survival brains which needs to be switched off now. The interruption of your thought is the key to success. Once a negative thought crosses the mind, interrupt it with full force. Say, STOP, here and no more. With this in mind, focus all your willpower on something so positive that you personally enjoy. This can be the last holiday on the beach, favorite food or anything else that makes you very very happy.

In summary, repeat these three steps above over and over again to “destroy” the negative thoughts about yourself pattern. Happiness is already waiting at the doorsteps for you.

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