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Last updated on November 29, 2022

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Choosing the right Feng Shui Moon Phases are a great way to make you feel more at ease and comfortable with life. All living creatures on earth have to report back to the cosmic energy center. No, it is not the moon or the sun; it is something much higher up beyond the milky way and our imagination.

You have to understand that even the moon and the sun are a laborer of this cosmic energy center. In all our lives, we have natural cycles such as the ebb and flow, menstruation, or different moods and behaviors. The phases reach its highest point at full moon when the energy is expended to its extreme and cannot go further.

The moon phases play not only in Feng Shui meditation and yoga a big part but also in the practice of Feng Shui. If you are not too familiar with Feng Shui, it is living in balance with the cosmic energies inside your home. During a Feng Shui meditation at full moon or doing a relaxing yoga exercise, a person can tap very deep into his/her inner spiritual flow as the cosmic energy reaches its peak.

As energy is at its highest possible point, you and I can take advantage of it. As a matter of fact, a Full Moon Feng Shui meditation or yin yoga are best to do during this most productive time. During the full moon, we can definitely have easier access to our creator’s energy or the center of life. Please keep in mind that the moon influences the earth, but the full energy source comes from the sun and affects the moon.

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Full Moon Feng Shui Phase:


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As I have said earlier, the moon influences the ebb and flow tides of the ocean. But wait, we humans are over 65 percent of water. Therefore, the human body gets affected by the moon and cosmic energies during the cycle as well.

In a full moon phase, the emotions of people are expressed by nervousness, sleep disorders, bad mood, or in extreme cases by suicide. The highest suicide rates are, in fact, during a full moon. The next time, your spouse or neighbor is cranky, check if a full moon is happening.

How to Benefit from the Full Moon Feng Shui Phase

Sometime in your life, you will come to a point where you just want to give up. You want to throw in the towel and quit whatever it is that is causing you so much stress and anxiety. Maybe it’s a relationship, your job, or maybe even a hobby. But today I’m going to share with you three powerful techniques (good luck ritual and meditation) that should help boost your luck and make the impossible possible!

During the full moon Feng Shui phase, the ocean water pulls away far from the shores. In our body, water is withdrawn from our cells, causing various issues such as extended bleeding of wounds.

Around two to three days before the full moon is happening, the peak of energy, we humans can also feel its effects. It is the best time to pray for your wishes, do powerful full moon good luck ritual meditation, or do yoga exercises to align your mind and body. As the sun is right behind the moon, it is time to speak out for all your wishes and dreams.

The technique below were taught to me by one of my Feng Shui mentors. I’ve done it more than once, and I can say that the results were quite amazing. It helped me with a difficult task which I thought would take me forever to finish. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Do Yin Yoga or Feng Shui Meditation

Yin meditation or yoga allows you to go very deep into yourself, connecting you with unseen tissues of the body. That’s why so many religious rituals are always being held in the past (Inca or ancient Egyptians). They knew very well about its positive effects.

How to do a full moon good luck ritual:

1. Look at the calendar to see when the next full moon is.

2. Find a quiet spot and face the full moon.

3. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

4. Make a list of everything you want to happen. Remember, please keep your writing style as positive as possible. For example, write “I want to find a new job” instead of “I don’t want to lose my job.”

5. Fold the paper in half, two times.

4. Light a white candle and sit in front of it with your folded paper.

5. Make a mental picture of what you want to happen.

6. For about 5 minutes, hold the paper between your hands and slowly count backwards from 64 to 0 (64 is the number of i-ching).

7. Once you reach zero, say out loud or silently what you want to happen, and then burn up the folded paper completely.

How to do a full moon meditation:

  • Use a sage or palo santo incense to cleanse your home and office from evil energies.
  • Get a white candle and light it up during your practice as a symbolism of divinity.
  • Lie down or sit in your favorite meditation position
  • Get in touch with the moon (look upward)
  • Close your eyes
  • Let the moon impression go behind your eyes
  • Bring your thoughts to rest
  • Open your heart and breathe the light of the moon and connect your deepest feelings with the moonlight
  • Stay in this state for 15 minutes
  • Open your eyes looking still deep into the moonlight and inhale and exhale deeply
  • FOR YIN YOGA: exercise your favorite yin yoga poses

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The waning moon slows you down and takes you back to normality from the high energy ride of the full moon. Please don’t be too depressed as it is normal. Instead, look forward as the waning moon flushes out all your sweat and inviting you for a full body cleanse.

It is time to eat some proteins and salt to keep your body warm and comfortable. On these days, the body’s metabolism system can take better care of oils and fat as in another moon cycle. It is time to sin a little bit on oily fat (but not too much). You also should focus now more on the insight and reflect on what the full moon phase has taught you. Exercise Yoga until your whole body sweats.


feng shui dark-moon-phases-500x411

During the dark moon phase, the energy is at its lowest. You might feel tired or have less energy to do things. During the moon phase, Yiga Nidra Yoga or meditation is of great importance. It is time to take a deep breath, let go of everything, and focus on a new starting moon cycle. During this period you might get cranky or tend to have a bad mood. Learn to remove your negative thoughts here



You have survived the darkness of the last moon phase. As the Yin energy cannot expand any longer, the more active Yang energy is building up until it reaches the full moon phase. It is time to be creative, collect strength and energy for the next full moon phase.

As your body needs protection to stay healthy, take longer sleeps as usual. After a good night’s rest, be active doing Vinyasa Flow Yoga during the day. It is time for you to prepare yourself working towards your desires and wishes.



The Feng Shui moon phases play a significant role in Feng Shui to determine the starting point of the solar year energy (Feb 3 to 5) each year. The annual energy forces which are coming from the cosmos are being captured in the 12 primary Hexagrams (20 degrees each). As Feng Shui works with the magnetic energies of South and North, a deep understanding of the primary moon cycles is crucial for any Feng Shui practitioner.

For a person with a basic understanding of Feng Shui, the waxing and waning cycles of the moon reflect the energy properties of the family trigram, Yin Yang, the 5 Elements, and the annual 9 Star Ki or Flying Star.

Why is it important? It is important as we know which months belong to which elements. Also, we can see which star energies react at certain times differently. As a result of the observation, we can enhance or remedy good and bad energy inside the home.

The bottom line, ancient Chinese practitioner drew up trigrams and hexagrams to illustrate the different energies on paper. We can now cross-reference the star energy’s behavior on a heliocentric (heaven) and geocentric (earth) way. Is it complicated, believe it is! I just wanted to give you a very brief understanding of the topic. To explain everything in detail, maybe 100-150 pages of writing would be necessary.

Feng Shui Moon Phases reflect:

  • the Yin Yang behavior
  • star energy properties of Flying Stars and 9 Ki Divination
  • it is the basic of Bazi Chinese birth-chart reading
  • also Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture rely on it
  • 5 Element Theory (Wood, Earth, Fire, Water, Metal) are all energies of the cosmos
  • 12 Hexagram and Trigram (early heaven and later heaven) base on it as well
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